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I am honored! Thank you Lisa Kraus for generous and smart article about my work with the dance-tech project and focused on meta-academy!! Please enjoy and share!

The vlogger has been blogged!!


Sherry Turkle, the sociologist/psychologist who rose to prominence as an early internet booster has changed her mind. Today, instead of continuing to marvel at the internet’s potentials she laments that our continual involvement with “screens” creates a culture where we are “alone together.” There are plenty who share her assessment. 
Concurrent with this development, some researchers are investigating exciting and fruitful ways to connect through screens. Marlon Barrios Solano, who trained in  dance, cognitive science and new media, works in ways that counter the sense of disembodiment and isolation that staring at screens can engender. Solano is drawn to screens but researches how the internet and the tools it provides offer not only ways of building community and sharing knowledge but also new ways to experience our bodies.
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Tuning Scores Laboratory Intensive–composition, communication and the sense of imagination

7 days in Les Ailes de Bernard

april 25 - may 1, 2013

A multi-sensorial approach to the questions: what do we ‘see’ when we look at dance? what do we ‘see’ from within the dance?’ The scores offer inner and outer communication tools and practices that make apparent the ways each of us sense and make sense of movement. Initiating a playful and rigorous dialogue-in-action about space, time, movement, and the innate desire to compose our experience. Performers/creators of all disciplines (dance, music, visual art, theater) are welcome. 

cost: 370 euros before march 23; 420 euros after.

deadline for registration: april 9, 2013

for full information & to register

contact La Trisande: // tel +33 (0)4 77 51 59 25


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Boston Chapter of "Indie Connect"

Hi Everyone!

Six months ago I struck up a conversation on "Linkedin" with the founder of "Indie Connect," a national music org that is "a worldwide community of independent musicians, singers, bands, songwriters, record labels, music professionals and service providers who share ideas, expertise, contacts, and resources."

This means access to booking/gigs, music distribution, education, film & TV, licensing, marketing, recording, song writing, technology, website development, and social networking.

I am "onboard" to introduce this organization to Massachusetts, and would like to host a meeting in Boston/Cambridge the first week or two of October. Then on the North Shore, South Shore, and wherever the interest lies.

PLEASE email me back and indicate if a Monday or Tuesday evening works for your schedule. The first opportunity would be October or 12th.

I have a couple of sites in mind (that don't cost money at all), but if you know of a cool space to have a meeting for up to 50 people, please let me know this, too.

I am very excited to meet all of you and discuss what the needs of the Massachusetts music community are.

Yours in music, song, and dance -

Lisa Leake

Here are a couple of links:

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in Rho - Milan
4th - 10th december 2010 7 days, 5 hrs/day

for info and registration:
Associazione Il Cortile Via G. Garibaldi 30, 20017 Rho (MI)
Tel. +39 02 9300205 mobile + 39 347 8805330

For english speaking people: Laura Banfi tel. +39 3498436046 or Laura Giudici tel +39 3382003356 (english & french)

011-012 (november, april, november)
6 week intensive workshop series with Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson
at Earthdance, Plainfield, Massachussetts, USA
this is still in the planning stage, full info will be available at by november 010.

Tuning Scores: Composition and the Sense of Imagination
The Tuning Score, a performance research format, asks what do we see
when we're looking at dance. The research focusses on the physical base
of the imagination. Composition, communication, and performance are the
subjects. By altering the way we use our senses while moving and
watching movement, we identify how the movement patterns of our senses
influence how and why we move, and shape our interaction with our inner
and outer environments.
Focussing on vision, touch, and hearing, the scores provoke
spontaneous compositions that make evident our opinions about space,
time, and action, and provide tools and a framework for communication
and collaboration amongst us.
The tools of the score cross disciplinary lines and give insight
into and practice of performance and dance-making processes. Performing
artists of all disciplines welcome.

Lisa Nelson is a dance-maker, improvisational performer, videographer,
and collaborative artist who has been exploring the role of the senses
in the performance and observation of movement since the early '70s.
Stemming from her work with video and dance in the '70s, she developed
an approach to spontaneous composition and performance she calls Tuning
Scores. She performs, teaches and creates dances in diverse spaces on
many continents, and maintains long-term collaborations with other
artists, including Steve Paxton, Daniel Lepkoff, Scott Smith,
videoartist Cathy Weis, and Image Lab--a Tuning Score performance
ensemble. She lives in Vermont in the US.


Watch Interview:
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“Internalizing Music” Using African & Indian rhythm, movement, and recitation

Jerry Leake, Director and Drummer; 
Lisa Leake, Dancer, Vocalist

Sunday, July 18 – Saturday, July 24, 2010
Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays 9am-3:30pm
Weeknights 6pm-9pm

NEC Jazz percussionist Jerry Leake and dancer/vocalist Lisa Leake, present their original 3-tiered method of reciting African and Indian drum compositions against a background of stick patterns and basic movement. Musicians and non-musicians will find this a challenging but accessible entry into African and Indian music & dance practices. In this intensive workshop, rhythm theory and practice merge through intensive practice and application that aurally and kinesthetically grounds one’s time.

