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12249510060?profile=originalHelp to remain FREE and open to everybody!


Hello all!
This is Marlon Barrios Solano! I am the creator and producer of this network.
I hope that you are having a creative and peaceful season!
-- has always been a free access network since its creation in 2007. I want to keep its access free and for that I need your help...
I believe that we have reached a critical mass with more than 5000 members to really leverage the potential of collective generosity of our international community to make this project sustainable... and to further develop it.
The dance-tech project, as I like to call it, comprises two websites ( and,  the dance-tech interviews (more than 400), curated video collections of complete works, online educational events (meta-academy@), app development and online/offline artistic residencies.  
All instances are geared to create and develop an exciting and inspiring international community focused on the investigation of embodied knowledge, interdisciplinary performance and emergent hybrid arts practices. 
I believe that we, as a "crowd",  can instantiate strategies to support and develop these projects. More than 5000 members may gently enable this project to keep going with a "road map" that we can envision together. My main goal is to keep its access for and add free.
Here you can read more about the dance-tech, a bit of history and its instances:
HELP US TO KEEP ACCESS FREE with a donation!
Any amount helps!
I appeal to your generosity and understanding. is an infrastructure of generosity!
Since its creation the dance-tech project has been mainly supported by my work as  many international  collaborations, partnerships, and employment with peers, friends and organizations.
I am deeply thankful to all of them!
This is a time to reformulate a direct commitment to the value of this work.
If it matters to you it will continue thanks to your direct contribution.
Thank you!
Any questions, problems and suggestions email:
marlon (at)
How to donate?
For members via
I have put in place a SECURE automated monthly donation system integrated with the sign-up and sign-in functions for the members.
As a member you will be prompted by the site to make a  SECURE donation every time you login. If you make a donation the site will remind you after 30 days.
The window will show you  a suggested donation of 3.95 but you can donate any other amount.
You will have access to the site and community even if you decide that you can donate only $0.00  (Zero).
Remember: Any amount helps!
Members can pay with their Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card or PayPal account. They will benefit from a seamless integration reliable and trusted payment platform.
If the member donates $3.95  or more they will have a smiling  face badge on their profile image  for 30 days after the donation.
Va PayPal to support Marlon Barrios Solano's work
PayPal links in the right sidebar of  this site.
This kind of payments are not integrated to the automated systems of the network website, so you will be prompted to donate even if you have donated any amount via PayPal. 
If you have any questions email:
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September 30th 2011

On Choreography or ELSE


Fra Cervello e Movimento – Extra Dry (1999) by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten (The Netherlands)
12249526299?profile=originalFace Shift (2005) by Arthur Elsenaar (The Netherlands)

12249527085?profile=originalTo Come (2005) by Mette Ingvartsen (Denmark)


Conversations in embedded_vlogger@

embedded_vloggers@PAF performing arts forum/Sain Erme, France



embedded_vlogger@ ChoreoRoam, The Place, London, UK



embedded_vloggers@Motion Bank Workshops No. 1/Frankfurt, Germany





produced by marlon barrios solano

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Hoje, a partir das 18h30, o idança transmite ao vivo o segundo encontro do projeto ABI pensa a dança, que tem como objetivo discutir as relações entre mídia e dança. O evento será realizado na sede da Associação Brasileira de Imprensa (ABI), no Rio de Janeiro, e a entrada é gratuita.

A discussão desta terça-feira será sobre Crítica de dança e novas relações entre dança e mídia, com Gustavo Ciríaco (coreógrafo), Nayse López (idança) Joana Ribeiro (PRODOC UNIRIO/RJ) e Helena Katz (PUC-SP), por skype. A mediação será do jornalista e teatrólogo Jesus Chediak. No dia 13 de setembro, primeiro dia do evento, foram abordadas questões relativas à Memória da dança na mídia – documentos e pesquisa, com a participação de Giselle Ruiz (PRODOC EBA/UFRJ), Beatriz Cerbino (pesquisadora UFF/RJ) e Dalal Achcar (coreógrafa).


Post in Idanca






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Seeking SFDI Coordinator, Seattle, USA


In September 2011, Dance Art Group, the producers of the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI) since 1994, handed production of the festival to Velocity Dance Center.

