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SET – Studio for Electronic Theatre and University of Greenwich


1 to 12 August 2011


A unique opportunity to study and work on a theatre project led by three extraordinary theatre makers at the World Heritage site of the magnificent Royal Greenwich. In two week Summer School – while working on the adaptation of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex – David Gothard (UK), Hazim Kamaledin (Iraq) and Nuno Salihbegovic (YU) will take you on an exciting educational journey from the ancient theatre of ritual to the cybernetic theatre of the future.


 The programme of the school is conceptualised to explore a form of ‘total’ theatre which embrace the best from the both worlds – traditional theatre and cutting edge technological innovations of the 21st century. The students will have an opportunity to explore hitherto unimaginable technological and aesthetic potentials for the stage. Designed to offer deep understanding into so far unique fusion of different arts, science, and technology the school investigates an unknown territory and creative potentials emerging from the established bonds between digital and analog, sonic and visual, innovative and ritual.


Two-Week Workshop at Royal Greenwich


Students will be working on a concept in which the performers/audience – using their body as a ‘digital instrument’ – are able to take control over the visual and sonic elements of the digital media. With their physical actions, voice and gestures they can create and edit video material on the fly, apply special effects, control the sound, and even change the colour of their amplified voice.


During the professional hands-on workshops students will learn computer programming (Isadora), sensor (I-cubeX) and infra-red camera motion tracking, real-time light/video/sound processing, and creative projecting (using alternative projection techniques). This will enable students to programme and control responsive, ‘smart’ space making first practical steps into the field of electronic interaction design in performance and media arts.

The workshops will be accompanied with a series of inspiring lectures and discussions related to the history of multimedia theatre. Students will be introduced to Wagner’s concept of ‘total art’ and its ‘reinvention’ within the discourse of the digital era.

The culmination of the Summer School will be a series of performances of the students’ joint work on the premises of the magnificent Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.


The School is aimed at students and professionals in the filed of performing and media arts (directors, designers and performers); visual artists working with video, light and sound installations.


Number of participants is limited

Duration: 10 days, 5 hours a day

Fees: £595

Accommodation available upon request


Further enquires:



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Hello dance-techers,
Excellent news!
We are launching today our new platform for
Thank to the collaboration of dancedigital from the UK and ArrowRootMedia from NYC, we  are able to launch in its own platform: complete performances and excerpts, selected interviews, documentaries, lectures and  LIVE programs.
Enjoy and share!





We are also relaunching CHOREOGRAPHY or ELSE on more than 30 complete seminal works of contemporary movement artists...on-line!

Choreography or ELSE, is an online series on dance-techTV that will feature complete performances from international choreographers, dance artist or directors that continue to challenge traditional and contextual notions of choreography. They problematize the performance of movement with their on-going experimentation with compositional and aesthetic strategies, dramaturgic approaches, non conventional spaces, appropriating uses of the new technologies, crossing disciplinary boundaries and dwelling on cultural hybridity.



Claudia LaRocco Presents: Interview with Ivana Müller
We are glad to co-present this piece between ClassicalTV and dance-tech.TV in special collaboration with dance journalist Claudia LaRocco.
While We Were Holding it Together by Ivanna Muller is the inaugural piece of the on-line series Choreography or ELSE: Contemporary Experiments on the Performance of Motion.



Marlon Barrios Solano


Thanks to Josephine Dorado for her work on logo redesign!

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As the first day ended it beginns: very relaxed and informal. People are easy and always open to talk with. Everybody is interested in the work of the others. It does not matter if you're an artist, nerd, 12249511482?profile=originalprogrammer, visitor or studend. Everybody chats with everyone. This way is the key to get connections, be inspired, think in new ways and get to know what's behind. The artists are reachable instead of being just on stage to talk, show their work and go. This kind of special atmosphere is what this festival makes it remarkably.

Day two - the festival starts with a keynote by Christian Jaquemin from Paris.

