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12249569660?profile=originalWe would like to invite you to participate in Another Language Performing Arts Company’s latest project Ghost Town. The program involves artists researching and/or visiting a Utah ghost town and creating content about the experience.

Ghost Town takes place completely online and is crowd sourced. The creation of original content is wide open to your artistic interpretation, possibilities include: photographs, dance, video/movies, animations, visual art, music, soundscapes, poetry and text compositions.

Project guidelines:


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The Kitchen announces first session of The Kitchen L.A.B.,A new inter-disciplinary discussion series,Wednesday, September 19Featuring Shannon Jackson, Elad Lassry, Tere O’Connor and Lynne Tillman
New York, NY, September 17, 2012—On Wednesday, September 19, The Kitchen inauguratesThe Kitchen L.A.B., a new program devoted to presenting, discussing, and developinginterdisciplinary works revolving around themes of common interest to artists in different fields—and, more specifically, considering the meaning and uses of specific words in contemporary art.This season’s theme, presence, will be discussed by four of the most prominent voices in the artstoday: Shannon Jackson, Elad Lassry, Tere O’Connor and Lynne Tillman.
Moderated by The Kitchen’s executive director and chief curator Tim Griffin, the event will startat 7:00 P.M. at The Kitchen (512 West 19th Street). Admission is free and open to the public.Seating is first-come, first-served.
Throughout its 40-year history, The Kitchen has been committed to a spirit of innovation acrossdisciplines and, in this regard, hosts an incredibly diverse audience. And yet this audience today isalso surprisingly atomized.
To wit, art communities see art, dance communities see dance, music communities see music, and so on. Such disjuncture pervades the contemporary cultural field even while there is an increasinginterest among artists in interdisciplinarity. Thus, the same words often carry very differentmeanings for artists in different fields, and the same maneuvers signify in different ways.
The Kitchen L.A.B. invites artists to unpack such vocabularies by responding to them both inconversation and artworks, creating hybrid events that will underline not only points ofcommonality among disciplines but also, as important, real differences.
The series begins against the backdrop of Elad Lassry’s Untitled (Presence), for which hecollaborates with dancers from the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater in TheKitchen theater space, aiming to consider changing relationships between performance,photographic reproduction, and perception.
Elad Lassry’s work was recently featured in ILLUMInations, at the International Pavilion at the54th Venice Biennale, and in a solo exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway. He will have asolo exhibition at Fondazione Galleria Civica, Trento, Italy, this year as well. His solo exhibitionshave also been held at The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Kunsthalle Zurich,Switzerland; the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis; and Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland.
Recent group exhibitions include The Anxiety of Photography, Aspen Art Museum; SecretSocieties. To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silence, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt and CAPCde Bordeaux; Time Again, SculptureCenter, New York; Les Rencontres d'Arles 2010 / Edition 41,Arles, France; and New Photography 2010, Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Shannon Jackson is the director of the Arts Research Center at University of California atBerkeley where she is also Richard and Rhoda Goldman Professor of Rhetoric and of Theater,Dance and Performance Studies. Previous publications include Professing Performance (2004),Lines of Activity (2000) and Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Publics (2011).
Tere O’Connor has been choreographing since 1982 and has created over 35 works for hiscompany. The company has performed all over the world, for such distinguished organizations asthe Lyon Opera Ballet, White Oak Dance Project, de Rotterdamse Dansgroep, Dance Alloy, andZenon. O’Connor is a 2009 United States Artist Rockefeller Fellow, recipient of a Foundation forContemporary Performance Art Award, Arts International’s DNA Project Award, and a CreativeCapital Award, and past Guggenheim Fellow.
Lynne Tillman is the author of five novels, four collections of short stories, one collection ofessays and two other nonfiction books. She collaborates often with artists and writes regularly onculture. Her novels include American Genius, A Comedy (2006) and No Lease on Life (1998)which was a New York Times Notable Book of 1998 and a finalist for the National Book CriticsCircle Award, She is the Fiction Editor at Fence Magazine, Professor and Writer-in-Residence inthe Department of English at the University at Albany, and recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.
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Please apply by September, 15th 2009

TANZPLAN DRESDEN seeks to give new impulses to the contemporary dance scene in Dresden and is therefore looking for two production teams to come to Dresden and create a new project for the dance evening of TANZPLAN DRESDEN in June 2010. Choreographers may apply with a team of for instance multimedia artists, composers, stage designers, musicians, dancers, or artists of other genres. The prime funding criteria is to support and promote young and upcoming talents. The two productions will be supported with a total of 40.000€.More detailed information about the application can be found at our website: deadline is September 15th, 2009application form_2010.pdf

