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Are you an artist and interested in the blockchain? Curious about the potential of the blockchain for socio-economic design and financial innovation for your communities of practice? Would you like to explore the NFTs and decentralized finances DeFi as a creative space? Are you interested in joining a group of artists researchers exploring these questions and tools? 

If you answer yes to any of these question or you are strongly curious about Crypto, we invite you to apply to participate  in a series of 4 Online workshops/labs for artists and makers offered by MotionDAO

These lab/workshop sessions will offer foundational concepts and tools to access the blockchain economic ecosystem and explore its potential for social and financial innovation. Creative explorations of the affordances of the blockchain will be  encouraged.

The four 90 minutes sessions will introduce the participants to the fundamentals concepts and practices of Web3: blockchain, smart contracts, crypto wallets, token economies, remittances, design and emergence of value, non-fungible tokens, DeFi and DAOs.

Each session will be divided in three parts: conceptual framework, a hands on practicum and a Q&A.

We will be using the  Near Protocol.

Six hours of online mentoring will be offered by appointment.

All levels of experience with crypto and the blockchain are welcome.

Lab will be facilitated in English by Marlon Barrios Solano


September 19th and 26th

October 17h and 24th

1:00 PM EST


  • Limited to 10 participant. Leave a brief replay to this post stating your interest and motivation.
  • Participants must commit to attend all sessions.
  • Participants will receive 10 Near Token (NEAR protocol utility token) as incentive for attending and participation. Check current Near Token Value.
  • The last session culminates with the formal invitation to join the MotionDAO and to apply for the MotionDAO/Near Creative Grants 2022(TBA).

    The labs will use Zoom, and Telegram messenger app as communication tools.


  1. Join if you are not member.
  2. Leave a brief replay to this post stating your interest and motivation.

Questions and more information: marlon(at)

Ruth Cathlow’s definition of the artist role in her book Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain:
“Artists are good in mediating abstractions for our perceptions through play, open exploration and supposition. They can tolerate, even relish, extended encounters with difference, contradiction, muddle and slippage between symbolic and material possibilities without rushing to usefulness or simplicity. They have a kitbag of methods and processes for revealing the practical affordances and animal spirit of a subject, medium or technology. They know that a way to get to know something that does’n yet exist is to collaborate with its possibilities and to do something/anything with it or about it. And by doing so, they materialize and shape what it will be, allowing many other people to access, approach and reach out to it with different parts of themselves:”

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Hello all, 

MotionDAO, an artists collective exploring the affordances of the blockchain for  movement and inter-disciplinary artists.

We have been  meeting, thinking and creating experiments and we have now the opportunity to meet and share our experience in Kassel  Germany during Documenta 15th.

This is the MotionDAO group on

MotionDAO is a project

Claim you special NFT. Scan the QR code and you will be prompted to create a Near wallet to collect the NFT. The daily NFT are gifts for you from MotionDAO artists. #artist #collaboration #motiondao #artblockchain #blockchain #nearprotocol #near #dancetech

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The VI Contemporary Dance and Performing Arts Festival will take place from the 2nd to the 6th of September 2015.

The festival is conceived as an annual meeting where artists and amateurs interested in Contemporary Dance and Performing Arts gather together to create, interact, attend performances and take part in high quality workshops.

Dancers, performers and amateurs will stay for 5 days together again in the Natural Park Cabo de Gata, Almería,

Nature, culture and creation will merge again in this breathtaking landmark in the south-east of Spain.

Programme Costa Contemporánea 2015

This year the festival offers 4 workshops in contemporary dance and performing arts led by Spanish and international well-known teachers :

– Guillermo Weickert (Weickert Cia)

– María Muñoz y Pep Ramis (Mal Pelo)

– Alexis Fernández y Caterina Valera ( La Macana)

– Elías Aguirre Imbernón

Morning Workshops will be in charge of Guillermo Weickert and María Muñoz & Pep Ramis (Mal Pelo). Guillermo Weickert offers his experience in contemporary dance and physical theatre, which he has developped in a physical vocabulary of his own. Mal Pelo has been developed its own artistic language through the movement, incorporating the theatricality with the creation of dramatic arts that include the word. They offer their experience as a creative group characterized by a shared responsibility, which has given like result more than 25 performances.

Afternoons will be dedicated to research, interaction and experimentation in connection with nature. Elías Aguirre will work on the physicality and theanimality, getting the inspiration from nature. La Macana will explore the inner tools to control your actions and emotions, using all your potential and being aware of it to redirect it in a performatic way.

