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DANCERS! online

The project DANCERS! is officially online at www.dancersproject.comvisit the site and browse among 130 2-minute solos of professional dancers all filmed in full HDWe have filmed in Brussels and Paris and are looking to come to other cities throughout the world during this five-year project. Register online for future shootings and as a potential dancer-partner-organizer-sponsor-installation presenter!Bud
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videodance festival milan italy (solo)

SOLO IN ACTION WINTERThe Solo dance in the video formatCALL FOR PROPOSALSSOLO IN ACTION is a committed approach to dancing that allows dancers to stretch their imagination by pushing movement and dance beyond all limits and expectations. The movement itself is what characterizes the dancer involved in his/her research, expanding the idea of a performance that is not necessarily fenced in by a fixed choreography or by a closed or blocked choreographed project, but which incorporates improvisation as an option.Unlike its summer edition, based on live performances, the winter festival focusses on Solo dance through video language, inolving both performer and video maker. The videos will be included in a collective exhibition which will run for two weeks in February 2009 at Studio28 in Milan.Requirements:• estimated video lenght: maximum fifteen minutes.• Format: DVD or MiniDV• There are not restrictions on :• themes• shooting tecniques• number of people involved in the project provided that the performer solo nature is clearly defined and remarked in the video.• The call is also open to already made videos with no time restrictions.Video material must be sent NLT by December 5th, 2008, to: Perypezye Urbane, via Moretto da Brescia 27, 20133 Milan (Italy):1. Video (DVD or Minidv)2. short written description of the project3. short written presentation of the author*Sale of the selected videos, either the entire performance or a single frame, will be considered as an option.
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