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Sort by is proud to present a selection of Piezas Distinguidas by La Ribot (Spain/Switzerland). They are part of what she calls DISTINGUISHED PROJECT which has spanned for more than 20 years. They are characterized by their brevity and metaphorical encapsulation questioning “the temporal, spatial, and conceptual limits of dance.”


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International Videodance Festival of Chile FIVC begins 

The call for the third International Videodance festival of Chile (FIVC) 2012, received more than 100 videos from 22 countries of America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 

FIVC Official Selection 2012, will offer four programs of about one hour and thirty minutes. Because of the masive participation that took place for this call  the Festival of this year will have an unofficial exhibition (OFF), for those pieces that were classified in a first stage of selection, and a national exhibition only for artists of the Valparaíso (Chile). 

FIVC 3.0 will take place from July 25 to August 10, 2012 at Spain Cultural Center and El Bosque Civic Center in Santiago and PCDV (Chile). 


FIVC is an independent event and self-managed, with no funding of any tipe. 

Organizes and produces. Caida Libre 

General direction and production: Brisa MP 

Jury 2012: Paula Moraga and Brisa MP 

Reporter (Press): Evelyn Vera 

Web Design: Andy Dockett 

Translation selection text: Liliana Cozzi

Sponsoring institutions: Spain Cultural Center, Balmaceda Arte Joven in Valparaíso (Chile). PCDV Valparaíso. 

Collaborators: RELEe'-, Danza contemporánea,, , Viña Casanueva



Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Chile
International Videodance Festival of Chile


FACEBOOK: Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Chile
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Conversación con Mal Pelo

La programación artística de MOV-S acogió dos funciones de Todos los nombres. Este solo de María Muñoz es un viaje de búsqueda por los vocablos que identifican y definen un cuerpo y construyen y confirman la existencia misma. Marlon Barrios conversó con Muñoz y Pep Ramis, componentes de la compañía Mal Pelo.

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Hello dance-techers,

We're happy to report that have rolled out a mobile site for the dance-tech experience.
We had upgraded the mobile version with a future-friendly HTML5 creating a great-looking experience across numerous mobile devices.

We were able to create something that's high quality and that provides a frictionless experience for users. o, you can connect with on the road.
Take a look at a few things that dance-tech Mobile offers.

It works with iOS and Android devices. It's optimized for smartphones so you can access it easily with the devices they already use every day.
So, connect with your community on the in your portable device!!



Your activity organizes the content!

an remember to read the last three messages!
















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Relato del encuentro: presentación de proyectos

Los días 15 y 16 de junio, en el marco del encuentro MOV-S se celebraron varias sesiones de presentación de proyectos relacionadas con las temáticas de los tres grupos de trabajo. Podéis escuchar los audios de dichas presentaciones. Para más información sobre los proyectos presentados, podéis consultar el siguiente link.


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Conversación con Israel Galván

El día 14 de junio, el Foyer del Gran Teatro Falla acogió el Solo de Israel Galván. Emancipado de la música, el bailaor se enfrentó a su propio ritmo en una pieza unipersonal de carácter experimental y sin adornos, un paso más en su trabajo de investigación con el lenguaje del cuerpo. Marlon Barrios conversó con él sobre esta pieza y su concepción del baile flamenco.

