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Hello dance-techers,
Excellent news!
We are launching today our new platform for
Thank to the collaboration of dancedigital from the UK and ArrowRootMedia from NYC, we  are able to launch in its own platform: complete performances and excerpts, selected interviews, documentaries, lectures and  LIVE programs.
Enjoy and share!





We are also relaunching CHOREOGRAPHY or ELSE on more than 30 complete seminal works of contemporary movement artists...on-line!

Choreography or ELSE, is an online series on dance-techTV that will feature complete performances from international choreographers, dance artist or directors that continue to challenge traditional and contextual notions of choreography. They problematize the performance of movement with their on-going experimentation with compositional and aesthetic strategies, dramaturgic approaches, non conventional spaces, appropriating uses of the new technologies, crossing disciplinary boundaries and dwelling on cultural hybridity.



Claudia LaRocco Presents: Interview with Ivana Müller
We are glad to co-present this piece between ClassicalTV and dance-tech.TV in special collaboration with dance journalist Claudia LaRocco.
While We Were Holding it Together by Ivanna Muller is the inaugural piece of the on-line series Choreography or ELSE: Contemporary Experiments on the Performance of Motion.



Marlon Barrios Solano


Thanks to Josephine Dorado for her work on logo redesign!

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Congratulations to Troika Ranch for your new PBS documentary LOOPDIVER: The Journey of a Dance.

The half-hour documentary follows the creative efforts of company members over a two year period as they struggle with the extreme physical and emotional demands of creating an experimental new work.


dance-techTV exclusive:

Watch excerpts of In Plane, a 1994 solo performed by Dawn Stoppiello wearing the MIDIdancer (a wireless interface designed and engineerd by Mark Coniglio) controlling the sound and video with the bending of the joints: knees, elbows and wrists.

Watch live streaming video from dancetechtv at

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Highlights on dance-techTV: Summer Special Selection!

Go to the selections:
Pere Faura/Barcelona @ MOV_S Madrid
Interactivos? MediaLab Prado/Madrid
Liquid Docs/Barcelona
Steven Cohen/South Africa @ Extra 10 Annecy, France
Gideon Obarzanek/Australia in NYC
Yan Marussish/Switzerland @ Extra 09 Annecy, France
Andrew Scheneider/Brooklyn
Sol Pico/Barcelona @ MOV_S Madrid
Di Mainstone/UK @ Eyebeam, NYC

Watch live streaming video from dancetechtv at
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Hello dance-techers,

Here are some highlights about some upcoming events relevant for our community:

-Works Grid Lab at the EXTRA 10 Festival, Annecy, France.
Stay tuned for interviews are LIVE streaming of performances and seminars.
Watch video and trailer

-“PONG” – net-linked, interactive installation | European Tele-Plateaus

- FRAMEWOKS Screendance Video Series at Dance New Amsterdam, NYC, USA

- and present at MOV-S 2010: Space for International Exchange for Dance and movement Arts, Madrid, Spain.

- Natacha Melo, mastermind of the Southamerican Network of Dance, speaks at Dance/USA Dance Beyong Borders, Washington DC, USA

- Call for Collaborators | INTERACTIVOS?'10: Neighborhood Science Workshop, Madrid, Spain.

- MUSE 010 - International Summerworkshop by Tanzplan Dresden (Germany) for professional and advanced dancers

- Interactive Performance Design Seminar DCE 494/598 Class # 46420, Arizona State University, USA


- SEEDS Festival: NOURISHMENT, Earthdance, MA, USA

Watch Video about SEEDS

- Salon NOTEBOOK: Dance + Technology: What is Happening NOW? By Zachary Whittenburg

- Research Associate position available in movement, computation and digital media in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering at Arizona State University, USA

If you find value in please consider the different levels of membership!

Advertise in and reach the world!

Download SUPA 2010 brochure

Advertise in and reach the world!
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Hello dance-techers,
welcome all new members as we are about to reach the 3000 mark!
We are beyond critical mass...!
Remember that you can customize your pages design and layout.
Update your member profile and explore others and connect to them...
Use the network to announce your events, and share work, ideas and questions. Participate in discussions and collaborate with others.
Share videos and photos (create albums for them to be in the home page).
Very important:
Please, describe the content that you upload and use tags


Share your thoughts: On innovation in dance and technology? how innovation in D&T is related to the dance field in general?

