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Data Workshop 5.0 - call for entries

Workshop:Data Workshop 5.0: “Sound Dig”Location:This workshop will be hosted by IMOCA at Plane / Site Galleries on Lad Lane,Dublin 2, just off Baggot Street.Cost:30 EURO (for basic materials, etc..) - 25 EURO for StudentsWhen:30th of August from 10.30 to 17.30Instructors:Lead by Dave Lawrence (UK)Dave Lawrence sound artist/performer, and specialising in digital creativity at Middlesex University (London UK) - someone that ’meddles’ with objects and devices (analogue/electrical/electronic/digital) as part of the practice of exploring sound, its science & nature, composition aesthetics, and the technology & interaction issues involved. Dr Dave, aka Sponde, has created numerous collaborative installations and performances in the UK, and across Europe in Germany, Finland, Portugal, Poland, Greece, and Denmark, and soon to be in The Republic of Ireland.Workshop Description:If you are interested in sound itself and the prospect of prospecting for sound amongst relics of technology and in the physical structures that carry technology, then this workshop might be for you. Its going to be like an archaeological dig – but it’s a delicate search through the architecture and workings of whatever items of technology we can find – almost new, retro, and totally archaic – a search for sound.Bring some things with you to investigate (anything electronic, or something with a motor or some electrical components – any technology really … steam powered would be great.. or mechanical..) – preferably items that hardly ever get used or are gathering dust on the bottom shelf in the kitchen, or in the garage…. and lets explore the possibilities of finding and making interesting sounds. Also, if you have a device to collect and record sounds it might be helpful to bring that along too – but we will have some equipment to share.We will be using custom made contact mics, air mics, picups, an MI5 telephone surveillance device, a VLF receiver, and maybe special vibrating devices here and there too (pending airport security approval…). It will almost certainly involve a degree of surgery (intrusive and non intrusive) to make physical and non-tactile connections to draw out the sounds. Its about caring for the technology, and being respectful of its history, construction and design – being imaginative about sonic potential, and nurturing the new life (sonic and creative) that you can give to that archaic piece of technology.We will use the sounds made and captured to make composition recordings, and also design how our ‘sound dig’ interventions could be used in live performance. As we are working with real objects and technology, there is a sculptural element to what we will be doing too. We hope to make a live public performance on the evening of the workshop, and if you are interested you could take part. The emotional impact of sounds made or captured from physical and real objects/devices can be immense, and that will hopefully be experienced in the workshop. The sounds carry with them the history and nature of that object.To take part in the workshop, you don’t need to be a skilled musician or technician, or experienced in making music in any way (but its fine if you are!) – but you definitely do need to like sound itself, …. and have some time on Sun 30th August 2009,….. and be in Dublin.Registration here
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