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WATCH IN THE DANCE-TECTV LIVESTREAM CHANNEL PAGE AND IN FULL SCREEN WATCH IT IN THE DANCE-TECHTV PAGE TO WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY FROM THE BEGINNING CLICK MENU IN THE RIGHT MIDDLE AREA OF THE PLAYER. Then click "Browse On-demand library", then "CLICK FEATURING NOW" LEAVE COMMENTS DIRECTLY TO EMIO GRECO |PC, THEY RE DANCE-TECH.NET MEMBERS DOUBLE SKIN / DOUBLE MIND 2006 | 56mn author-film director Maite Bermudez choreography emio greco & pieter c. scholten SYNOPSIS Mind and body perceived and experienced by two, dancer and camera playing inside the ongoing duality of the human being SHORT DESCRIPTION The reference point for this documentary is Double Skin/ Double Mind a dance workshop created by choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. Check out Schedule of Emio Greco | PC USA Tour Space sponsored by MAPP International Productions
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Emio Greco | PC, the mesmerazing and idiosyncratic Amsterdam based company are getting ready for their USA Tour and their New York premiere of [purgatorio] POPOPERA at the Joyce Theater. From the [purgatorio] POPOPERA event post: "After their kaleidoscopic HELL (2006), Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten continue their journey through Dante’s Divine Comedy. In [purgatorio] POPOPERA, Bang on a Can composer Michael Gordon enriches the typical EG | PC research on the relationship between dance and music using structural elements from rock music. Six dancers intertwine with gleaming black electric guitars. A cross? A third arm? A lump of suffering? Dancers mutate into instruments. Raging guitars become fragile flesh and blood sound-boards. Chained by strings a crowd of dancers seeks purification in a redeeming rhapsody. [purgatorio] POPOPERA blends raw unpolished musicality with fine physical virtuosity and dissolves the borders of music and dance." See US tour schedule here which includes artist salons, performances and documentary screenings Starting Monday September 14th, dance-techTV is dedicating special spaces to EG | PC with interviews, performance excepts and exclusive broadcast of documentaries Double Skin/Double Mind and Imagined Hell by filmmaker Maite Bermudez (also dance-tech.net member). Stay tuned for new additions to this play-list and broadcast schedule. Watch Skyped interview with Emio Greco and Pieter C Scholten On [purgatorio] POPOPERA Watch excerpt of [purgatorio] POPOPERA This special spaces in dance-techTV are co-presented by MAPP International productions
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