Check out discounts in shows, software and hardware for members (for all kinds of membership)

Watch recent interviews: Deborah Hay, Meditation in NYC Subway, Koosil-ja/danceKUMIKO and more
You may access the interviews randomly:

We have launched the online store and we need your recommendations

Watch the featured content in dance-techTV: selection of lectures, documentaries, screendance, festivals and interviews

Now you can take advantage of an engaged community to advertise performances, festivals, conferences, lectures, educational programs on and more: LIVE broadcasts in
dance-techTV, video channel lease, etc.

Read about how to support with a new membership system and its benefits

VIP collaborators:

Interviews by Deborah Hustic

Transmediale coverage by Karla kracht

Think about the
advantages of having a press pass in your favorite

if you want to formally collaborate with covering
festivals, doing interviews or any other creative way...get it touch
with me.

Lectures co-produced by Johannes Birringer: Performance Research Lectures Series


Stay tuned for April dance-techTV programs!



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Hello dance-techers,
This is Marlon the network producer.
I would like to thank you for your participation and engagement in all the platforms and activities. Sharing and generosity are making one of the most important spaces and communities in the www. Remember that your participation makes the site!
Spread the word inviting your friends to join!

Highlights and participation:

1.-Check TANGIBLE BENEFITS and the MUSE 010 (Dresden, Germany) scholarships for and members.

2.-If you find some value in the project you can make a one time and also a recurring donation. See right sidebar membership and donation buttons.

3.-Purchase in the on-line stores:
Bookstore and more
(you can recommend books to include in our store)
T-shirts and more
(You can also create cool designs/images and send them to us to be included in our store)

4.-Become a dance-tech interview correspondent and a dance-techTV LIVE broadcast co-producers.
Interested? join the groups linked!...

5.-Watch recent dance-tech interviews: Extra 10 (France), MOV_S Madrid 10, Balkan Dance Platform 09 and featured!

Stay tuned...
dance-techTV specials!
...Dresden, Barcelona, Geneva, New York, EMPAC, Ecuador, Peru...
World Grid Lab...


This is a graph of our network!

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DANCE TECH 04: Interview with Bebe Miller I interviewed choreographer Bebe Miller in occasion of the New York premiere of Necessary Beauty. She talks about her views on beauty, collaboration and her experience combining live dance with new media. Interview with Frieder Weiss in Prague April 2009 This interview took place in Prague within the frame of the first session of the ETP European Tele-Plateaus. More on the European Tele-Plateaus Project ETP Page in European Tele Plateaus Group Madrid Interview with Serbian artists Sasa Asentic and Ana Vujanovic @ Dance Theater Workshop, NYC Edited by Ragnar Chacin Interview with Freya Vass-Rhee @ The Hellerau, Dresden (The Forsythe Company/ Dramaturg) Edited by Ragnar Chacin World Grid Lab Interviews from the Extra 09 Festival in Annecy, France: (some of them are in French and no translation, Sorry...) Produced by the participants of the World Grid Lab Randomizer: Click this link and you will get a random selection of 20 video interviews from the collection. Also check out posts from Associate Blogger deborah hustic aka lomodeedee Would you like to collaborate with producing video interviews? helping with translation? editing? would you like to become an associate blogger? Contact marlon(at)dance-tech(dot)net STAY TUNED FOR DANCE-TECHTV SPECIAL SUMMER PROGRAMS! SUPPORT DANCE_TECH.NET: help to keep it free!! THANKS TO ALL DANCE-TECH.NET VIP CONNECTIONS


