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Call For Proposals

5th IDOCDE Symposium on Contemporary Dance Education

July 28 - 30, 2017 at ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival


why compromise. mind the dance.

promoting actions and creative visions in a precarious world


Informed by the developments in the world of socio-politics – and the cultural attention that goes along with it – we at the IDOCDE headquarters decided it was time to frame our annual Call for Proposals as a Call for Action. This decision is to address the theme of the 5th IDOCDE Symposium.

The theme of the 5th IDOCDE Symposium – why compromise. mind the dance – is different from the previous themes in that it does not only ask you – the dance educator, artist, student, cultural worker, and the participant in the making of The World – to look inwards and reflect on your developing practice, share your reflections and by doing so enrich the experience of others. The aim of this year’s Symposium is also to ask you to add an outward-looking reflection whilst asking the question: what is my practice actually doing to the world – given my experience of managing personal pedagogic and artistic practices? How are my pedagogic and artistic decisions shaping the world of others – my students? My peers? And what, in particular, is the effect of the decisions I am not making?

(The time for mulling around is up.) 

Assuming that compromise is somewhat a part of everyone's daily life, we ask: What do you actually do when you compromise? What are the reasons for which you compromise? And how long do you think it will be possible for you to continue that practice?

We are not interested in asking you to imagine a world without compromise. This is not a utopian exercise. What we are inviting you to is, thinking thoroughly about compromise. And consider what kind of world your practice is creating. What kind of institutions, what kind of organisations, what kind of ecosystems, what kind of politics, what kind of families. 

Instead of stepping into the trap of ‘judge-mentality’, we would like to ask you to join us, think together with us; to pose sincere, straightforward, and challenging questions. In short, we would like to ask you to approach this Symposium with the clarity of body-mind you may have never dared to engage with before in a public space, and by doing things you may have never dared to do before in a public space. In other words, we would like to ask you to approach this challenge – ‘as a human being’, an experienced participant in an alliance of individuals, artists and educators. 

We hope this call is inspiring and exciting; resonating with your priorities, with your practices, with your interests, and with your passions for dancing – if so send your proposal today! And help us bring about a Symposium that will not only enrich, but that will also move – move participants to action. Help inspire, inform, and support our community by exposing your experiences: Your physical practices, your pedagogic practices, your theoretical practices, your artistic practices. Your public thoughts, your intimate thoughts, your affirmative thoughts, your challenging and critical thoughts.

Help encourage the community by joining this alliance. Participate at the 5th IDOCDE Symposium on contemporary dance education and so – help make a difference!

Proposal for “why compromise. mind the dance.” and their formats* may include the following, but are not limited to these:

Emerging practices in the oscillation between art-making and education

Examples you find within you or around you, or in other landscapes beyond dance as a response-ability to the world around you


Philosophy in and of dance

Political actions

Historical context(s)

Proposals that address the how we are being with each other right now right here






Performative actions

Hang outs


Mediated spaces (virtually and non-virtually)

*We invite you to challenge (or not) the ‘usual’, the ‘conventional’, the ‘traditional’ formats of public presentations and sharings, teachings by staging your sessions in a way that aligns the staging to your thinking and ‘the doing of your thinking’. In other words, we invite you to think ‘outside the box’. This might be the opportunity for some to question or problematize the assumed role language has in enabling communication. What of your thinking would best be communicated in words, and what of your thinking would best be communicated in experience, performance, movement, action, etc?


IDOCDE invites contemporary dance practitioners, dance and movement educators, researchers, theoreticians and other practitioners contributing to this field

to submit proposals for the 5th IDOCDE Symposium!

All practical or theoretical proposals centered on aspects of teaching, researching or practicing dance, in relation to the proposed theme, are being considered.

Formats might range from teaching a class and sharing reflections, hosting a lecture demonstration, talk or discussion, to more uncommon or experimental formats, or anything in between.

Propositions of a length up to 2 hours (ideally 90 minutes, longer or durational propositions will be considered whenever possible), individual and team proposals from teachers all over the world and the IDOCDE community are warmly welcome. 


Please fill in the PROPOSAL FORM by creating a new idoc under your profile and add it into the Symposium Folder before February 15th, 2017.

