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Costa Contemporánea met La Ignorancia to create a unique video dance project that took place at the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, (Almería, Spain).

This video-dance project has been conceived as creative break for directors, dancers, performers, photographers, film technicians or anyone else interested in the art of filmmaking.


A new concept with the goal of creating cultural and educational experiences in a unique environment.

Costa Contemporánea broadened its horizons to international participants thanks to the collaboration and experience of the multidisciplinary collective La ignorancia dance film music, based in Brussels since 2008 and formed by the choreographer / filmmaker Ana Cembrero and the cinematographer /musician Jorge Piquer.


During the workshop participants approached the currently under expansion art genre video dance: reviewing the history of cinema and dance, learning the technical aspects of the camera, editing and post-production software, introducing themselves to the new independent filmmaking technologies as well as the low-cost HDSLR cameras.

They analyzed motion from a cinematographic point of view and the relationship between body and audiovisual language. Overall, participants explored their personal creativity through practical exercises and carried out their dance-film from the first steps, wrapping up with a general overview of the different coverage media and distribution.


A selection of the work created at the workshop was screened at International Dance Festival Mes de Danza de Sevilla (see pictures) and at EAMM Arts School Miguel Marmolejo (see pictures

See video: MAKING OF VIDEO DANCE WORKSHOP, Videodance Workshop 2013

See video: MERCURIO by Tristana Castilla, Videodance Workshop 2013


Videodance Workshop 2013 

Join us in the art of dance filmmaking in a charismatic environment.. Come and create movies, create dance in a natural environment through the interaction of these two artistic languages, developing a powerful visual expression.



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Right in the middle of a world-wide tour that's taking the best of moves09 as far as Glasgow, Australia, Hungary, Spain, Brazil or Russia moves returns to the North West. Showcasing the most recent and fascinating works that examine movement on screen moves will takeover the renowned cultural centre The Bluecoat (Liverpool) from 21 to 25 April 2010.Established in the North West of England, moves is the largest exhibition platform in the UK for experimental short film and new media with a unique focus on movement on screen, exploring new ways of telling stories through films, installations and screen-based works.moves10 is preparing for its 6th edition in April 2010 with a new and exciting programme going more international than ever and presenting work indoors and outdoors, featuring international screenings, talks, interactive installations, workshops and live events.OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIESDeadline Sunday 13 December.NEW!PRIZE This year you can win a tour across Europe to present your work with the Alternative Routes Award! (see below)moves is now inviting artists to submit their work for inclusion in the 2010 festival programme.moves10 expands the open call and welcomes screen-based installations as well as films and papers exploring movement through its context.The works must have been completed from January 2008 onwards.THE THEMEUnder the theme “Framing Motion”, the festival will explore how practitioners choose to frame movement through their choice of setting and context, viewed through the eyes of the director, choreographer, animator,... in defining the boundaries for screen-based works. These can be real worlds or imaginary, abstract, impossible or augmented environments defined by a specific visual intent.In looking at methods of capturing a sense of pulse and energy, we also investigate definitions of stillness. Rather than contradicting our central motif, it is the dialogue of pause-and-release through which motion occurs: capturing - if only for a moment - the essence of life ablaze.ALTERNATIVE ROUTES AWARDmoves is part of Alternative Routes, a European network to encourage the transnational circulation of artistic and cultural works, developing a new route for experimental screen-based work in collaboration with three festivals in Hungary, Iceland and Portugal.By participating in moves10's open call, you and your work enter the Alternative Routes competition with a chance to become part of this exciting network and tour to the partner festivals across Europe!If your work is successful the selection committee will either nominate you for the Alternative Routes PRIZE or the Alternative Routes TOUR.AR Prize: Alternative Routes will take you and your work as far as Iceland, Hungary and Portugal. The prize is a great opportunity to present your work across Europe, meet other artists, visit and get to know other organisations, and promote your work to industry people on international level.AR Tour: Alternative Routes will take your work on tour and showcase it across Europe, using moves (UK), 700IS (Iceland), FRAME Research (Portugal) and INTERMODEM (Hungary) as platforms.note: only Europe-based artists are eligible to enter the AR award.Read more about Alternative Routes here.Submission forms can be downloaded on Sunday 13 December 2009.Experience, create, debate and tour your work celebrating with us 6 years of moves!
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Screentest Fest