Performances, pieces and artists confirmed:

The festival will hold its opening gala on the 2nd of September 2015, when the three finalists of the II Choreography Contest Mujer Contemporánea will perform their pieces and the jury and the audience will decide on the winner.

The next three days will be the time to enjoy the works of experienced and well-known artists as well those of emerging artists.:

3rd September: Variety Show Night

Ana Cembrero, Lost Archive (Valencia). Videodance

Nicolas Rambaud, ¡Valgo? (Madrid). Dance

Irene de Paz, The skein, (Madrid/ Almería), Contemporary Circus

Elías Aguirre, Longfade (Madrid). Dance

4th September: My great Night

Francisco Córdova & Kiko López, Postskriptum (Barcelona). Dance

María Muñoz, Bach (Barcelona). Dance

Alberto Cortés + María del Mar Suárez, Mariché López. Omar Janaan, Yo antes era mejor (Málaga). Flamenco-theatre

5th September: Dance Fever

Guillermo Weickert, non defined yet (Sevilla). Dance

Alexis Fernández y Caterina Varela (La Macana), Ven (Galicia). Dance

Poliana Lima + Lucia Marote, Stefano Fabris, Aitor Galán, Ángel Perabá, VidAL Marina Santo, Atávico (Madrid). Dance

Smantik, screening “II Costa Contemporánea” (Melilla). Videodance

Jam Session, Dance

VI Costa Contemporánea: 2 – 6 Sept 2015
Pack – Price: 385 euros
It includes:
– 4 workshops
– Entrance to all shows
– Accommodation from 2nd to 6th September and full board

More information:

The entrance fees for the shows outside the pack:
II Contest Contemporary Women -Award Gala – 6 /*4 €
Variety Show Night – 8 / *6€
My great Night – 10 /* 8 €
Dance Fever – 10 / *8 €

*Discount: Unemployed people, children 5-10 years old.
Free entrance for 4 years old children and younger.






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WANTED: FEMALE ACTORS with movement skills or DANCERS with

acting skills, FOR ELENA BAJO'S PERFORMANCE With Entheogenic

Intent (Burn the Witch) AT 18TH STREET ARTS CENTER, LOS



The piece is created by Elena Bajo, a visual artist who has exhibited

internationally and focuses on the social, political aspects of the site in the

city of Los Angeles. Bajo combines performance with large scale

installations to investigate the political and social conditions of change in

post-industrial structures, creating site specific work and a space of

collective action.

The performers will be required to perform in the space of 18th Street Arts

Center. They will be required to do both improvised and choreographed

script/movements determined before hand with the artist. The generator

of the piece is a political text/poem. This political text-manifesto will be

handed to the performers and it will be used to generate their individual

script/choreography. Total duration of the performance around 20 min.


3 days, total: 2 days (1h/day) one on one individual work with the

artist and 1 day (1h/day) run-through in the space with all performers

If you are interested in this project please send ASAP an email to including a web link to video file where your work

can be seen , one image and a brief bio/cv. Express very briefly why you

want to participate in the project. You will be contacted by email to

proceed forward. If you don't have a link to video online let me know and

Ithe artist would send you a text fragment to prepare something short 1-2

min that you could record in Skype or video camera or iphone.

For your participation you will receive a small fee, copy of video footage

and photos of the performance as well as credits in the program. This is

an event widely advertised and expected to be a good exposure. Please

only apply if you are interested in being part of an experimental piece,

outside of the comfort zone, that is the spirit of this project.

More information about Elena Bajo’s work:

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From Peking to Queens to Manipur

12249540465?profile=originalIf a slim, handsome man or woman waits on you in a Manhattan restaurant, you just assume they are performers. But do you do the same in Chinatown and Flushing? Perhaps you should.  Since 1988, Qi Shu Fang, master of Chinese Opera, has been developing her own Peking Opera Company with her husband Ding Mei-kui in Queens. The professional lives of their company resemble those of American performing artists of all genres who juggle rehearsals, performances, lecture-demonstrations, tours, and outside jobs.   Now in their late sixties, Master Qi and Ding who trained since childhood in China, found the void of knowledge about the Peking Opera in the US was their opportunity. Though their lifestyles are modest, their art is magical.


