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Yanira Castro+Company is at Dance Theater Workshop.this weekend. I went last night and it really creates a dynamic space within the DTW theater. She transformed DTW theater in a space that reflects the instability and energy of puberty and gestation. I enjoyed a distributed way of integrating the musicians (directed Castro and Stephan Moore) within a changing world of analog sounds and digital processing, from 8bit game toys to real vacuum cleanrs. It is surprising and quotidian. The musicians radicalize the space with their deliberate and simple actions creating a counterpoint of movable nodes. The space became a changing body flooded by "hormonal sounds". The space danced! I you go please comment here!! Yanira Castro + Company Photographer: Julieta Cervantes Title: Center of Sleep Choreography: Yanira Castro, in collaboration with performers Venue: Dance Theater Workshop Date: February 26, 2008 Performer Credits Luke Miller (audience watching) Joseph Poulson, Heather Olson, Luke Miller Watch interview with Yanira Castro:
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