A new role of SFDI Coordinator has now been created to manage the production of SFDI. This will be a contracted position with Velocity Dance Center; Dance Art Group is facilitating the hiring of this position.


The Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation. SFDI preparations begin in September and continue until the festival in early August.

Work load varies throughout the year. The SFDI Coordinator can expect to work 5-10 hours/week.

Tasks include, but are not limited to, the following, all of which will be done in coordination with Velocity:

  • Organization and formatting of SFDI schedule including Intensives, classes, jams and special events;
  • Faculty contact for SFDI, Velocity Guest Artist Series and master classes;
  • Venue rentals;
  • Registration management;
  • Performances: Technical staff procurement; Box office management; DVD copying and distribution;
  • Panel discussion coordination;
  • Coordination of other SFDI events including Opening and Closing Circles, final teacher feedback meeting, and closing potluck;
  • Work/study coordination;
  • Faculty and student housing coordination;
  • Evaluation coordination;
  • Communications: Email, snail-mail and phone responses; Social media management; Graphic design management; Photographer and videographer procurement; Press releases and media contacts.
  • Fundraising: Collaborate on grant writing with Velocity Development Director; Coordinate annual SFDI fundraising benefit.
  • Other miscellaneous duties.

    SFDI Curators

    The SFDI Coordinator will communicate via meetings and email with a team of SFDI Curators throughout the year; meetings occur once monthly; email communication is frequent.

    Major curatorial decisions will be made by the SFDI Curators, which will include the SFDI Coordinator as well as representatives of Velocity and Dance Art Group. These decisions include:

  • SFDI format;
  • SFDI faculty;
  • Panel discussion facilitator;
  • Jam themes;
  • Class schedule;
  • Schedule changes.

  • Qualifications

  • Ability to multitask;
  • Strong effective communicator;
  • Comfortable working with limited supervision under the direct leadership of Velocity;
  • Extremely strong organizational, writing, verbal and interpersonal skills;
  • Demonstrate past success planning large-scale events similar to the programs offered by SFDI;
  • Comfortable with Excel;
  • Graphic design experience a plus (InDesign, Photoshop).

  • Compensation

    The SFDI Coordinator will be paid will be paid a guaranteed minimum flat rate solely from the gross profits of SFDI 2012. Any other payments made throughout the year (e.g., monthly stipend) will be negotiated and finalized between Velocity and the SFDI Coordinator. Compensation also includes:

  • Free attendance at all SFDI events;
  • Discounted Velocity studio space rentals and class attendance.

  • To Apply

    Email resume and one-page letter of interest to by October 3, 2011.


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What are dance-tech ENABLERS?

DANCE TECH ENABLERS are individuals and/or organizations that help the and project by directly collaborating  with research residencies, educational projects, work and sustainable resource exchanges that guarantee the continuity of the projects.
It las also defined that an enabler is a donor  of more than $300.00 in 12 months  and/or an individual or organizations that  provide special services or products/services that facilitate the maintenance of as a free access platform (also see right sidebar).
What do they get?
A linked logo for their accounts or organizations website and they are able to send messages to the whole network from selected posts.
See right sidebar!
Thank you to all the people  and organizations that have helped and .tv
Here a historical account of  enablers per year.
Jan-July 2012 enablers:

















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CEC ArtsLink invites artists and arts managers from 32 eligible countries to apply for residencies and grants in the US.

ArtsLink Residencies

Structured residencies for artists and arts managers in visual and media arts
English proficiency required
New this year!
Submission Deadline for Residencies moved up to October 15, 2011

The five-week residencies will take place in fall 2012. ArtsLink places Fellows at established US non-profit arts organizations and covers associated living, working, travel, and health insurance costs. Applicants do not need to have contacts with organizations in the US to apply for this program, but working knowledge of English is required. Since 1993, 453 Fellows have participated in Residencies at 223 arts organizations throughout the US. Deadline for artists and arts managers in performing arts & literature: October 15, 2012.