This documentary directed by Alan Govenar gives us an insight as to how the Cultural Revolution affected their art and its masters, the reasons behind the elaborate costumes and makeup, a glimpse of the training.  Designed to lure you into their world, MASTER QI AND THE MONKEY KING makes you yearn to see their Peking Opera,  to study this 200 year old art combining dance, mime, singing, acrobatics, and stories, to understand its aesthetics, both visual and oral. It provokes so many basic questions about its style. Is the dancer/martial artist trained to emulate a sword? Their precise, direct swoops come to an abrupt halt, punctuated by the percussionists. Does the percussionist determine the ending or is he following the dancers?


12249541455?profile=originalMaster Qi shares at her small kitchen table a joke about how three cultures handle a fan. The American wears the fan out, beating the fan in t

he heat until the paper is shredded. The Englishman sways the fan very slowly as only a true gentleman should. But the Chinaman opens the fan very deliberately and then madly wiggles his face before it…because, of course, he must preserve the fan! 


For more information on Master Qi, visit

I will be bringing this charming documentary to Manipur, India for Re:Play 2013!


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We have received an overwhelming response by artists in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Spain and more! As a result we have decided to extend the submissions deadline to April 10th, 2011 to allow more artists more time to send us their work. Keep the submissions coming, there’s extraordinary material and we’re so excited to find out about it! The call for submissions is here.


Join us on Facebook:!/pages/Between-the-Seas-Festival/128267620577566

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Test_Lab: Active Listeners

This edition of Test_Lab will showcase new technology-inspired modes of live musical performance that radically transform the performer’s relationship with the audience.


March 31, 2011. 20:00 - 23:00

V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam



The lyrics to Daft Punk’s “Technologic” – “Touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it, turn it, leave it, start, format it” – allude to the omnipresence of technology in our daily lives and the many different ways in which we engage with it. At a Daft Punk live show, however, it’s predominantly the artists themselves that interact with technology, through musical interfaces. The audience, by contrast, passively observes or dances but rarely touches, brings, starts or formats any of the technology involved in the performance. Yet there are artists who explore technology’s potential to radically break with the traditional performer-audience relationship.

According to Chris Salter, the concert hall has shifted “from a passive arena of listening to an interactive zone of improvisation between sound-making technical apparatuses and their players” (Entangled, 2010). The exciting new modes of performance resulting from this shift have recently gained much attention in publications and conferences. Exactly how these new performance modes affect the performer-audience relationship has however hardly been explored. What does it mean to be an active listener in an “interactive zone of improvisation”? And what does the audience gain from it all?

This edition of Test_Lab will showcase new technology-inspired modes of live musical performance that radically transform the performer’s relationship with the audience. While some of these projects and performances, such as CrowdDJ - Tom Laan, and Nomadic Sound System - Ben Newland; turn the audience into co-performers, others, like Microscopic Opera -Matthijs MunnikEvolving Spark Network - Edwin van der Heide and SPASM 2.0 - V2_Lab; give rise to entirely new modes of listening. As always at Test_Lab, you can touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it, turn it, leave it, start, format it…

This event will be streamed live on from 20:00  to 23:00 CET.


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Between the Seas Festival

New York City, August 29th- September 4th  2011


Join us in celebrating contemporary Mediterranean culture!



Between the Seas Festival is organized for the very first time in New York City from August 29th to September 4th 2011 at the Wild Project theater space in the heart of the East Village. The festival seeks to engage performing artists and researchers from the Mediterranean and Mediterranean diaspora with the following goals:

-       Share with New York City audiences the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary cultural production from the Mediterranean, aspects of which often remain inaccessible and under-represented in North America

-       Encourage exchange and future artistic collaborations between NYC-based and Mediterranean-based artists

-       Contribute to the examination of Mediterranean identity/ies by encouraging discussion and exploration of the region’s commonalities and differences as manifested in arts, history, culture, geography and politics

-       Generate interest and debate over Mediterranean identity and culture, envisioning the region’s potential as a model of cross-cultural exchange beyond polarizing and homogenizing discourses.

The festival is produced by Les Manouches Theater Company with the collaboration of distinguished scholars, theater practitioners and festival managers from the US and Europe.  


We now invite submissions for artistic performances [music, dance, theater] and scholarly papers from emerging and established artists, researchers and academic practitioners. The deadline for submissions is March 30th 2011. Please see for information and submission guidelines in each category.For information email

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CYNETART 2010 Videoteaser #1 from Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau on Vimeo.

CYNETART is an international festival for computer-aided art in Dresden.
The festival has been the focal point of the research at
Trans-Media-Akademie (TMA) Hellerau for 14 years now. This work has made
the festival become a countrywide and internationally recognised
platform of digital culture – providing an in-depth overview of current
developments of technology-based art.

