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Modul-dance facts and figures

Modul-dance ended in December 2014. We are pleased to share with you the hard facts and figures regarding the activities of this European cooperation project devoted to support the development of dance art artists.

20 partners
16 European countries
52 selected artists
44 research modules
120 residency modules
53 production modules
346 presentation modules
13 festivals
10 think tank
6 conferences
22 roadshow activities
20 film screenings
63 carte blanche to artists and cultural workers
17 dramaturgic advice
14 partners’ meetings
463 on tour presentations
705 cultural workers directly involved
23.332 modul-dance festivals audience
67.761 spectators of presentations at partners’ venues
150.000 spectators of presentations at other international venues

European exchange happens. Thanks to modul-dance we have established a successful infrastructure where larger - and smaller - scale organisations are able to collaborate for the benefit of artists from all over Europe.

Thanks to everybody who made modul-dance possible!

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6th-7th Februry 2016 Ackerstadt Palast Berlin

Connecting Fingers (Theatre Dance Performance -45 Minutes- English):
An encounter with some refugees.
In attempting to connect with their stories, dancers will lead us on a second journey.

The Birthday - Short Film (16 Minutes, Mandarin/English with german subtitles) Berlin Premiere

Two taiwanese girls, Ron and May, are living in Berlin. As Ron’s birthday approaches, the different love that they feel for each other places them in front of a meaningful change.

Nomination Best Cinematography ShanghaiPride 2015 -
14 Festivals Official Selection
More info:

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Modul-dance final book

After four-years-and-a-half of development, modul-dance arrives to its end. Twenty dancehouses from sixteen countries had the chance to cooperate in a project with the aim to support development, mobility and exchange among dance artists under the umbrella of the European Dancehouse Network.

We are very proud of the work developed in the framework of this project, an example of best practice based on the commitment and the sustainable cooperation of its partners and institutions.

In the project final book we worked to collect, as plural as possible, testimonials by partners and artists participating while addressing many of the key issues that were part and parcel of the project: mobility, community, cooperation, sharing and sustainability at the European level.

Download pdf here.

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One of the modul-dance project key elements is the promotion of mobility, so that artists receiving its support follow itineraries across Europe to develop their creative work and present it to different audiences.

Modul-dance presents a collection of modul-dance city guides. Each of the guides in this collection shows a city from the viewpoint of a local artist, who proposes his or her own particular route to artists in transit, seeking to put them in connection with their host city. While these city routes share some basic features, each one is different and in their differences lies a wealth of gazes, aesthetics, approximations to the local and much more. In a word, they form a mirror of the diversity that modul-dance has always fostered. Athens, Barcelona, Bassano del Grappa, Dresden, London, Stockholm, Vienna, Toulouse, Paris and Poznań ready to be discovered.

The ten city guides are available from this link:

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12249569660?profile=originalWe would like to invite you to participate in Another Language Performing Arts Company’s latest project Ghost Town. The program involves artists researching and/or visiting a Utah ghost town and creating content about the experience.

Ghost Town takes place completely online and is crowd sourced. The creation of original content is wide open to your artistic interpretation, possibilities include: photographs, dance, video/movies, animations, visual art, music, soundscapes, poetry and text compositions.

Project guidelines:


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soul project tour

"an enthralling evening of visceral solos"

 - NY Times


David Zambrano


Soul Project, conceived and directed by the legendary David Zambrano, in collaboration with a cast of seven remarkable performers from Mozambique, Slovenia, Greece, Slovakia, the U.S. and Venezuela, invites you to get close with its glorious performers and your fellow audience members as spontaneous solos performed to classic soul tunes erupt all around you. The joy is contagious as dancers strive to embody the dance as deeply and powerfully as soul music greats -- Aretha Franklin, Ike & Tina Turner, Bettye Lavette, Gladys Knight & The Pips among others -- reveal the song.

Produced by MAPP International Productions


April 14
Milwaukee, WI


April 19 - 21
New York, NY


April 27 - 28
San Francisco, CA


April 30 - May 1
Austin, TX


May 3
Stanford, CA


May 10 - 12
Minneapolis, MN

May 17 - 19
Miami, FL
The U.S. tour of Soul Project is made possible with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Dance Project of the New England Foundation for the Arts, supported by lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and additional funding provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Community Connections Fund of the MetLife Foundation, and the Boeing Company Charitable Trust. 
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> MotionFrames
May 4 till 7 - Festival Tec Art Eco, Lugano (CH)

MotionFrames is an integrative installation/workshop directed by Gilles Jobin and by the composer Cristian Vogel. The dancers of Lugano will create video clips that feature the interaction between body movements, urban environments and real time software processing.

MotionFrames was initially developed for the GVA Sessions 2010 Made in Yokohama/Japan in summer 2010 at Zou-No-Hana Terrace.

