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Before the upcoming ke∂ja Oslo - Dance and New Media conference I have started the ke∂ja Oslo dance video challenge on You Tube where you can post your own dance video, and challenge your colleagues and friends to do the same. Remember to credit the people that are taking part, we want to know who they are! Ask them before you post the video. ke∂ja Oslo - You tube challenge is mostly for fun, but its also a way of exploring different sites for user generated content. We already have 19 members who have uploaded videos, and started to rate each other, but we hope for more of everything: posts, comments, ratings.
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Dance Week Challenge from VISCERA and Afrologica

So Dance week is upon us here in the US. Usually a series of somewhat hokey studio offerings, this event was initially planned by UNESCO as a one day dance intervention. There was to be dancing int he streets, in public plazas and buildings, parks and thoroughfares. Dancing literally in the streets if one could manage it.So I'd like to bring that energy back.My colleague and friend Susan Rose made a piece back in the 1970s for parking meters. It was very intense and extremely instructive on many levels. Therefore, I am issuing a Metered Dance Challenge to you all.How it works: on International Dance Day, April 29th, with a team of at least 6 dancing bodies (in the footage of Susan's work, teams of 3 were often ignored and in danger), scope out meters on a busy street. When a car leaves, pump in your change, and proceed to dance there for the amount of time you have purchased. Don't forget to videotape and upload here, vimeo and on YouTube. Extra bonus points if you join and post there, too.I will curate a sampling of the videos on a blog celebrating our investigation of the "value" of dance.Tag me on Twitter if you think you want to do this: @doctoradancer . Follow on Twitter via #meterdnce . I would like as many places on the planet as possible to participate.I'll see about getting a DVD transfer of the Super8 film of the original dance uploaded for all to check out.thought in motion,Anna B. Scott, Co-Instigator VISCERA performance theorist troupe; founder/editor/writer of Afrologica network & newsletter
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