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-2 female dancers, 1 female actor (English is OK and/or Spanish speaking is perfect)  to be a part of an experimental piece, outside of the 'comfort zone' in an art exhibition space in Madrid

Description / Concept

The piece is created by Elena Bajo, a visual artist who has exhibited internationally and

focuses on the social, political aspects of the site in the city of Madrid. Bajo combines performance with large scale installations to investigate the political and social conditions of change in post-industrial structures, creating site specific work and a space of collective action.

The performers will be required to perform in the space. They will be required to do both improvised and choreographed movements determined before hand with the artist. The generator of the piece is a political text/poem.

This political text-manifesto will be handed to the performers and it will be used to generate their individual choreography (in the case of the dancers), and the scripts (in the case of the actors)

Total duration of the performance around 20 min. 

I am preparing a performance at La Casa Encendida, the opening is the May 23, the curator is Juan Canela. I'm looking for 3 women performers: two dancers who are interested in creating their own choreography, solo (the dancers)  and her own script (for the actress) starting with an anarchist text ongoing work fruit of my artistic research. You should create a choreography or a script 2-3 minutes long and it will be shown in a 15-20min performance. The total duration of the solo piece that the performer should prepare based on the text is just around 1-2 min (that will be looped in different ways throughout the performance, 20 mins in total). The piece consists of a solo part, rehearsed and a collective-improvised part unrehearsed.

None of the performers will know what the others are presenting until the moment of the performance . I would like to work with performers who can work the concept of exhaustion in dance (Andrei Lepecki) and performance (Becket the quadrant)  non-movement and still movement, more postmodern and conceptual, more absence than presence .... 

Conceptual line, aware of the postmodernist discourse and technique,  Yvonne Rayner, Trisha Brown, Laban technique...etc

REHEARSALS: 2  days, 2 hour/day rehearsals and1 run-through the day of the performance or the day before.

If you are interested in this project please send me an email to  including a link where I can see your work  as soon as possible. Express briefly why you want to participate in the project. You will be contacted by email to proceed forward. This is quite urgent. 

If you don't have a link to video online let me know and I would send you a text fragment to prepare something short 1-2 min that you could record in Skype or video camera or iphone.

This is an event widely advertised and expected to be a good exposure and experience.

You will receive a small payment for your participation, dvd video footage and photos of the performance as well as program credits.  The greatest reward of this project lies in that you're interested in the experience for your work.

More information about Elena Bajo’s work you can find in her webpage:


SE BUSCAN: 2 bailarinas y 1 actriz, MUJERES, 


Dia de la performance: 23 de mayo en La Casa Encendida, Madrid (ESPAÑA) 

-2 Bailarinas,y 1 actriz (acento extranjero en Inglés está bien y hablar español es perfecto) para formar parte de una pieza experimental, fuera de la "zona de confort" en un espacio de exposición de arte en Madrid, La Casa Encendida

Descripción / Concepto 

La pieza esta creada por Elena Bajo, un artista visual que ha expuesto a nivel internacional y 

se centra en los aspectos sociales, políticos del sitio en la ciudad de Madrid. Bajo combina performance con instalaciones a gran escala para investigar las condiciones políticas y sociales del cambio en las estructuras post-industriales, la creación de trabajo específica del sitio y un espacio de acción colectiva. 

Será necesarios que las performers actúen en el espacio de exhibición. La pieza tendrá elementos improvisados y tambien movimientos coreográficos determinado de antemano con la artista. El generador de la pieza es un texto político / poema. 

Este texto-manifiesto politico será entregado a los performers y se  utilizara para generar su coreografía individual (en el caso de los bailarines), y el guion (en el caso de los actores) 

Duración total de la actuación en torno a 20 min. 

El performance se realizara  el 23 de mayo y el curador es Juan Canela. Estoy buscando a 3 mujeres artistas: dos bailarines que estén interesados ​​en crear su propia coreografía, solo (los bailarines) y su propio guión (para la actriz) a partir de un texto anarquista en curso fruto de mi trabajo de investigación artística. Debe crear una coreografía o una secuencia de comandos de 2-3 minutos de duración y se mostrará en una actuación de 15 -20 min. La duración total de la pieza en solitario que el performer debe preparar partiendo del texto esera de 2-3 min (que se presentara en loop de diferentes maneras a lo largo de la actuación, 20 minutos en total). La pieza consta de una parte en solitario, ensayado y una parte colectiva improvisada. 

Ninguno de los artistas intérpretes o ejecutantes sabrá lo que los otros están presentando hasta el momento de la actuación. Me gustaría trabajar con actores que pueden trabajar el concepto de agotamiento de la danza (Andrei Lepecki) y el rendimiento (Becket el cuadrante) no-movimiento y still movimiento, más postmodern y conceptual, más  ausencia de movimiento que presencia .... 

Línea conceptual, consciente del discurso posmoderno y de la técnica, por mencionar modelos: Yvonne Rayner, Trisha Brown, técnica de Labán. 

ENSAYOS: 2 días, 2 horas / día y 1 día antes del opening para el run though con todas las performers. 

Si este proyecto es de tu interés, por favor envíame un 

correo electrónico a incluyendo un enlace a video donde pueda ver una muestra de tu trabajo o de como te mueves,  tan pronto como sea posible. Por favor expresa brevemente por qué deseas participar en este proyecto. Me comunicare contigo por correo electrónico para continuar el proceso. Esto es muy urgente. 

Si no tienes un enlace de video online dejamelo saber  y entonces te le enviaria un fragmento de texto para preparar algo corto 1-2 minutos que se puede grabar en Skype o cámara de video o iphone. 

