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PISO proyecto

12249538886?profile=originalPISO como plataforma de la improvisacion


en plancha HOY martes 24, 1:30 Inter Metro, Puerto Rico


en plancha este  jueves 26 en el lote, Cinema Paradiso en la calle Loiza, Puerto Rico

junto a los estudiantes y profesoras del Departamento de Arquitectura de la Politecnica.


como plataforma para la improvisacion:en la Trienal. 28 abril hasta agosto 2012.

Arsenal de la Puntilla, VSJ, Puerto Rico


en plancha, en un espacio performativo: DanceSpace Project, NYC, mayo 19, 2012


en plancha fuera del area metro este verano 2012, Puerto Rico.



aun esperamos por nuestra primera respuesta afirmativa a varias propuestas que hemos solicitado



esta es una manera de apoyar este proyecto AHORA.






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Screendance Touring Public Places

For anybody interested, I am organising a group of works that will be touring public spaces in the UK this summer. The project may not be for everyone, as the works will not always be screened on a large screen and with a silent attentive audience. The works will always be screened with sound - in shops, bars, outdoor public spaces etc.If you are interested in the project and would like your work to have the chance to be shown to a wide public audience I'd love to receive your work. email or go to for more details.
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Arts in the urban space

Contemporary creation as a tool

Circostrada Network, a European information and exchange network on street arts and new circus, has published a collective work called “Arts in the urban space: contemporary creation as a tool”.
"The publication aims to engage in deeper reflection on the effects of artistic intervention in public spaces. We asked European scholars of various fields to analyze, from the perspective of their own domain, the impact that artists’ presence has on the public space. What does it mean for society to see the arts moving into a space that was not originally conceived for them? What role can the street arts play in making adjustments on our cities or improving the framework of our lives? Should we beware of the possible exploitation of artistic creation towards political ends?"

Table of contents:

  • Town Planning and Street Arts
  • Spectator in fabula – What Street Theatre Does to Spectators
  • Public Art: between (street) spectacle and the spectacular
  • Nomadic Creations
  • From the Street Theatre to Theatre in the Public Space
  • Artistic Interventions Affirm Public Space
  • Arts Don’t Have to Know How to Behave – A Commentary on Street arts in Contemporary Urban Surroundings
  • Art, Public Space and Creation Centres
  • Anne Gonon
  • Jean-Pierre Charbonneau
  • Dragan Klaic
  • Alix de Morant
  • Joanna Ostrowska
  • Ramón Parramón
  • Christian Ruby
  • Stéphane Simonin
  • Corina Suteu & Cristian Neagoe
  • Yohann Floch (coord.)
You can download the PDF for free: French and in English
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