Workshops (13)


Are you an artist and interested in the blockchain? Curious about the potential of the blockchain for socio-economic design and financial innovation for your communities of practice? Would you like to explore the NFTs and decentralized finances DeFi as a creative space? Are you interested in joining a group of artists researchers exploring these questions and tools? 

If you answer yes to any of these question or you are strongly curious about Crypto, we invite you to apply to participate  in a series of 4 Online workshops/labs for artists and makers offered by MotionDAO

These lab/workshop sessions will offer foundational concepts and tools to access the blockchain economic ecosystem and explore its potential for social and financial innovation. Creative explorations of the affordances of the blockchain will be  encouraged.

The four 90 minutes sessions will introduce the participants to the fundamentals concepts and practices of Web3: blockchain, smart contracts, crypto wallets, token economies, remittances, design and emergence of value, non-fungible tokens, DeFi and DAOs.

Each session will be divided in three parts: conceptual framework, a hands on practicum and a Q&A.

We will be using the  Near Protocol.

Six hours of online mentoring will be offered by appointment.

All levels of experience with crypto and the blockchain are welcome.

Lab will be facilitated in English by Marlon Barrios Solano


September 19th and 26th

October 17h and 24th

1:00 PM EST


  • Limited to 10 participant. Leave a brief replay to this post stating your interest and motivation.
  • Participants must commit to attend all sessions.
  • Participants will receive 10 Near Token (NEAR protocol utility token) as incentive for attending and participation. Check current Near Token Value.
  • The last session culminates with the formal invitation to join the MotionDAO and to apply for the MotionDAO/Near Creative Grants 2022(TBA).

    The labs will use Zoom, and Telegram messenger app as communication tools.


  1. Join if you are not member.
  2. Leave a brief replay to this post stating your interest and motivation.

Questions and more information: marlon(at)

Ruth Cathlow’s definition of the artist role in her book Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain:
“Artists are good in mediating abstractions for our perceptions through play, open exploration and supposition. They can tolerate, even relish, extended encounters with difference, contradiction, muddle and slippage between symbolic and material possibilities without rushing to usefulness or simplicity. They have a kitbag of methods and processes for revealing the practical affordances and animal spirit of a subject, medium or technology. They know that a way to get to know something that does’n yet exist is to collaborate with its possibilities and to do something/anything with it or about it. And by doing so, they materialize and shape what it will be, allowing many other people to access, approach and reach out to it with different parts of themselves:”

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Hello all, 

MotionDAO, an artists collective exploring the affordances of the blockchain for  movement and inter-disciplinary artists.

We have been  meeting, thinking and creating experiments and we have now the opportunity to meet and share our experience in Kassel  Germany during Documenta 15th.

This is the MotionDAO group on

MotionDAO is a project

Claim you special NFT. Scan the QR code and you will be prompted to create a Near wallet to collect the NFT. The daily NFT are gifts for you from MotionDAO artists. #artist #collaboration #motiondao #artblockchain #blockchain #nearprotocol #near #dancetech

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Call For Proposals

5th IDOCDE Symposium on Contemporary Dance Education

July 28 - 30, 2017 at ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival


why compromise. mind the dance.

promoting actions and creative visions in a precarious world


Informed by the developments in the world of socio-politics – and the cultural attention that goes along with it – we at the IDOCDE headquarters decided it was time to frame our annual Call for Proposals as a Call for Action. This decision is to address the theme of the 5th IDOCDE Symposium.

The theme of the 5th IDOCDE Symposium – why compromise. mind the dance – is different from the previous themes in that it does not only ask you – the dance educator, artist, student, cultural worker, and the participant in the making of The World – to look inwards and reflect on your developing practice, share your reflections and by doing so enrich the experience of others. The aim of this year’s Symposium is also to ask you to add an outward-looking reflection whilst asking the question: what is my practice actually doing to the world – given my experience of managing personal pedagogic and artistic practices? How are my pedagogic and artistic decisions shaping the world of others – my students? My peers? And what, in particular, is the effect of the decisions I am not making?

(The time for mulling around is up.) 

Assuming that compromise is somewhat a part of everyone's daily life, we ask: What do you actually do when you compromise? What are the reasons for which you compromise? And how long do you think it will be possible for you to continue that practice?

We are not interested in asking you to imagine a world without compromise. This is not a utopian exercise. What we are inviting you to is, thinking thoroughly about compromise. And consider what kind of world your practice is creating. What kind of institutions, what kind of organisations, what kind of ecosystems, what kind of politics, what kind of families. 

Instead of stepping into the trap of ‘judge-mentality’, we would like to ask you to join us, think together with us; to pose sincere, straightforward, and challenging questions. In short, we would like to ask you to approach this Symposium with the clarity of body-mind you may have never dared to engage with before in a public space, and by doing things you may have never dared to do before in a public space. In other words, we would like to ask you to approach this challenge – ‘as a human being’, an experienced participant in an alliance of individuals, artists and educators. 

We hope this call is inspiring and exciting; resonating with your priorities, with your practices, with your interests, and with your passions for dancing – if so send your proposal today! And help us bring about a Symposium that will not only enrich, but that will also move – move participants to action. Help inspire, inform, and support our community by exposing your experiences: Your physical practices, your pedagogic practices, your theoretical practices, your artistic practices. Your public thoughts, your intimate thoughts, your affirmative thoughts, your challenging and critical thoughts.

Help encourage the community by joining this alliance. Participate at the 5th IDOCDE Symposium on contemporary dance education and so – help make a difference!

Proposal for “why compromise. mind the dance.” and their formats* may include the following, but are not limited to these:

Emerging practices in the oscillation between art-making and education

Examples you find within you or around you, or in other landscapes beyond dance as a response-ability to the world around you


Philosophy in and of dance

Political actions

Historical context(s)

Proposals that address the how we are being with each other right now right here






Performative actions

Hang outs


Mediated spaces (virtually and non-virtually)

*We invite you to challenge (or not) the ‘usual’, the ‘conventional’, the ‘traditional’ formats of public presentations and sharings, teachings by staging your sessions in a way that aligns the staging to your thinking and ‘the doing of your thinking’. In other words, we invite you to think ‘outside the box’. This might be the opportunity for some to question or problematize the assumed role language has in enabling communication. What of your thinking would best be communicated in words, and what of your thinking would best be communicated in experience, performance, movement, action, etc?


IDOCDE invites contemporary dance practitioners, dance and movement educators, researchers, theoreticians and other practitioners contributing to this field

to submit proposals for the 5th IDOCDE Symposium!

All practical or theoretical proposals centered on aspects of teaching, researching or practicing dance, in relation to the proposed theme, are being considered.

Formats might range from teaching a class and sharing reflections, hosting a lecture demonstration, talk or discussion, to more uncommon or experimental formats, or anything in between.

Propositions of a length up to 2 hours (ideally 90 minutes, longer or durational propositions will be considered whenever possible), individual and team proposals from teachers all over the world and the IDOCDE community are warmly welcome. 


