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June 18th & 19th, 2010 – A Greater Boston Non-Profit Partnership

Break The Silence! Foundation (BTS-Foundation), Brookline Community Center for the Arts (BCCA), Boston Music Conference (BMC), Genuine Voices, and Boston Music Coalition (BMC), have joined together for the purpose of opening an Arts Center in Downtown Boston to help both inner-city kids & aspiring professionals alike discover their talents with the use of mentoring, workshops, and classes along with the connections they have all made from working in the entertainment industry! The Greater Boston Community Center for the Arts (BCCA, Inc.) – Read our combined mission!

Share Our Stage 2010 is a once in a lifetime event that will include a star-studded two-day entertainment lineup, to benefit the creation of the new BCCA in Downtown Crossing, Boston – The Phoenix Rising of the former Coolidge Corner, Brookline based center that closed its doors in May of 2005, having served over 7,500 community members with 170 classes/week & 500 events/year, conducted by its diverse resident faculty & visiting artist body of 350.

The Saturday, June 19th, 1 p.m. matinee at John Hancock Hall, will present the Official US East Coast Premier & Celebrity Red Carpet of "Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale", a music-driven Disney cast film, fresh off it’s “Best Family Film” award at the Newport Beach Festival, & success at Cannes, a live performance by the hit Urban-Pop group My Hero, from the Film's Soundtrack, & 11:30 a.m. Red Carpet celebrity photo-ops. The 7 p.m. evening show “An Evolution of the Blues”, a first rate performance, will feature performances by multi-Grammy award winning artist & actor, Chris Thomas King, King of 21st Century Blues, & his band, Urban-Pop group My Hero, 7-time Grammy nominated blues band Bellevue Cadillac, music & dance by Genuine Voices & Boston Tap Company, celebrity appearances (including Vinny Vella co-star in “Casino”, “Sopranos”, Etc.), & a 5:30 p.m. VIP reception with the events performers, & complimentary hors d’œuvres, beer & wine, at the Back Bay Grand. VIP ticket holders will be treated to a taste of Boston’s finest nightlife, including a Friday, June 18th 6-10 p.m. pre-event VIP reception at the House of Blues Boston Foundation Room, featuring appearances by Chris Thomas King, My Hero, the Bobby Keyes Trio, & DJ Aeryn, and an open bar from 6-7 p.m. & complimentary hors d’œuvres – 50% of the proceeds to benefit the International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF). Splash Ultra Lounge will host a June 18th 7-10 p.m. VIP reception featuring complementary hors d’œuvres, appearances by My Hero, & music by DJ Joe Sobalo Jr. To top off this incredible weekend, VIPs, sponsors, media, & affiliates will enjoy a festive after party at Mantra Restaurant, sponsored by our Share the Stage 2010 title sponsor, One World Cuisine, and bringing together all the weekend’s performers, for schmoozing, impromptu performances, music by DJ Aeryn, & the exquisite atmosphere & dining of Mantra.

June 19th Matinee tickets are $20 (Reserved) & $30 (VIP), and Evening tickets are $35 & $50 (Reserved), & $100 (VIP), with discounts offered to children, students, seniors, service people, union members, and affiliated organizations. For complete event details & exclusive VIP tickets purchases (on sale only through June 5th), visit For Reserved seating visit
BCCA, Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible. Tax I.D.: 05-0548309
June 19th 1 p.m. Film Premier & 11:30 a.m. Red Carpet at John Hancock Hall:

Share our Stage 2010's matinee to benefit BCCA, Inc. ( will present the Official US East Coast Premier & Celebrity Red Carpet of "Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale", a music-driven Disney cast film, fresh off it's "Best Family Film" award at the Newport Beach Festival, & success at Cannes, a live performance by the hit Urban-Pop group My Hero, from the Film's Soundtrack, & celebrity photo-ops. Complete event details & exclusive VIP tickets at For Reserved seating visit

June 19th 7 p.m. Blues Performance & 5:30 p.m. VIP Reception at John Hancock Hall:

Share our Stage 2010's matinee to benefit BCCA, Inc. ( will present "An Evolution of the Blues", a first rate evening show, featuring performances by multi-Grammy award winning artist & actor, Chris Thomas King, King of 21st Century Blues, & his band, Urban-Pop group My Hero, 7-time Grammy nominated blues band Bellevue Cadillac, music & dance by Genuine Voices & Boston Tap Company, & celebrity appearances. Complete event details & exclusive VIP tickets at For Reserved seating visit
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N'Dongo D and Faada Freddy found themselves in Paris, unable to board
the Eurostar to London, because they had been refused entry to the UK by
the UK Border Agency

Source :


Serenpity path : RT @manhack: Denombreux artistes refoulés aux portes de l'Europe: #visa #passeport #biométrique#orwell + #kafka
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Créé pour les designers, graphistes, artistes et autrescurieux,
regroupe un ensemble non exhaustif deconférences, interviews, reportages sur des acteurs du monde du design,du graphisme, de l'art.

