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12249572299?profile=originalDEADLINE: 14 March to submit to virtual exhibition "HOT WATER – Water, Peace & War"

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Artists, scientists, activists, teachers, youth are invited to upload videos, digital postcards, poems or texts on the theme of “HOT WATER”: climate change, environmental decline, rights violations, volatile politics and conflict about water.

A panel will discuss contributions at Balance/UnBalance Conference, hosted by Arizona University and online on Waterwheel.

INFO http://bit.ly/HOT-WATER

Español: http://bit.ly/AGUAS-TURBULENTAS

Français: http://bit.ly/EAU-TROUBLE

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Bell 8

A fascination for waves, the dance above and below sea level, leads one to wind, light, and hypnosis, and consider how rhythm is central to our being.

No two frames of wave footage are the same, nor are two seconds of being. The height, speed, texture of waves reveal the secret of rhythms

Exploring the myths of the gods and goddesses of the sea, we might conceive a new form of baptism


Aztec mythology

Celtic mythology

Chinese mythology

  • Mazu, water goddess and protector of seafarers
  • Guo Pu, Immortal of the Water Realm.

Egyptian mythology

  • Tefnut, goddess of water, moisture and fertility.
  • Osiris, god of the dead and afterlife. Originally god of water and vegetation.

Fon/Ewe mythology

  • Agwé, a sea loa -  salute by blowing on a conch-shell. 

Finnish mythology

  • Ahti, god of the depths and fish
  • Vedenemo, a goddess of water
  • Vellamo, the wife of Ahti, goddess of the sea, lakes and storms.

Greek mythology

  • Amphitrite, sea goddess and consort of Poseidon
  • Carcinus, a giant crab. 
  • Charybdis, a sea monster and spirit of whirlpools and the tide
  • Cymopoleia, a daughter of Poseidon and goddess of giant storm waves
  • Delphin, the leader of the dolphins
  • Eidothea, prophetic sea nymph and daughter of Proteus
  • Eurybia, goddess of the mastery of the seas
  • Galene (Γαλήνη), goddess of calm seas
  • The Graeae, three ancient sea spirits who personified the white foam of the sea; they shared one eye and one tooth between them
  • The Harpies, winged spirits of sudden, sharp gusts of wind
  • Hippocampi, the horses of the sea
  • Nerites, watery consort of Aphrodite and/or beloved of Poseidon
  • Nereus, the old man of the sea, and the god of the sea's rich bounty of fish
  • NymphsOceanus, Titan god of the Earth-encircling river Okeanos, the font of all the Earth's fresh-water
  • Pontus, primeval god of the sea, father of the fish and other sea creatures
  • Poseidon, Olympian God of the Oceans His Roman equivalent is Neptune.
  • Proteus, a shape-shifting, prophetic old sea god, and the herdsman of Poseidon's seals
  • Scylla, a Nereid metamorphosed into a sea monster
  • The Sirens, three sea nymphs who lured sailors to their death with their song
  • Thalassa, primordial goddess of the sea -  depicted in Greco-Roman mosaics as half-submerged in the sea, with crab-claw horns, seaweed for clothes, and a ship's oar in her hand.
  • Thaumas, god of the wonders of the sea 
  • Thetis, leader of the Nereids who presided over the spawning of marine life, mother of Achilles

Hawaiian mythology

Hindu/Vedic mythology

Varuna, the Lord of the Eternal Ocean

Inuit mythology

Japanese mythology

Māori mythology

  • Ikatere, a fish god, the father of all the sea creatures including mermaids
  • Tangaroa, god of the sea

Mesopotamian mythology

  • Amathaunta, goddess of the ocean
  • Asherah, Mother goddess whose title is "She Who Walks Upon the Sea"
  • Marduk, god associated with water, vegetation, judgment, and magic
  • Nammu, goddess of the primeval sea
  • Nanshe, goddess of Persian Gulf, social justice, prophecy, fertility and fishing
  • Tiamat, goddess of salt water and chaos, also mother of all gods

Norse/Germanic mythology

Persian/Zoroastrian mythology

  • Anahita, the divinity of 'the Waters' (Aban) associated with fertility, healing and wisdom.
  • TishtryaZoroastrian benevolent divinity associated with life-bringing rainfall and fertility.
  • Haurvatat, he Amesha Spenta associated with water, prosperity, and health 

Philippine mythology

Roman mythology

Slavic mythology

  • Rusalki, female ghosts, water nymphs, succubi or mermaid-like demons 
  • Veles, god of earth, waters, and the underworld

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Anne Rosset + Robert Alexander> Une Histoire D`Amour <3 Bilder. 10 Ballerinas. 10 Schlagzeuger. 30 Minuten.(+ 10 Ghettoblaster, 10 Taucherbrillen, 10 Sonnenbrillen, 10 Sommerhüte,10 schwarze T-Shirts, 10 Spitzenschuhe, 10 Sommerkleider,1 Jogger, 1 Viadukt und jede Menge Wasser)Künstlerische Leitung:Anne Rosset + Robert Alexander(Pigs And Birds Performance Projekte)Projektblog: Une Histoire D`AmourAnne Rosset Robert Alexander Pigs And Birds Performance Projekte
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