Sabine Klaus' A_WAY_AWAY is screening at

The UK’s National Student Film Festival. Created in 2004 as a platform to showcase student filmmaking talent from around the UK the festival recently enjoyed its fourth year with the 2008 event taking place over the weekend of the 29th February - 2nd March. Screentest will return to The University of Bristol Students’ Union, Bristol on the 6th - 8th March, 2009.Over the course of the weekend the year’s selection of student-made short films was shown alongside a great programme of guest speakers hosting Q & A sessions, talks and workshops. 2008 saw contributions from BAFTA award winner Luis Cook, young director Vicky Jewson as well as workshops hosted by Leopard Films, Jill Raistrick, David Bekkevold, Alex Kirkland and NFTS talent scout Paul Green. Previous years have seen guests such as Director Ken Loach, Actress Emily Watson, Screenwriter David Nicholls, Chairman of BAFTA Duncan Kenworthy, and UK Film Council Chairman Stewart Till.
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TRENCH is screening at returns to Manchester and the UK from 23 to 28 April 2009.Now in its 5th year, moves is established as the largest exhibition platform in the UK for experimental short film and new media with a unique focus on movement on screen, exploring new ways of telling stories through films, installations and screen-based works.2008 was the year of music, questioning the interaction of sound and movement on screen; moves09 will be looking at stories beyond movement, exploring the narrative possibilities of movement on screen through screenings, installations, live events, open-source forums…moves is the largest exhibition platform in the UK for experimental short film and new media with a unique focus on movement on screen, exploring new ways of telling stories through films, installations and screen-based works.Wherever you live, you can catch moves:in Manchester and the North West with a 6-day festival exploring movement on screen through screenings, installations, workshops and open-space forums;in the UK on the BBC Big Screens and in selected venues such as Sadler's Wells and Glasgow CCA;worldwide with a year-round tour taking moves' favourites as far as Hungary, Russia and Brazil.
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moves08 Movement on Screen Festival (short moves08) took place in Manchester and Lancaster from 22nd to 26th April 2008. Here is my little summary of the event for anyone who – unfortunately - could not make it because you really missed something. It was simply awesome! Pascale Moyse, Festival Director of Moves08, pulled together a well-organized, interesting and elite-level string of events and although the festival was filled with high profile and international input; it still remained very personal and offered a great opportunity to network and to gain real insight into the contemporary world of video dance.Due to work commitment (I was filming TRENCH with Anthony Missen and Kevin Turner) I had to miss the first two days of the festival but joined in on Thursday and that’s where this blog starts:Thursday, 24th April 200810am – 11:25am Brigitta Hosea at RNCMForum 6Brigitta Hosea spoke about sound drawings and performance drawings and demonstrated various ways to great stunning imagery purely with her voice. She also mentioned how she uses PWM, light sensors and motors in her work and her interest in motion sensitive toys like the ones that can be found in an Argos catalogue. For example, there is a Barbie head that is able to learn a song and sing it with its lips in sync. From here on the discussion was opened up and the “Modified Toy Orchestra” by Brian Duffy from Birmingham was brought up as well as French emotional toys. More physically active gadgets like a Wii or GPS can get literally our bodies involved in an interactive way, e.g. in a project based in London a drawing was created matching the tracks tagged mobilephone carries have taken. And then we wondered how Maurice Merleau-Ponty would have viewed those new aspects of technology and knowledge of sense-data in his philosophy on – 1pm Alex Reuben at RNCMForum 7Alex Reuben was once a DJ who moved his passion for dance to filmmaking. His quest to find out why he loves dance and why especially certain styles of music make him dance led him to travel America and documented personal journeys of the roots of dance in “Routes”. It is a sound-led work for cinema that shows an anthropological side of music and dance and was commissioned by Capture/ English Arts Council.Reuben’s own artistic roots lie in Fine Art