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Dance Platform 2018 
March 14–18, 2018 

Bullmannaue 20a 
45327 Essen


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The most noteworthy positions in contemporary dance, choreography and performance: The Dance Platform 2018, organised by PACT Zollverein, will take place from March 14–18, 2018 in Essen and Gelsenkirchen.

Dance Platform
Initiated in 1990, the biennal Dance Platform constitutes the most important event on the contemporary dance calendar in Germany. For the 14th edition of the Dance Platform, an expert jury has selected 13 impulse-setting works created within the last two years. Alongside PACT Zollverein, the festival organiser and hub, venues include a range of former industrial spaces across the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein, as well as the Aalto-Theater, in Essen, and the Musiktheater im Revier, in Gelsenkirchen. The programmedeveloped for Dance Platform 2018 offers a resonating space for the most pressing issues of our time. The featured productions all echo urgent questions and celebrate the emancipatory power of dance and choreography and the diversity of bodies and identities. They also stand for the many other choreographic works from the past two years that have examined aesthetic, social and existential concerns in Germany and invite a shift of perspective. Alongside the performances, the essence of the Dance Platform lies in interaction and mutual exchange. In the mornings the Assembly at the SANAA building will host debates on the social dimension of choreography and dance. The Artist Summit–initiated by the artists’ group HOOD–will reflect on current developments, work on new perspectives and hold discussions with thirty invited artists. Each night after the performances, the Late Night Studio Talk, filmed live, will offer an open forum for reflection, music and shared activities.


Claudia Bosse / theatercombinat, Boris Charmatz / Musée de la danse, Claire Cunningham / Jess Curtis, CocoonDance Company, DANCE ON ENSEMBLE / William Forsythe, Grupo De Rua / Bruno Beltrão, Eisa Jocson, Xavier Le Roy, Ligia Lewis, Eszter Salamon, Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference, Sasha Waltz, Julian Warner & Oliver Zahn / HAUPTAKTION

PACT Zollverein
The Dance Platform is co-organised by the community of institutions who have hosted it in the past and who actively support the promotion of contemporary dance in Germany. As of 2018, this includes PACT Zollverein.

PACT Zollverein is an international venue for contemporary arts housed in the former colliery shower building at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein in Essen. PACT produces and co-produces new dance and performance works, regularly presents guest performances, runs an international residency programme as well as diverse exchange formats connecting regional and international artists and academics working in a wide array of disciplines. Since its foundation in 2002, PACT Zollverein has become a focal point for innovative developments in the fields of dance, performance, theatre, media and the visual arts at the interfaces between science, technology and society. 

The complete programme, tickets and comprehensive information about the Dance Platform 2018 are available at www.tanzplattform2018.de. 


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online event at http://water-wheel.net/taps/view/792

March 21–22

– Launch of e-book 'Water Views: Caring and Daring' with editorial team and guest authors
– Meditation for water with renowned guest singer from Chennai, India
– Balance-Unbalance Conference launch with its founder Ricardo Dal Farra, film screening & performances

SESSION 1 – your time: http://bit.ly/e-book_launch1

SESSION 2 – your time: http://bit.ly/launch2_with-meditation-preceeding

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E-book is available for free download in its entirety and by individual chapters. http://bit.ly/e-book_3WDS14
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Table of Contents
1. Opening - performances: Ulay, Jason Lim and online-performers
2. Voice of the Future - youth projects: performances, conservation
3. Activism, Art & Science - projects catalysing change at many levels
4. Art & Science - interdisciplinary dialogue and interaction
5. Hydrology – Past & Future - from India, Greece, Tunisia, California and
6. Conservation & Transmission - water rights, festivals, cultural
heritage and museums
7. Care & Dare - water values re-envisaged by community groups
8. Performance - live art, outdoor actions & online-performances designed
Waterwheel’s creative collaboration interface ‘the Tap’
9. Hydrosonics - a sound art festival hosted at NYU by Ear to the Earth

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Call for Proposals Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland is seeking proposals for an upcoming major exhibition OSCILLATOR

Call Opens: 4th SEPTEMBER Call Closes: 12th OCTOBER Exhibition duration: 7th FEBRUARY 2013 – 14th APRIL 2013

Calling all vibratory beings! Electron wizards, mega-nano-nauts, chemical visionaries, code infinitizers, pendular kineticists, sleep cycle sleuths, and feedback fetishists. OSCILLATOR is a curated exhibition exploring the vibrant vibratory world of oscillators, oscillations, and feedback.

This diverse, interactive show will feature installations and demonstrations ranging from cyclical chemical reactions and swinging bridges to out of control automated pricing schemes and el Niño. We are interested in oscillatory explorations from many different fields and genres, including chemistry, physics, astronomy, earth sciences, biology, mechanics, neurology, mathematics, logic, and the arts.


Oscillators are ubiquitous, both in human-made systems and in physical, biological, and informational processes. They arise, either by design or by accident, in the presence of interconnected parts and feedback paths. Sometimes they’re a critical component, essential to the correct function of a system, other times they might be a curiosity or a nuisance, or even a catastrophic force. The exhibition will use the idea of the oscillator to bring together a brain-shaking array of experiments, interactive activities, and artworks.