It's all about projection, argumented reality/image processing. 12249511901?profile=original
Christian talks about the virtual world and the real world and its perception and the use in an artistic way. How does a subject in the real world perceives the virtual world? There're issues on the point of view from where one looks at the projection, because it might look different from various angles. Especially in 3D projection. One way to deal with it, is to project on 3D objects, like an organ or the inside of a church. The calibration is the main key to make it work or not. But if one works with a mobile object, like a boat, the calibration might become a problem of being precise. Christians main interest lies in working with the "physical" shadow. People often try to not have any physical shadow, cut it out and so on. But he wants to use it on purpose in order to project into this shadow.

He will give his workshop on Friday 12249512896?profile=original

Christian Jaquemin //
Research projects //



After a small coffee break we all start with the workshops.


Swarm Cubes (Part 1)
DKIA: Nora Dibowski and Simon Laburda
With a new gimmick, a LED cube, DKIA give another "sewing" workshop. Many little wires get soldered together and in between are LEDs and on the bottom some electronic. Goal is to have two of these to12249513875?profile=original let them communicate with each other through a mobile phone for instance. They would make some sounds and light up their LEDs. Nerd toys. But beautiful.

The Hitch Hikers Guide To Circuit Bending and Junkbot
Philip Fischer, Michal Wlodkowski, Erkin Bayirli  12249514652?profile=original
Also here again like last yea. Many kids toys will be brought out of their normal context. Soldering here and there, putting some electronical stuff inside or use what's there and change it, you'll have a very colorful toy which makes sounds it usually doesn't do.

Ableton Live
Jacob Korn
A beginner how to make true Techno music workshop. I'm always sad I can't make it. Just to have my own techno computer (because I taught my own workshop).


A Gaga-based Dance Class
Johanna Roggan
Giving a movement class for choreographers and total beginners is always (good) fun. For me at least. But what they all have in common is the need to sink into what I'm talking about and really take the time to establish the pictures I'm giving in by my voice. The constant checking what is the given image and how does it feel inside me is an ongoing process. Especially when bringing it into movement. It needs an informal, safe atmosphere in order to open a little and let things happen without control. Basically it's about finding a movement which fits to the image somebody (me in that case) gives in. This way of interpretation is very personal and physical on a even anatomic level. So there is no right or wrong. There is just I feel it or not.



tasty lunch break and we gon on with:


Swarm Cubes (Part 2)
DKIA: Nora Dibowski and Simon Laburda  

The Hitch Hikers Guide To Circuit Bending and Junkbot
Philip Fischer, Michal Wlodkowski, Erkin Bayirli    12249515452?profile=original


glMixer – A New Tool for Live Video Mixing 12249516063?profile=original
Bruno Herbelin   


VVVV – An introduction into the Multipurpose Toolkit
Marko Ritter, Valérie Francois Vogt 12249516299?profile=original

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dance-techTV @ UStream broadcasting from Utrecht Camillo 2.0 Conference May 25th to 29th 2011!

Performance Studies International Conference # 17th

Camillo 2.0

Technology, Memory and Experience


Watch   the stream the following pages:

Streaming Porgram Thursday May 26th CET


9:30 Dance and New Media: New technologies
11:00  Performance of Science and technology:UU Drift 21, Room 109
13:00 Technologies of the Self: Body Modification. Memory and Melancholia

(only selected panels with be broadcast and will be announced everyday but we will follow the same blocks)

Download schedule

Stay tuned for later afternoon and evening!

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Here we (*) are again. The young Art.On.Wires festival opens its doors for the second time.

Like last year, we arrived in a very warm and wellcoming atmosphere here in Oslo. Not just because the sun is shining...

Today the day starts with an introduction talk by Alexander Eichhorn, the founder of this festival. 12249504065?profile=original

The day is reserved for talks and lectures. People introduce themself and their work in general or more specific, talk a little about the workshops they will give and answer some questions.