which is still reflected in his video work like Que Pasa bringing together painting, sound and ethnic dance. He says that as a DJ, he was able to ‘sculpt’ a room with his music and that he sees similar physical responses created by American artists like Jackson Pollock.2:30pm – 4pm Donald Glowinsky at RNCMForum 8, Keynote speakerDonald Glowinsky is based at the InfoMus Lab at Casa Paganini at University of Genova, Italy. His research focuses on activity analysis of music and dance performance to develop novel techniques and computational models for understanding non-verbal communication. The interactive software Eyesweb derives from the concept of animacy: kinematics (speed), form (shape) and dynamics (force) to give information of intention. 12 dots are sufficient enough for the human eye to recognize a human being in motion and its emotion, possibly even with as little as 3 dots (GEMEP Corpus) (festival in June)Mr Gurk effect 1970www.infomus.orgwww.casapaganini.orgwww.eyesweb.org4pm – 5pm Conference Wrap Up6pm – 9pm Dance for Camera Night at Sandbar with South East DanceMy friend Christopher Perkins, a photographer and filmmaker based in Manchester wrote a blog about this particular Thursday night’s eventhttp://snapztalks.blogspot.comFriday 25th April 200810am – 4pm Eyesweb Masterclass with Donald Glowinsky at MMU CheshireThis workshop gave a hands-on experience with the Eyesweb software which has a straightforward layout resembling a mix of an email inbox and Apple Motion. The icons are kept simple: a camera represents the camera input, a TV is the connection to a monitor; this makes it very easy to achieve interactive results with little start-up help.Eyesweb is a free software and is currently utilized by about 10,000 users6:30pm – 8pm Visions d’aillieurs, screening at RNCMThis screening brought together an international selection of various video dance genres. The possibly all-over favourite was Pork by Gido Leytens from Netherlands: a guy is watching TV when a woman on the screen starts speaking, this causes him to have a fit and flashbacks of being treated like a dog explode in. This might not sound too exciting, yet, the way it was shoot, directed, edited and acted worked really well. Personally, I enjoyed Tango Finlandia by Hannu Lajunen because it used animation in an original way and the story of two guys trying to dance/wrestle was very amusing. In Andy Wood’s Three is a Crowd the audience can sense how Wood actually dances with his camera in this uncut version with the improvising, tango-dancing couple. Analog Brother by German Falk Peplinski applies stop-motion animation technique to the dancers/actors with a fantastic overall bluish grade. It throws you back to the 80’s and I couldn’t help thinking of Petshop Boys and Kraftwerk.8:15pm – 9:45pm Alex Reuben’s Now that’s what I call Modern Disco Dancing Classics Vol 1 at RNCMReuben ingeniously mixed together video works he created between 1999 and 2007; a natural flow run throw the varying imagery and proves his djing skills can also be applied to editing and vjing. It blended together hand-held documentary shoots with scripted studio shoots to motion capture animations. The Q & A afterwards offered the opportunity to get some background information about the works.Saturday 26th April 200811am – 1pm Industry Brunch at SandbarApologies if any names are misspelled!Tamsin Durie from LANWest (Live Art North West) brought to attention the various opportunities that are around in the area of Manchester:- Emgerency is an Open Performance platform happening in September/October- 3 yr funding scheme with In-Transit- LANWest collaborates together with the GreenRoom in Manchester but also with Leeds, Klucol, Carlisle, University of Lancashire, Neville in Lancaster to create a network for producing work and promotion- Panda-Arts focuses on support for stage, street theatre, live art, film, networking and business development. They offer mentoring and show-starter seminars for graduates and students.Werner Moebius and Mariella Greil are part of the Sound Networks which affiliates with the Open Source City, an autonomous village and is shaped by its members. On 3rd and 4th May 2008 a Contact Theatre is taking place.Lesley Ann Rose runs the Northern Film Maker Network which have been established since 2000; it is a dynamic creative non-profit agency helping uprising filmmakers to find funding and crews. The Northern Film Maker newsletter offers members to add in their own call-outs. The programme of events spans from opportunities with Channel 4 and Dazzle Films to networking events…and