Please fill in the PROPOSAL FORM by creating a new idoc under your profile and add it into the Symposium Folder before February 15th, 2017.

  • If you feel inspired but you’re unsure of how to frame your thoughts within the parameters given by this form – please contact
  • Complete the proposal form on and send a copy to
  • For technical issues/ idocde website, please contact
  • Deadline for proposals: February 15th, 2017


Your Symposium and REFLEX project team:

Defne Erdur, Eszter Gál, Pavle Heidler, Kerstin Kussmaul, Lieve de Pourcq, Martin Streit 



The IDOCDE symposium is part of the EU program REFLEX EUROPE.

REFLEX researches and uses documentation as a tool for reflection in order to improve the teaching and to increase the impact on the learners in contemporary dance.   

For further details head over to

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Costa Contemporánea 2014: V Contemporary Dance & Performing Arts Festival

September 3 – 7 2014, Cabo de Gata, Almería, Andalusia, Spain

Workshops: from 3 to 7

  • Contemporary Dance Workshop “Points of view” with Daniel Abreu (Cía. Daniel Abreu)
  • Dance Composition/Choreography Workshop “Leche del sueño” (Milk before Bed) with Michelle Man and James Hewison ( Edge Hill University

Masterclass: Saturday, Sept 6 

  • Contemporary Dance: “Technical training in contemporary dance” with Chevi Muraday
  • Flamenco: “From dance to flamenco” with Anabel Veloso
  • Videodance: “Dancing for the camera” with Ana Cembrero 

Performances / Program:

Sept. 4:  Noche de Varieté – Varieté Night
venue Rodalquilar

  • Sandra Antón: “The Big Solution Clown” (Las Hortichuelas/Barcelona)
  • Alberto Cortés, Rebeca Carrera: “EXIT” (Málaga)
  • Cromática Pistona: Swing Party (Madrid)


Sept. 5: Noche Espectacular – Spectacular Night
venue Centro de Artes Escénicas (CAE), Níjar

  • Daniel Abreu: “Gigantes” (Madrid)
  • Performance of the Winner at the Choreography Competition Mujer Contemporánea
  • Javier Barandiarán: “No estoy para nadie” (País Vasco)


Sept. 6: Fiebre del Sábado – Saturday Fever
venue Centro de Artes Escénicas (CAE), Níjar

  • Chevi Muraday y Alberto Velasco: “Cenizas” (Madrid)
  • Anabel Veloso: “La generación del 80” (Almería)
  • Michelle Man y James Hewison: “Imaginarium” (England)


Costa para Todos -  Costa for everyone (free entrance)

  • Irene Cantero: “El vuelo” (Sept. 3, venue Camping Los Escullos) (Madrid)
  • Ana Cembrero: “Europa Endless” (Sept. 3, venue Camping Los Escullos) (Valencia)
  • Cromática Pistona: Swing Concert (Sept. 5, venue Plaza San José) (Madrid)
  • Andrea Quintana: “Ángel cojo sin pierna” (Sept. 5, venue outdoors CAE) (Galicia)
  • Smantik: Audiovisual Projections (Sept. 6, venue CAE)
  • Open performance dance experimentations (Sept. 4, 5 & 7, outdoors: El Playazo, Isleta del Moro, etc.)

See promotional video: Costa Contemporánea - Encuentros de Danza Contemporánea y Artes Escénicas from low visuals on Vimeo.

See Youtube Canal:


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formación para intérpretes y/o 
coreógraf@s contemporane@s

mòdulmap es un programa de formación dirigido a bailarin@s y/o coreógraf@s que ya tienen una formación de danza y están en una etapa de profesionalización; también va dirigido a profesionales con ganas de seguir actualizando o profundizando en sus conocimientos sobre lenguajes del movimiento, el cuerpo y las diferentes herramientas y tecnologías que utilizamos en la creación escénica.

mòdulmap se presenta en módulos de un mes de duración –se trabaja de 5 a 6 horas diarias– programados trimestralmente. 

mòdulmap es una propuesta que se impulsa desde la estructura deÀngels Margarit / cia. Mudances, que amplía y hace crecer la actividad de m.a.p. – mudances aula pedagògica, pero ahora itinerante y en complicidad con otras estructuras profesionales.


mòdulmap #1 - noviembre

en lacaldera

del 5 al 30 de noviembre de 2012
diariamente de 09.30 a 15.00

opción 1 - mes completo
opción 2 - por semanas

* precios y descuentos al final de la página


del 5 al 9 de noviembre
Salva Sanchis
Trabajo técnico (y) de improvisación
de 09.30 a 15.00

En este taller trabajaremos la improvisación como elemento igual de concreto y específico como en cualquier otro tipo de vocabulario. A partir de principios técnicos basados en la integración funcional de todas las partes del cuerpo, intentaremos ver como es posible romper la división entre cuerpo y mente a través del movimiento.

Salva Sanchis reside y trabaja en Bélgica, donde dirige su propia compañía. A parte de su trabajo coreográfico, con unas 17 producciones en los últimos 15 años, que incluyen colaboraciones con Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Salva Sanchis trabaja como profesor y coordinador de estudios en la escuela internacional P.A.R.T.S.


del 12 al 16 de noviembre
Isabel López
de 09.30 a 11.00

Isabel López estudia en el Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Murcia, en Madrid, en el Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier y en Barcelona. Siempre vinculada a la creación, ha trabajado en diferentes proyectos y compañías de danza. Desde el 2000 trabaja con Àngels Margarit / cia. Mudances. Asistente de coreografía de Àngels Margarit para la Compañía Nacional de Danza y en diversos trabajos de la coreógrafa. En 2007 crea con Gustavo Lesgart Travelin y en 2010 el solo Bailada para el Festival Mudanzas de Cartagena. 


del 12 al 16 de noviembre
Núria Font
Herramientas audiovisuales para la danza:
videodanza, proceso de creación, documentación

de 11.30 a 15.00

Recorrido por la creación de danza en el espacio audiovisual - Desde los inicios del cine a la videodanza más reciente. Práctica de utilización de las herramientas audiovisuales - cámara y edición. Documentar la danza a través de les imágenes en movimiento. Práctica de creación - grabación, edición y postproducción - formatos digitales de reproducción.

Núria Font es realizadora audiovisual especializada en danza y artes escénicas y activista cultural. Dirige la asociación Nu2's desde la que produce y organiza actividades alrededor de la danza, la imágen y los nuevos medios. Colabora habitualment con Àngels Margarit/cia. Mudances en la creación de videodanza y de proyecciones para sus espectáculos; con la compañía Mal Pelo en la documentación visual de sus proyectos y en intervenciones en las exposiciones, entre otras. Ha colaborado en la dirección de los programas de televisión Metrópolis, de La 2, y Terriroris Dansa, de Canal 33. Imparte clases de Danza y Tecnología en el Institut del Teatre de Barcelona y talleres de videodanza por todo el mundo. 


del 19 al 23 de noviembre
Àngels Margarit
Entreno, partituras y materiales Mudances para Tèrbola
de 09.30 a 15.00

Este curso es una aproximación al lenguaje, repertorio y herramientas de composición que Àngels Margarit ha elaborado a través de las diferentes creaciones para la compañía MUDANCES. Se centra en las partituras y materiales de Tèrbola, una creación que trabaja alrededor de la idea del aire i el agua, un trabajo de texturas, espacio, y una exploración específica en la composición de tríos en interacción trabajando los soportes, el peso, el impulso, la suspensión y el desplazamiento. 

