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The information website about contemporary dance in southern hemisphere countries is now on line!

Available in English, French and Spanish, offers a general view of the main contexts of exchange for contemporary dance in the countries of the southern part of the planet and intends to stimulate and facilitate international exchange, cooperation and circulation of artists and ideas from South to South. can be used as both an everyday working tool and as a travel guide for all dance professionals. Its realization has been made possible thanks to the dedication and valuable cooperation of several consultants in each starts with South America, Cuba and Mexico and is regularly updated. End of 2008 it will cover the Latin American region with Central America and Caribbean and start the preparation to include Africa and Middle East from 2009 onwards.

 We thank you in advance for spreading the word about this is an initiative of Gilles Jobin Company/South-South Project accomplished by Isabel Ferreira (Bonito&Compri - Brasil) in collaboration with the Red Sudamericana de Danza – RSD (South American Dance Network). It counts with the support of the Archivo de Artes Escénicas (Scenic Arts Archive) of the Castilla la Mancha University, Aula de Danza of Alcalá de Henares University, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council and the Department of Africa and Caribbean in creation of CULTURESFRANCE - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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Zis Landmass Zat Loov

Baywood, CABaywood, CAMontaña de Oro, CA (Spooner's Cove)Bishop's Peak, San Luis Obispo, CAMorro Bay (Morro Rock), CASan Luis Obispo, CA1.4.2009Wow, I can’t believe I have not written. Life really does fly by. I have been the laziest son well… daughter of a bitch. (That sounds bad... sorry mom.) I mean I’ve been doing a lot… a lot of hanging out. A lot of exercising and be in my optimum dancer body, sans studio and indoor rehearsals... A lot of buying things that I don’t need, then going through my storage unit and keeping everything. I am trying to get rid of some nick-knacks and sentimentalities, but it’s not working. I look at the things I own and think… “Someday, when I have a house, I will put this in it somewhere and use it.” I don’t want to bring anything back to NY because my roommate will just throw it away. I can’t trust him around objects. But I can’t keep all of my things in a vault.Everything has been in storage for almost four years. That’s a long time to be separated from a life that was not quite right--without a thorough visitation. Graduate school was such a dream. Things were set-up and people just did a lot of thinking and made art and worked on papers. It was really hard, I don’t want to make it sound simple or easy… I honestly thought it would lead me to something, like a job. I’m still trying to understand what I gained from my experience there, besides debt. I know. I remember now. One of my crucial decisions in going to school there was because it was close to my grandparents.......I keep asking myself what’s wrong with me? The past 8 months on the road those questions surface… what’s wrong with me? For many years it is easy to blame others for personal or professional misfires, but when one spends so much time alone that question is both surprising and inevitable amidst the bliss of such a trip. The travel. The life. The past 8 months have been the best of my life, which states much. I have traveled in Nepal and hiked in the Himalayas. I have spent three-months living in London and a month in Vienna at a fantastic dance festival. And many other events which could lead to a full anthology of Berkeley, Olympia, Seattle, Portland, Columbus, San Luis Obispo and now New York/Brooklyn/Dominicahassidica.The past months brought me something that I have been missing my whole life, a true connection with this landmass. I was able to see such amazing natural beauty, ponder the people of this land, spend time with Isadora, go wherever I wanted when I wanted, and figure my artistic body and expand my choreographic voice. The independence was exhilarating. In NY I am depressed roughly fifty-probably-sixty percent of the time, while traveling, toward the end, when I was used to seeing new things all the time and could anticipate my encounters, then my depression entered the van. That’s when I stopped blaming anyone else but myself. The depression changed into a puzzle. What did I do? How could I change it? Could I change anything? Do I care? I like the way I am, why would I want to change? I am still pondering these things and wondering if the energy I put into thinking about other people is a personal barrier. Or is it just the way I look? I’ve wondered that too. I’m not pretty, I’m not ugly; although, I know can be beautiful in the right light. My body is not great. Perhaps I’m just so averagewowmid-sentence I fell asleep for 45 minutes. Not very interested in non-existent issues. Many other things to think about, or just sleep. Sleeping is an entirely acceptable place to go when pondering one’s own looks.Onward and outwardMorro Bay (Morro Rock), CAAvila Beach, CASan Luis Obispo, CA... Sunrise... with Isadora
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