  • If you feel inspired but you’re unsure of how to frame your thoughts within the parameters given by this form – please contact
  • Complete the proposal form on and send a copy to
  • For technical issues/ idocde website, please contact
  • Deadline for proposals: February 15th, 2017


Your Symposium and REFLEX project team:

Defne Erdur, Eszter Gál, Pavle Heidler, Kerstin Kussmaul, Lieve de Pourcq, Martin Streit 



The IDOCDE symposium is part of the EU program REFLEX EUROPE.

REFLEX researches and uses documentation as a tool for reflection in order to improve the teaching and to increase the impact on the learners in contemporary dance.   

For further details head over to

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online event at

March 21–22

– Launch of e-book 'Water Views: Caring and Daring' with editorial team and guest authors
– Meditation for water with renowned guest singer from Chennai, India
– Balance-Unbalance Conference launch with its founder Ricardo Dal Farra, film screening & performances

SESSION 1 – your time:

SESSION 2 – your time:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

E-book is available for free download in its entirety and by individual chapters.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Table of Contents
1. Opening - performances: Ulay, Jason Lim and online-performers
2. Voice of the Future - youth projects: performances, conservation
3. Activism, Art & Science - projects catalysing change at many levels
4. Art & Science - interdisciplinary dialogue and interaction
5. Hydrology – Past & Future - from India, Greece, Tunisia, California and
6. Conservation & Transmission - water rights, festivals, cultural
heritage and museums
7. Care & Dare - water values re-envisaged by community groups
8. Performance - live art, outdoor actions & online-performances designed
Waterwheel’s creative collaboration interface ‘the Tap’
9. Hydrosonics - a sound art festival hosted at NYU by Ear to the Earth

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I will be presenting my real 3D movie project WOMB in Valenciennes, France as part of a 2 days symposium about 3D imagery for stage. 27th and 28th of November. I will present exclusive fotage 3D tests of my stereoscopic projects in Black and White anaglyph and images of the storyboard.

My presentaiton is on the 28th, at 17h00

6 – De la scène au relief

Présidents de séance : Eric Prigent, Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains et Christl Lidl
École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Valenciennes
16h30 : Images 3D/relief en microgravité – Kitsou Dubois, directrice artistique de Ki Productions
17h10 : Womb, un projet de film stéréoscopique – Gilles Jobin, chorégraphe


Depuis plusieurs années, les images envahissent l’espace scénique. La présence des écrans sur la scène a été maintes fois remarquée et commentée. Pourtant, l’avénement d’une scène-image – scène et écran se superposant jusqu’à se confondre – n’a que rarement été pris comme objet d’étude. Dans la scène-image, les interprètes et/ou les spectateurs sont immergés dans des images sans écran, en 3D, grâce à divers stratagèmes optiques, à des machines de vision. Le numérique, avec l’interactivité, permet d’agir sur ces images, de les modifier, en temps réel ou en temps différé. Les images deviennent des espaces habitables. Certaines mises en scène de Mark Reaney, Teatro Cinema, Dumb Type, Victor Pilon et Michel Lemieux, Kris Verconck, Kitsou Dubois, Gilles Jobin, Jean-Michel Bruyère… sont caractéristiques de cette démarche.

Des images habitables : Arts de la scène et 3D




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Symposium #1 of 3

15 May

10am - 6pm

Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross, Nottingham, NG1 2GB

Joining forces with Nottingham Contemporary as part of their forthcoming Uneven Geographies exhibition, Tracing Mobility, the first of Radiator’s three international symposia, examines the emergence of a new space, a space born out of the technology used to control and divide society.

Participants include; Frank Abbott (UK); Active Ingredient [Rachel Jacobs] (UK); Robin Bhattacharya (UK/CH); Heath Bunting (UK); Simon Faithfull (UK/DE); James Kennard (UK); Plan b [Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers] (UK/DE); Katarzyna Krakowiak (PL); Krzysztof Nawratek (PL/UK); Kate Rich (UK); Michelle Teran (CA/DE); Open_Sailing [Ollie Palmer] (UK); Gordan Savicic (AT/NL); Trebor Scholz (US); Basak Senova (TR); Société Réaliste (HU/FR); Joanna Warsza (PL); Mushon Zer-Aviv (IL/US)

Presentations by artists and speakers from such diverse fields as geography, urban theory and computer science will explore what constitutes being nomadic these days and how developments in networked and open source infrastructure are transforming our expectations of 'Place'.

These events are free but booking is essential.

To reserve a place, please telephone Nottingham Contemporary on 0115 9242421 or visit
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