Àngels Margarit se dedica a la danza en las diferentes vertientes de bailarina, pedagoga y coreógrafa desde finals de los 70. Prácticamente desde el principio, y paralelamente a la actividad creativa, Àngels Margarit desarrolla una actividad pedagógica enfocada al sector de la danza. 
Se asocia con otros coreógrafos para abrir Bugé (1984), centro de actividades de danza -que ha sido centro de formación para muchos de los profesionales actuales- con la intenció de poder disponer de espacios de ensayo y también para poder llevar a cabo un trabajo de pedagogía y formación. Desde entonces ha mantenido la activat creativa y pedagógica con una programación internacional amplia y variada. 
Imparte regularmente cursos, talleres y repertorio en escuelas y formaciones oficiales de España, Francia, Alemania, Finlandia, Canadá, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dinamarca, etc. Colabora en diferentes programas pedagógicos para el Centro Coreográfico Galego; participa en la elaboración del plan de Estudios Superiores para el Espacio Común Europeu; dirige el Conservatori Superior de Dansa (CSD) del Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, durante 2006/07; colabora con la Skolen for moderne Dans de Copenhagen (Dinamarca). Actualmente imparte clases de composición para el 3er. curso del grado superior del CSD - Institut del Teatre. 


del 26 al 30 de noviembre
África Navarro
Técnica de contact como herramienta de improvisación. 
de 09.30 a 12.00

No tener miedo a probar, a usar esos otros cuerpos porque sabemos que van a estar ahí bailando, comunicándose, hablando el mismo lenguaje, encontrando patrones que reconocemos y que los podemos usar...
Primero prepararemos al cuerpo físicamente para bailar. Luego, le haremos pensar. Haremos todo un recorrido por la parte más técnica del contact y, así, sentar las bases comunes de la comunicación. Para, al final, desarrollar improvisaciones con unos temas físicos sobre los que bailar. 

África Navarro Desde 1983, estudia danza clásica y contemporánea en València. En 1992 empieza a estudiar improvisación y contact-improvisación, se traslada a Barcelona y trabaja con diferentes compañías com Mudances, Mal Pelo y Malqueridas, entre otras. A partir de 2001 hasta hoy, y paralelamente al trabajo de compañía, desarrolla su propio trabajo de creación e improvisación, como intérprete-bailarina y como coreógrafa, en proyectos como con David Espinosa, el proyecto de opera a secundaria del Liceu de Barcelona, o el espectáculoAcaba't la sopa para la Fundació La Caixa. Como profesora empieza en 1989 con clases de contemporáneo y, a partir del 2000, se especializa en improvisación y contact-improvisación. Da cursos regulares e intensivos en diversas escuelas de toda España y Europa. 


del 26 al 28 de noviembre
Roser López Espinosa
Taller: El cuerpo y la imaginación
de 12.30 a 15.00

El cuerpo imagina y se transforma. El cuerpo está lleno de paisajes. En el taller pondremos en práctica tareas y estrategias a partir de ideas como la limitación y la imaginación, el cuerpo articulado, suave y a la vez potente; el trabajo de pareja y de grupo; las espirales, las salidas fuera de eje y la velocidad; los motivos y la variación, el detalle y el juego. 

Roser López Espinosa es graduada en Danza Contemporánea por la MTD / Escuela Superior de Arts de Amsterdam (Holanda). En 2005 recibe la beca danceWEB de Viena y sigue entrenos con el exentrenador olímpico de gimasia Jaume Miró. Baila en Holanda con Magpie Music Dance Company de Katie Duck, Marta Reig Torres y Pere Faura. En Barcelona colabora especialmente con Àngels Margarit / Cia Mudances, i también con Cesc Gelabert e Isaki Lacuesta, Iago Pericot o Las Malqueridas, entre otros. Desde 2006 crea piezas propias (The lizard’s skin, Còncau IIMiniatura...) que han recibido el reconocimiento internacional con varios premios y se han visto en Europa, Egipto, Canadá y Japón. En la primavera de 2013 estrenará Lowland en el Mercat de les Flors. 


el 29 de noviembre
Inés Boza - Senza tempo 
Videoarchivo – repertorio
Dos procesos de creación: desde los sueños hasta el público

de 12.30 a 15.00

Análisis de repertorio y procéso creativo a partir de la visualización de vídeos de la obra de manos de sus creadores, contextualizándola en el moment histórico en que se creó.

Inicio: sueños, ideas, documentación, escritura del guión. 
Ensayos y periodo de creación colectiva. 
Presentación al público y transformación de la pieza.

Inés Boza - Senza tempo El proyecto escénico SzaTPo que actualmente dirige Inés Boza, nació en los 90 en Barcelona de la mano de Inés Boza y Carles Mallol y ha sido pionero en Cataluña de lo que se ha llamado danza-teatro y en la creación y adaptación de espectáculos de danza para espacios públicos. Sus espectáculos visuales, poéticos y con narrativas no convencionales, juegan con la danza, el teatro, las imágenes proyectadas y las palabras. A lo largo de sus veinte años de trayectoria ha desarrollado un lenguaje propio que combina la proximidad con el públic con la innovación, el riesgo y la investigación constante de nuevas maneras y formatos. Sus propuestas escénicas van en dos linias, la de espectáculos para teatros y salas y la de espectáculos para espacios públicos. SenZa TemPo es residente y socio fundador del Centre de Creació de Dansa i Arts Escèniques Contemporànies, La Caldera (Barcelona), Premi Nacional de Dansa de Catalunya (2006). 


el 30 de noviembre
Carles Salas 
Videoarchivo – repertorio
Paisajes de la intimidad

de 12.30 a 15.00

Recorrido de la metodología y filosofía en las creaciones de las tres Julius i Florette que pertenecen a mi mundo más íntimo y que se convierten en el final de mi carrera como intérprete para convertirse inesperadamente en una nueva manera de crear y de estar en el escenario. Una manera diferente de entender la creación y también la danza y de comunicarse con el público. 