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Cognitive neuroscientists and dance makers share perspectives on conscious perception and self awareness  Paris 8 5-7 October 2012 Invited speakers/movers: Myriam Gourfink Patrick Haggard Lisa Nelson Erik Myin Bigna Lenngenhager  Steve Paxton Eva Karczag Aaron Schurger Participation fee: 40 euros Statement of intent: This workshop proposes a meeting place for two communities who have been investigating the nature of consciousness in, possibly radically, different perspectives. Over the past half a century (and especially over the last 15 years) cognitive scientists and neuroscientists have been studying the nature and neural basis of our phenomenological 'subjective' experience of the world, our own body and action and ultimately our selves.  This research has employed traditional paradigms and scientific protocols of experimental (neuro)psychology as well as the emerging technology  of human functional brain imaging  (fMRI, EEG, MEG, TMS, intracranial recordings). Though most of the research on the topic has taken the traditional   "third person perspective" , the intimately subjective nature of this topic has led scientists to integrate subjective reports into their experimental paradigms.  The study of consciousness and awareness using subjective (first person) phenomenological tools has been a central occupation within post-modern dance and related somatic techniques  since  at least the 1960's. Despite the shared topic of interest, there has been little cross-talk between neuroscientist and dance makers .We believe that such dialogue is possible and that it has the potential to cross-fertilize the research in both domains. For this purpose we have organized this weekend long workshop. The workshop will be organized in 3 blocks, each highlighting a specific dimension of inquiry (shared by both domains). Each block will consist of a presentation of cutting edge research in the field of cognitive neuroscience,  followed by a movement practice led by a dance/somatic practicioner addressing the same general issues. Finally, each block will end with an open ,informal discussion.  The workshop will start with a live dance performance and will end with a poster session which will allow for non-presneting workshop members to share their ongoing dance/scientific research. Program: Friday 5  (studio Keller, Paris) 8 PM:  "The Breathing Monster" ( A dance performance by Myriam Gourfink)  preceded by a  presentation by  Patrick Haggard and followed by an informal discussion. Saturday 6 (Dance Studio, Paris 8 University, Saint Denis) 8:00-9:00   A physical warm up 9:15-12:45 Morning theme: body awareness and the self Erik Myin (talk) Lisa Nelson  ( Lecture-demonstration/hands on movement exporation) Open discussion 12:45-14:15 Lunch 14:00-17:45 Afternoon theme: Perception and action, perception as action Bigna Lenngenhager (talk) Steve Paxton  ( Lecture-demonstration/hands on movement exploration) Open discussion Sunday 7 (Dance Studio, Paris 8 University, Saint Denis) 8:00-9:00   A physical warm up 9:15-12:45 Morning theme: Consciousness of movement , movement of consciousness Aaron Schurger (talk) Eva Karczag ( Lecture-demonstration/hands on movement exporation)     Open discussion 12:45-14:15 Lunch 14:15-17:45 Afternoon theme:   Poster/video session: short presentation by workshop
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Hello dance-techers,
Here is the page with the most popular content of this week and also please read the last week message.
As you can see in the navigation menu, we have added some features to the regular social media functionality.

Here is  the new feature of the week:

Your LIVE video channel...

Yes, all members can now use the network for LIVE video broadcast in your own LIVE video channel automatically embedded in your account.

Broadcast your rehearsals, performances, lectures and your experiments on
We have established  a partnership with USTREAM.TV that allows you to create a  free or professional  broadcasting video channel  that will be embedded  in the network and have its own URL.
Your own LIVE video channel on your profile page!
In this way each member of becomes a potential broadcasting producer.
More than 4000 potential providers of live content!

You  can use  the network to share  with friends and directly re-post in Facebook and Twitter...
Just in few clicks!
be part of the LIVE video revolution  for the arts!
Let's innovate together...


To create your own USTREAM.TV channel:

1.-Log in to the network, go to the tab "My LIVE video channel" in the main menu and follow prompts.

2.-You may use a USTREAM.TV channel that you have already created or create a new one.


If you want your channel to show in your profile page: go to the "settings" in your profile page There you can select to show the channel in your page and place it anywhere in the page.


It will show at the lower part of your profile page by default.

You always will be able to see your channel or direct your viewers to the URL of "My LIVE video channel" page and also to the channel in your profile page if you have defined so in the settings.

See channel on Marlon Barrios Solano page:

See channel on "My LIVE video channel page

Let us know when you create your channels  to announce it...

Happy LIVE video streaming.


