Jeannette Ginslov Media Facilitations


 Jeannette Ginslov Media Facilitations 



Led by

Independent Media Artist, Choreographer and Researcher

Jeannette Ginslov


Artist in Residence Malmö University

@ MEDEA Institute Feb/Mar/April 2012

Online Producer for MoveStream

Associate Producer for dancetech.netTV

Artistic Director Walking Gusto Productions




A. Jeannette Ginslov - Screendance Facilitations 


These workshops explore the genre of Screendance. The workshops are based on the unique shooting technique designed by Jeannette Ginslov namely, Camera As….Loading The Frame In Screendance. This was inspired by Ginslov's research on: Aristotle’s notion of Rhetoric, dance filmmaker Douglas Rosenberg’s “camera as carnivore” and Ginslov's research on capturing Affect. A workshop on editing, DVD production, uploading, documenting and archiving your work, could also be arranged.


Camera As….Loading The Frame In Screendance

This process highlights affect and the intention of the screendance maker. It amplifies the audience’s reception and appreciation of the emotional and kinesthetic, in a non-linear narrative framework.  Through a series of shooting exercises, using formal as well as experimental or improvised shooting methodologies, static and hand-held camera, with story boards or scores for an improvised shoot. The workshops focuses on the use of postmodern dance practice as well as the cinematic genre of Dogme 95 and a non-linear filmic practice.



a)     Each participant will plan and shoot a one-minute edit in camera dance video

b)     Teams will then plan, shoot and edit, a 2-3 minute screendance work. Each team will elect a director, cameraperson, editor, choreographer, dancers, producer etc.  

Other modules could include:

a)     Documenting Your Work, Performance and Rehearsals

b)     Screendance for live performance works

c)     Screendance Documentaries

d)     Vlogging

e)     Uploading, Promoting and Distributing your work using social media

f)      Shorts, Trailers, Teasers

g)     Editing – basic using iMovie, Advanced using Final Cut Pro

h)     DVD Production

i)      Pitching your ideas - loglines

For more details see Jeannette Ginslov’s online Dance Film’s Association document where she offers a detailed synthesis on Aristotle’s Rhetoric and how to apply theoretical concepts to the filmmaking process in "Camera as........Loading the frame in Screendance" 16 August 2011.



B. Jeannette Ginslov - MoveStream                                                                     


Concept Marlon Barrios Solano and Jeannette Ginslov

Produced & Presented by Jeannette Ginslov
A Movestream and co-production

1) Online Video Production

MoveStream provides an interdisciplinary platform that investigates the crossover between the boundaries usually found in media/dance/cinema/video and the internet 2.0. It provides a fresh and adaptive evolving domain for the public to engage with culture, choreography and performance. As a networked phenomenon, it encourages a much needed flow and exchange in Screendance discourse. It offers a new Screening portal for Screendance makers with the possibility of developing new online performance vocabularies that reposition dance performance as a multi-sited, digitally mediated art form. Ease of accessibility encourages viewers to engage with the ontologies that are foregrounded in the interviews. It also serves as an open archive for Screendance works, preserving the past with the capability of re-informing the present.

Video interviews and vlogs of performances can be produced for festivals, conferences, workshops etc. This could work in tandem with dance-tech.netTV. Teams of vloggers can be trained to shoot and upload material from the festivals onto dance-tech.netTV 

2) Lectures

A lecture on MoveStream and the use of the Internet 2.0 as a promotional tool as well as vlogging, documentaries, teasers for the promotion of work.

This will include a demonstration of MoveStream’s videos on line that use tagging and annotations as a tool for online distribution and sharing.