Le but est de trouver résonnance dans certains mots, certaines phrases, certains designers et, pourquoi pas, s'en inspirer:)

avatar.pngCe site est réalisé par Geoffrey Dorne, designer, chercheur& blogueur

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"La première étape consiste donc à sélectionner des personnesintéressantes à suivre (sur un sujet donné). Tous les comptesn’offrent pas le même intérêt, il est donc conseillé de bien définirquelle veille on veut faire au préalable. Christophe Deschamps proposaitpour le site Outils Froids en octobre 2008 des conseils pour faire de la veille avec Twitter. Lesréférences sont surement à actualiser, mais les sites comme Twellow (sembletrès lent) ou Justtweetitpeuvent permettre de trouver des personnes à suivre. Un site françaispropose la même chose avec des personnes (ou institutions) françaises : quitwitte. Ces annuaires sont très limités et ne sauraient donner des listesexhaustives. Ils permettent de commencer à repérer les personnesinfluentes et pertinentes, mais il faut ensuite faire un peu de prospective sur Twitter directement."
la suite sur :
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Jeremy Narby, an anthropologist, author of The Cosmic Serpent, and Franz Treichler, a musician, leader of the Swiss industrial band The Young Gods, who recently joined forces for a live performance on Amazonian forest and its native Indians.


A doctor in experimental psychology. He experimented on states of altered consciousness at the Maimonides Hospital Dream Laboratory in New York and at the Psychological Research Laboratories in Princeton.


A cult French cartoonist, a mystic and esoteric artist known for his highly detailed and fine line artwork, often incorporating surreal landspaces.


A composer. She studied electroacoustic music techniques with Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry. Since 1971, she works almost exclusively on an ARP-synthetizer.


Founder of Whitehouse, seminal band of the power-electronics music genre that first surfaced in England at the beginning of the 1980s.


An incomparable electronic engineer, who creates Theremins and Brain Machines - which can be used to reach altered states of consciousness.


An artist who doesn’t like taking detours, and evenless, making concessions, he aim at putting under the spotlights the false taboos and uneasiness that exist throughout our society in order to better destroy them in public.


Bruce Benderson describes the reality of what he calls the underclass and gives us the description of a world being in the process of standardization, progressively emptying itself from its libido load.


Edwin Pouncey has been working for more than twenty-five years under the pseudonym Savage Pencil, his peculiar style making him the ultimate rock’n’roll and underground cartoonist.


Selected extracts from a conference with Maurice G. Dantec, Richard Pinhas and José Da Silva.


Stefan Jaworzyn was either at the origin or played an active part in several singular adventures of the London Underground : Shock Xpress, Whitehouse, Skullflower,...


Richard Pinhas is a radical thinker, a "3rd generation libertarian". He’s also an artist who uses his guitar, his synthesizers and his computer as what they are - instruments of warfare.


Two interviews about the concrete applications of the non-A trend of thought, which influenced William S. Burroughs, Henri Laborit or Gregory Bateson.


Jim Thirlwell is a musician and a graphic designer, a mutant and elusive character. He is considered as one of the fathers of industrial music.


Norman Spinrad is a "trans-genre" writer. Themes of manipulation, sciences, politics, media, sex, music & drugs melt into some 20 dangerous books that led him to exile himself to Paris in 1988.


Jean-Pierre Petit is an astrophysicist and a research director at the National French Center for Scientific Research. He provides us with a deeper insight into the main outlines of today’s military and civilian research programs.


What will be the metaphysical questions of the 21st century ? Maurice G. Dantec arms his acidic visions with theology, (bio)physics, military strategy, realogenes, literature, data processing...


"You are excrement. You can change yourself into gold ", Jodorowsky explains in The Holy Mountain. The initiation is made up of films, of comics, of books and of the Tarot.


An esoteric cartoonist, a poet, a visionary and an animal lover, Pierre La Police anonymously shines forth on the French-speaking cultural landscape.


Orlan has been working on the status of women and of the body since 1964. She is opposed to the prestige of pain and to the formatting of beauty, sports or religion.