Potential oscillations include: self-oscillating chemical systems like the color/pattern generating Belousov-Zhabotinksii reaction and the mercury beating heart biological oscillators like the ubiquitous circadian rhythms found in nearly all lifeforms, the electric fields created by the ghost knifefish to aid in navigation and communication, the great synchronized choruses of various amphibians, and the complex rhythmic patterns found in human brainwaves oscillatory physical phenomena like the chaotic motions of coupled and multiply articulated pendulums, the marvels of self-assembling nano materials, and disastrous sympathetic resonance in bridges, and buildings geophysical phenomena like el Niño and other weather patterns, continental drift, and cyclical eruptions in geysers and volcanoes math/logic/CS procedures and techniques for creating and probing oscillations, like digital waveform generation, logical games, brain teasers and tautologies, and pseudo random number generators repetitive and oscillating systems used in music, dance, and the visual arts, like guitar feedback, pattern music, cyclical dance forms, and tiling patterns cultural feedback and oscillations like memes, fads, and sampling and reuse Curator and


Douglas Irving Repetto is an artist and teacher. His work, including sculpture, installation, performance, recordings, and software is presented internationally. He is the founder of a number of art/community-oriented groups including dorkbot: people doing strange things with electricityArtBots: The Robot Talent Showorganism: making art with living systems, and the music-dsp mailing list and website. Douglas is Director of Research at the Columbia University Computer Music Center and lives in New York City.

To submit to the OSCILLATOR open call you need to register on our Open Call site here. If you have any questions or need some help, feel free to email us at help@sciencegallery.com or alison.carey@sciencegallery.com

About Science Gallery: Science Gallery is a dynamic new model for public engagement at the interface between science and the arts which has rapidly achieved significant international profile since its launch in Dublin in 2008. Science Gallery is an initiative of Trinity College Dublin with support from the Wellcome Trust, Google, Dell, PACCAR, ICON, Intel, IBM and other partners. Since opening in 2008 it has attracted almost 1,000,000 visitors. Attracting a core audience of young adults aged 15-25 from diverse backgrounds Science Gallery ignites a passion for creativity through engaging, dynamic exhibitions and events on major themes ranging from Music and the Body and the future of water to the future of cities. These programmes bring science and technology into dialogue with art and design, and give young adults a taste of the excitement of cutting-edge research and innovation in a stimulating sociable environment. Five factors distinguish Science Gallery from existing models of public engagement with science and technology, including science centers and museums: Our flexibility – five dynamic, changing programmes per year, with no permanent exhibition; Our focus on 15 – 25 year olds as our core target audience bridging high school, university and early stage career; Our open call process – Science Gallery crowd-sources its installations and events on broad themes linking science, technology and the arts; Our fresh approach to connecting the university and the city – bringing university research groups, staff and students into dialogue with the arts and creative community and the public; and Our Leonardo Group – 50 inspirational individuals drawn from the local creative community of scientists, artists, engineers and entrepreneurs who feed ideas into the development of Science Gallery exhibitions and events. Following the success of Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin and significant international interest in this new model of engaging young adults with science, technology and innovation, we received seed support of €1M from Google to launch the Global Science Gallery Network (GSGN), in partnership with leading universities located in urban centres worldwide, with the goal of establishing eight Science Galleries worldwide by 2020.

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dance anywhere 2011 event!

dance anywhere® is a global public art event taking place on Friday, March 18, 2011 at noon PST (3pm in Ny & 8 pm in Paris or Rome).

Created by San Francisco Bay Area based artist Beth Fein in 2005, dance anywhere® has turned into a world wide dance party with thousands of participants across the globe!  Create your profile on the site to put yourself on the dance anywhere® map!





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TITLE OF EVENT: I AM DIGITAL - The Voodoo SessionTYPE OF EVENT: CLUB / ARTS EventDATE: Saturday 31st May 2008TIME: 9pm-1amVenue: The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register St, Edinburgh, EH2 2AA www.thevoodoorooms.co.ukEvent Website: www.iam-digital.comEnquiries TEL: 01316677363 or 07877835295Email: chakan@iam-digital.comShort Description: After the successful event in February 08 I AM presents a night of international exposition, collaboration, and performance produced with emerging and established artists from Scotland, South Africa, England, Germany, Canada, Venezuela, Cuba, Belgium, France & Spain, the collaborations of which were in many cases instigated in Scotland. The "innovative" program of digital art, dance performance and live music aims to promote discovery, discussion and relaxation with likeminded people in an informal environment.The night encompasses the work of emerging and established artists and bands, providing an innovative platform for exposition, performance and audience interaction (because in fact people are art). I AM develops with the participants (the audience and artists alike) an atmosphere of collaborative creativity, and the opportunity to enjoy good music and dance.Program:MUSIC & DANCE SHORTS 9pm-9.40pm"This is not a body" Retina Dance. (Belgium)"Trench" Sabine Klaus. (Germany)DANCE PERFORMANCE & DIALOUGUE 9.40pm –10.05 pmRites" (an extract) - Anthony Missen & Kevin Turner.MUSIC, TIME BASED MEDIA & ANIMATION 10.10-10.25pm* -"Human Cosmic"- Monica Fernandez (Spain)"This is not a body" Brian Hartley (Scotland)"2008" Damien Cupyers (France)"Hit me Baby" Rachel Maclean (Scotland)LIVE BANDS 10.30pm-MidnightAsazi Space Funk Explosion - Afro-Celt dance floor tribal rhythms – (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Scotland, England)DJ Midnight – 1amDJ Ricky Ried (Hanover99 & DigitalNYE)However for extensive details please visit www.iam-digital.com/events.php, where you will also be able to link to extensive artists profiles.
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www.mediatisedsites.netMediatised Sites is the culmination of a six month interdisciplinary project involving artists from all over the world. Led by Tamara Ashley and Kate Craddock, these artists have been developing intimate response to their chosen geographical locale and communicating that response through online and digital media. The festival will include performances, discussions and installations created by these artists. Work in the festival will explore how technology mediates our perceptions of sites, landscapes and places, as well as virtualised relationships between each other. The day will also showcase work created by local artists in the tractors and attractors laboratory that takes place in the week preceding the festival.Day Pass: £8/£5Passes available from Dance City, www.dancecity.co.uk, 0191 261 0505
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