Este es un evento ampliamente anunciado y se espera que sea una buena experiencia. 

A cambio de tu participación recibirás un pequeño pago, dvd video y las fotos de la actuación, así como los créditos en el programa. Aunque la mayor recompensa de este proyecto radica en que estés interesada en la experiencia para utilizarlo para tu trabajo. 

Más información sobre la obra de Elena Bajo puedes encontrarla en su página web: 

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We invite artists and producers to submit their works (feature films, short films, videos, commercials) shot in S-3D.

Festival Parallax develops cooperation with other international S3D festivals. All the movies presented at the Parallax festival will be listed for selection of these festivals. Your work may thus be presented in Liege (BE), Karlsruhe(GE), Tokyu (JP) or Saint-Denis (FR).

This call is open and does not have any dead-line yet.

To submit your work, please visit submission page and upload your video in preview or full quality together with requested information (or provide us with link to your on-line video – must be in S3D).

For any further inquiries please send us an e-mail to

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Call for Proposals Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland is seeking proposals for an upcoming major exhibition OSCILLATOR

Call Opens: 4th SEPTEMBER Call Closes: 12th OCTOBER Exhibition duration: 7th FEBRUARY 2013 – 14th APRIL 2013

Calling all vibratory beings! Electron wizards, mega-nano-nauts, chemical visionaries, code infinitizers, pendular kineticists, sleep cycle sleuths, and feedback fetishists. OSCILLATOR is a curated exhibition exploring the vibrant vibratory world of oscillators, oscillations, and feedback.

This diverse, interactive show will feature installations and demonstrations ranging from cyclical chemical reactions and swinging bridges to out of control automated pricing schemes and el Niño. We are interested in oscillatory explorations from many different fields and genres, including chemistry, physics, astronomy, earth sciences, biology, mechanics, neurology, mathematics, logic, and the arts.


Oscillators are ubiquitous, both in human-made systems and in physical, biological, and informational processes. They arise, either by design or by accident, in the presence of interconnected parts and feedback paths. Sometimes they’re a critical component, essential to the correct function of a system, other times they might be a curiosity or a nuisance, or even a catastrophic force. The exhibition will use the idea of the oscillator to bring together a brain-shaking array of experiments, interactive activities, and artworks.

Potential oscillations include: self-oscillating chemical systems like the color/pattern generating Belousov-Zhabotinksii reaction and the mercury beating heart biological oscillators like the ubiquitous circadian rhythms found in nearly all lifeforms, the electric fields created by the ghost knifefish to aid in navigation and communication, the great synchronized choruses of various amphibians, and the complex rhythmic patterns found in human brainwaves oscillatory physical phenomena like the chaotic motions of coupled and multiply articulated pendulums, the marvels of self-assembling nano materials, and disastrous sympathetic resonance in bridges, and buildings geophysical phenomena like el Niño and other weather patterns, continental drift, and cyclical eruptions in geysers and volcanoes math/logic/CS procedures and techniques for creating and probing oscillations, like digital waveform generation, logical games, brain teasers and tautologies, and pseudo random number generators repetitive and oscillating systems used in music, dance, and the visual arts, like guitar feedback, pattern music, cyclical dance forms, and tiling patterns cultural feedback and oscillations like memes, fads, and sampling and reuse Curator and


Douglas Irving Repetto is an artist and teacher. His work, including sculpture, installation, performance, recordings, and software is presented internationally. He is the founder of a number of art/community-oriented groups including dorkbot: people doing strange things with electricityArtBots: The Robot Talent Showorganism: making art with living systems, and the music-dsp mailing list and website. Douglas is Director of Research at the Columbia University Computer Music Center and lives in New York City.

To submit to the OSCILLATOR open call you need to register on our Open Call site here. If you have any questions or need some help, feel free to email us at or

About Science Gallery: Science Gallery is a dynamic new model for public engagement at the interface between science and the arts which has rapidly achieved significant international profile since its launch in Dublin in 2008. Science Gallery is an initiative of Trinity College Dublin with support from the Wellcome Trust, Google, Dell, PACCAR, ICON, Intel, IBM and other partners. Since opening in 2008 it has attracted almost 1,000,000 visitors. Attracting a core audience of young adults aged 15-25 from diverse backgrounds Science Gallery ignites a passion for creativity through engaging, dynamic exhibitions and events on major themes ranging from Music and the Body and the future of water to the future of cities. These programmes bring science and technology into dialogue with art and design, and give young adults a taste of the excitement of cutting-edge research and innovation in a stimulating sociable environment. Five factors distinguish Science Gallery from existing models of public engagement with science and technology, including science centers and museums: Our flexibility – five dynamic, changing programmes per year, with no permanent exhibition; Our focus on 15 – 25 year olds as our core target audience bridging high school, university and early stage career; Our open call process – Science Gallery crowd-sources its installations and events on broad themes linking science, technology and the arts; Our fresh approach to connecting the university and the city – bringing university research groups, staff and students into dialogue with the arts and creative community and the public; and Our Leonardo Group – 50 inspirational individuals drawn from the local creative community of scientists, artists, engineers and entrepreneurs who feed ideas into the development of Science Gallery exhibitions and events. Following the success of Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin and significant international interest in this new model of engaging young adults with science, technology and innovation, we received seed support of €1M from Google to launch the Global Science Gallery Network (GSGN), in partnership with leading universities located in urban centres worldwide, with the goal of establishing eight Science Galleries worldwide by 2020.

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