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Introducing Beat Cultural Lab

My name is Vanessa Vargas. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I'm a contemporary dancer and performer, BA (Licenciate) in social communication, MA in communication for social development. I have worked in these areas for over 10 years. I recently moved to Astoria, NYC -I have been an American Resident for more than a decade, traveling from Venezuela to the US for studies, formation and specific projects-, and  I would love to continue sharing this project. I am openly looking  for the opportunity to continue developing my work in these fields and expanding my horizons in this city. 
As a dancer and social researcher, with my husband Daniel Esparza (art historian-philosopher and musician) we have undertaken a project of social development through arts -Beat Cultural Lab-. We have already developed this project in Venezuela but we want to give it a try in NYC, with the support and collaboration of institutions like yours. If you want any more details on our project, you can check my website at am interested in your feedback, recommendations and insights on the matter. 
Very best,
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"Do the Digital"

Follow link below to YouTube Video

UCR does "The Digital"-New Dance Moves

-Cool challenge to anybody: "do an original move"
-Funny to watch folks freestyle to their song:)

I wonder...
my own 'digital dance' = lots of finger movement isolations
...but what's a more full-bodied example of 'digital dance'?
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Nike and YouthNoise Introduce the Battle of the NYC Boroughs, the Super Bowl of Dance Competitions Encouraging Community Advocacy

This month YouthNoise, in partnership with Nike, the Department of Youth & Community Development, and the Global Youth Leadership Institute, is introducing Step It Up: Battle of the Boroughs, a city-wide contest where dance teams from all five New York City boroughs compete for up to $10,000 in cash and prizes, including a team grant, a Nike ID session in which the winning team will be able to design their own team shoe and the coveted NYC Battle of the Boroughs trophy to be featured on Gamechangers, YouthNoise Play City, and Live Leadership Now.

Heralded as the “Super Bowl of dance competitions,” the Battle of the Boroughs gives young dancers the opportunity to showcase their talent and encourages participants to declare a cause for their communities. Issues like Inequality, Education and Violence are among the few causes participants can declare to help support their communities.

The competition is organized in three phases. The first phase is auditions, in which teams register online, volunteer for a community service project and compete for the semifinals on June 4, 2009; the Battle Zone. The semifinalists that make it to the Battle Zone will create video PSAs that will be hosted on Finally, the teams chosen to move on will compete in the Battle of the Boroughs on June 30, 2009, where the final teams will create, develop and launch a borough-wide campaign around their causes and compete for the grand prize!

Young people from all over New York City now have the opportunity to participate in a one of a kind dance competition while representing and advocating for their surrounding communities. Register now for the Battle of the Boroughs and Step It Up for a cause to change your community!
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I just wrote post on my Great Dance blog:"A New Internet and Social Media Strategy for Dance Companies."I look forward to thoughts and feedback. And I'd also like to know if there are dancers and dance companies who are more or less pursuing the strategy that I describe in my post.Thanks!Doug FoxGreat Dance
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THIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE kinds of artists are invited to create also a THIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE story, similar to the one on the LINK and tag it with the keyword "thisisnotaperformance"So.... look in your albums or take a picture the next time you have a "job".This project intends to show in a cool way how artists lots of times have to do other jobs in order to pursuit their careers and dreams.ALL PARTICIPATIONS IN THIS FAN PAGEsearch for "This Is Not A Performance" in FBTHIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE is the new collective project by Filipe Viegas.
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www.mediatisedsites.netMediatised Sites is the culmination of a six month interdisciplinary project involving artists from all over the world. Led by Tamara Ashley and Kate Craddock, these artists have been developing intimate response to their chosen geographical locale and communicating that response through online and digital media. The festival will include performances, discussions and installations created by these artists. Work in the festival will explore how technology mediates our perceptions of sites, landscapes and places, as well as virtualised relationships between each other. The day will also showcase work created by local artists in the tractors and attractors laboratory that takes place in the week preceding the festival.Day Pass: £8/£5Passes available from Dance City,, 0191 261 0505
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for full schedule clickwww.mediatisedsites.net - channel live between 2-00 – 5-30pm BST and 8-00-9-00pm BSTTune in to the following URLs for live feed of virtual performances:Laura Cooper performs Exercise Rose(es) from 1-2pm BST from the British Council in Bangkok
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