Since the foundation in 1997 CYNETART has accomplished a lively mix of
creative programmers, skilful engineers and innovative sound technicians
and media artists from all over the world. With their original ideas
they come together in November every year. The event presents current
trends in the artistic contention about and application of computer and
network technologies.

Every two years the festival is accompanied by the international
CYNETART competition. With a total prize money of 28.400 Euro it ranks
among Europe’s top awards in the area of media art. An international
expert jury chooses the winners of the CYNETART-award from more than 300
submissions and 30 countries. It also awards a sponsorship prize and an
artist-in-residence-scholarship funded by the Saxon State Ministry of
Science and Art.

CYNETART is a dynamic and energy-driven festival which thrives on the
variety of its international artists and visitors. It features the
captivating architecture of the exceptional and authentic venue, namely
the festival theatre Hellerau and a program rich in contrast. The latter
includes performances, exhibitions, lectures and workshops as well as
electronic live-concerts – altogether an exciting panorama.

The upcoming 14th international festival for computer-aided art will
open on 11th November 2010 with the awards ceremony for the CYNETART
competition 2010. On seven event days the 14th edition of the event is
going to present an exhibition with the prize-winning works and selected
competition entries, first-class performances and an evening program
including live sets with international electronic musicians and VJs.

Thursday, 11th November 2010 | OPENING CYNETART 2010

8 pm
Opening CYNETART 2010 with CYNETART award ceremony (( Great Hall ))

9 pm
CYNETART-Lounge: Get-Together | Receiving with Kali Avaaz
Cycloïd-E | Sound Sculpture by Cod.Act (( Great Hall ))
JUNGEN FREUNDE der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen visiting CYNETART 2010 (( Foyer ))

Opening CYNETART exhibition

presented works:

’ ! ’ | Sound Sculpture by Anke Eckardt
Transducers | Modular System by Verena Friedrich
Post Mortem | Installation by Jannis Kreft
MoshPit Amp | Metal Head Orgasmotrom by fur////
[oszo 34]TM | Installation by Ritchie Riediger
WOP POW | Crash Color Bullit Chic by feat. Annabe
LAG | Installation by Ulf Langheinrich
Default to Public | Tweetscreen by Jens Wunderling
Art Zeppelin | Virtual Exhibition by Igor Sovilj
Mirror | interactive, net-linked installation
Radical ATM Service | Installation by Iván Kozenitzky and Frederico Lazcano
Frühstück | Installation by DoppeldenkTM

9 pm
Sensitive to Pleasure | installation performance by Sonia Cillari (( Studio Ost ))

10 pm
undsonstso | creative comments (( Great Hall ))

CYNETART suggests: Altes Wettbüro

Friday, 12th November 2010 | Automatic Clubbing Night I

3 pm - midnight
CYNETART exhibition

5 to 7 pm
CYNETART-Lounge: Meet the CYNETARTist – artist talk

8 pm - 10 pm
Sensitive to Pleasure | installation performance by Sonia Cillari (( Studio Ost ))

8 pm
Cycloïd-E | Sound Sculpture by Cod.Act (( Great Hall ))

9 pm
Zerkalo (Victoria Lukas & Marie Athénaïs) (FR) (( Great Hall ))

10 pm
Annie Hall (Live) (ES) (( Great Hall ))

11 pm
Minimal Wave Showcase with Veronica Vasicka & Traxx (Jak-Nation) (( Great Hall ))
Traxx Playing LIVE**(special engagement)** and wax

Saturday, 13th November 2010 | Automatic Clubbing Night II

3 pm to midnight
CYNETART- exhibition

3 pm
Utopia Attraktor-Workshop I: Utopia and participation

8-10 pm
Cycloïd-E | Sound Sculpture by Cod.Act (( Great Hall ))

8 - 10 pm
Sensitive to Pleasure | installation performance by Sonia Cillari (( Studio Ost ))

10 pm
Uncanny Valley Showcase with Uncanny Heroes by Jacob Korn & intolight (( Great Hall ))

CYNETART suggests Altes Wettbüro

Sunday, 14th November 2010

11 am - 6 pm
CYNETART exhibition

11 am - 6 pm
Cycloïd-E | Sound Sculpture by Cod.Act (( Great Hall ))

4 - 6 pm
Sensitive to Pleasure | installation performance by Sonia Cillari (( Studio Ost ))