Classes are demanding, but prior experience with drumming is not expected or required. Participants include college music faculty, K-12 teachers, committed amateurs, professional performers, students of all ages, jazz, world and rock musicians and composers. Sticks, CDs and detailed handouts provided at a minimal cost. On the final evening of the workshop, students will participate in an informal public performance.

Summer Session Registration Form:

2 SCE Credits: $1050
Early-bird discount SCE credit tuition: $960
(registered/paid in full by June 7; call office)
Non-credit: $685
Early-bird discount non-credit tuition: $595
(registered/paid in full by June 7; call office)
Weekend pass (Saturday & Sunday): $95
All the above require $35 registration fee.
Evening passes (Monday-Friday): $75 per day (maximum: 3) No registration fee.

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Massachusetts Dance Festival’s first annual statewide events, sponsored by the UMass Amherst Department of Musicand Dance, will be held August 21st and 22nd at Boston Ballet, 19 Clarendon Street,Boston, and August 28th and 29th, at UMass Amherst (Totman Building) and The Fine Arts Center, Amherst. 2010 events at both sites includeSaturday evening performances by eleven professional dance companies, andSunday late afternoon performances by eleven emerging dance companies,representing genres of ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, multimedia, EastIndian, and hip hop/jazz. Each presentation reveals the sheer creative power ofdance – the breadth of training and talent across the Commonwealth – ofphysicality, technical excellence, emotional exuberance, and compellingartistry, that is certain to attract and engage audiences of all ages andbackgrounds.

Innovative choreographies of two weekends include: 1) “Marionette,” which questions the notion of “success,” reflectingthe “struggle to get ahead in business, financial, and personal lives…driven byrelentless social images,” choreographedby Katherine Hooper of BoSoma DanceCompany, where athleticism and the “constant energy of phrasing” propelsdancers ahead three steps, and back only two; 2) A dramatic selection by Contrapose Dance entitled “Sanitas,” which approaches society’s “recent obsession withcleanliness and staying free of sickness,” plummeting deeply into the humanpsyche … gripping audiences while challenging dancers through feats of athleticand artistic elocution; 3) Monkeyhousedancers’ newest creation, “"Times New Roman Italic""">Against the Odds11.0pt"">,” which “explores themes of endangerment and stagnancy,” and theenormous effort required to get “unstuck,” using a series of ‘found sound’recordings of rain and train station buskers; 4) A multi-media celebration ofthe Connecticut River by Sorvino DanceProject called “Downstream,” where fluid movements are adapted to the power,stillness, and interruptions of the river, against a backdrop of SamPettengill’s visual artwork, and a magnetic improvisational and polyrhythmicmusical landscape; 5) An energetic and uplifting piece, Mariah Steele’sSimon &Garfunkel Suite,” which portrays a“desire to celebrate life and the human experience in all its grit and humor,dust and glory… a love of community, awe of our bodies’ vast capabilities … anda deep faith in humanity.”

Additional to dance performances are a total of 48 dance classes for adults and childrenin Boston, August 21st and 22nd, and in Amherst, August28th and 29th, between the hours of 11:00 am and 5:00 pmon Saturdays, and between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm on Sundays. Massachusettsmaster dancers, college and K-12 educators, and industry specialists covergenres of ballet, jazz, tap, modern, African, Cuban Salsa, hip hop, “inclusivedance for physically disabled dancers,” and a diverse range of innovativechildren’s dance classes. Specialty workshops on “dance photography,” “managing a successfulcultural business,” and “healthy dancers” will also run adjacent to movementclasses, offering a full spectrum of activities for all ages and levels ofaudience participants.

MDF’s Emcee for both Saturday nights is Massachusetts native and national jazz icon, RebeccaParris, who will open both performances and sing two of her favorite,popular jazz standards. She is an ardent supporter of music and danceperformance and education in Massachusetts, and a tireless promoter of theMassachusetts Dance Festival’s mission:

…to revitalize dance and arts-related professions by developing partnerships withbusinesses, corporations, institutions and communities. MassachusettsDance Festival believes that dance, as a major component of arts and culture,is essential to meaningful lives and healthy communities. Dance and artseducation contribute to quality life in the 21st Century byproviding rich education for youth and promoting cultural understanding andtolerance within diverse communities.”


Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased in advance or at the door. Discounts areavailable for Boston Dance Alliance Members, students, senior citizens, andgroups of 10 or more. Call: (508) 429-7577 for ticketsales information. You may alsopay for tickets in advance, through Pay Pal, at the Massachusetts DanceFestival web site

For a full listing of performing artists and adult and student dance classes, go to: 11.0pt""> and 11.0pt"">

MDF is a registered 501(C) 3 non-profit, with its 2010 summer dance festivalsupported by: Body Grooves,Boston Dance Alliance, Dancing Arts Center, the Dance Inn, Hot Stepz Magazine, North Shore Dance Alliance, Red Fez Restaurant, and Teddy Shoes.yes""> Senator Sonia Chang Díaz,Chair of the Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development Committee, endorses the Massachusetts Dance Festival.

MDF can help to establish Massachusetts asan important destination for arts, culture and tourism.

Photo of BoSoma Dance Company
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