> World Grid Lab
May 12 till 28 - Festival EXTRA 11, Annecy (FR)
May 4 till 7 - Festival Tec Art Eco, Lugano (CH)

World Grid Lab is an open mobile studio/workshop created to transform the center of a festival into an interactive laboratory for experiences on the use of Web 2.0. Assisted by reporters and by webmasters, Marlon Barrios Solano (specialist media) will publish on the web a real-time newspaper.

MotionFrames and World Grid Lab are the firsts projects of GVA DanceMedia Lab/GVA Dance Project of the Cie Gilles Jobin
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project description  from website:

Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers are a tool dedicated to artistic research. They intend to gather the necessary conditions for projects that do not fit pre-existing systems of artistic and cultural production. Their organization and structure, as well as the modalities of residency (such as duration of stay and budget) adapt themselves to the hosted proposals.
These proposals allow to renew and question existing modalities of production, as well as their resulting terms of work and address. They belong to all artistic backgrounds. The objects and forms of research do not necessarily fit the usual practices or disciplines the initiating artists may be distinguished for.

Research projects both address the audience through the forms they produce and through invitations to take part in their processes. These participations lead to question the collective dimension of a research, i.e: the nature of shared knowledge and practices, and the way in which this activity organizes itself. These participants are volunteers, and most of them live in or regularly come to Aubervilliers.
Generally, researches are publicized through the Journal des Laboratoires, which exists under three free complementary forms. The paper edition is distributed among a network of French and European collaborators. Public openings are occasionally organized at 8 pm (5 pm on Sundays) and take different forms: performances, projections, lectures, concerts, meals, etc. The archive includes the website, reference books, along with the documentation of previous projects since 2001, available for consultation.
Projects hosted by Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers may involve cultural, social or scientific structures and institutions, either locally, nationally or internationally committed, as well as structures of distribution and co-production.

Also, les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers regularly exchange with several European structures: artists, activists or curators collectives, magazines, festivals, mostly self-organized art spaces, schools, etc. They share an interest for the development of alternative approaches to knowledge and practice sharing on a local level, which lead to an ongoing criticism and renewal of what is at stake in artistic research.

Grégory Castéra, Alice Chauchat, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez

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To all interested members... One of the greatest impacts of the development of the internet has been on the democratization of the knowledge production and distribution, and with the new internet this potential is maximized with the development of interactive video broadcasting technologies and potent social software platforms. Now the users can engage in sustainable ways of managing their own information and knowledge creation and distribution. has made a partnership with Mogulus (the same platform that I have been using for the first channel), one of the most advanced internet video platforms for Live Broadcasting, video on demand and linear transmission of programs. This partnership allows dance-techTV to offer to all members of the possibility of become producers of their own internet HD video channel. How it works? The main purpose of this project is to develop a group of motivated users that will assume the role of producers or their own internet channel creating a real world wide network of collaborators from content production, aggregations to distributionall done within a community of engaged users. In this model, the channels are operated independently by each producer and are affiliated to the dance-techTV network. Read about Mogulus Mogulus Mogulus Prices System Requirements FAQ Benefits: If a user goes directly to Mogulus and wants to enjoy the advantages of a PRO account it has to pay 350$ a month. A PRO account allows the user to broadcast in HD, eliminate ads and have reliable statistics. The PRO user has a quota of 25 GB of bandwidth and will pay 1.20 per GB extra. The dance-techTV Network Deal With dance-techTV Network each associated channel will be PRO and will have 50 GB per month for bandwidth and storage and will pay only 0.50 per GB beyond the quota. FEES? A special system of SUGGESTED DONATION has been designed: $ 150.00 per month + .50 per GB extra OR $ 75.00 per hour of broadcast $ 70.00 per hour of training These fees are estimated to cover actual costs of bandwidth and labor but you can pay what you can! Every member has the right to have a channel! So, we are all contributing and distributing the load of the costs. All donations are made to the Dance Tech Interactive PayPall account. Conditions: -The channel producer must be a member. -The channel must be used for art related content such as lectures, performances, talk shows, interviews, special artistic projects, online teaching. -Each members can have only one channel per account in the dance-techTV network. -The producer must embed the channel in his or her member page in -The producer is allowed to embed the player in any other sites. -The producer must always include a link to his or her member page when announcing a broadcast. -The producer must always state: The Channel is provided by dance-techTV Network. -The producer is responsible for all copyright and all the productions aspects the channel: channel customization and branding, content management, administrations and back ups. -The producer must announce the exact times of all live broadcasts to the channel main administrator. -The producer must make use of the event calendar to announce the broadcasts or spacial programming. -If the producer of the channel is using the channel for paid broadcasts or directly paid work needs to be mindful and share the benefits with the network. If you are interested in getting your own channel with the network COMMENT IN THIS POST!or send me an email to marlon(at)dance-tech(dot)net also include in your text the name in one word for the new channel, so it would look like this: Some of you might have already expressed interest in your channel so proceed to write the selected name for your channel. Marlon Barrios Solano Dance-techTV Executive Producer
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