Chief editor of ZATAZ, a magazine which sheds a different light on cyber crime, current news and police action.


Gilles-Eric Seralini is a university lecturer and a researcher in molecular biology. He was one of the first scientists to warn the public opinion against the dangers linked to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
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Le premier film à avoir présenté au public une idée d'interface de GESTUELc'est dans : Johnny Mnemonic en 1994
non MINORITY REPORT ...Minority report pousse plus loin le concept mais je penses qu'il est important de rapeleraux lecteurs l'antérioté de l'idée présentée dans Johnny Mnemonic

Minority Report UI designer John Underkoffler talks about the future of gestures il nous parle du projet Luminous Room mais ausi de Perceptive Pixels

Rappel : je vous parlait de G-STALT, (voir InSitu, INRIA Saclay & LRI ,)
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Original post : AS-MAP.COM French
A google traduction French 2 English

Pour ceux qui me suivent depuis un momment je vous ai déjà parler de la borne innovanews developpé par Digimind & Pikko dans le cadre de l’Observatoire des Innovations et du projet innovanews à la Cité des Sciences
Rajouter à cela une micro veille sur les instruments du futurs et plus particulierement leurs interfaces ...
J'étais aux anges pendant la conference sur la realitée augmentée organisée en collaboration avec Demain la lune et Future-instruments durant le jamais assez recomandé MAPPING FESTIVAL
Je reprends ici les pistes d'outil de processing évoquée au début de la conférence par DEMAIN LA LUNE

Le processing KEZAKO?

Processing :
Langage de programmation & environnement de dév "multimédia" de Design by numbers. prolongement "multimédia" de Design by
l'environnement de prog graphique développé par John Maeda du le Media Lab du Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Le logiciel processing à pour vocation la création plastique
et graphique interactive. (MAC, WINDOWS, LINUX) Source: WIKIPEDIA

NDLR :A ce que j'ai compris le terme est devenu générique pour definir les outils de création interactives
Les outils de réalitée augementée présenteé par


is a software library for building Augmented Reality (AR) applications. These are applications that involve the overlay of virtual imagery on the real world. For example, in the image to the right a three-dimensional virtual character appears standing on a real card. It can be seen by the user in the head set display they are wearing. When the user moves the card, the virtual character moves with it and appears attached to the real object.
open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.
T-Shirt Image pen source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is used by students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists for learning, prototyping, and production. It is created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook and professional production tool.

Cours en ligne de l'École d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence
Cours en ligne de l'Université Paris 8
The library is designed to work as a general purpose glue, and wraps together several commonly used libraries under a tidy interface: openGL for graphics, rtAudio for audio input and output, freeType for fonts,freeImage for image input and output, quicktime for video playing and sequence grabbing.

The code is written to be both cross platform (PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone) and cross compiler. The API is
designed to be minimal and easy to grasp. There are very few classes, and inside of those classes, there are very few functions. The code has been implemented so that within the classes there are minimal cross-referening, making it quite easy to rip out and reuse, if you need, or to extend.

A specific tool designed for non-professional or absolute beginners programmers working on art/interaction/design field, and to
provide an easy-to-use fast-approaching tool to cover computer vision interaction design teaching needs(otras).
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From January to June 2011 PACT Zollverein is offering a residency programme for the development and realisation of projects and productions, which is open to professional artists from both Germany and abroad working in the fields of dance, performance, media art or music. Residencies are planned individually and include a working space and local accommodation as well as financial support in the form of a weekly grant allowance and travel costs. By arrangement and subject to requirement, PACT Zollverein also offers its residents technical support and advisory assistance with press and public relations and dramaturgy.

A residency CAN incorporate the following:

> Studio space (from 63 to 173 sq.m.)

> Local accommodation (maximum 6 people)

> Weekly grant allowance for all of the residency project participants (maximum group of 6 people)

> Travel costs covering one journey only per participant to and from PACT Zollverein (subject to prior agreement)

> Technical equipment (by arrangement and subject to availability)

> Stage rehearsals with professional technical supervision and support (by arrangement and subject to availability)

> Daily professional open class

> Professional advice in: Project funding, project management, press and public relations

Your applications should include:

> the completed application form (to be found at: --> Working fields --> Residencies)

> a short letter of motivation

> a project description

> a 10 line summary of your project description

> curriculum vitae for everyone involved in the project

> only 1 DVD / CD-RoM of your own work

Closing date for applications: June 30th 2010 (post-marked) Please do not send the material by registered post or by email !

