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Hello dance-techers,
Here is the page with the most popular content of this week and also please read the last week message.
As you can see in the navigation menu, we have added some features to the regular social media functionality.

Here is  the new feature of the week:

Your LIVE video channel...

Yes, all members can now use the network for LIVE video broadcast in your own LIVE video channel automatically embedded in your account.

Broadcast your rehearsals, performances, lectures and your experiments on
We have established  a partnership with USTREAM.TV that allows you to create a  free or professional  broadcasting video channel  that will be embedded  in the network and have its own URL.
Your own LIVE video channel on your profile page!
In this way each member of becomes a potential broadcasting producer.
More than 4000 potential providers of live content!

You  can use  the network to share  with friends and directly re-post in Facebook and Twitter...
Just in few clicks!
be part of the LIVE video revolution  for the arts!
Let's innovate together...


To create your own USTREAM.TV channel:

1.-Log in to the network, go to the tab "My LIVE video channel" in the main menu and follow prompts.

2.-You may use a USTREAM.TV channel that you have already created or create a new one.


If you want your channel to show in your profile page: go to the "settings" in your profile page There you can select to show the channel in your page and place it anywhere in the page.


It will show at the lower part of your profile page by default.

You always will be able to see your channel or direct your viewers to the URL of "My LIVE video channel" page and also to the channel in your profile page if you have defined so in the settings.

See channel on Marlon Barrios Solano page:

See channel on "My LIVE video channel page

Let us know when you create your channels  to announce it...

Happy LIVE video streaming.


Disclaimer: does endorse the content or opinions expressed within the USTREAM channels created by its members. Members must follow the USTREAM terms and conditions. As in any section the network, each member is responsible of the copyright clearance of the published or broadcasted material. does not get any moneys from adverting layered on the USTREAM free channels nor from USTREAM.TV

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