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Hello all!
This is Marlon Barrios Solano! I am the creator and producer of this network.
I hope that you are having a creative and peaceful season!
dance-tech.net has always been a free access network since its creation in 2007. I want to keep its access free and for that I need your help...
I believe that we have reached a critical mass with more than 5000 members to really leverage the potential of collective generosity of our international community to make this project sustainable... and to further develop it.
The dance-tech project, as I like to call it, comprises two websites ( dance-tech.net and dance-tech.tv),  the dance-tech interviews (more than 400), curated video collections of complete works, online educational events (meta-academy@), app development and online/offline artistic residencies.  
All instances are geared to create and develop an exciting and inspiring international community focused on the investigation of embodied knowledge, interdisciplinary performance and emergent hybrid arts practices. 
I believe that we, as a "crowd",  can instantiate strategies to support and develop these projects. More than 5000 members may gently enable this project to keep going with a "road map" that we can envision together. My main goal is to keep its access for and add free.
Here you can read more about the dance-tech, a bit of history and its instances:
HELP US TO KEEP ACCESS FREE with a donation!
Any amount helps!
I appeal to your generosity and understanding. 
Dance-tech.net is an infrastructure of generosity!
Since its creation the dance-tech project has been mainly supported by my work as  many international  collaborations, partnerships, and employment with peers, friends and organizations.
I am deeply thankful to all of them!
This is a time to reformulate a direct commitment to the value of this work.
If it matters to you it will continue thanks to your direct contribution.
Thank you!
Any questions, problems and suggestions email:
marlon (at) dance-tech.net
How to donate?
For members via dance-tech.net:
I have put in place a SECURE automated monthly donation system integrated with the sign-up and sign-in functions for the dance-tech.net members.
As a dance-tech.net member you will be prompted by the site to make a  SECURE donation every time you login. If you make a donation the site will remind you after 30 days.
The window will show you  a suggested donation of 3.95 but you can donate any other amount.
You will have access to the site and community even if you decide that you can donate only $0.00  (Zero).
Remember: Any amount helps!
Members can pay with their Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card or PayPal account. They will benefit from a seamless integration reliable and trusted payment platform.
If the member donates $3.95  or more they will have a smiling  face badge on their profile image  for 30 days after the donation.
Va PayPal to support Marlon Barrios Solano's work
PayPal links in the right sidebar of  this site.
This kind of payments are not integrated to the automated systems of the network website, so you will be prompted to donate even if you have donated any amount via PayPal. 
If you have any questions email:
you may also show your appreciation and feedback in the comment area of this post.
This is the form that will appear when you log in to remind you  about dance-tech.net donation system:
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