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Rise Up, Fallen Angel - Call to Artists


Exhibition: May 26, 27 + 28th

Entry Deadline: April 18th

About the Exhibition

Rise Up, Fallen Angel is an Integrated Media Performance that will involve live improvised music accompanying images projected on three large screens. The curator will group the images so they will be displayed to create a non-linear narrative relating to the theme.
The exhibition will be different each time it is shown, but documentation of the event will be available for viewing. We are seeking images and video that do not contain text or language, but connect with the viewer on a primal, emotional level.

Full Details:

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Adding a Flickr Slideshows to your Dance Website

I think it's easy to overlook the value of online dance photography as the focus is often on creating and sharing dance videos.So I wrote a post this morning, "Flickr Slideshows for Dance Websites and Blog."If you have ideas about using dance photography online for both marketing and creative purpose, please share your thoughts. Thanks!Best,Doug FoxGreat Dance
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THIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE kinds of artists are invited to create also a THIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE story, similar to the one on the LINK and tag it with the keyword "thisisnotaperformance"So.... look in your albums or take a picture the next time you have a "job".This project intends to show in a cool way how artists lots of times have to do other jobs in order to pursuit their careers and dreams.ALL PARTICIPATIONS IN THIS FAN PAGEsearch for "This Is Not A Performance" in FBTHIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE is the new collective project by Filipe Viegas.
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