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Hi All,Here is the latest from Earthdance.JUNE 14 – 28, SEEDS Festival (Somatic Experiments in Earth, Dance, + Science)SEEDS Festival is a unique interdisciplinary summer festival dedicated to arts and ecology. SEEDS features workshops, collaborative design projects, live performances, films, panel discussions, interdisciplinary investigations, and an archiving project. SEEDS cultivates innovative practices, by researching the connections between green, embodiment, justice, interconnectivity, reflection, investigation, art, science, and sacred.SEEDS 2009 will focus on potentiality . Potential for new growth is generated in places where diverse organisms meet. In this year of potential political change, we invite this phenomenon into our interdisciplinary investigations .For full information visit our 2008 Ning site to see more about last years festivalCurators 2009: Olive Bieringa, Melinda Buckwalter, + Margit GalanterBelow is a list of workshops that make up the SEEDS Festival with brief descriptions:SEEDS ScheduleJune 14 - 19 Ritual Dance: Intimate + Universal Spaces with Diego PinonDiego Piñón's Butoh Ritual Mexicano Dance is a creative research practice based around personal experiences, collective symbols, and deep expressive needs. Intense physical training cultivates individual creativity through the use of emotional environments and energetic charges within a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere. Together, each individual reinforces the exchange and expansion of collective energy in order to realize a communal dance creation.June 14 - 18 Along the Watershed with Simon Whitehead and Jennifer MonsonIn this workshop we shall walk, dance and locate the watershed divide close to Earthdance. We will explore its ecology both as it resides in the movement and scale of this land and in its constant imminence in our lives. The workshop will culminate with a 24-hour dance process and fast, followed by food and a day of performance- making in response to the place and the workings of the watershed.June 14 - 18 Mycoscaping + Ecology of Transformation with Rafter SassLiberation Ecology - Design Studio.What would "sustainability" look like, if it refused to sustain white supremacy? What could "liberation" look like, in a society headed for ecological collapse? Come and help fill in the missed connections between social and ecological strategies, in and environment of creative collaboration.Mycoscaping IntensiveMushrooms everywhere! Food, medicine, bioremediation, and more - fungi have a crucial role to play in creating healthy and abundant landscapes. Come explore the world of wild and cultivated fungi through a holistic permaculture lens. Includes lots of hands-on!June 19, 20, & 21 The Sustainable Landscape R.U.S.T. - Skott KelloggThis is a three-day workshop. It can be taken in its entirety, as a one-day workshop for introductory permaculture principles, or as a two-day weekend workshop for hands-on practice. In this class we will focus on two different systems that can be incorporated into a sustainable landscape: aquatic polycultures(swamp gardens) and compost teas (bio-brews). For the first one, we build an actual pond, and seal it using a method called "gleying". The pond will then be stocked with an array of aquatic plants and animals that can be harvested to make food, fuel and fertilizer, in addition to creating a beautiful water garden that attracts wildlife. We will discuss the many benefits of aquatic polycultures, their use around the world, and how a system could be modified in order to raise fish. Compost tea is a liquid culture of beneficial microorganisms that can be applied as a fertilizer to crops, or be used to remediate contaminated soils. In class, we will brew a tea and analyze it beneath a microscope. Day 1 (Friday) of this class will consist of an overview of these and other sustainable technologies, and day 2 and 3 will be more hands-on oriented, as we do the work of building the pond.June 20 & 21 SEEDS WEEKEND Mini-FestivalThis weekend mini-festival within SEEDS consists of several 3-hour long workshops. There are two themes from which to mix and match. The classes will start Friday evening and continue through Sunday mid-day. You are welcome to come for the whole weekend, or drop in, as well.Green/Body/Local. How might somatic studies create a basis for, inform, expand, and interweave our social and environmental consciousness? These workshops address the body as investigator/mediator of issues concerning environment, ecology, sustainability, and/or social justice. With Sondra Loring + Kavitha Rao (Somatics and Sustainability), Kristin McCardle (Gettin' Your Greeny Green On), Moti Zemelman + Camille Renarhd (Pockets of Resistance), and Karl Kronin (Dry Earth).Contact Improvisation, the Social Experiment Continues. CI, previously described as "confronting comfort culture" and "a political shock absorber," has more recently been called out for its lack of racial diversity. Where is the social experiment at today? These workshops will consider the power of the body in movement to question our social conventions/compositions/hierarchies through the practice of CI. With Neige Christenson (Freeing the Contact Mind), Kerstin Kussmaul ( The Intelligence of your Touch ) , Dan Bear Davis + Sarah Day (Corporeal Permaculture), and Dustin Haug + Tamin Totzke (Redirecting Yes).June 21 - 28 Eco-Art for Everyday Life with Beverly NaidusThis course offers an opportunity both to learn about Eco-Arts and to develop a public project with the guidance of the facilitator. Participants will explore different ways of incorporating eco-art practices into their everyday life and their communities. We will discuss some of the ecological issues facing us both on the local and global level, look at the work of contemporary eco-artists, and develop some collaborative site-specific projects.June 21 - 28 The Prosodic Body - Integrating Interior + Exterior Spaces with Daria Faïn + Robert KocikThrough rigorous warmups and discussion we will trace the interconnectivity of the senses, organs, glands, emotions, and the ways in which language regulates the body. To this end we will draw upon Chi Gong, neuroendocrinology, Chinese 5 Element Theory, and prosody in particular. We will gradually orient ourselves in the external environment by introducing architectural terms. Over the course of the workshop we will draw rudimentary sketches and plans for a building designed for the explicit purpose of integrating interior and exterior environments.June 27 SEEDS PUBLIC COMMUNITY CELEBRATION: This is a full day and evening celebration of investigations that have taken place at SEEDS. There will be performances, classes, presentations, participatory events, and other interdisciplinary surprises for all ages. You are welcome all day or for part. Details TBA

