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YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video aims to discover and showcase the most exceptional talent working in the ever-expanding realm of online video. Developed by YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum in
collaboration with HP, YouTube Play
hopes to attract innovative, original, and surprising videos from around
world, regardless of genre, technique, background, or budget. This
global online initiative is not a search for what’s “now,”
but a search for what’s next. Visit to learn more and submit a video.

About YouTube Play

In the last two decades, there has been
a paradigm shift in visual culture. The moving image has been fully absorbed
into critical contemporary-art practices, and now we are witnessing the power
of the Internet to catalyze and disseminate new forms of digital media,
including online video.
With video now available for anyone to produce and watch, almost anytime and
anywhere—be it on cell phones, digital cameras, computers, or tablets—it has
become the medium of choice for many aspiring artists. YouTube Play will recognize the current effect of new technologies
on creativity by showcasing exceptional talent working in the ever-expanding
realm of digital media.

It is the goal of YouTube Play to reach the widest possible audience, inviting each and every individual with access to the Internet to submit a video for consideration. The end result will
hopefully be the ultimate YouTube playlist: a selection of the most unique,
innovative, groundbreaking video work being created and distributed online
during the past two years.

The Take
Running in conjunction with YouTube Play,the Take, a blog
featuring writing by experts, scholars,
artists from the
worlds of film, video, and Internet culture will discuss digital
content, the history of video art, and
video and its
effects on art and life.

How to Participate

Now through July 31,
2010, participants are invited to submit new or existing videos created within
the last two years at Submissions may include any form
of creative video, including animation, motion graphics, narrative,
non-narrative, or documentary work, music videos, and entirely new art

Selection Process

After the submission
period closes, the Guggenheim Museum will identify up to 200 videos for
viewing at From this group, up to 20 videos will be
selected by a jury of experts, comprised of distinguished artists,
filmmakers, graphic
designers, and musicians, to be presented at the Guggenheim Museum in
New York
during a special event on October 21, 2010, on view to the public
October 22–24, with simultaneous presentations at the Guggenheim museums
in Berlin, Bilbao, and Venice.

The Jury

Laurie Anderson

One of today’s most prolific performance artists, Laurie Anderson is renowned as a
musician, inventor, and filmmaker. Her performance practice is diverse,
ranging from riveting monologues to sophisticated multimedia events that
combine and harmonize visual and aural elements. At once experimental
and entertaining, Anderson’s work resists categorization, as the
novel-inspired performance Songs
and Stories for Moby Dick

(1999–2000) illustrates. The impact of Anderson’s creative work has been
acknowledged by NASA, which named her its first artist-in-residence in
2004. A traveling retrospective of Anderson’s visual work, The Record of the Time: Sound in the
Work of Laurie Anderson
, was
organized by the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon in 2003. Recently
Anderson released the album Homeland (her first in ten years) and
premiered the new performance work Delusion at the Vancouver 2010 Cultural

Animal Collective, featuring Deakin (Josh Dibb), Geologist (Brian Weitz), and Panda Bear (Noah Lennox)

Hailing from Baltimore, Animal Collective is a decade-old group of musicians
composed of childhood friends Avey Tare (Dave Portner), Panda
Bear (Noah Lennox), Geologist (Brian Weitz), and Deakin (Josh Dibb).
Known for their experimental sound and mysterious, psychedelic, and
sometimes disorienting live performances, the band has produced eight
studio records, one live record, and a variety of critically acclaimed
side projects while touring extensively nationally and internationally.

Darren Aronofsky

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, director Darren Aronofsky won the Director’s
Award at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival and an Independent Spirit Award
for Best First Screenplay for his first feature, π. In 2000 Aronofsky premiered Requiem for a Dream at the Cannes International Film
Festival. The film was named to more than 150 Top Ten lists, including
those of the New York Times, Rolling
, Entertainment
, and the American Film
Institute. His third feature, The
, a science-fiction
romance that he wrote and directed, starred Hugh Jackman and Rachel
Weisz. Aronofsky’s most recent film, The
, premiered in 2008 at
the Venice International Film Festival, where it won the Golden Lion,
making it only the third American film in history to win this prize.
Among his honors, the American Film Institute has awarded Aronofsky the
prestigious Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal, and the Stockholm Film
Festival presented him the Golden Horse Visionary Award. His next
release, Black Swan, is a horror film set in the world of
ballet that stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, forthcoming in late
fall 2010.