Marko Ritter (D), co-founder of the company intolight, starts the lecture about his work and research. Intolight got a grand from the E.C.A.S. network to develope their project CHET (collective hedonistic toolkid). One part of this software mainly based on vvvv is switchboy. It's a toolkid for Vjing. You basically can do everything with it. The software will be open-source and Marko hopes for many people who will contribute new patches for switchboy in order to develope this multi-functional toolkid. You can do mind mapping, project 3D graphics, Videos and all the things a good Vj programm should be able to provide.
Marko will give a workshop together with Valérie-Françoise Vogt for vvvv - An introduction into the Multipurpose Toolkit on Thursday and Sunday.

Marko Ritter // intolight //
Valérie-Françoise Vogt // veevee.12249504301?profile=originalde
CHET // chet toolkid
Switchboy // switchboy


After the lunch break the talks continue with and DKIA.


Based in Vienna Philip Fischer, Erkin Bayirli, Michal Wlodkowski, the guys from, talk as well about their artist collective and their artistic-research work. Michal gives us a short overview about their projects, one is the international festival coded cultures. Erkin introduces us to 12249505663?profile=originalthe roboter plant superViVo and some other agiland mobile cybernetic plants. It's all about playfulness and an easy access to solar topics, agil cybernetic plants and gadges.
They will give their workshop on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

coded cultures // festival

superViVo robot // (AU) //



DKIA are based in Vienna as well, working and researching in the fields of media art, electronics, prototyping and sustainable innovations. In the last two years they focused on LED technology and realized several LED driven projects. 12249505866?profile=original
To just drop in some words what they're doing: web development, participating activism art, interactive talking cubes.
They gonna give a full day workshop Thursday and half day on Friday.




Jacob Korn talks about his main projects over the last years, beside being a musician and producer for Techno and House music. Automatic clubbing is one of it. Now called I.D.A (interactive dancefloor application) which is a collaborative instrument. In the beginning it would run with kalypso and max.msp stand alone. He collaborates with different people to realize several performances, such as Frieder Weiß, Matthias Härtig, intolight. Next project is Harmony Universe. An instrument mainly for 12249506498?profile=originalchildren. They learn playing with music and rhythm through an interactive software and visuals on the floor (for instance). It is a collaborative instrument, so if the kids play well, it sounds well...max4life and vvvv is used for the software stuff. Another baby of Jacob is Uncanny Heroes - a workshop based development for a tool to let people interact with the sound and visuals they're confronted with in a normal party situation.

He will give a workshop for Abelton live on Thursday

Jacob Korn //
Harmony Universe //
Uncanny Heroes //



Lars Graugaard is basically talking about his great wish to have a software which does everything for him. Well, who doesn't. His longstanding research in music, working as a composer and programmer brought him to a constantly improving "organism" to make music and performances happen. One software, huge possibilities where and how to use it. Together with his students he enlarges the 12249507075?profile=originalnecessary patches for max.msp. Lars' aim is to have a flexible system to work with many different instruments and their very specific characteristics.

His workshop will be on Sunday.

Lars Graugaard //

After a small coffee break we continue with Jason Geistweidt (US/NO) and Brock Craft (UK).


Jason Geistweidt introduces us to his projects and philosophy of his work. It's all about collaboration 12249507877?profile=original and trust and communication. Working on a huge project called "world opera" Jason is connected to 6 different countries in order to create and research how to make a world opera happen. In realtime of 12249508089?profile=original course. Using video, OSC, vvvv and all you need, there is still the problem of time delay. Even if it is just about milli seconds still a lot of artists (musicians, dancers...) have problems to interact over camera to a different place in the world. Where am I? What is your time, what is mine?

Friday night there will be a linked performance with Oslo and California.

Jason Geistweidt //




Last but not least Brock Craft talks about his work. Brock is an Interaction Designer, artist, and specialist in Physical Computing and Information Visualization. One of his many projects is "NetChimes". Basically you need a chime and a station to live stream it. Over a server you can listen to any chimes 12249508268?profile=original listed on the server. We checked it out during his lecture and it worked perfectly.