Disclaimer: does endorse the content or opinions expressed within the USTREAM channels created by its members. Members must follow the USTREAM terms and conditions. As in any section the network, each member is responsible of the copyright clearance of the published or broadcasted material. does not get any moneys from adverting layered on the USTREAM free channels nor from USTREAM.TV

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Erin Jonhson and I are working on a new piece called "Bobinetting" for the ZERO1 Biennial in San Jose this January. More information to come soon, but until then: 

Bobinetting is the contemporary appropriation of an anachronistic feminist device. In 1832 French ballerina Marie Taglioni dawned the first tutu to dance the ballet La Sylphide. The tutu is made of tulle, light fabric that consists of strong hexagonal stitching. The light and strong makeup of the dancing skirt allowed for Taglioni to move around the stage more freely and to jump as high as her male counterparts. Since the nineteenth century the tutu and its characteristic tulle technology has become the iconographic symbol of the female ballerina as sexual object. Bobinetting explores the way that technological prosthesis can simultaneously empower and objectify the body. What is technology and what does it do to our identity? This performance is a new media artwork for which tulle is a movement sensor. By way of stripping digital devices from the performance environment we focus on the physicality of the human body as it has always interacted with objects. During a time when new media devices are often staged as trendy fetish objects, we take away the devices to think metaphorically and historically about bodies, movement sensors, and prosthetics. Bobbinetting is a prosthetic dance between tulle netting and human agent. 

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Relato del encuentro: Varias aportaciones (3)

Ya ha pasado un mes desde la celebración del encuentro en Cádiz y seguimos recibiendo feedbacks de personas participantes en el mismo.

Cristina Riera fue relatora en una de las mesas de trabajo de la sala Colaboración Público-Privada. En su blog, publicó un post de valoración del encuentro bajo el título Un ejemplo de práctica institucional colaborativa y abierta en el que reflexiona sobre MOV-S como un experimento en diferentes capas.
- Link al post.
- Pdf del post (16/7/2012).

También, y bajo el título Metodologías colaborativas en cultura #Movs2012, ofrece una imagen con conclusiones básicas sobre metodologías colaborativas en cultura y el papel del gestor cultural a propósito de MOV-S 2012.

Después de un primer mapa visual que incluía conclusiones sobre el encuentro, Marta Ardiaca en su blog comparte un post titulado #movs2012 ideas para cultivar y un mapa a partir de su experiencia como relatora en la sala Movilidad y visibilidad.
- Link al post.
- Pdf del post (16/7/2012).

Susana Serrano, también relatora en la sala Movilidad y visibilidad, comparte un post titulado Cuerpo, laboratorio, resistencia...//reflexiones MOV-S en su blog
- Link al post.
- Pdf del post (16/7/2012).

Margarida Troguet, directora del Teatre L'Escorxador de Lleida participó como relatora en la sala Sostenibilidad de las prácticas artísticas. Nos ha hecho llegar sus reflexiones sobre la programación artística y una serie de imágenes que contienen conclusiones de la mesa 7.
- Pdf del artículo.

(Haz clic en las imágenes para aumentarlas)

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Message Thursday


July 12th 2012

Hello dance-techers,

I would like to thank you for all  your ongoing contributions with and

The projects keep growing and evolving with your contributions that nurture the platforms themselves, content productions and special collaborations/partnerships.

I would like to invite you to use for developing your own on-line network community. I suggest to include it on your online strategy and you will benefit form the the engagement of a community of practice focused on experimentation, open knowledge  and innovation in the body based artistic and  research practices. will be emphasizing decentralization with a totally distributed and horizontal approach for the presentation and featuring of content.


1.- Chronological order

All the content by the community will be featured based on chronological order in all the pages, including the home page.

2.- You as co-curator

All the dance-tech NEWS will only be sent one a week and will  highlight the most popular members and content of the week. The site will self-organize based on users participation. Your  participation will make you more visible.

