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 I am so happy that our project #MotionDAO was included in the current #gitcoin grants rounds for quadratic funding

The GitCoin organization  matches  your donation using an algorithm that favors the amount of donations/supporters instead of the amount of $ donated. So real crowd funding.

You may donate just a dollar in ETH , DAI, USDC  or Matic and it gets algorithmically augmented based in the number of supporters.

This round is until March 24th.

Support MotionDAO.

We are an international think-tank of artists, researchers, creative technologists and token engineers paving the way of creative innovation in the web3 for/with movement artists/embodied perspective.

To donate you need to use your Metamask wallet and you may use ETH or Matic. Please share and...thank you!

Cool opportunity  to get you wallet and etc! Follow videos!

Ask us questions and join the conversation in our super active Telegram Channel.


#innovation #project #funding #engineers #creative #ethereum #polygon #matic #kernel #motiondao



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CROWD FUNDING - a try out lll

Tomorrow is now the last day of the competition at the Fidor bank ( and we're quite excited about it!

We're still in the first row, but you never know about the jokers other players might have and, lets be real - it is a game. So I see my self and all the people involved sitting in front of their computer, checking the website of Fidor every minute...

The last days we spent on writing emails and facebook messages and twitter messages and talked to people - all to mobilize the crowd so that they vote for us. This is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time. Especially if you try to make your mother vote as well. Not an easy one. Well, we need every vote.

The communication part on every platform is the most important point in the whole thing. If you know a lot of people and you make them vote for you - you made a good job in communicating your project. It also helps to ask your friends and partners to forward your request.

In the first action I sent 700 messages and emails - we have 60 votes by now. So you see what's left. But I have to admit, it is a boarder to register at a bank you don't know and all that stuff. Also the registration process is not just that you click on the project to vote. So people hesitate. It's a new way to fund project. People might have doubts and all. But never the less - we are optimistic!

If we win the competition, we will receive our first funding to produce the dance piece ROHRPOST.

Give it a try too!

Thanks and good night,

Johanna for mind_the_gut

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CROWD FUNDING - a try out ll

After some days of having the competition online, beeing the first in the row and having left just 3 days to vote for us - the website has an error. WOHOO. That keeps the suspense quite high...

We hope this is gone by tomorrow and some followers will vote in the last minutes in order to help us being the one getting the support by the Fidor bank.

Nothing more to tell by now - you can become a fan on facebook if you wish

We'll keep you informed!


Johanna mind_the_gut

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CROWD FUNDING - a try out

So we are invited to show our dance production ROHRPOST (tube mail) at the TANZWOCHE DRESDEN (dance week Dresden) in April 2011. The piece is yet to be produced - but where does the budget comes from? We started a crowd funding deal last week. I'm gonna right about it, keep you updated.

If you wanna support us as well - below you'll find the instructions for the Fidor competition.

With great help from Thomas Dumke (TMA) and some more people, we gonna try out CROWD FUNDING. Something which is kind of new - well in Germany at least.

Two ways to do so. First step is a competition at the Fidor bank. Where supporters have to register, search for our project ("ROHRPOST") and click on the >thumbs up< button. If we get the most votings till December 15th, we get our first funding. Straight from the bank. Nice one.

Second one is a platform called As a so called starter you create a profile where you introduce your project to the public. Supporters have to register. Now they can decide rather they "just" become a fan of the project or they might wanna donate some money. Everyone who gives in money will receive a small gift as a thank you.
We had to set a deadline. Untill that day we have to manage to get the money (through the crowd) we said we need. If we manage that, Startnext will support us as well. If not, everyone who gave in some money will get it back. Also nice.

For now we started with step one - the Fidor competition. At the moment we're in the first row. Which is very nice, but the deadline here is December 15th and the rivals never rest...

Guidance thumbs up for „wersollsbekommen“ competition:
for the new dance production by Johanna Roggan & Rebekka Esther Böhme ROHRPOST (tube mail) we are going to try out CROWD FUNDING via STARTNEXT and a competition at the FIDOR bank. If you want to support us and a new way of cultural funding – take 10 minutes and follow our instructions.
ATTENTION. The website is in German. We tell you what to do, step by step.
You have just one vote! And it has to be done until December 15th 2010.

let's go:FIDOR BANK AG – to register for the competition go to:
there is no small window opening: on the very top left side is a button >registrieren< click on that
Anrede* (Bitte auswählen) >> title (please select)
Vorname* >> name
Nachname* >> surname
Nick-Name* >> nickname
E-Mail-Adresse* >> e-mail address
Passwort* >> password
(there is a security advice for your password, it tells you how safe your chosen word is)
Passwort wiederholen* >> re enter password

below all that is a field for a small hook, click on it. With the hook you agree to the SBT.
Then click on the huge orange button >Jetzt anmelden!< register now!

Wait for the registration e-mail with the link to sign in.

“wersollbekommen“ competition:
the competition is quite important and possible just by registration at the FIDOR bank. In case we win the competition, it would be our first earning to produce our dance piece.

Go to
and log in with your informations you just added during the registration process.
Scroll down. There is a silver-colored field called >Nutzersuche<. Type in ““ and click on >suchen< (search). On the right side of the (German) text is a thumps up sign. Click on it. That's your vote for us.
You have just one vote! And it has to be done until December 15th 2010.

Thanks a lot!!!

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

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YOUNG CHOREOGRAPHERS INITIATIVECompetition for The 2008 Susan Braun AwardDFA is offering an opportunity for a choreographer between the age of 16-25 living in New York City to create a short dance film and/or adapt a stage choreography for the camera with a young filmmaker with grant from DFA. Named after DFA's founder, the late Susan Braun, the award is cash and guidance from mentors who are dance and film professionals.1st prize: Susan Braun Award Winner* Cash prize to be used towards the production* Opportunity to advance your cinematic ideas with team of mentors* Screening of recent Dance on Camera Festival winning shorts2nd prize: Honorable Mention* Opportunity to advance your cinematic ideas with team of mentors* Screening of recent Dance on Camera Festival winning shorts3rd prize: Special High School Student Prize* Workshop in shooting dance for the camera* Opportunity to shadow a mentorAll applicants will be invited to a special Dance Film Lab to learn more about adapting choreography and the process of making dance films.Application on-line to enter: May 9, 2008Our purpose: To encourage a new generation of dance filmmakers.
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