Carles Salas Titulado por el Institut del Teatre en danza contemporánea. Bailarín de las cías: L’Anònima Imperial, Metros, Cia. Avelina Argüelles, Tanzforum de Colònia. Fundador de la cia. Búbulus con la que ha creado más de 22 espectáculos. Profesor del Institut del Teatre y de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. También ha impartido cursos de técnica y de composición en Cataluña, España, Portugal, Francia, Italia, Alemania, Polonia, EEUU, Argentina y Brasil. 


del 5 al 30 de noviembre - 550,00 € 

del 05 al 09 de noviembre - 190,00 € 
del 12 al 16 de noviembre - 170,00 € 
del 19 al 23 de noviembre - 170,00 € 
del 26 al 30 de noviembre - 170,00 € 

* descuentos del 10 % para los asociados a asociaciones profesionales de danza

Tones Llabrés
+34 93 4308763

12249540058?profile=original#mòdulmap 1

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Congratulations to Student Dance Filmmakers

The Departments of Modern Dance and Film & Media Arts are pleased to announce the jury selections for the Student Dance for the Camera Program for the 8th International Dance for the Camera Festival and Workshop with Katrina McPherson.

We would like to thank students from around the globe for their submissions and congratulate the selected filmmakers. This is the first year a Jury's Choice Cash Award has been offered.

The $200 award goes to the Workshop "Cámaras danzantes (Dancing Cameras)" taught by Silvina Szperling at Escuela Internacional Cine y TV in Cuba, in collaboration with Festival DVDanza Habana, directed by Roxana de los Ríos, during March-April 2011. With over 80 submissions from around the world the collection of student dance films made during a workshop in Havana, Cuba with Silvina Szperling from Argentina, are particularly compelling. It is to the sponsors of this workshop that we award our cash prize, as a way of supporting their efforts. By the simplest of means, these student filmmakers immediately transport us to their worlds, and a great spirit of humanity is evident in every film.

JURIED STUDENT PROGRAM – Thursday, September 15, Marriott Center for Dance
University of Utah

Tristana Castilla (Spain)
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Volatile Three
Kayleigh Atkinson
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
James Gould and Kristen Lucas
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US
The Breath We Left
Tara Rynders
Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, US
Anna Potapova
Okatankino, Russia
Lost Horizon
Tanja London
University of Utah, US
Parallax Error
Anne C. Moore
California Institute of the Arts, US
Eugenia Silveira
Universidad de Republica, Uruguay
Lights Flicker in the Subterranea
David Bird and Hunter McCurry
Oberlin College, US
Vivir es Vivir
Luis Ernesto Donas
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Carry on Anyways
Remy Fernandez-O’Brien and Nicole Parma
Brown University, US
The Wait of Gravity
Renata Sheppard
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
Hamish Anderson
Bournemouth University, UK
Stranger Dances
Sabrina Cavins
University of Colorado at Boulder, US
Blood in the Northwest: The Burden of Skin
Mollie Wolf
University of Colorado at Boulder, US
Jerman Catalan (Chile)
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Honorable Mentions (Lobby Screening)

Entre Nous
Blair Brown
Loyola Marymount University, US
Gray #2 Boundary
Jenilyn Brown
California State University, Long Beach, US
Submissions from Escuela Internacional Cine y TV – Cuba
Instructor, Silvina Szperling -Argentina
Jerman Catalan - Chile
Tristana Castilla - Spain
Luvyen Mederos - Cuba
Luis Ernesto Doñas - Cuba
Lo Siento
Jerman Catalan
Felipe López – Colombia

Jury members included Marta Renzi, Choreographer and Dance Filmmaker from New York, Robert Schaller, Filmmaker and Director of the Handmade Film Institute from Boulder, Colorado, Michael Trent, Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer of Toronto’s Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation, Wyn Pottratz, Graduate Student in the Department of Modern Dance pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Screendance, and Danielle Short, Graduate Student in the Department of Film & Media Arts, also pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Screendance. (For jury bios go to: For more information on the entire Festival and Workshops, please go to

Ellen Bromberg
Associate Professor, Department of Modern Dance
Director, The International Dance for the Camera Festival
Director, Graduate Certificate in Screendance
University of Utah
330 S. 1500 East, Rm. 106
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Personal Office – 801/587-9807
Dance Office – 801/581-7327
Fax - 801/581-5442

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Award Winning Scottish Dance Filmmaker and Author, Katrina McPherson, who will be in residence at the University ofUtah's International Dance for the Camera Festival in September. 12249506092?profile=originalShe will conduct two workshops, a weekend workshop plus screenings of her award-winning work, September 15-17th, followed by a week long intensive, September 19-24th. It is possible to register for either one or both workshops. For more information go to:

or contact Ellen Bromberg,











Photo Credit:Gao Yan and Song Wenjia/Beijing Dance Academy

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Dancewoods Festival - registrations are open!

Dance festival in the nature from june 26 to july 3 in Italy.

 Artistic project constituted by workshops between international artists. It receives many forms of expression and offers an atmosphere where everyone can improve his own artistic, physical and mental capacities. This is a place where people live all together and share day after day, giving value to new stages’ propositions and to new contemporaneous dance’s influences

Invited artists:








price 350€  workshops+accomodation+meals

Book your place because they are limited.


info and registrations:


Events : jam session FERRARI F1  let's dance wearing red in the establishment of Ferrari in Maranello town / BOYFRIEND performance dance-theater-video by LA CABRA company.


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Lectures, consulting and labs

on-line producer/curator/researcher/workshop leader

dance and new media/networked media production/collaborative technologies



I offer consulting, lectures and facilitation of workshop as participatory platforms for knowledge sharing and change with an embodied improvisational approach.

I like to share my experience on:

  • On-online/off-line collaborative technologies/methods
  • Social media and hyper-media for artists and cultural managers
  • Movement arts and new media (dance and technology).
  • Networked/collaborative creativity and interactive tools for knowledge production, generation  and distribution
  • Open Space technologies and interactive learning for collaboration and innovation
  • Performance, communication and sustainability
  • Post-pc technologies for collaboration and creation
  • Collaborative spaces and networks for/in the performing arts

I facilitate the materialization of social dynamics that augment dialogue and increase the possibilities of  collaboration for social innovation.




Labs and workshops*:

With a hybrid background on dance, cognitive science, new media and organizational development, I combine improvisational arts, collaborative methodologies, on-line  collaborative technologies, eco-systemic approaches and mindfulness training to facilitate the necessary environment and collaborative architectures to augment participation, engagement and innovation.

I focus on embodiment, collaborative creativity and the potential of the new internet for the development of alternative and self-organizing  strategies for knowledge production  and learning.

I use interactive learning strategies, games and open space technologies as relational interventions questioning traditional approach for knowledge sharing between bodies, countries, disciplines and organizations.

I have lectured and facilitated workshops in more than 20 countries within professional events (conferences, symposiums, festivals) and educational institutions.

* All workshops are adaptable in their formats and may be modified based on needs and local conditions. 

Open Space Technology is the main format  for all workshops.

Mobile lab equipment is provided.


meta_creation lab

Inter-actors, attractors and the aesthetics of complexity

An embodied collaborative workshop interfacing movement art practices, digital arts, computational networks and social systems oriented to movement and interdisciplinary artists (music, new media, theater, etc)


This workshop is a collaborative lab to creatively explore the contemporary performing approaches of real-time composition considering them practices of an aesthetics of self organization and of complex systems.

