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 Apps4festivals is conceived as a sustainable model for development of  mobile apps for art festivals and cultural events.

A mobile app was developed for ImPulsTanz 2014- 2015 (Vienna, Austria)  and Tanz Im August 2014-2015 (Berlin, Germany) with features specially geared to facilitate an  effective event guide, audience engagement  and community interaction around the festival activities.

The app is customizable to showcase the events with rich multimedia features, adaptive event branding, personalized events calendars, interactive geolocated maps, push notification, content management system, comprehensive stats and in app social networking spaces.The app connects with main social media platforms.

The support from ImPulstanz Festival 2014/15  and Tanz Im August 2014/15 have been crucial for the research and development of the scaffolding, framework and  suitable design for complex events that combine performances, workshops, master classes and spacial formats.

After these two prototypes, the app is available to other events for further usage and development for a sustainable fee to cover the specific customizations and content management for the new event.

The dance-tech apps4estivals is a project conceived by Marlon Barrios Solano.

Marlon Barrios Solano

These are the app's main features:

  • Push notifications: real time updates about events, news and specials
  • Home page with information about the festival.
  • Festival event and artists pages.
  • Add the events to your mobile phone calendar.
  • Share items and texts in Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • Locate events venues in interactive live map and get directions on the map app.
  • Create a personalized calendar with your events. Mark events as favorites.
  • Create a brief profile.
  • Shout or post images and texts via the app, creating a collective stream of news.
  • Check in places and festival venues.
  • Direct feedback and reviews: post and share comments on each event pages, performances, workshops and parties.
  • Explore the festival social media outlets: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.
  • Watch video collection relevant to the festival.
  • Execute in app point based loyalty campaigns.
  • In app QR code scanner!

Thanks to ImPulsTanz and Tanz Im August!

Now, let's take in on TOUR!





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Meta-academy invites you to engage online with three international dance festivals this summer- Taking Place (July 1-13 in Columbus, OH, USA), Impulstanz (July 21 -August 18 in Vienna, Austria), and Bates Dance Festival (July 21-August 11 in Lewiston, ME, USA).  We will also be participating in IDOCDE international symposium on contemporary dance education (August 1-3 in Vienna Austria)


Dance festivals create intimate, hyperlocal communities where dancers exchange creative processes, pedagogies, finished work, and ideas. Now Meta-academy connects these communities to each other, and opens them to YOU at HOME or on the road.


choreographic knowledge, creative process, methodologies, ideas, influences, relevance, trends...stories

Starting with artists from Taking Place:  K.J. Holmes (NYC)Peter Kyle (NYC)CoCo Loupe (Baton Rouge),Bebe Miller (Columbus), and Claire Porter (NYC) 

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teach me (not)!
01 - 03 August 2014

IDOCDE (International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education) organises the 2nd IDOCDE SYMPOSIUM on contemporary dance and its teaching methods at the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival 2014.

teach me (not)!
There are many ways information is being relayed in contemporary dance education settings. Questions around the roles of the dance teacher, the learner and the material arise once opening the thoughts towards this process. 

Themed „teach me (not)!“, the 2nd IDOCDE Symposium thus aims to investigate horizontal - or non-hierarchical - learning, use of language and current practices in contemporary dance education and related fields and to look further into the question: How do we teach?

The symposium welcomes everyone interested in contemporary dance and related fields and invites to share teaching practices, questions & ideas around the current teaching of the art form.

More on IDOCDE Symposium 2014


It’s free and open.  All you need is an internet connection and a few hours per week. You determine your level of involvement.

Facilitated by Marlon Barrios Solano, Rachel Boggia and Josephine Dorado.


Here’s what we’ll do:

1. Share creative and critical perspectives. Select choreographers, improvisors, theorists, and pedagogues from the festivals  will upload videos of their process, engage in interviews, and participate in google+ hangouts with other artists and members of the Meta-academy community (the first 5 to join the hangout).

2. Move together online.  Join a google+ hangout and experiment with dance professionals as they try translating their creative practices to the online space.  

3. Create internet-specific work.  You’ll be instructed on using some of the best online (free)  creative tools to create your own internet-based videos, word clouds, mashups, and more.

4. Join a global community of dancers.  When you’re making, talking and learning together, chances are you’ll make friends.

Here’s how you join.

Create a user profile on and join the meta-academy group


You’ll get an email with further instructions on how to join our google+ circle so that you can participate in hangouts. You will need to have a Google Plus account.

About meta-academy

About meta-academy@bates 2013 

Article about my work and meta-academy by Lisa Kraus on


Lisa Para (NYC) and Daniel Pinheiro (Lisbon) in collaboration during meta-academy@Bates 2013

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