Douglas Gordon

Scottish-born artist Douglas Gordon utilizes a variety of mediums, including
installation, video, and photography, to investigate memory and time.
For his landmark video 24 Hour
(1993), he slowed Alfred
Hitchcock’s 1960 film to last an entire day; the tension of this famous
thriller was heightened by the mesmerizing, protracted action. In 2006,
Gordon collaborated with artist Philippe Parreno on Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, a film that presents the movements
of French soccer star Zinedine Zidane in real time over the course of a
single match to create a complex study of portraiture and mediated
spectacle. Exhibited globally, Gordon's work has been the subject of
considerable critical attention. Gordon received the 1996 Turner Prize,
the Duemila Prize for best young artist at the 1997 Venice Biennale, and
the 1998 Hugo Boss Prize. In 2008 he received the Roswitha Haftmann
Prize and served as an International Juror at the 65th Venice
International Film Festival.

Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley is a photographer whose work celebrates raw youth, with all its connotations of revolt, hedonism, and subversion. Subjects have
ranged from fans of the musician Morrissey (in the series Irregular Regulars,
2004–07), to nude young men and women playing and living in nature (I Know Where the Summer Goes, 2007–08) or captured in intimate
studio portraiture (Everybody
Knows This Is Nowhere
, 2010). In
2003, at the age of twenty-five, McGinley became the youngest artist to
have a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. McGinley has
been the recipient of two important photographic prizes, the ICP
Infinity Award for best young photographer from the International Center
of Photography in 2007 and American
magazine’s Photographer
of the Year award in 2003. In addition to projects in which he documents
his own friends and community, McGinley has created editorial
portfolios for such publications as Index, Esquire, and the New
York Times Magazine
, for which
he has photographed athletes at the 2004 summer and 2010 winter Olympic
games, 2007 Oscar nominees, and the singer M.I.A.

Marilyn Minter

Artist Marilyn Minter merges high art with commercial imagery throughout her practice, which includes painting, video, and photography. Minter’s work
frequently focuses on the female body, creating hyperrealistic artworks
that offset sensuality with lurid colors. Her second video work, Green Pink Caviar
(2009), has been screened in locations around the world, including
Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Times Square in New York, Madonna’s
2009 European tour, and, at present, the lobby of the Museum of Modern
Art, New York. The manipulation of glamour and desire, recurrent themes
for Minter, converged in her appropriation of Pamela Anderson’s iconic
pin-up image in a 2007 series of photographic portraits. Minter has
exhibited internationally, with notable solo shows organized by the San
Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2005); Center for Contemporary Art,
Cincinnati (2009); and La Conservera, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo,
Murcia, Spain (2009).

Takashi Murakami

World-renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami blurs the boundaries between East and West, past and present, in his paintings, sculptures, and videos.
Influenced by such varied traditions as Japanese manga, anime, and
classical nihonga painting and Western Pop art, Murakami has developed a
unique practice that situates the artist at the cusp of high art and
mass culture. In his work as a curator, Murakami has organized such
seminal exhibitions of contemporary Japanese art and culture as Superflat
(2000) and Little Boy: The Art
of Japan’s Exploding Subcultures

(2005). As an entrepreneur, he promotes emerging artists through his
art production and management company Kaikai Kiki Co. Having exhibited
widely throughout the world, Murakami is currently preparing for an
exhibition at the Château de Versailles in September 2010.

Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat is an Iranian-born artist/filmmaker living in New York. Neshat’s early photographic works, including the Unveiling (1993) and Women
of Allah
(1993–97) series,
explored notions of gender in relation to Islamic fundamentalism and
militancy. Her subsequent video works departed from overtly political
content or critique in favor of more poetic imagery and narratives.
Neshat recently directed her first feature-length film, Women without Men,
which received the Silver Lion Award at the 66th Venice International
Film Festival in 2009. Neshat has been the subject of numerous solo
exhibitions at galleries and museums internationally, including the
Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Serpentine Gallery in London,
Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and
the Musee d’Art Contemporain de Montreal.

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister is one of today’s most innovative and influential graphic designers. His conception and application of graphic design goes above and beyond
traditional notions of the practice, taking it to the realm of
performative, conceptual, and installation-based art. Sagmeister is most
widely known for his album cover artwork for bands like the Rolling
Stones, Talking Heads, and Lou Reed, and for books like Mariko Mori’s Wave UFO
for the Kunsthaus Bregenz, which function as sculptural objects.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Working in both feature-length and short forms, Apichatpong Weerasethakul plays with
various narrative devices and nonlinear structures in his profoundly
expressive, lyrical films, which are produced in his native Thailand.
Exploring memory, political oppression, and spiritual quests, the works
blend naturalism with stylized, dreamlike sequences. Weerasethakul’s Syndromes and a Century was the first Thai film to be
selected for the Venice International Film Festival, where it premiered
in 2006 at the 63rd festival. Recent screenings and exhibitions of his
films and installations include Phantoms
of Nabua
, Wexner Center for the
Arts, Columbus, Ohio; Moderne de la Ville de Paris/ARC (2009); and at Life on Mars,
55th Carnegie International, Pittsburgh (2008–09), at which he was
awarded the inaugural Fine Prize. His feature films have won several
prizes from the Cannes International Film Festival, including the Prix
Un Certain Regard (2003), the Prix du Jury (2004), and for his most
recent film, Uncle Boonmee Who
Can Recall His Past Lives
, the
prestigious Palme d’Or (2010).

Nancy Spector, Jury Chair

Nancy Spector is the Deputy Director and Chief Curator of the Solomon R. Guggenheim
Museum, where she oversees the acquisition strategy for the permanent
collection and the global exhibition calendar for the institution and
its affiliates. She has organized exhibitions on conceptual photography,
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Richard Prince, Tino Sehgal, and Matthew
Barney’s Cremaster cycle. She was adjunct curator of the
1997 Venice Biennale and co-organizer of the first Berlin Biennale in
1998. She has contributed to numerous books on contemporary visual
culture with essays on artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Luc Tuymans,
and Lawrence Weiner.