3) Workshops

a) Vlogging – shooting and editing interviews, events and documentaries

b) Shooting and editing trailers and teasers for online distribution

c) Uploading and sharing online

d) Creating an online archive


Online Movestream Interviews for dance-techTV (2010 - 2011)

Online Documents:  “What you see is what you get!” 21 Hot/Easy/Quick Vlogging Tips to shoot online interviews by Jeannette Ginslov 07 May 2011. On




Jeannette Ginslov Media Facilitations  -  SCREENDANCE LECTURES

Jeannette Ginslov offers a variety of lectures based on topics that are pertinent, relevant and useful for any Screendance maker. These are based on Ginslov’s many years of extensive practice and research in the following topics:  



a)     “Uncovering the differences of Affect and the haptic in Screendance.” Based on research by Ginslov as Artist -in-Residence for the AffeXity Project with Prof Susan Kozel at MEDEA, a research centre for collaborative media at Malmö University, Sweden

b)     “the concrete and the digital - emotional and kinaesthetic amplification of the authentic and digitalised body in screendance” Ginslov’s MSc in Screendance Dissertation topic.

c)     Screendance and Augmented Reality using mobile devices with geo-tagging. AffeXity.

d)     Social choreographies using online media: AffeXity.


Keynote Lecture:  

Screendance and the Global Network - Online Dance Communities: The rise of social media, telematic performance, online curating and platforms dedicated to screendance. 

The Gordon Institute of Performing and Creative Arts

Film and Dance Conference, University of Cape Town South Africa 26-28 August 2011


Online Video of GIPCA Conference: Shot & Edited Jeannette Ginslov




AffeXity Project online:




Skolen for Moderne Dans Dance & New Media Dept - Danseformidler Students 4th Year Presentation - Editing and DVD production


  1. Key Note Lecture for GIPCA - Gordon Institute of Performing and Creative Arts, Dance & Film Conference Sun 28 Aug 09h00. “Screendance and the Global Network - Online Dance Communities” University of Cape Town
  2. Open Screendance W/S at AFDA & GIPCA – Cape Town South Africa – 29-31 August
  3. Screendance and Editing Workshops for 4th Year Danseformidler Students from Skolen,     Moderne Dans Dance & New Media Dept. at Host Guest Ghost #2, Dansehallerne June/July
  4. Screendance Workshops Skolen for Moderne Dans  January Weeks 2 & 3  Direct, Shoot, Edit & Upload 4th Yr & Danseformidler Students


  1.  Skolen for Moderne Dans Dance & New Media 1st Yrs & 4th Yrs March
  2.  Editing & DVD production Masters Students - Skolen for Moderne Dans April
  3.  Open Screendance W/S Level 1 & 2 01-03 Oct  and 24-26 Dansehallerne, Cph Dk
  4.  SHOOT - Dance for Screen at Moderna Dansteatern, Dans och Cirkus   Högskolan University,   18 June 2010 Stockholm, Sweden


  1. Open screendance W/S 12 & 13 December 2009, DanseHallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Vesterbro NySkole Dance Explosion for schoolchildren 16 & 19 Nov 2009
  3. Walking Gusto Productions Feb 2009 AFDA, Johannesburg,
South Africa


Dance Umbrella Young Choreographic Residency March 2008 FNB Dance Umbrella, Johannesburg, South Africa


Online Screendance W/S from 2008-9

Playlist of all Screendance and Choreographic W/S

Screendance Workshops 2008-2011 *condensed version

Student’s Screendance works online






My hourly rate: $100.00 or €77 p/hour

Minimum hours per day: x4 hrs

One hour preparation and x3 hrs face to face teaching

Recommended minimum days = 5 days 

5 days x 4hrs = 20hrs = $2,000.00 or €1,540.00 (neg.)

This includes all preparation and post production time.

Accommodation, Per diem and flights should also be provided.


The package can be designed to suit your needs:

You may combine a number of Workshops/Lectures/MovestreamTV/Lectures/Vlogging.




Mobile: +45 2699 0363  


You Tube:


* MoveStream is affiliated to dance-techTV. All media produced during the facilitations will appear on MoveStream, on YouTube and Facebook as well as MoveStreamTV linked to dance-techTV.


* *The facilitations may also be combined with Marlon Barrios Solano’s WGL - World Grid Lab as hosted on, if we are both invited to the Festival/Event/Facliations. Rates are negotiable.



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