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Hello dance-techers, This is Marlon, the network producer. Welcome to new members! remember to take advantage of belonging to this engaged community: explore it!. Take ownership of your page customizing the looks and the formatting and find pointers to other members asking to connect with them. That way you create your own network inside Share your ideas, work and vision as blog posts, videos, photos create and follow groups and discussions. Also review the dance-tech.interviews and dance-techTV MENU Check out the MENU>on-demand library on dance-techTV A bit of focus... I also want to remind you that the goal of this website is to serve as a platform for information and knowledge exchange on interdisciplinary and innovative approaches on the performance of movement, creativity, embodiment and therefore humanness. The site is open to any individual interested on participating in the conversation within a broad scope of topics and diverse ways contexts and word views. So, diversity is welcome. Allow your common sense, curiosity and creativity to maintain and stretch your contributions within this scope. So, please be mindful about your content and remember that due to our potential for difference and diversity it is very important to add tags and description in order to contextualize to your content...your culture... So...please make it useful for yourself and the community. Highlights: Dance-techTV features Emio Greco | PC: interviews, performance excerpts and documentaries USA dance-techTV announces Special broadcast of the documentary Double Skin/Double Mind From September 27th to October 4th 2009 we will broadcast the documentary Double Skin/Double Mind directed by Maite Bermúdez which has as a reference point a dance workshop created by choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. This special broadcast is made possible by MAPP International Productions and Emio Greco | PC Some new dance-tech.interviews Interview with Radhouane El Meddeb @ Beirut International Platform of Dance Across Bodies and Systems: Interview with Susan Kozel Interview with Sonia Sobral @ Rumos ITAU Cultural Danca ( in Portugues) Interviews by deborah hustic aka lomodeedee Interview with Raimund Hoghe: Inner landscapes marked through simplicity Interview with Maja Drobac: Dancing between East and West aka lomodeedee We are featuring Tweeter feeds from members on home page: Norah Zuniga-Shaw...Thank you Norah! THANKS TO ALL DANCE-TECH.NET VIP CONNECTIONS



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Hello dancetechers, This is Marlon, the network producer. I hope that you are having a peaceful and creative summer. Welcome the new members to this international creative community and remember: participation makes the site! Read, watch and create! Customize you page, post videos and photos and more! Create albums and add a description and tags as a way to create a context for your viewers and to make it easier to be found! We have reached a critical mass to be able to trust in the power of self-organization and intelligence of our interactions. Thanks to all of you for your contributions, content, uses and feedback! Keep rockin'! HEY SUPPORT DANCE-TECH.NET: help to keep it free!! HIGHLIGHTS Bonjour tout le monde! Interviews @! dance-techTV featuring Vera Mantero/ Let's talk About it a film by Margarida Ferreira de Almeida ETP Madrid Phase 2: Interview with Jaime Del Val DANCE TECH 04/The Program: Interview with Bebe Miller Amazing interviews from LOMODEEDEE (associate blogger) Screendance @ dance-techTV featuring: The Moebius Strip by Gilles Jobin and Vincent Pluss (2001) World Grid Lab Interviews from The Extrao9 Festival in Annecy, France Featured discussion guest moderated by Armando Menicacci: Dance-tech Pedagogy Randomizer: Click this link and you will get a random selection of 20 video interviews from the collection. Would you like to collaborate with producing video interviews? helping with translation? editing? would you like to become an associate blogger? a partner? a VIP connection? placing an ad? Contact marlon(at)dance-tech(dot)net HEY SUPPORT DANCE-TECH.NET: help to keep it free!! THANKS TO ALL DANCE-TECH.NET VIP CONNECTIONS


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Hello dance-techers; Due to a proliferation of spam and spam-bots (non-human members), as of November 23th new members have to be approved by the administrator and only members are able to see the content of this site. This regulation does not change any of the site features but will ensure the integrity of the site goal and its focus. It is also required from all members to update their profile page with your complete/FULL name and with ALL new required information. We are a community of practice, so it is very important to clearly share who we are and our backgrounds. is FREE and open to all humans and movement styles, levels of practice and artistic accomplishment but it is focused on innovation, collaboration, creative process and the symbiotic relationship of our bodies and technology. I recommend: Customize your page Invite friends Upload a profile picture Explore, make comments and share your process Organize your photos in albums and they will show in the home page Post upcoming events Use forums and groups: just joining is not enough! Add contextual information and tags to your uploaded media . If you have an external blog, add the RSS feed from your blog to your page. New Feature: Birthdays of the community in the right sidebar! Don't worry: you can select not display your age in your profile but this feature works better if you enter your real birth-date! Take advantage of the tangible benefits of belonging to this community Deadline: Call for Projects: INTERFACING MOTION with Wireless Miditron Fall 2008 Watch DANCE TECH/The Program Episode 1 Ah...important Support You can make an on-line Tax-Deductible or a PayPal Donations Watch new interviews:
Find more videos like this on
New Series dance-tech @ the tech that will show "behind the scenes" images from the technical rehearsals of premieres. Watch dance-tech @ Bebe Miller's Necessary Beauty tech rehearsal at Dance Theater Workshop 11/10/08
Find more videos like this on
Have a a Happy Thanksgiving! That is all for now! Marlon New York City
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Hello dance-techers, It’s been a while, and plenty to report. Get ready for an exciting ride!