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Global Dance Contest

The Global Dance Contest is now closed. Our team of judges has selected the best 10 videos from all the entries. The 10 finalists will be online soon. Public voting starts at the 1st of September.Check out the videos and vote for your favorite at http://www.globaldancecontest.comBest your Global Dance Contest team x
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In order to support, acknowledge, and promote current research and production in new media art, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes through its Centro Multimedia of the Centro Nacional de las Artes calls the local and international artistic community to the Third New Media and Art Contest which will take place in the New Media and Art Video International Festival.The contest is open to any individual, group and association engaged in the production of artwork created with new media technologies, including video art, sound art, net-art, installation, composition, performance and related disciplines.The Third New Media and Art Contest, Autonomies of Disagreement, provides a setting of located practices, where disagreement allows for dialogue and exchange in the realms of local and international new media art.This international contest is concerned with acknowledging those distinct technological displacements and art’s current status, bearing a particular emphasis on those artworks whose technological innovations and contributions are supported by means that can be used for creation, stressing above all a critical perspective.1 Residual topographyThis category seeks to reveal the discourses pronounced by means of obsolete technology (electronic and digital) and those articulated when contrasting local technologies with high technology appropriations. It is open for installation; interactive, immersed or sound environments; robotic art; hardware hacking; circuit bending; physical computing; site intervention; or any other related disciplines. A single prize will be awarded worth $50,000 (Fifty thousand Mexican pesos). The Jury will decide the honorable mentions granted.2 Unusual displacements: the scope of the moving imagesIn order to analyze the moving images technological reconfigurations (and/or its possibilities) and consider its unusual territories, this category is intended to welcome artworks that use moving images in any of its modalities, be it lineal presentation or interaction: single channel video, 16mm, live cinema, Vj´s, videogame, mobile video, interactive animation, augmented reality, or any other related disciplines. A single prize will be awarded worth $50,000 (Fifty thousand Mexican pesos). The Jury will decide the honorable mentions granted.3 Dissident territories: the emergence of technologyIn order to explore technological developments that differ from industrial ones, this category looks for research and technology development projects who seek for innovations in the use of digital tools and electronic circuits with expressive and experimental means: free hardware and software, bioethical technology, gadget development, applications, devices or any other related disciplines. A single prize will be awarded worth $50,000 (Fifty thousand Mexican pesos). The Jury will decide the honorable mentions granted.4 Concealed order: viral construction of web contentsThis category will welcome those works whose poetics distinguish or surpass conceptions regarding mobile interfaces and information networks. Those that bear important contributions on distribution, expression and collaboration will be more privileged: internet, bluetooth, GPS, radiofrequency, mobile telephony, infrareds or any other related disciplines. A single prize will be awarded worth$35,000 (Thirty five thousand Mexican pesos). The Jury will decide the honorable mentions granted.All works must be submitted after this notification and no later than June 19th at 15:00 hrs.Works postmarked after the application deadline will not be considered. The submission date will be considered only if artworks are sent thorough express mail, not through ordinary mail. Submissions must clearly indicate the category.International submissions must be clearly labeled as “Material cultural sin valor commercial”. THE FESTIVAL WILL NOT COVER MAILING OR OTHER CUSTOMS FEES.Participants agree on these terms. Eventualities shall be resolved by the Festival’s Planning Committee.DocumentationTo learn more about application guidelines, obtain application forms, and other relevant information, please visit:http://en.transitiomx.netor the Multimedia Center website:http://cmm.cenart.gob.mxFor further inquiries and application submission please contact:Centro Nacional de las ArtesCentro MultimediaAvenida Río Churubusco 79, Colonia Country Club,C. P. 04220, Coyoacán, México, D. F.From 10:00 to 15:00 hrs.Ana Villa. Tel. ( 52 55) 41 55 00 00 Ext.
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Sadler's Wells Theatre in London, the world's leading venue for international dance is searching for new talent to perform on stage in front of a live audience. All you need to do is choreograph, perform and film an original piece of dance and enter it into our Global Dance Contest 2009. As well as receiving a cash prize, the winner of the contest will be invited to perform live at Sadler's Wells in January 2010 at Sadler's Wells Sampled, our yearly showcase of the best in dance from around the world. Read more here
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transmediale Award 2010 & Vilém Flusser Theory Award 2010Call for Entries of EntryProcedurePlease use the online application for all entries. In order to do so the applicant must first register as a site user. More than one work may submitted by the same artist, using a separate application for each work. Fields marked * are required.The evaluation by the jury requires good documentation of submitted works. Where appropriate, an explanation should be given as to which aspects of the works the jury should consider in particular. Preview video and audio material should be made available online, either within the artist's own site or embedded within a community channel. Supporting images and documents (PDF only) may be uploaded, to a maximum of 5 MB per submission.Additional supporting material may be sent by post if essential for preview purposes (i.e. DVD, CD, mini-DV tape or publications). If so, please include a print-out of your online application confirmation. Mailing costs will be borne by the entrant. Supporting material will be returned on request only and are subject to the following conditions:- submissions from Germany must have a stamped and self-addressed envelope enclosed.- submissions from abroad must have a EUR 10 bill (cash only) enclosed.Festival ParticipationThe conditions of entry are valid for both transmediale and club transmediale and entries for both festivals participate in the transmediale Award Competition at the same time. Nominated entrants will be invited to participate in the festival. It is the intention of transmediale and club transmediale to show all nominated art works - in accord with the possibilities and limitations of the respective festivals to do so.LanguageWorks submitted must be in German or English or have subtitles in either of these languages. Works in other languages must be accompanied by a text list in German or English.Once logged in you can proceed to the APPLICATION FORM.To apply with your art work or project using the online application form, you will need the following:Personal Information incl.:- Applicant Name(s)- Contact information- Birth Date, Citizenship (for potential funding)- BiographyProject Information incl.:- System Requirements- Synopsis (max. 1500 characters, incl. spaces)- Images (as jpg, tif, gif, png or bmp - max 500 kb each)- Support Documents (as pdf)Deadline: 31/07/09Contact:transmediale.10festival for art and digital cultureKlosterstrasse 6810179 BerlinGermanyPhone: +49 (0) 30 / 24 749 761Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 24 749
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Global Dance Contest

