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There is an interesting conference going on in Stockholm at the moment 14.-16.10. The schedule can be found here: http://mdtsthlm.se/artists/conference-postdance/ So far, confirmed speakers are: Adrian Heathfield, Mette Ingvartsen, Mårten Spångberg, Bojana Kunst, André Lepecki, Paz Rojo, Samlingen (collective of choreographers: Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Stina Nyberg, Halla Ólafsdóttir and Zoë Poluch), Jefta van Dinther, Florentina Holzinger, Jens Östberg, Ivana Müller, Mette Edvardsen, Francois Chaignaud, Manuel Pelmus, Cecilia Bengolea, Andros Zins-Browne, Jonathan Burrows, Hooman Sharifi, Poste Restante, Charlotte Vandevyver, Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Siegmar Zacharias, Benjamin Vandewalle, Antonia Baehr, Myriam van Imschoot and Erna Òmarsdóttir. They are live streaming the event here since this morning: http://bambuser.com/channel/Riksteatern


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Symposium of Practices

Practice Symposium

September 2012, 29 (14-20h) & 30 (10-16h)

@ The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden)

Maria Skolgata 83, Stockholm

Practice Symposium uses the academic framework of a symposium in a different way by proposing practices instead of papers.

International and Swedish practitioners in choreography and performance are invited to share practices with each other and outside participants:

Eleanor Bauer, Valentina Desideri, Juan Dominguez, Nilo Gallego, Rosalind Goldberg, Sandra Lolax, 

Stina Nyberg, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Petra Sabisch, Manon Santkin and Mårten Spångberg.

The event is open and free for professionals after sign up.

The Practice Symposium gathers practitioners in the field of choreography and performance to share practices with each other and the public. Set up as an encounter of different practices, the Practice Symposium uses the academic framework of a symposium in a different way by proposing practices instead of papers.

In the recent years the notion of practice has frequently occured within the field of choreography, especially when insisting on a development achieved through continuity, a specific form of producing work and sharing experiences as much as a way of challenging knowledge. A practice addresses a particular idea or problem through a process of repetition. Emerging from specific defining parameters, sometimes in view of method, practices produce a know-how that cannot be separated from the particularity of the practice. This particularity arises from its being implicated into a specific materiality: there is no idea without a material expression, as much as there is no knowledge unless it is practiced. Engaging in these experience-based and usage-oriented practices allows for a cooperative knowledge production, where learning, doing and thinking intertwine.

With the guiding idea that each practice produces an intrinsic knowledge by being practically involved in its doing, this symposium of practices invites practitioners in the field of choreography and performance to share their practices.

The two-day Practice Symposium (29-30 September 2012) will take place in the studios at Konstnärsnämnden in Stockholm and consists of two parallel panels of practices. Based on the idea that a practice is done repeatedly, the second day of the symposium will consist of the exact same panels as the previous. Thus, during the symposium, you can either choose to partake in all practices or to do some of them twice.

We invite everyone interested to take part in the Practice Symposium. It is favourable to join the whole weekend but also possible to take part in specific panels. A more detailed program will be published on the website soon.

In order to participate, please sign up by sending an e-mail to anna.efraimsson@konstnarsnamnden.se including name and a short statement of interest. Please wait for a confirmation.

 The Practice Symposium is hosted by Stina Nyberg, Zoë Poluch, Petra Sabisch and Uri Turkenich in collaboration with The International Dance Programme at The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden).

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