You can participate in many ways, with any kind of media content. You can automatically SHARE in Facebook  or Tweeter all you dance-tech posts.  This helps also to spread the word a about this project.

The dance-tech NEWS email email will be sent on Thursdays.
It is your participation that determines the content of the newsletter. We all determine what matters!


We are all curators!

NOTE: You can opt out to receive these mails in your settings/email section of your profile. Here you can customize all the email aspects for your  account.

3.-Please, don't send me press releases about events for me to post them. Post them yourself and move them in the social network platforms. That makes to content  more useful.

It is about collaborative platforms. can be used for PR and marketing purposes but you are in charge.

An please,  use  the real dates of the events. Events with  dates implying a duration of more than 8 weeks will be deleted.  Respect your peers!


Here you can find a description  of the dance-tech projects and other collaborative opportunities.\

5.-Donations are VOLUNTARY
We have put in place an automated monthly donation system integrated with the sign-up and sign-in functions  for the, yet:
You will be now reminded  that all the dance-tech interactive projects are supported by generosity of its users

Your donation does not impact your visibility in the site!

If you have any suggestions or would like to get more involved in this project please, email

have a great weekend!




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Relato del encuentro: Varias aportaciones (2)

María Ptqk, metodóloga del encuentro MOV-S, quiere compartir con todos vosotros la experiencia #10penkult. Decálogo de prácticas culturales de código abierto. Organizado por Susana Serrano, tuvo como participantes a algunos de los relatores que trabajaron en Cádiz (la misma Ptqk, Jaron Rowan, Kamen Nedev...).
Pedro Soler, también presente en el proyecto, ha organizado uno en La Caldera de Barcelona, que se está desarrollonado estos días. Podéis seguir el proceso en

Guillermo Heras nos ha hecho llegar un artículo en el que reflexiona sobre el encuentro y lanza una serie de ideas al sector que pueden ser interesantes y útiles a la hora de encontrar alternativas a los problemas y cuestiones actuales.
Pdf del artículo.

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Relato del encuentro: varias aportaciones


Recogemos algunas aportaciones, reflexiones e ideas que han ido surgiendo en redes sociales y blogs a raíz del encuentro de hace un par de semanas en Cádiz.


En el blog se inició un interesante debate a partir de un post de Adolfo Estalella sobre la metodología utilizada durante los días de MOV-S 2012. Algunos de los participantes del encuentro en Cádiz entraron en el debate con aportaciones a tener en cuenta.
- Link del post
- Pdf del post (29/6/2012)


Por su parte, Iguazel Elhombre, también reflexionó, de una manera más personal sobre la experiencia.
- Link del post
- Pdf del post (29/6/2012)


Marta Ardiaca, colgó hace unos días en su cuenta de Twitter el siguiente mapa sobre algunas de las conclusiones a las que se llegaron en la mesa de trabajo en la que participó.



También en Twitter, Susana Serrano compartió un texto de Suely Rolnik titulado "El ocaso de la víctima".
- Link al artículo
- Pdf del artículo (29/6/2012)


Ainara Martín nos ha hecho llegar grabaciones que realizó en la sala "Colaboración Público-Privada" con las conclusiones de los relatores.

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Relato del encuentro: conclusiones

Queremos compartir con vosotros el resultado de los dos días de trabajo en comunidad que tuvo lugar durante el encuentro.

Fotografiamos todos los murales que se realizaron como resultado de las discusiones en las diversas mesas de trabajo. Esperamos que estas imágenes sean una herramienta útil para vosotros (las encontraréis numeradas del 1 al 111).

Álbum de fotos.

Ponemos a vuestra disposición las conclusiones que presentaron los metodólogos María Ptqk, Rubén Martínez y Ainara Martín en el acto de clausura de MOV-S 2012 y el audio del acto.

Intervención Lipi Hernández (archivo en audio)

Presentación de conclusiones (archivo en audio)

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