All complete applications received by this date will be considered and replied to in writing. Residents are selected by a panel. Please note that we can unfortunately not return your application material to you.

Please send the Application to us by post:

PACT Zollverein Residencies 1 / 2011 Katharina Charpey Bullmannaue 20 a D-45327 Essen

For further information contact:

Katharina Charpey Fon: +49 (0)201.2894712 Fax: +49 (0)201.2894701 katharina.charpey @

PACT Zollverein / Choreographisches Zentrum NRW and its residency programme are supported by the Minister President of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the City of Essen. Tanzlandschaft Ruhr is supported by the Kultur Ruhr GmbH.

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LIVE on dance-techTV Today:

"le voyageur de nulle part" from Reza Daneshvar/Iran 18h CET Saturday 29th of May


"where were you on January 8th?" from Amir Reza Koohestani/Iran 20h30 CET Saturday 29th Of May


World Premiere
Amy Seiwert / im'ij-re with Frieder Weiss (U.S.A. & Germany): White Noise

Watch interviews and performance experpts from EXTRA 10, Annecy,

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We will broadcast LIVE on dance-techTV : today the following shows from EXTRA 10 Festival, Annecy, France.

-Steven Cohen in "Chandelier" 18h30 CET 28th May 2010

-Giles Jobin Company Le Chainon Manquant 20h30 CET 28th May 2010

-Christian Vogel 22h30 aprox. from the festival lobby/ 28th May 2010

More Tomorrow!


Produced by EXTRA 10 festival and Work Grid Lab/

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Hello dance-techers,
we will be broadcasting live from the EXTRA 10 Festival in Annecy, France:

-Tonite Thursday May 27th 2010 22h30 CET "Esto es asi y a mi no me jodais..." from Spanish director Rodrigo Garcia. Theater/physical theater in French.
Interview with Rodrigo Garcia (In spanish)

-Tomorrow Friday May 28th 2010 18h30 CET "Chandelier" by South African Artist Steven Cohen.
Sample and interview with Steven Cohen

Watch dance-techTV

Stay tuned...

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En exclusivité le spectacle "Esto es asi y no me jodaïs" (c’est comme ça et me faites pas chier)
du détonnant Rodrigo Garcia, sera accessible en direct grâce au world grid lab dans le cadre du festival-extra 10 de Bonlieu scène nationale.

Rodrigo García nous propose une représentation où les interprètes travaillent une présence brutale, absorbés par leurs tâches ...

Première diffusion en direct sur internet d'une pièce de Rodrigo García, depuis Bonlieu Scène Nationale, Annecy.
L’opportunité de vivre en instantané, avec des personnes du monde entier, l'expérience du constat de notre inertie face à l’horreur de la société de consommation.

Accessible via :
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The use of notation is ubiquitous in music, but not so for
dance. There is still no standardized system of notation for sequences
of movement and choreography. Several years ago the choreographer
William Forsythe created a new and very promising system of notation
with which one can study or reconstruct an entire choreography without
actually having seen it. William Forsythe and his company plan to
continue the development of this new system of notation for dance from
2010 to 2013 and make it available to artists, dance scholars and the
professional public.

The method, which Forsythe developed together with the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design at Ohio State University, utilizes complex CG and animation technology. The piece or choreography
is first recorded on film from various perspectives and then converted
into a written score with the aid of computer software. In an additional
step, the choreographer inserts directions and defines pauses,
transitions and impulses to complete the score. The prototype, which
Forsythe created for his piece “One Flat Thing, Reproduced” (see, will be further developed to increase the
simplicity, user-friendliness and affordability of the software, so that
every choreographer will be able to use the system of notation to
record their own dance pieces in the future.

In order to demonstrate that this method functions with all dance pieces, the “Motion Bank” project, funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation, will apply it to works by other renowned choreographers with
widely differing artistic styles.

If the process proves successful in this trial phase, it will be offered to all choreographers so that they may make a digital score of their own pieces with the aid of free, user-friendly software. In
return, the choreographers must agree to include their scores into the
Motion Bank for public use. Over time, the Motion Bank will evolve into a
library of digital dance scores that documents the complex construction
of the choreographies, enables them to be performed again at a later
time and preserves them for future generations.

The steps of development – from choreography to written score to the reconstructed performance – will be presented to future users and dance enthusiasts in a series of public “lecture performances”. Students and
young artists will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and
master classes which introduce the new method.

The Federal Cultural Foundation has allocated 1.4 million euros to fund the Motion Bank by William Forsythe from 2010 to 2013.

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