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Here is the premiere of our wearable tech / contemporary dance piece at the HASTAC conference last week. 

Our clumsy bows aside, we got some good feedback, and I am interested in continuing this line of research where new media technologies can be employed to enrich the affectivity of performative art. 

Would love to get your thoughts on it.

Enjoy. Click!

Watch it at night. If you don't I'll know. :)



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Digital Futures in Dance Symposia

Over the next two years, DanceDigital will be hosting a series of symposia exploring current trendsin Dance & Technology. The symposia will include contributions from eminent practitioners in thefield of dance and technology, dance artists and companies, venues and promoters.We will be exploring a variety of themes and provocations around the Dance & Technology theme.Our first symposium will be looking at the future of Dance & Technology,where it is going and what the future will hold. Contributors will include Kit Monkman (KMA),a Futurologist and a lecturer from a leading Arts and Technology University Course.There will be the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your own work and gain insight into thefuture possibilities and technologies for dance and the arts.To book your place on this FREE symposiumcall or email DanceDigital:»»call us: 01245 346036»»send a mail: bookings@DanceDigital.org.uk»»or download a form from our website: www.DanceDigital.org.uk
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