His workshop for Arduino will be on Saturday.

Brock Craft //
NetCHimes //



Tomorrow starts an exciting day full of interesting workshops. I'll keep you updated!





(*)We is:

Marko Ritter - VVVV programmer -

Valérie-Françoise Vogt - graphic design -

Jacob Korn - musician (Abelton, Max 4life) -

Johanna Roggan - dancer, choreographer -

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Koumaria 2011 Open Call 
Medea Electronique
Deadline June 25th 2011

Medea Electronique invites six artists from the fields of new media (musicians, dancers-performers, video artists, photographers, etc.) to participate in a 10-day residency in Greece to create a collective work that will be performed in Athens Greece. Medea Electronique will consider both the quality of the submitted work, and evidence of the willingness to both cooperate across art-forms, and contribute to the collective project.


Since 2009 the artist collective Medea Electronique has organized annually a 10-day experimental artist residency, Koumaria, near Sparta in Greece, focusing on improvisation and new media practices.  Avant-garde artists from all over the world, inspired by the Greek natural landscape, come together to create a multicultural and cross-media ‘dialogue’ culminating in a collective presentation in Athens at the end of the residency.

The goal of the residency is the creation of an educational experience for the participants that will inspire and exalt their future work. The cross-cultural dialogues that the residency engenders both create new artistic speculations and smelt older assumptions. Past residents have formed lasting friendships and new artistic partnerships. Medea Electronique, being an eclectic art collective, is interested in people from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds. For Medea Electronique the residency serves as a model for future creative endeavors.

The residency is held at an organic olive oil farm at the foot of Mount Taigetos in Sparta. The residency, a modern and comfortable house, features dormitory-style bedrooms, large and comfortable common rooms (featuring fireplaces and magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and fields), two primary spaces for project development and practice, terraces, rooftop overlooks, and a large and modern kitchen.  The surrounding hills, mountains, villages and the not too distant sea, coupled with a vast expanse of sky, stars, and ever-changing mountain vistas, afford the residents amble space and opportunity for creative work.  Meals are taken communally, with an emphasis on fresh and local produce and traditional recipes. In this environment artists not only have the chance to live and work together interacting with the Greek landscape, but also to interchange their experiences on everyday life and culture.


More info after the jump-->

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Chega a Salvador o espetáculo Before The Beep, do grupo espanhol Kònic Thtr. Em associação com o Grupo 3 Marias, o Kònic Thtr apresenterá sua nova obra, recém estreada na Espanha, no dia 23 de Maio, no Espaço Xisto Bahia (Barris). Para convergir com esse grupo, o Grupo 3 Marias convidou as criadoras-intérpretes Rita Aquino (RJ/BA) e Elke Siedler (SC).

Performance/Instalação interativa Before The Beep é um espectáculo de dança-performance que também se apresenta como uma instalação interativa que permite a intervenção do público de maneira presencial e remota. Before The Beep faz referência as mudanças da percepção humana na comunicação interperssoal mediada pelas novas tecnologias, e aos espaços que esta mediação gera. O espetáculo confronta o corpo com estas mesmas tecnologias mediadores da comunicação, e explora como elas o re-escrevem e mudam nossa compreensão de lugar e da idéia de presença, redefinindo narrativas e indivíduos.Compreendemos Before The Beep como um universo visual e sonoro, aberto para ser revisitado e ativado pelo corpo em movimento à partir de sua membrana tecnológica.

Microespaços oferecem ao público pontos-de-vista diferentes do mesmo espetáculo e uma multiplicidade de leituras próprias da comunicação contemporânea. Um espaço duplo que se comunica através da projeção de imagens e músicas geradas em tempo real, a partir dos inputs dos performers e do público. O público pode participar de várias maneiras: usando a tecnologia in-situ através de uma rede local, instalada e distribuída no mesmo palco e presencialmente interagindo com sensores de movimento.Before The Beep é uma experiência de de encontro das linguagens de performance interativa do Kònic Thtr com a linguagem da dança contemporânea.