3 pm
Utopia Attraktor-Workshop II: utopia and participation
with: lizvlx
Partizipationsformat: EEG

7 pm
RiP: A Remix Manifesto | film by Brett Gaylor (( Kunsthaus Dresden ))

Tuesday, 16th November 2010

6 - midnight
CYNETART exhibition

6-8 pm
Cycloïd-E | Sound Sculpture by Cod.Act (( Great Hall ))

8 - 10 pm
Sensitive to Pleasure | installation performance by Sonia Cillari (( Studio Ost ))

9 pm
Particle | AV performance by Dfuse (( Great Hall ))

10.30 pm
DRIFT | movie by Ulf Langheinrich (( Great Hall ))

Wednesday, 17th November 2010

11 am - 10 pm
CYNETART exhibition

6-8 pm
Cycloïd-E | Sound Sculpture by Cod.Act (( Great Hall ))

4-6 pm
Sensitive to Pleasure | installation performance by Sonia Cillari (( Studio Ost ))

8 pm
López Immersive Sound | Concert by Francisco López (( Great Hall ))


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MedInitiative:call for artists/collaborators

Call for artists/collaborators

Les Manouches theater company is looking for artists [visual,music,dance,performance], scholars and cultural workers based in NewYork who

-are originally from the Mediterranean

-who belong to the Mediterranean diaspora,

-whose work is informed by or interested in contemporary Mediterranean identity and culture

-who have a keen professional interest in Mediterranean culture

to join us for the creation of the MedInitiative. The MedInitiative will be a network and database that will provide information on the participating artists and their work andwill serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas, information and interests.Through the MedInitiative we seek to find artists and collaborators for theorganization of Between The Seas, a festival of Mediterranean performing artsin NYC. For more information and if you are interested in the project pleasesend your resume, and a letter expressing your interest and background to: Forinformation on Les Manouches please visit