works together with the Cornerhouse (Manchester) and Hosea contributed to the discussion on Funding & Comprising the fact that in Spain digital artists are not given any support and therefore set up Technearte in Asturias and Bilbao. This organization offers residencies for digital artists in professional companies that e.g. specialize in alarms and mobile phones and welcome the artists’ innovative creative approach.4pm – 5:30pm Outside the Box, Screening at RNCMOutside the Box screened my video A_WAY_AWAY which is a mix of live action and animation and can be view on my website Pan Y Cebollas by Ramona Poenaru plays with the notion living on your object of desire alone; in a raw animalistic way two beautiful women “eat” a naked man laid out on a wooden table. The most inventive film was Kitchen by Francois Vogel from France; a special lens was created to for this video to give the illusion of a spinning room viewed through a fish-eye.6pm – 7pm Transcended, Screening at RNCMPhilippa Thomas’ Electric Desert brought together footage filmed form a limo in Las Vegas and shoots of a male dancer recreating Loie Fuller’s butterfly. An enigmatic visual mix intensified by music by 7Hertz. Suspension by Nicolas Provost from Belgium draws the audience into hyper-realistic psychedelic exploding clouds and I imaged it would be wonderful to see them in a looping installation or as an interactive backdrop of a performance.from 8pm Closing Night with Filmmaking Lab Screening at SandbarTo round up the festival, the screening of videos created over the duration of the festival was just the perfect way. Fantastic innovative ideas with hand-puppets, animation and live shoots accompanied by live music by Tony proved that performance can happen anywhere, anytime and anyway. My personal favourite was Mark Pilkington’s video of the ballerina in a black tutu filmed in the back of a driving car.The Closing Night also offered another great opportunity to meet more interesting people from the field of video dance and to have time to talk.To sum up: it simply was a fantastic festival which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very inspiring. It cannot be neglected how warmly we were all welcomed and how comfortable it was to be all in the same hotel around the corner. Many Thanks to Pascale Moyse for bringing us all together for an events-packed festival!NOTE: ALL THE ABOVE MENTIONED INFORMATION CAME FROM MY OWN PERSONAL NOTES AND SORRY BUT I CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THEY ARE 100% CORRECT!
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TITLE OF EVENT: I AM DIGITAL - The Voodoo SessionTYPE OF EVENT: CLUB / ARTS EventDATE: Saturday 31st May 2008TIME: 9pm-1amVenue: The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register St, Edinburgh, EH2 2AA Website: www.iam-digital.comEnquiries TEL: 01316677363 or 07877835295Email: chakan@iam-digital.comShort Description: After the successful event in February 08 I AM presents a night of international exposition, collaboration, and performance produced with emerging and established artists from Scotland, South Africa, England, Germany, Canada, Venezuela, Cuba, Belgium, France & Spain, the collaborations of which were in many cases instigated in Scotland. The "innovative" program of digital art, dance performance and live music aims to promote discovery, discussion and relaxation with likeminded people in an informal environment.The night encompasses the work of emerging and established artists and bands, providing an innovative platform for exposition, performance and audience interaction (because in fact people are art). I AM develops with the participants (the audience and artists alike) an atmosphere of collaborative creativity, and the opportunity to enjoy good music and dance.Program:MUSIC & DANCE SHORTS 9pm-9.40pm"This is not a body" Retina Dance. (Belgium)"Trench" Sabine Klaus. (Germany)DANCE PERFORMANCE & DIALOUGUE 9.40pm –10.05 pmRites" (an extract) - Anthony Missen & Kevin Turner.MUSIC, TIME BASED MEDIA & ANIMATION 10.10-10.25pm* -"Human Cosmic"- Monica Fernandez (Spain)"This is not a body" Brian Hartley (Scotland)"2008" Damien Cupyers (France)"Hit me Baby" Rachel Maclean (Scotland)LIVE BANDS 10.30pm-MidnightAsazi Space Funk Explosion - Afro-Celt dance floor tribal rhythms – (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Scotland, England)DJ Midnight – 1amDJ Ricky Ried (Hanover99 & DigitalNYE)However for extensive details please visit, where you will also be able to link to extensive artists profiles.
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