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Celebrating its 12th year, the NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL is open for submissions from innovative filmmakers and artists from around the world, who specialize in the exploration of body, dance, and movement through the medium of film and video. All movement-based genres are accepted, such as videodance, animation and documentary.

Selected films will be showcased in a special program focused on dance and will also be eligible for Jury, Audience, and Festival Awards. Please take advantage of this grand opportunity to screen your work in front of thousands of film fans and industry professionals!

The Festival will be running from April 28 to May 5, 2011 and screened in Newport Beach, CA.

For more information on our festival and the submissions process, please visit our official website:

or submit now using this link:

Early Deadline - October 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Special - November 19, 2010

Standard Deadline - December 17, 2010

Final Deadline - January 24, 2011



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Visualizing Dance Archives is a research and development project aimed at creating a 3D animation software for dance and choreography.The goal of this project is to develop a new unique software, which provides the possibility to access historic static sources and to translate their referentiality into visuality, thus revealing its motoric and kinetic aspects. The new computer application will aid research in reconstructing dance by creating animated movement sequences. It will allow to transfer movement content from a variety of sources into a visual, three-dimensional representation. The researcher will be given a great amount of flexibility, offering a wide range of possibilities and choices to connect visualized body postures to movement phrases.


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Watch 50 Dance and Movement Animations

Yesterday, I finished a categorized directory to more than 50 posts on Great Dance that include videos of many different types of dance and movement animations such as 2D and 3D, stop-motion, visual effects, interactive performances and installations, computer games, machinima, live action and CG, motion graphics, visualizations, pre-cinema and many other types.I'm going to continue expanding this dance animation directory. So please email me suggestions and recommendations.
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Dance Animation Program at Kinetic Cinema

I'm looking forward to curating the February 11, 2009 Kinetic Cinema program at Chez Bushwick in Brooklyn. I will be showing different types of dance and movement animations based on my directory of 50 Categorized Dance Animation Videos that I posted yesterday. (You can follow the links in this directory to watch all of the videos).The screening portion will be about an hour and the rest of the program will be devoted to discussing the videos and different aspects of animation, visual effects and related topics.You can read my post on Great Dance to learn more.If you're in New York City area and you'd like to see and discuss dance animations, I hope you can make it to the program.
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Here's a post I wrote this morning in my Kinetic Interface blog. I look forward to comments, especially from those who have worked with motion capture and 3D animation.Summary: There are a number of efforts underway to make the 3D animated human form more lifelike. These developments are taking place both in virtual worlds such as SecondLife and with 3D animations initiated through motion capture systems. The end result will be the creation of personally-identifiable animations that move and act as their real-world counterparts.These advances in 3D animation coupled with improved and less expensive capture technologies and animation software will, I believe, lead to large numbers of dancers experimenting with virtual worlds and different approaches to creating more realistic animations. Quality dance animations offer new avenues for creativity, marketing, studying choreography, revenue generation and the re-staging historical dance works. But the question remains how long it will take before the tools and software will be realistically ready for the dance community.In this post, I cover:* The Avatar Puppeteering project from Second Life* Hands Free 3D's movement-based approach for controlling avatars* The Laban Motion Capture Project at NYU* The PhaseSpace active marker optical motional capture system* Facial capture from Mova[Read post...]
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