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Boston, MA — Dance and technology take center stage with “Loops,” an exhibition and performance inspired by Merce Cunningham’s solo dance “Loops.” The exhibition takes place April 24-May 10 at the MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, and the performance, presented by Critical Moves, takes place on the evening of April 24. The story of “Loops” began in 2001 when artists Paul Kaiser, Shelly Eshkar and Marc Downie created a digital artwork by motion-capturing Merce Cunningham as he performed. The artists developed a sophisticated software program that turned the motion-capture data into a flowing abstract digital portrait; they later added multiple screens and a soundtrack. In 2008, the Cunningham Foundation and the OpenEnded Group (an organization consisting of Kaiser, Eshkar, and Downie) placed all the material online as open source, where it would be available for repurposing by other artists. Boston Cyberarts, with a grant from the LEF Foundation, commissioned four media artists — Brian Knep, Golan Levin, Casey Reas, and Sosolimited — to utilize the “Loops” material in whatever way they chose to create new works. The results are on display from April 24 through May 10 at the MIT Museum, with an opening reception on April 24 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Additionally the works, along with their code, will be online at as open source for use by others. Also at the MIT Museum, Critical Moves Contemporary Dance Series presents a performance on April 24 by two dancer-choreographers performing works inspired by the “Loops” project. Jonah Bokaer performs “False Start,” an excerpt of his evening length "Three Cases of Amnesia", a technology-influenced solo dance and media work. Marjorie Morgan performs a new solo work of her own, involving live looping sound tracks and simultaneous solo dancing. Sound and video are provided by Jed Speare. The evening also includes a keynote talk by Marc Downie of OpenEnded Group, and a Q&A. The 2009 Boston Cyberarts Festival takes place April 24-May 10, 2009, at museums, galleries, performing spaces, educational institutions, and on the web. Complete information about the Festival, including a searchable database of the more than 50 events and exhibitions, is available at Further information on the Boston Cyberarts Festival is available by calling 617.524.8495 or emailing At a Glance What: “Loops” Exhibition Who: Presented by Boston Cyberarts, in conjunction with the Cunningham Foundation, OpenEnded Group, and MIT Museum Works by Brian Knep, Golan Levin, Casey Reas, and Sosolimited Sponsored by LEF Foundation Where: At the MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge When: Exhibition on view April 24 – May 10. Open daily 10 am – 5 pm. Opening Reception Friday, April 24, 5:30 – 7:30 pm Admission: $7.50 adults; discounts for students, seniors, MIT community. Free on Sunday mornings. Admission to the Opening Reception is free. What: “Loops” Performance Who: Presented by Critical Moves Contemporary Dance Series, with support from the Boston Dance Alliance Featuring performances by Jonah Bokaer and Marjorie Morgan, sound and video by Jed Speare Keynote address by Marc Downie of OpenEnded Group, and Q&A Where: MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge When: Friday, April 24, 8:00 pm Admission: $20 general admission; $18 for students and Boston Dance Alliance members Reservations online at, or purchase at the door Biographies of Performers Jonah Bokaer is an award-winning choreographer and media artist. Based in New York, he is dedicated to expanding possibilities for live performance through choreography, digital media, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and social enterprise, in the United States and internationally. He has worked with such leading dance figures as Merce Cunningham, John Jasperse, David Gordon, Deborah Hay, Tino Sehgal, and many others. His work has been presented widely throughout the United States and abroad, including Cornell University, Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace Project, Dixon Place, La Mama ETC, P.S. 122, Symphony Space, the ISB (Bangkok), Naxos Bobine, Studio Théâtre de Vitry, and La Générale (Paris). Marjorie Morgan is a Boston-area choreographer, composer, dancer and singer whose work often combines elements of movement, live sound, music and text. She is particularly fascinated with the territory between composition and improvisation, and between narrative and abstraction. Her original works have won her two awards for outstanding achievement in the arts and repeated Best of Boston Awards from the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Boston Phoenix. She has performed and toured nationally and internationally with the companies of Pooh Kaye, Paula Josa-Jones, Caitlin Corbett, Snappy Dance Theater, and the Mobius Artists Group. Marjorie is a professor in the Theater Department at the Boston Conservatory. Marc Downie is an artist and artificial intelligence researcher. Born in Aberdeen, UK, he has an MA in natural science and a MSci in physics from the University of Cambridge. In 2005 he obtained a PhD from MIT’s Media Lab, writing a thesis entitled “Choreographing the Extended Agent.” He is part of the OpenEnded Group, an association of three digital artists who create works for stage, screen, gallery, page, and public space. Jed Speare is a crossover artist working in a variety of media and settings. Initially trained in music composition, he has presented sound, performance, video, installation, conceptual, and community-based works locally, nationally, and internationally for over thirty years. In Boston, he has been known primarily as a member of the Mobius Artists Group since 1995 and as the Co- Director and Director of Mobius from 1996 through 2004. He has recently been Director of Studio Soto, a space for ideas, since 2006. # # # The Boston Cyberarts Festival, launched by George Fifield in 1999 with seed funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, is the only Festival in the world that encompasses all art forms, including both visual and performing arts, film, video, electronic literature, public art, and web art. The 2009 Boston Cyberarts Festival takes place April 24-May 10, 2009, at museums, galleries, performing spaces, educational institutions, and on the web. Cyberart encompasses any artistic endeavor in which computer technology is used to expand artistic possibilities — that is, where the computer’s unique capabilities are integral elements of the creative process in the same way that paint, photographic film, musical instruments, and other materials have always been used to express an artist’s vision. Your browser may not support display of this image.Your browser may not support display of this image.Your browser may not support display of this image.Boston Cyberarts is grateful for the support of many generous individuals and institutions, including The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, ArtsBoston, IBM, LEF Foundation, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Phoenix Media Communications Group, and 1330 Boylston Street.
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Media Arts Histories Archives

A very important... "digital repository of scholarship examining the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology! Our collections are currently being fleshed out and added to. Archive Goals :: world wide access - create a place for classic texts, cross-pollinated, cutting-edge scholarship - items submitted and regulated by authors - rich metadata MAHArchive connects disciplines which devote research efforts to Media Art, from art history, through film, theater, media and cultural studies, to psychology, informatics, and anthropology, just to name a few."
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The Surveillance System says Poulson is a physical network of bodies controlling bodies through movement, video, improvisation and sound. "These works exist somewhere between the realms of performance art and dance. They focus on movement as a language of basic human interaction, whether it is through a subtle gesture, a theatrical spectacle, or the placement of a body within a space." says Poulson.In fact it also represents to many viewers a temporal and iterative dimension to dance with technology capturing proportions of bodies and technologies temporally in dimension and space..Sarah says, " Pre-recorded and live surveillance videos act as signals that trigger the performers’ options within the non-linear dramas. Choreographed and improvisational elements based on spontaneous decisions force us (and/or other performers) to learn how we fit within the system and how we can or cannot manipulate one another. Dynamic systems of communication emerge within these multi-sensory works."Visit Sarah's page

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