An embodied/distributed cognition approach is used to generate physical activities and games (scores), guided discussions/conversations about relevant artists works and concepts exploring the aesthetic of embodied complex systems  their emergent properties for spaces activated by human and computational actions.

meta-creation are  real-time composition games/scores, that explore the dynamic couplings of mind, body and information/data flows as a hybrid meta-design that allows for emergent and self-organized "dramaturgies"  and/or performance experience.

This workshop is an open space for experimentation and inquiry about  bottom-up architectures as compositional prototyping strategies and processes.

The participants explore interactivity plus generativity:  use of rule systems, computational and hybrid (human/machine) algorithms as "scores" conceiving the performance space as a cognitive system.

More about meta_creation lab

mobile_lab is provided


meta_media lab
social media production and internet presence in art festivals and events
Open Studio/Installation/Workshop


meta_media lab sustainable collaborative format to produce and distribute networked digital content in the arts. It is geared to collaborate with artistic venues and festivals on leveraging the viral power of social media platforms and the new Internet (Web 2.0) augmenting presence, developing audiences and facilitating the generation and distribution of knowledge. These strategies benefit from an engaged international community of more than 5000 members including individual artists and organizations.

mobile_lab is provided

More about meta_media lab


MOTION in the Cloud

social media dynamics for art administrators and stubborn artists



The new internet is social, locative, multimedia rich and open.  It offers many possibilities to  artists and art managers (organizations) to augment their presence, produce and distribute knowledge and develop collaborative artistic experiments. The participants are introduced to the basic principles of the new internet and its fundamental technological characteristics and platforms. Strategies are developed and  prototyped.

mobile_lab is provided


Do It Your Self with Others

Embodied /Distributed Creativity Lab

Open Space  for creative collaboration


A collaborative space is facilitated with open format methodologies combining  improvisational embodied activities, games and exchange.

This approach is the frame for any kind of collaborative gathering and creative laboratory in the cultural industries or organizations.




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marlon barrios solano
Lectures, workshops and consulting
Vlogger/social media specialist/on-line producer
dance and new media/networked media production/collaborative technologies

Marlon Barrios Solano is the creator and producer of, dance-techTV, DANCE TECH@, a series of online interviews and several projects of participatory journalism in the arts. He shares his experience with these platforms and sustainable models of production,
exchange and distribution of knowledge within communities of artists of movement, digital media and organizations. His interventions are always bodily grounded and systemically approached based on his hybrid background of dance, new media/real-time technologies and cognitive science.

He researches the many changes and necessary strategies implied by the new horizontal Internet architectures that facilitate participation, collaboration and its potential for the development of audiences and collaborative creativity.

He understands on-line participatory platforms as spaces for action, for the materialization of open social dynamics that augment dialogue and increase the possibilities of social innovation.

He approaches digital social networks as an alternative repository of cognitive/social capital and the locus of relational interventions questioning limits between bodies, countries, disciplines and organizations.

Marlon has researched, lectured and lead workshops in many international professional events and for educational institutions in the following topics:

Performance of movement and new media

Digital social networks

Networked Media Production and sustainability

New Internet dynamics

Internet technologies and audience development

Vlogging, Podcasting and production for the new Internet

Social media, knowledge production and innovation

New media and collaborative creativity

Interactive technologies for movement artists

Cognitive systems, dance and interactivity

Networked Methodologies and technologies

Digital Networks and Artists Communities

Participatory Arts Journalism

Performance of Improvisation, technologies of real-time composition and embodied


Marlon Barrios Solano has been social media advisor of the South American Network of Dance (Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina), RUMOS Danca Itau Cultural (Brazil), Panorama de Danca (Brazil), Gilles Jobin Company (Switzerland), Bonlieu Scène Nationale (France), Dance New Amsterdam (USA), Dance Companies Association from Catalunya (Spain)
among others.

Lectures, workshops and consulting can be done in English and Spanish

Download pdf with more information

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www.mediatisedsites.netMediatised Sites is the culmination of a six month interdisciplinary project involving artists from all over the world. Led by Tamara Ashley and Kate Craddock, these artists have been developing intimate response to their chosen geographical locale and communicating that response through online and digital media. The festival will include performances, discussions and installations created by these artists. Work in the festival will explore how technology mediates our perceptions of sites, landscapes and places, as well as virtualised relationships between each other. The day will also showcase work created by local artists in the tractors and attractors laboratory that takes place in the week preceding the festival.Day Pass: £8/£5Passes available from Dance City,, 0191 261 0505
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eyebeam logo

Outside Eyebeam

Give get, give get

Those of you that have been by our Feedback exhibition—and we’re pleased to report heavy foot traffic—will know all about drinking and peeing. There’s a similar cycle that keeps Eyebeam’s ecosystem in good health, and that’s giving and getting!

Mark your calendars for our annual tech-infused bacchanal: Eyebeam’s 2008 Benefit celebrates freedom and creativity, will take place May 6. In the meantime, swing by this Saturday for the culmination of Joseph DeLappe’s reenactment of Gandhi’s March to Dandi—The Salt Satyagraha Online, his 240 mile treadmill-trek through Second Life.

Other reasons to stop by: composting, power-plant building and street-reclaiming workshops. Our lovely new signage on our building’s facade will help you find your way.

This Week at Eyebeam:

April 5: FEEDBACK: Alternative Energy Sources + Use/Reuse Workshops

April 8: Green Drinks NYC at Eyebeam

April 15: Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008

April 19: FEEDBACK: Sustainability Action Day: Toxic Tours + Urban Gardening

New From our Labs:

April 3 – 4: They Were Here installation by Addie Wagenknecht

April 4: Application online: Interactivos? @ Eyebeam

April 4: Open Source for Snobs at MIND08

April 5: Party at Dandi: Celebrate Gandhi’s mileage in Second Life + Eyebeam

April 10 – 12: Forays takes over Pittsburgh and Braddock, PA


Share Prize Winner 2008: Eyebeam alum Chris Sugrue

April 2: Where We Are Now: Locating Art and Politics in New York City

April 2: Call to Artists: Windows Brooklyn

April 5: FEEDBACK: Alternative Energy Sources + Use/Reuse Workshops

Power Cart, Mouna Andraos

Alternative Energy Sources + Use/Reuse Workshops
Date: April 5, 3 – 6PM
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC
Cost: Free
Sign-up: bookstore AT eyebeam DOT org

Eyebeam resident artist Joo Youn Paek presents Expand-a-Bag, an inflatable craft workshop.

Eyebeam alums Jenny Broutin, Carmen Trudell and Mouna Andraos will lead a workshop in which participants create personal power stations using alternative energy sources. The Personal Power Plant is a portable device that harvests energy using a solar cell and hand crank generator. The device also includes a visual multimeter to monitor the amount of energy stored.


