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STEIM is a very important and influential organization with a huge positive impact on the electronic performance field, helping many performing artists to develop alternative ways interface movement and gesture with media outputs. It has developed software, hardware and educational platforms that have allowed hundred of artists from all over the world to experiment with technology with DIY and sustainable approached. I was able to create my very first wireless sensor system at STEIM during an artistic residency in 2003 using hacked game controllers. That support has continued during the past 4 years and have always been open and generous with my new projects and their evolution. They were one of the first "institutional friends" and I know that they have supported many of the members of this network!! I got the bad news that they might be loosing their funding from the government. This is the content of the announcement, please read and take action to help STEIM continue supporting our experimentation! STEIM needs your support! Things are not well at STEIM. We are in the danger of losing our structural funding from the government, based on a review from the advisor board which called us 'closed and only appealing to a niche audience'. The outlook isn't exactly bleak, but at the moment our future is unclear. As we see you as an important friend and colleague of STEIM, we would like to ask you to help us present our case that we are connected to a diverse network of professionals and that our work has significant influence on both a Dutch and an international community. What you can do is to send a letter of support, and make sure we receive it by May 26. We hope that these letters will show the variety and depth of the effect STEIM has in the real world. The contents are up to you, a few good lines will suffice. You could tell how you or someone you know benefited from their contact with STEIM: making or refining an instrument or an idea for a performance or meeting fellow artists, or what you feel would be lost if STEIM ceased to exist, or waxing aphoristic, just 12 words about STEIM. Also include some specific details of your context: as an artist or educator or musician or code hacker - so your place in the world will be visible for the committee. A letterhead with your organization or institution and your position or title above your signature are small things that can leave an impression. As for how to reply, time is of the essence so email is the preferred option. If you have time to scan a printed letter that's great but we can print emails or faxes as well. Unfortunately we have only a short period for our response, so we would like to receive your letter by May 26. You can address the letter to the Council for Culture. Please send your letter to: Email: Fax: + 31 (0)20 6264262 Address: Achtergracht 19, 1017WL Amsterdam, The Netherlands > > > Sending a personal letter is the best, but for a quick message use the online support letter. See the petition in their site here
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We are creating this opportunity for collaboration and distributed authorship experimenting with on-line collaborative video editing. I propose to the members of this network to experiment with editing digital content collaboratively using the on-line editing platform JumpCut ( How to collaborate/participate: I am proposing two kinds of collaborative editing products: One that will be geared to develop the knowledge base for our network and another geared to create dance-tech mash-ups in a very open creative way using material generated by all the members. Real video dance mash-ups! Distributed authorship! sampling and remixing! 1.-Knowledge base (interviews, coherent documentation, etc) Editing the interviews for the podcasts of this network has been a great experience, specially because it forced me to constructively dissect the words and ideas of very experienced, smart peers and pioneers in the field. The author of the interview will upload raw cuts/clips from the interviews and its relevant performance/installation video material and any member (anybody) of the network will be able to: 1.-Access the raw material of the interviews and just watch (consumer). It is OK! 2.-Edit an interview with or without relevant material illustrating or augmenting ideas. (Prosumer). Super cool! 3.-You can also upload to your own account in Jumpcut raw material for the network and make it available for for other to edit. 4.-We can also re-edit and re-contextualize the already edited material. What to do? 1.-Create you account in Jumpcut and join to a group called " base". In this way we create a circle of collaborators. 2.-Select an specific "set" of clips for an specific interviewee and create your version. (let us know which one you are working on). The sets will have a name and a"ready for edit". That means that the set is complete from my end, tat I have uploaded al the material that I consider relevant. It is ready go for it! You may also use an edit what is there. 3.-Editing in Jumpcut is very easy and intuitive even more if you have experience with Final Cut or other. the interface is like IMovie on-line. IMPORTANT: the only guideline for the interviews is that you use the material that is given and mix it with the relevant topic. I suggest use simple transitions and no effects that alter color and speed. get krazy with the dance-tech mash-ups! 2.-dance-tech mash-up! 1.-We can create video dances on-line with uploaded material from public domain video material, from the network members or your own. So, if you are into it create your account in JumpCut and join (in Jumpcut) to a group called "" (or ""). In this way we create a circle of collaborators with this specific creative goal. 2.-Tag your uploaded videos "dance-tech.net_mash-up" (or dance-tech.net_knowledge) to know that it is available for this purpose. Your material will be public, therefore it will used for any mash-up within the system. Only upload material that you have created and have cleared any copyrights issue. IMPORTANT: join to the our group in this network to communicate and give each other feedback and distribute the work load if necessary. We can adjust and learn as we go along! NOTE: Jumpcut does not allow you to export the edited video.
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