Hello everybody,We hope you are fine and had a lovely weekend!The Global Dance Contest is open for submission only till friday 17th - so these are the last couple of days. Take the chance and submit your piece to win the brilliant prize of an expenses paid trip to London, including transport and accommodation costs, to perform live on stage at Sadler's Wells in January 2010 at Sadler's Wells Sampled, and a cash prize of £2,000.We are impressed by the pieces we have seen so far and would love to see some more.Have a great week and we are looking forward to see you dance!Yours Global Dance Contest team x
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amberConference - Call for papers

The first international conference of amberConference will be held in conjunction with the amber’09 Art and Technology Festival, on 7,8 November 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey. The aims and scope of this conference are to create a platform of discussion and dissemination for the various themes and topics in which Social Science, Art and Technology converge.The theme for this year's event is the Cyborg, a phenomenon that has captured the attention and imagination of artistic, academic as well as scientific communities in terms of creative, theoretical, and technological output. The conference seeks previously unpublished papers of a maximum of 4500 words within the fields of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Computer Sciences and Art Papers discussing original artwork.Topics can cover (but are not limited to)Machinic/Cyborg ArtRobotics and robotic artCyborg and Performing artsAvatars (virtual worlds and virtualenvironments)Computer GamesWearable and Tactile TechnologiesArtificial intelligencePost humanismNew modes of embodimentAgencyMedicineGenetic engineering, biology, clones and hybridsReligion, tradition and eternal lifeMilitarismGenderDeadline: 1st of August 2009Click here for more details:
Read more… with the support of its institutional partner Eroktronix is launching the contest "Interfacing Motion with MidiTron Wireless" to support a young active dance/performance artist in his or her initial explorations on interactive multimedia control for live performance of movement. For each of two consecutive 6-month periods,a selected artist will be given a new MidiTron Wireless to be used as an interface in new project involving the use of physical sensors for gestural control of multimedia during live performance. The selected artist commits to document and share the creative process using rich multimedia (writing, photos and videos) using his or her blog in at least once a month during 6month after receiving the MidiTron Wireless The selected artist will also be eligible for a one month residency at LEMUR in Brooklyn ( Who can apply: -Only members -Based in the US. -Independent artists that are not full faculty at any university -Artist must have technical facility to understand wiring and hooking up sensors or have a collaborator with this facility. -The artist must be in beginning stages of exploration on interactive performance -Basic knowledge in any interactive software platform such as: Isadora, Maxmspjitter, Pure Data, sound-platforms, etc How to apply: -Send project proposal via email to with the subject: Interfacing Motion with the MidiTron Wireless -Brief Bio and url of website -Artistic statement -One page project proposal with a clear description of your concept, system and the specifics of the out-puts. What kind of sensors will you use? diagrams? drawings? what kind of outputs are you planning to use. - Video documentation of 2 recent projects uploaded in -When would you start the project (you can select of a year after receiving the Miditron) -State if you are interested in the residency at LEMUR in Brooklyn ( Selection jury: Eric Singer (Director of Lemuplex) Down Stopello from Troika Ranch ( Marlon Barrios Solano ( Deadline: July 15th/midnight Eastern time Selected artist will be announced July 25th Email for any inquires to See video [pdcasts about the Miditron Wireless
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