April 8: Green Drinks NYC at Eyebeam

Power Cart, Mouna Andraos

Green Drinks NYC
Date: April 8, 6 – 9PM
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC
Cost: Free

Eyebeam is pleased to host the next Green Drinks NYC, a monthly gathering of individuals with professional or personal interest in environmental issues. Green Drinks take place 6 – 10PM on the second Tuesday of each month at various Manhattan hotspots.

Come to network, share info and make friends this Tuesday at Eyebeam!


April 15: Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008

OP_ERA by Daniela Kutschat Hanns + Rejane Cantoni

OP_ERA by Daniela Kutschat Hanns + Rejane Cantoni

Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008
Date: April 15, 6:30 – 8PM
Location: Symposium: Parsons, The New School for Design, 66 W. 12th St., NYC | Closing Reception: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC
Cost: Free

Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008, a Cultural Olympics project that will open at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing in June 2008, launches in NYC with programming co-organized by the exhibition’s curator, Zhang Ga, the MoMA, Parsons School of Design and Eyebeam.

On April 15, following a day-long symposium at Parsons, Eyebeam will feature performances by Eyebeam artists Jeff Crouse, Stephanie Rothenberg, Taeyoon Choi, and Friedrich Kirchner from 8 – 10PM.

For more information visit:


April 19: FEEDBACK: Sustainability Action Day: Toxic Tours + Urban Gardening

Sow-In, Leah Gauthier

Sustainability Action Day: Toxic Tours + Urban Gardening
Date: April 19, 3 – 6PM
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC
Cost: Free

Join Feedback artists Natalie Jeremijenko, Leah Gauthier, Brooke Singer, and The Lower East Side Ecology Center for a day of workshops.

Natalie Jeremijenko will present No Park, a project on maximizing paved roads.

Leah Gauthier will lead Sow-In, in which participants will distribute hundreds of seed pots to community gardeners across the city for transplant, care, harvest, and seed saving.

The Lower East Side Ecology Center will lead demonstrations on composting with worms.

Brooke Singer will lead tours through very local sites of contamination (such as Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Gowanus). Tours will be guided by a private toxicologist who studies the legacy of industrial areas within NYC that are not classified by the EPA but are, in some cases, more harmful than Superfund sites.


New From our Labs

April 3 – 4: They Were Here installation by Addie Wagenknecht

They Were Here, Addie Wagenknecht

They Were Here
Date: April 3 – 4, all day
Location: Clement Clarke Moore Park, 22nd St. and 10th Ave., NYC

They Were Here is an installation by Addie Wagenknecht, a fellow in the production lab, installed at the Northwest corner of Clement Clarke Moore Park, located at 22nd St. and 10th Ave., Chelsea.

A flock of stark, white, static two-dimensional birds inhabit a tree. The birds’ physical negatives were modeled on the actual species that once inhabited Manhattan. According to a recent Audubon Society report, 20 species of birds are declining at a rate of 68 percent a year.

Stop by the park for a vision of what once was.


April 4: Application online: Interactivos? @ Eyebeam

Entramado, Plaza de Luz. Installation by Pablo Valbuena. Photo: Pablo Valbuena

Entramado, Plaza de Luz, installation and photo by Pablo Valbuena.

Interactivos? @ Eyebeam
Date: April 4: Call for Participation online
April 25: Application Deadline | May 15: Notification of acceptance
May 26: Call for Collaborators | May 29: Notification of acceptance

Interactivos? was initiated by the Medialab-Prado program and the Madrid City Council in 2006. The two week program is a hybrid workshop, exhibition, and seminar.

This summer, Eyebeam joins Medialab-Prado in running Interactivos? as part of its annual summer workshop-based programming.

Through a call for participation targeting artists, engineers, musicians, programmers, designers, architects, and hackers, Interactivos? seeks a set of projects for collective development, within a set of inter-disciplinary work groups. Once projects have been selected from the call for participation, a second call will be published for individuals to apply to become collaborators on the selected projects. Completed projects will be presented in an exhibition July 12 – August 9, at the end of the program.

The program will be produced by Eyebeam staff and fellows, with the support of local community members. Please see the Call for Participation after April 4 for more details.


April 4: Open Source for Snobs at MIND08

Open Source for Snobs at MIND08
Date: April 4, 9AM – 6PM
Location: Tishman Auditorium, Parsons, The New School for Design, 66 W. 12th St., NYC
Cost: Free

R&D OpenLab Fellows Ayah Bdeir and Jessica Banks will present Open Source for Snobs at MIND08 on Friday, April 4. Their talk will take place during the afternoon session two, Design in the Near Future.

MIND08 is a conference presented by SEED and MoMA and inspired by Design and the Elastic Mind. Bringing together an eclectic group of speakers and participants, including leading scientists, designers, and architects, the conference will explore topics such as the personal genome, brain visualization, generative architecture, and collective design.


Joseph DeLappe

April 5: Party at Dandi: Celebrate Gandhi’s mileage in Second Life + Eyebeam

Reenactment: The Salt Satyagraha Online—Gandhi’s March to Dandi in Second Life—Last Day of the March
Date: April 5, 12 – 6PM
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC, and Eyebeam Island after 5PM

Saturday, April 5 marks the culmination of Eyebeam artist and resident Joseph DeLappe’s 22 day and 240 mile reenactment of Gandhi’s Salt March to Dandi, the 1930’s walk in protest of the British Salt Act of 1882. On Saturday, DeLappe will have completed this trek on a treadmill installed at Eyebeam, which he used to control a Gandhi avatar in Second Life. The public is invited to witness the final steps at Eyebeam, or online in Second Life.

The march will end at the Eyebeam Island in Second Life, with MGandhi Chakrabarti’s arrival some time after 5PM Eastern time:

For daily start locations visit the project blog:


Forays into Pink

April 10 – 12: Forays takes over Pittsburgh and Braddock, PA

Forays into Lifestyle | Forays into Blow Jobs | Forays into Pink
Date: April 10 – 11
Location: Various, Pittsburgh + Braddock, PA
Cost: Free

Forays into Lifestyle
Eyebeam alum Adam Bobbette and senior fellow Geraldine Juárez will present their new installation Forays into Lifestyle, as part of the touring exhibition Other Options, organized by INCubate. The exhibition will feature objects they have been constructing by repurposing and hacking the urban infrastructure of New York City. The show opens on April 11 in Tent Show, 6 – 9PM.

Forays into Blow Jobs
As part of the collaborative process of Forays, the group will work with Carnegie Mellon University students in the storefront of Good Services, to construct a system to repurpose vehicle traffic to inflate a car-sized iceberg balloon. The action will take place on April 10 at noon, 2628 East Carson St., Pittsburgh, directly across from South Side Works.