Essa ação conta com as importantes parcerias institucionais do Espaço Xisto Bahia, da FUNCEB, da SECULT, do Instituto Cervantes de Salvador, do Centro Cultural de Espanha de São Paulo e com os apoios da Siedler Companhia de Dança e do Coletivo Construções Compartilhadas.

Como resultado da parceria com a Escola de Dança da FUNCEB, participarão do processo de ensaios 03 alunos do curso Técnico Profissional, vinculados ao Núcleo Porão (núcleo de pesquisa em Dança com interface tecnológica digital) que poderão acessar como o espetáculo é feito tecnicamente, junto ao programador Alain Baumann. Essa experiência será, sobretudo uma ação artístico-pedagógica.


THTR Konic é uma plataforma artística, residente em Barcelona e dedicado à criação contemporânea na confluência da arte, ciência e novas tecnologias. Os trabalhos do Kònic Thtr foram apresentados, entre outros lugares, em: MACBA, o Mercat de les flors, Medialab Madrid (Espanha), Institute of Contemporary Arts, Ikon Gallery, Tramway (Reino Unido), V2 (Holanda), ZKM, Podewill (Alemania), Centre Pompidou/IRCAM (Francia), Centro de la imagen, CCE, (Mexico), Sesc Pompeia i File Fest (Brasil), Tsekh, Proekt Fabrika Moscow (Rusia), 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center, Nueva York (EUA). Os últimos projetos do Kònic Thtr tem pesquisado as possibilidades da internet como plataforma de criação distribuída e que possibilita a participaçãon do público. Nos projetos e_pormundos (Kònic Thtr_Catalunya – GTMDA_Brasil /2009-2010) e Dança-Net (Kònic thtr + Digitalent /2010-2011) desenvolveram linguagens e ferramentas para a criação distribuída em diversos espaços (físicos oue na rede web).



Direção artística e cênica: Rosa Sánchez
Direção tecnológica e Composição musical: Alain Baumann
Criadoras-Intérpretes : Elke Siedler e Rita Aquino (dança),Rosa Sánchez, (performance), Alain Baumann (música e audiovisuais en directo)
Coordenação de Produção (local em Salvador): Jaqueline Vasconcellos
Iluminação (local em Salvador): Mariana Terra
Produção (local em Salvador): Rute Mascarenhas
Assistência de Produção (local em Salvador): Edna Mascarenhas
Estudantes-colaboradores (Escola de Dança da FUNCEB): Carlos Teixeira; Camila Bofim; Kécia Rocha

Designer Gráfico: Webtechne (Alvaro Letelier)

Agradecimentos: Assessoria de Relações Internacionais da SECULT, FUNCEB, Espaço Xisto Bahia, Centro Cultural Plataforma, Instituto Cervantes Salvador, CCE-SP, Dystorção Produções, Webtechne, Coletivo Construções Compartilhadas, Siedler Companhia de Dança e a todos que estão contribuindo com esse projeto.


O QUE? Before The Beep
ONDE? Espaço Xisto Bahia
HORA? 20h

CONTATOS: (71) 88915414 (VIVO) / 91878033 (TIM) / 87018736 (oi).

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La danse est interdite en Iran. Alors pour le montrer au reste du monde, Ali Moini évolue avec un costume constitué de couteaux.

Ali Moini représente le danger de danser. Car dans son pays, l'Iran, cette pratique artistique est interdite. Dans le forum de Bonlieu, il tourné sur lui-même pendant 20 minutes pour dénoncer cette censure.



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Video :


Le plaidoyer de Lawrence Lessig est éloquent. (…/…)
L’accès libre à la recherche est une obligation éthique pour les scientifiques: «Notre mission est un accès universel à la connaissance – et pas seulement pour les universités américaines.»

Source :

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