First and foremost, I am going to be attending “Post Me_New ID” in Dresden (Germany) from 31st October to 2nd November 2008, where I will have the opportunity to present our network in the QuickFire sessions. If you’re going, please get in touch with me, as I would love to meet as many of you as possible. Dance Tech: The Series

The “Dance Tech” series will be premiering next week on TenduTV . The first episode presents highlights and excerpts of interviews with Gideon Obarzanek, Jill Johnson and Rachid Ouramdane. It has been an exciting and educational experience to work with Marc Kirschner from TenduTV and co-Exec producer Kevin Harkins to put together a very dynamic and deep program that reflects the sophistication of our artists/thinkers/researchers. TenduTV will be available on and TidalTV. Dance Tech: The meetup
Find more photos like this on
The first-ever Dance Tech meetup was a great success. Guest speakers Robert Wechsler from Palindrome (Germany), Dawn Stoppiello from Troika Ranch (USA/Germany)and Deirdre Towers from the Dance Films Association (USA), shared with more than 30 people their perspectives and experience on interactive performance, the use of real-time tools for creation and contemporary dance films. Many thanks are owed to Dance New Amsterdam for allowing us to use their beautiful theater for the evening and to Jaki Levy form Misnomer Dance Company for co-organizing this event! Travels and New Partner Networks
Encuentra más fotos como esta en La Red Sudamericana de Danza
I recently returned from Brazil, where I attended the 7th Encuentro Red Sudamericana de Danza, which took place during the International Dance Festival in Recife. This annual event gathers the core members of the South American dance network to evaluate and develop strategies for collaboration among all levels of the cultural production and research of dance. I was honored to share with them my experience with, and we became a model for the launching of their own social networking site. We had very interesting discussions and some of the topics were of a very high level: epistemology of the south, networks and cultural enterprise and amazing beaches! I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming Red Sudamericana de Danza as a partner network! CALL for Projects!! INTERFACING MOTION with Wireless Miditron Fall 2008 with the support of Eroktronix is launching the contest "Interfacing Motion with MidiTron Wireless" to support a young active dance/performance artist in his or her initial explorations on interactive multimedia control for live performance of movement. For each of two consecutive 6-month periods,a selected artist will be given a new MidiTron Wireless to be used as an interface in new project involving the use of physical sensors for gestural control of multimedia during live performance. Back to Post Me_New ID From their site: The forum is planned as a platform for reflection on how we are creatively and socially engaged in digital networks, how we perform our online and offline identities, how we have become plural and variable post human bodies. Among the speakers and performers there will be kondition pluriel (Germany/Canada), Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson (Austria), Steve Dixon (UK), Yacov Sharir (USA), Masaki Fujihata (Japan), Hellen Sky (Australia), Denisa Kera (Czech Republic/Singapore), Michael Takeo Magruder (US/UK), Fiddian Warman (UK), Sita Popat (UK), Susanne Berkenheger (Germany) and many more. Sounds very interesting! So, if you are around…let’s meetup! Until next time, Marlon
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Hello dance-techers, This is Marlon with some good news! 1.-Jared Mezzocchi is the winner of the Interfacing Motion with the Miditron Wireless Fall 2008. Congratulations! Thank you all the applicants for your strong proposals and to Eric Singer for supporting this initiative donating the hardware and his time. 2.-We are launching dance-techTV as an online collaborative video broadcast channel dedicated to interdisciplinary explorations of the performance of movement. This channel will allow worldwide 24/7 linear broadcasting of selected programs, LIVE streaming and Video On-demand. dance-techTV content will be curated and selected from special collaborations with our community. Collaborative broadcasting...! If you would like your content to be included in our line up or would like to collaborate as co-producers of LIVE broadcasts of any relevant performances, lectures, panel or conferences please send suggestions, ideas or inquiries via email to We are in beta and will formally launch March 1st, so let us know about playback issues, image quality or any other problem. 3.-NEXT LIVE Broadcast in dance-techTV: Research Performance Seminar/School of Arts – Brunel University – West London /"Being in Relation ", a lecture by Adrian Heathfield London 16:oo-17:30 pm 11:00am Eastern time. Welcome new members! we crossed the 1000 line...! So, please remember to update your profile and your avatar picture, describe that video and add new tags! What is new with you? More soon! Marlon PS: almost forgot! We are going Radiohead style. I need your help to cover costs of on-line platforms, bandwidth, software and labor. Help to keep and TV free making an on-line donation of any amount. Make a donation on-line using PayPal!