Forays into Pink
On April 12, Forays will unveil their Snake and Ladders labyrinth game, equipped with a giant inflatable die. Snake and Ladders is a DIY scaffolding structure attached to a building in Braddock. The event is part of public projects created for Points of Interest, an event organized by Braddock Active Arts and featuring work by Swoon, Leon Reid, Material Exchange and Forays, among others. Transportation from Pittsburgh to Braddock will be available. The event will run all day.



Share Prize Winner 2008: Eyebeam alum Chris Sugrue

Congratulations to Eyebeam alum Chris Sugrue who was awarded the Share Prize 2008 at the Share Festival this year. Cluster Magazine, Italy, featured this article on March 19:


April 2: Where We Are Now: Locating Art and Politics in New York City

Where We Are Now: Locating Art and Politics in New York City | Network-Wide Meeting
Date: April 2, 6:30 – 8:30PM
Location: Judson Church, 239 Thompson St., at W. 3rd St., NYC, in the assembly hall basement

In October 2007 a call was circulated for a meeting of art, academic and activist institutions and individuals to discuss the merits of a coordinated strategy to raise awareness of the many art and politics discussions and projects in the city, while making an impact on the politics of NYC and beyond.

One month later, more than 60 representatives from a range of institutions convened, and the Where We Are Now network was born. Our goal is to demonstrate that powerful critical voices still exist, in pursuit of global justice, agency and participation. Using the pivotal moment of the 2008 presidential election, we share a sense that the times have changed and are ours to claim. Through activities as diverse as art exhibitions, days of decentralized action, street performances and pedagogical conferences, we seek to gauge the status of the political in contemporary art, and consider how we may act as resources for one another and for communities within and beyond New York City.

Network-wide meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at the same location and time.


April 2: Call to Artists: Windows Brooklyn

Windows Brooklyn
Date: June 14 – 22
Location: Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Sara Jones, Andrea Wenglowskij, and Eyebeam alum Leah Gauthier are curating a show entitled Windows Brooklyn, and are inviting local artists to participate. Windows Brooklyn is an art exhibition which will be installed in numerous storefronts along Court St. and Smith St. in Carroll Gardens and CobbleHill, Brooklyn from June 14 – 22. This is an opportunity for local artists to make newwork in response to public space. Photos of the participatingstores are online, soyou can tailor your proposal to a particular location.

Information about the show and the application process are online at:


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Freedom + Creativity

Three words: Benefit Benefit Benefit!

Ever use craigslist? Here’s your chance to thank the man behind the site! May 6 Eyebeam will honor Craig Newmark and party to raise money for Eyebeam’s public programs, residencies and fellowships .

Other good news: Interactivos? deadline has been extended to Friday, May 2; two new intern opportunities to work with resident artist JooYoun Paek; Dirt Party testing for the Futuresonic conference; and Eyebeam’s star appearance at the Chelsea Block Party.

Online: videos of Eyebeam artists Friedrich Kirschner, Taeyoon Choi, and Stephanie Rothenburg at the Synthetic Times reception, and an in-depth interview with Eyebeam senior fellow Steve Lambert on National Public Radio.

We would also like to welcome, Sarah Cook, our curatorial fellow from acroass the pond. For curators interested in studio visits with Eyebeam artists—stop by during open office hours on Tuesdays between 2PM and 4PM, and Sarah will be happy to facilitate your visit!

This Week at Eyebeam:

May 3: A guided tour with Charlie The Magical Image-Digesting Robotic Duck

May 6: Eyebeam Benefit Celebrating Freedom and Creativity

May 17: Teen Mashup Remix: Creative Youth Workshops

New from our Labs:

May 1: Eyebeam at Futuresonic Conference 2008

May 1: Results of the First Juror’s Review are in!

May 4: Friedrich Kirschner presents Eine Kleines Puppenspiel

May 9: Call for proposals Artist as Startup: Web Application as Cultural Intervention

Anti-Advertising Agency announces “Foundation For Freedom”, featured on NPR


May 4: GRL: The Complete First Season at the MoMA

May 9: Eyebeam at the Chelsea Block Party!

Camerautomata: Taeyoon Choi

May 3: A guided tour with Charlie The Magical Image-Digesting Robotic Duck

A guided tour with Charlie The Magical Image-Digesting Robotic Duck
Date: May 3, 2 – 4PM
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC
Cost: Free. RSVP taeyoon AT eyebeam DOT org

This guided tour is the first in a two month series exploring how images are produced and consumed in public spaces. Taeyoon Choi, recipient of Eyebeam’s 2008 Commission for Resident Artists and inventor of Charlie, will lead a walking tour from Eyebeam in Chelsea. After an introductory presentation of the project, participants will accompany Charlie on a photo-taking tour of the neighborhood. Participants are encouraged to bring their own cameras to help in document the experience.


May 6: Eyebeam Benefit Celebrating Freedom and Creativity

Freedom + Creativity

Freedom and Creativity: Eyebeam 2008 Benefit
Date: Tuesday, May 6
6:30PM Cocktails | 7:30PM Dinner/Show | 9:30PM After-Party
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC

HONORING: Craig Newmark, craigslist founder and the Internet’s best known customer service representative.

Join us in honoring craigslist founder Craig Newmark for his commitment to public service and a free Internet! Support Eyebeam’s residencies, fellowships and public programs! Comedy Central’s John Mulaney will cue the night’s laugh track, NYC’s Misshapes will supply the after-party and much, much more!

Drawn & Magical A/V Performance: Zach Lieberman, Eyebeam fellow
Kinetic Shadow: Addie Wagenknecht, Eyebeam fellow
Excerpts from The Nebulous Object-Image Archive: Joe Winter, Eyebeam resident
Fame Game—social network re-invents fame
The Little Death
Hanging Space: Geraldine Juárez, Eyebeam senior fellow
Live visuals: Benton-C Bainbridge, Eyebeam alum
Plus: Special Guests, DJs, VJs, and more

EVENT CHAIRS: John S. Johnson | Jazz J. Merton

COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Tatiana Platt | Bryce Wolkowitz

BENEFIT COMMITTEE: Jed Alpert | Marc + Caryn Becker | Laura Dawn | Ze Frank | Andrea Harner | Garrett + Maureen Heher | Arianna Huffington | Jaime Johnson | Jonah Peretti | Lily Johnson Whitall | Marc Schiller

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Amanda McDonald Crowley


Proceeds from the evening will help underwrite Eyebeam’s international fellowship and residency programs for artists and creative technologists, more than 300 of whom have benefited since 1997.

Tickets and information online:


May 17: Teen Mashup Remix: Creative Youth Workshops

Public Workshop + Presentations
Date: Saturday, May 17, 1–7PM. Presentations: 8PM
Location: The Change You Want to See, 84 Havemeyer St. (storefront), Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Workshop for student residents
In continuation of Eyebeam resident Andrew Paterson’s Seeders ’N’ Leechers ’R’ Us project, Eyebeam student residents will take part in workshops at Eyebeam May 12 and 16 to remix audio-visual material found online and develop “fair-use” guidelines for fellow students and laymen.