Application and Guidelines

ArtsLink Independent Projects

Project grants for arts professionals in all disciplines to carry out projects in the US
Submission Deadline: December 1, 2011

Project grants in all disciplines enable artists and arts managers from the eligible countries listed below to carry out self-directed projects in the US. Applicants must have a letter of invitation from a non-profit organization or individual in the US to enter this competition. Projects to take place between May 1, 2012 and April 30, 2013. Since 1999, ArtsLink has supported 79 Independent Projects.

Application and Guidelines

Eligible countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Please visit our website for more information.

Photo: ArtsLink Fellows and ArtsLink staff during the closing session in New York City, November 2010.

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Reminder: Dance on Camera Festival 2012
Call for Entries Deadline: October 1, 2011




Dance Films Association is still accepting submissions for our 40th Dance on Camera Festival co-produced with The Film Society of Lincoln Center, taking place January 27-31, 2012.

Entry fee is free to DFA members; $30 for non-members. We accept dance videos of all types and lengths. We welcome screen adaptations of stage choreographies, narratives, documentaries, abstract and experimental shorts as well as performances videos. CompleteEntry Form is available on the DFA Website.

For more information, contact Deirdre Towers, Festival Curator. Thank you for your participation.



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Do Billboards Dream of Electric Screens? Volume 2

Trampoline is seeking submissions from artists working with moving image for exhibition as part of a touring programme for urban screens. The work can derive from generative art, digital animation, net art, performance for film, new media and short form, but must be presentable as a single channel video piece.

The programme is the second edition of Trampoline’s urban screens programme Do Billboards Dream of Electric Screens? which was produced in 2007 and has toured internationally since.
The new programme will premiere at Frequency Festival, Lincoln, UK  and then go on to tour internationally with exhibition partners in Europe, Australia, North- and South-America and beyond.
The exhibition will be presented as an international tour for public screens. We are looking for works that respond to and play with the architectural qualities of urban screens as media surfaces, their relationship with public space or the aesthetics of advertising.

Works must be Suitable for large, public screening
Effective without sound
Up to 60 seconds in length (exceptions will be considered if appropriate)
For more details and to download the submission materials visit:

For more information contact Mathew Trivett:


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Congratulations to Student Dance Filmmakers

The Departments of Modern Dance and Film & Media Arts are pleased to announce the jury selections for the Student Dance for the Camera Program for the 8th International Dance for the Camera Festival and Workshop with Katrina McPherson.

We would like to thank students from around the globe for their submissions and congratulate the selected filmmakers. This is the first year a Jury's Choice Cash Award has been offered.

The $200 award goes to the Workshop "Cámaras danzantes (Dancing Cameras)" taught by Silvina Szperling at Escuela Internacional Cine y TV in Cuba, in collaboration with Festival DVDanza Habana, directed by Roxana de los Ríos, during March-April 2011. With over 80 submissions from around the world the collection of student dance films made during a workshop in Havana, Cuba with Silvina Szperling from Argentina, are particularly compelling. It is to the sponsors of this workshop that we award our cash prize, as a way of supporting their efforts. By the simplest of means, these student filmmakers immediately transport us to their worlds, and a great spirit of humanity is evident in every film.

JURIED STUDENT PROGRAM – Thursday, September 15, Marriott Center for Dance
University of Utah

Tristana Castilla (Spain)
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Volatile Three
Kayleigh Atkinson
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
James Gould and Kristen Lucas
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US
The Breath We Left
Tara Rynders
Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, US
Anna Potapova
Okatankino, Russia
Lost Horizon
Tanja London
University of Utah, US
Parallax Error
Anne C. Moore
California Institute of the Arts, US
Eugenia Silveira
Universidad de Republica, Uruguay
Lights Flicker in the Subterranea
David Bird and Hunter McCurry
Oberlin College, US
Vivir es Vivir
Luis Ernesto Donas
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Carry on Anyways
Remy Fernandez-O’Brien and Nicole Parma
Brown University, US
The Wait of Gravity
Renata Sheppard
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
Hamish Anderson
Bournemouth University, UK
Stranger Dances
Sabrina Cavins
University of Colorado at Boulder, US
Blood in the Northwest: The Burden of Skin
Mollie Wolf
University of Colorado at Boulder, US
Jerman Catalan (Chile)
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Honorable Mentions (Lobby Screening)