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Hello Dance-techers! this is Marlon, the network producer. Welcome all new members! Explore all interactive features (blogging, forums and groups, chat room, video and photo sharing ) and engage in multiple conversations. Notice that you can personalize your page design and formatting. Explore the benefits for members! This is your network and you make it with your participation! News about Golden Nica 2009 Nomination on Digital Communities for In the beginning of March, I received an email from the Digital Communities Committee for the Ars Electronica's Golden Nica 2009 award, letting me know that our community was nominated for the award. This is so exiting and important! Just the fact that we were nominated is an important indicator of the relevance of our know how and that we are doing a good job in sharing knowledge and innovation. I believe that we have a lot of possibilities of winning. Keep rockin'! Using the network for teaching: More a more teachers and instructors are using the network for teaching in their courses, either using the videos to illustrate concepts or surveying the field. Some of them are formally creating groups for their classes or study groups. Thank you to initiators Rachel Boggia (Wesleyan University), Ellen Bromberg (University of Utah) and Grisha Coleman (Arts, Media and Engineering for Arizona State University). Share with us if you are using the network for teaching or educational projects...also how are you collaborating creating new methods or strategies in its use? what are your student responses? Research on Networking Dance Cultures: I am writing this from Dresden. I just started a three months research trip exploring the possibilities of our network to augment the potential for translocal knowledge exchange and study the complexities of open platforms of information sharing across boundaries of countries, cultures, disciplines, technologies and bodies. I will be in Dresden for 10 days sharing with the Forsythe Company while they are in residency performing (I will interview Bill Forsythe and some of his powerhouse creative team). I will also be preparing for a think tank on the future of performance and new media that will take place in Prague during Enter4, an exciting Conference on Art, Science and Technology. Amsterdan, Beirut, Tunisia, Lausanne , Geneva, Annecy and Madrid are in the roadmap.I will be writing and video blogging intensively and let me know if you are around any of this places:We might meet up! This research adventure is made possible in part with the support of Geneva Based Gilles Jobin Company and the Trans Media Akademie Hellerau, Dresden. Their support is helping us to realize this vision of an open forum for free exchange of knowledge for our community. Thank you again! Special thanks to the directors of Dance New Amsterdam, where I work in NYC as a social networking specialist, for creating a sabbatical format that is allowing me to work remotely and to integrate this research on future innovative educational and audience development programs. Movement Research Festival prepares for a Global Distributed performance in Dance-techTV network: Dance-techTV is co-producing with the Movement Research Spring festival 2009 As the World Turns: a distributed collaborative performance experiment. The performance will be broadcasted using Movement ResearchTV, a new channel created by the new dance-techTV collaborative broadcasting platform. From the Festival Program: "Launching from the Beirut International Platform of Dance/BIPOD, and traveling around the world, this experiment in distributed performance will be a global game of telephone as each city’s choreographer adds to the dance conversation." As The World Turns culminates in NYC where the public can participate Participating cities include: Brazil, England,France, Lebanon, Sweden, and the US. dance-techTV collaborative broadcasting Would you like to produce your own internet HD video channel for your company, art venue, festival, school or creative experiments in any language and from anywhere in the world!? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of broadcasting for an engaged and innovative community? would you like to be an initiator in this project? Ideas? Questions? Email me at and put "my dance-techTV channel" in the subject of the email. I will email you the details. This project is made possible with a spacial partnership with Mogulus and don't forget to: SUPPORT DANCE-TECH.NET
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