SEEDS is hosted at Earthdance, a dance retreat center in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts featuring two beautiful dance studios, farmhouse, comfortable dorm accomodations, vegetarian cuisine, wood-stove sauna, spring-fed swimming quarry, and 100 acres of magnificent hills.
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GENEVA SESSIONS 09/Made in LausanneFree International workshopADVANCED INSCRIPTIONS OPEN FOR DANCETECH MEMBERS!!!Inscriptions are not open yet, but you can already show your interest by sending a comentary on the page of Gilles Jobin----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GENEVA SESSIONS 09/Made In LausanneFree International workshop for profesionnals dancers, choreographers and filmakersImage/Motion: New Mediation of the Performance of MovementAn interdisciplinary workshopWorkshop led by Marlon Barrios (New York/dancetech)Théâtre Arsenic Lausanne (Switzerland)8th of June to 19th of June 2009The Geneva Sessions is an international workshop for professional dancers and choreographers organised by Cie Gilles Jobin. Now in its third year, this annual encounter aims at creating a motivating artistic environment for experimented professional dancers in the Geneva area. The participants will be a combination of international professionals and Lausanne and Geneva region based dancers. The workshop is free. By invitation only. Inscription form coming out soon.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Image/Motion: New Mediation of the Performance of MovementAn interdisciplinary workshopIn this workshop we will survey and explore the creative applications of recent developments of new digital technologies on the performance of movement, choreography and image construction within multimedia systems for performances or installations. We will investigate the coupling of movement and image and the creative/aesthetics potential of working with real-time interactive software, portable devices and the www.Geared to professional dancers, choreographers, filmmakers and interdisciplinary artists teams, an emphasis will be on collaborative experimentation on the prototyping of multimedia works exploring the intersection of image and movement production and mediation. Through short theoretical lectures, group discussion, movement and improvisational scores, demonstrations and hands-on software practice, the participants will investigate the following related topics: motion and perception, recorded image and real-time processing, web cams and mobile phone cams for the creation of content, computation and choreography, projection surfaces, video tracking for media control and distributed performance.Participants : Professional dancers, professional choreographers, professional video makers, professional film makers.This workshop has three interrelated modules:Dance on (many) CamerasInvestigate the capturing and presentation of dance with video cameras and its uses in linear and non linear composition for different technological platforms and formats. Besides regular DV and HV cameras, we will explore the use of webcams and mobile phones cams for creative composition. We will also cover basic video editing andPractical: creation of short video compositions for web platforms.Dynamic Image and MovementIntroduction of the use of pre-recorded and live video on stage and a survey on the use on new media technology for the performance of motion. We will explore video projection on screen, on body, on objects, video as theatrical light, etc. Use of real time processing and interactivity exploring computation and performance of movement.Practical: creation of a short piece using real-time technology.The new internet and the Social WebIntroduction to web 2.0 technologies and the uses of social networking technology for collaborative creation of knowledge and performances. Discover the possibilities of internet tv broadcast.Practical: develop and create networked projects and use video broadcasting technology .---------------------Workshop leader Marlon Barrios SolanoMarlon Barrios Solano is a Venezuelan social media specialist/consultant, on-line producer and lecturer/researcher focused on the intersection of new media and performance and on the use of on-line platforms for collaborative creativity and social innovation. Currently, he works as a New Media/On-line Marketing Specialist for Dance New Amsterdam and consults for several art organizations in the US and abroad. He is the creator/producer of (a social networking site), dance-techTV and of DANCE TECH, an on-line program that explores the intersection of dance and digital technology.He has been a guest artist/lecturer at Interaktionslabor 2004 and ZKM (Germany), STEIM (The Netherlands), Digital Cultures Lab (UK), University of Oslo Design School (Norway), and in the US at The Advanced Computing Center for Arts and Design at The Ohio State University, Denison University, Purdue University, The Aesthetic Technologies Lab at Ohio University, Middlebury College, Wesleyan University and many New York City venues and institutes. He holds an MFA in Dance and Technology (independent track on real-time technology, performance of improvisation and cognition) from The Ohio State University. Marlon Barrios Solanomarlon@dance-tech.netWorkshop organizer:Gilles Jobin, choreographer. Lives and work in Geneva.Beside his artistic work, Gilles Jobin has a certain number of side projects linked to the professional development of dance across the world. Home of his company, the Studios 44 in Geneva is a pioneering space for professional training for dancers working for the recognition of professional formation for contemporary dancers in Switzerland. Gilles Jobin is stimulating international exchange by means of various initiatives: free daily professional training for dancers, educational activities, international workshops, artistic residencies, and projects with countries from the Southern
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