Entre Nous
Blair Brown
Loyola Marymount University, US
Gray #2 Boundary
Jenilyn Brown
California State University, Long Beach, US
Submissions from Escuela Internacional Cine y TV – Cuba
Instructor, Silvina Szperling -Argentina
Jerman Catalan - Chile
Tristana Castilla - Spain
Luvyen Mederos - Cuba
Luis Ernesto Doñas - Cuba
Lo Siento
Jerman Catalan
Felipe López – Colombia

Jury members included Marta Renzi, Choreographer and Dance Filmmaker from New York, Robert Schaller, Filmmaker and Director of the Handmade Film Institute from Boulder, Colorado, Michael Trent, Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer of Toronto’s Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation, Wyn Pottratz, Graduate Student in the Department of Modern Dance pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Screendance, and Danielle Short, Graduate Student in the Department of Film & Media Arts, also pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Screendance. (For jury bios go to: For more information on the entire Festival and Workshops, please go to

Ellen Bromberg
Associate Professor, Department of Modern Dance
Director, The International Dance for the Camera Festival
Director, Graduate Certificate in Screendance
University of Utah
330 S. 1500 East, Rm. 106
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Personal Office – 801/587-9807
Dance Office – 801/581-7327
Fax - 801/581-5442

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Kònic thtr presents : before the beep Center for Performance Research, New York





Friday, September 9th at 7.30pm

Saturday, September 10th at 7.30pm

Sunday, September 11th at 7.30pm

Tickets: $10.00 at the door

Online Tickets:

Workshop : konic will offer a workshop inside the perfomance space: Sunday, September 11th 2pm to 6pm


Before the Beep is a dance-performance piece inside an interactive space, and with audience participation. Kònic Thtr understands this piece as a space for encounter with local dancers and choreographers, elaborating a site specific event every time it is presented.

In 2011 three versions will be presented in Brazil, China and the US, each time with different collaborators. In this case, we will present the piece in New York with the collaboration of dancer Grace McCants

Before the Beep refers to the changes of perception in interpersonal communication mediated by new technologies, and to the spaces that this mediation generates. The piece confronts the body with these same communication technologies, and explores how these re-write the body and change our understanding of place and the idea of presence, redefining narrative, individuals and culture.


--Rosa Sánchez - Alain Baumannkònic thtr /


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Black Moon (La Lune Noir)

The preview of "Black Moon (La Lune Noir) Act 1" starts at 12:15pm in the 2nd Floor Gallery.

The gallery exhibit, "The Anatomy of Black Moon," opens at 7:00pm in the 2nd Floor Gallery. There will be a light reception with food donated by our neighborhood partner, Jerry's Cafe.

The panel discussion, entitled "America's Black Arts Movement," begins in the theater at 7:30pm.

The world premiere of Black Moon takes place on September 15-16 at 8:00pm in the DNA Theater, New York City. A post-show discussion moderated by Matthew Morrison will follow the September 16 show.

Tickets to the performance are available on the website, along with more information. All other events are completely free!

Black Moon (La Lune Noir) is an interdisciplinary/multimed
ia cabaret operetta based on Arnold Schoenberg’s melodrama “Pierrot Lunaire,” rewritten from an African-American male perspective and musically re-imagined through popular genres such as Afrobeat and house, deconstructing classical and contemporary forms to infuse the work with emotional power. The work is an electric experience visually and sonically.

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Hi Everybody,

Another opportunity to see most of the screen dance compilation Body Writes Mood first screened

at the Prague Quadrennial last June.

Now part of LovingArt festival in Tel Aviv.

If you’re around please join us - free entrance to all events.


Thursday September 8th12249508664?profile=original

53 Yehuda Hayamit Street Jaffa


Hope to see you,




The Films:


Diego Agulló.

2009, Germany

--                                                                  *The 4th circle of the Dragon by Diego Agulló


Sergio Cruz

2010, UK/Greece/Iceland


A Dance With Sacha Green Pathroom


2010, France


The 4th Circle of the Dragon

Diego Agulló

2011, Morocco


Ring #3

Suzon Fuks

2008, Australia



Manon Le Roy

2009, France


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