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Hello everyone!

I'm making a piece and installation and need to solve this problem:

I need to control five cameras from one computer. When I say control I mean send messages of record, stop, rewind and play. I know there is a MAX SP object called jit.avc that sends transport information to a camera. And I know there are fireware hubs so I can plug five cameras to my lap top through fireware. But will I be able to control all five cameras with one computer? Can any good heart help me?

Thank you!
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Manuales / Manuals

Manuales / ManualsInteractive performance in real timeBased on the text of Sergio Valenzuela “Manual 1”Performance and development of software: Brisa MPAssistant: Jose Luis SatocuatoPlatform: Max/Msp/JitterMatucana 100. 24 sept. Santiago of Chile 2009Thanks : Sergio Valenzuela and Leonardo Gamboa.
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