Public Workshop + Presentations
A dozen participants selected from Eyebeam’s educational partners are invited to bring at least three clips to add to a pool of footage. During the workshop, they will learn to remix clips from the pool into short narrative sequences. The session will close with a screening of the finished pieces.
Workshops by:
Dan Winckler:
Not An Alternative:
Jeff Crouse and David Jimison:


New from our Labs

May 1: Eyebeam at Futuresonic Conference 2008

Futuresonic Conference 2008: The Social Technology Summit
Date: May 1 – 2
Location: Contact Theatre, Manchester, UK

May 1, 2–3:30PM: Collective Media
Spanning user-generated content, collaborative authoring and collectively owned media, this panel will feature case studies of initiatives from India to Germany. Panelists include: Platoniq (Olivier Schulbaum, Susana Noguero), Ravikant Shama (Sarai), Jennie Savage (STAR Radio), Eyebeam senior fellow Geraldine Juárez, Christine Hanson and Michael Schafae.

May 1, 5:30–11PM | May 2, 2 – 6PM: Dirt Party
Eyebeam senior fellow Jeff Crouse and Production Lab fellow David Jimison will present Dirt Party. Dirt Party is a performance in which salacious information about party attendees is gathered from sources including the web and presented to the entire audience.
Help dig up “Dirt” on the Futuresonic participants by logging on to, and view some examples here:

May 2, 10–11:30AM: Musical Interfaces
This panel will consider the mobile phone user as micro-DJ, a Toronto-wide open source musical interface and more. Panelists include: Florian Hollerweger, Gauti Sigthorsson, Steve Daniels, and Eyebeam resident Jamie Allen.

Additional Events:
Freeware: The Manchester Collection
May 3, time TBD (check the Futuresonic website for schedule) | Fashion show: May 4
Zion Art Center | Free
A workshop about Manchester, its people and the stuff they give away. This session will be dedicated to creating fashion items from freecycled materials collected around the city. The clothes will be presented in a community fashion show at the end of the workshop.

Finally, members of CRUMB (Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss) will be curating couples and setting up blind dates for gun-shy curators and artists. Find your soulmate—stop by the mezzanine at the Contact Theatre on Friday, May 2, 2–5PM.


May 1: The results of the First Juror’s Review are in!

A recipient of Eyebeam’s 2008 commission for Resident Artists, Joseph DeLappe’s, has garnered 125 proposals from 30 nations. On May 1, the results of the First Juror’s Review of memorial proposals will be posted to the site. Jurors for the project were invited to create individual rankings of their top ten proposals. The jurors for the project are:
Yaelle Amir, curator and writer, New York City
Dr Bernadette Buckley, Goldsmiths University of London
Monica Narula & Shuddhabrata Sengupta, The Raqs Media Collective, New Delhi, India
Dr. David Simpson, University of California, Davis
John David Spiak, curator, Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe
Dr. Marjorie Vecchio, Director, Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada, Reno


Puppet play beta

May 4: Friedrich Kirschner presents Eine Kleines Puppenspiel

Ein Kleines Puppenspiel
Date: May 4 – 6
Location: Trickfilm Festival, Stuttgart, Germany

Friedrich Kirschner, a fellow in the Eyebeam Production Lab, will perform his piece Ein Kleines Puppenspiel on May 4 as part of the International Trickfilm Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Kirschner will also lead workshops on machinima and moviesandbox on May 5 and 6.


May 9: Call for proposals: Artist as Startup: Web Application as Cultural Intervention

Deadline for proposals: May 9
Date: February 25 – 28, 2009
Location: College Art Association Conference, Los Angeles
Submission Details:

Senior fellow Michael Mandiberg will chair a panel at the 2009 College Art Association Conference in LA, and is accepting proposals for papers on the topic of web artists making cultural interventions through “life- like” functioning tools and applications. Artists, theorists and historians are all welcome to submit an abstract.

Send applications to Michael Mandiberg, Michael AT Mandiberg DOT com (email applications preferred), or at College of Staten Island, City University of New York, Dept. of Media Culture, 2800 Victory Blvd., Staten Island, NY 10314.


Anti-Advertising Agency announces “Foundation For Freedom”, featured on NPR

The most creative and forward-thinking professionals of our time work in marketing. The Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom wants them to quit. And they’re offering cash.

Read about Eyebeam senior fellow Steve Lambert and Anne Elizabeth Moore’s new project on the Anti-Advertising Agency site:
or on Gawker:

Plus: Check out recent interviews with Steve Lambert on National Public Radio , and in Gelf Magazine.



May 4: GRL: The Complete First Season at the MoMA

GRL: The First Season
Date: May 4, 8–11PM
Location MoMa Titus Theatre, 11 W 53rd St., NYC

Info about the screening:

PopRally invites you to a screening of Graffiti Research Lab: The Complete First Season, a film documenting the adventures of an architect and an engineer who quit their day jobs to develop high-tech tools for the art underground. Featuring insightful and humorous commentary by GRL founders James Powderly and Evan Roth, The Complete First Season argues for free speech in public, open source in pop culture, the hacker spirit in graffiti, and not asking permission in general. The film premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Graffiti Research Lab members and surprise guests. Stay for the party afterwards, featuring music by Javelin and a final chance to see MoMA’s Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition, which includes the work of the GRL.

Watch the trailer for GRL: The Complete First Season:


Chelsea Block Party

May 9: Eyebeam at the Chelsea Block Party!

Citizens Committee for New York City Block Party
Date: May 9, 4–8PM
Location: Hudson Guild Place, 26th St., NYC (btw. 9th and 10th Aves.)

Eyebeam artist Taeyoon Choi’s infamous picture-taking duck will be making an appearance at the local block party organized by the Citizens Committee for New York City. Learn about other Eyebeam projects, meet your neighbors or just come by and hang out! Other groups at the block party include: Pantomonium Productions Theater Group; Chelsea Community Supported Agriculture; Transportation Alternatives; Just Food; Chelsea Tenant Action Committee; Hudson Guild.


Founded in 1997, Eyebeam is an art and technology center that provides a fertile context and state-of-the-art tools for digital experimentation. It is a lively incubator of creativity and thought, where artists and technologists actively engage with the larger culture, addressing the issues and concerns of our time. Eyebeam challenges convention, celebrates the hack, educates the next generation, encourages collaboration, freely offers its output to the community, and invites the public to share in a spirit of openness: open source, open content and open distribution.

Eyebeam’s current programs are made possible through the generous support of The Atlantic Foundation, The Pacific Foundation, the Johnson Art and Education Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, Dewar’s, Deep Green Living, ConEdison, Datagram, Electric Artists Inc.; public funds from New York City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency; and many generous individuals. For a complete list of Eyebeam supporters, please visit

If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe from the Eyebeam email list please visit:

Subscribe to rss feeds: Eyebeam News Eyebeam Journal Eyebeam reBlog


Tues-Sat, 12 - 6PM
540W. 21st Street, New York, NY 10011

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