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Norsk Festival for Dans Og Film 2012

"We drank wine, watched porno films, danced as though we were dancing contact improv or working for Forsythe, Kylian, Anne Teresa de Keersmaker, " said the charismatic dancer Jordi Cortes Molina about his collaboration with Daniel Munoz in the making of COUP DE GRACE based on two men whose friendship was brought to an abrupt stop - only to be tested again after 40 years. "We tried everything to get to all the layers of the friendship of these two men with their long long history together. Every day, we'd improvise, sometimes for 3 hours straight, continuing until one of us called to stop."

Molina was a font of information and insight about the challenge of making dance films in our Artists Chat, here in the charming city of Haugesund, pop. 25,000, in the Norsk Festival for Dans og Film. Now in its third year, this dance film festival has the distinction of being developed with the support, from its inception, with The Norwegian International Film Festival now in its 40th year. Anne Jorunn Salhus and Rikke W Lie started their Dans Og Film Festival in 2010, but sadly Anne passed that year. The screenings were primarily on the 4 screens of Edda Kino as well as the Maritim Hotel. This year's festival had the distinction of presenting 4 Norwegian premieres with the opening film being KON TIKI.


12249544870?profile=originalThe screening in Haugesund of COUP DE GRACE directed by Clara van Gool, shown at Dance on Camera Festival 2012 in NYC, was a highlight of Dans Og Film, along with the screening of other old favorites such as HORIZON OF EXILE, ONE FLAT THING RE-PRODUCED, and a new short involving a staggering about of post-production from USA,  SOLIPSIST by Andrew Thomas Huang, noted by Creativity Magazine as a Director to Watch. Jordi revealed how close he was to Clara van Gool, with whom he had made 6 films. When he worked for DV8, he made 2 films with David Hinton, STRANGE FISH and TOUCHED. Quite relaxed and warm in person, Jordi often appears imperious and domineering on screen. He confided that he had to learn to do much less for the camera and slow everything down. He currently is fascinated by the idea of body memory, exploring fossils as a catalyst for a new project. He begins in September to direct a documentary in Barcelona about his work with the disabled.

Dans og Film Festival ran August 19-21, 2012, offering screenings, 4 day workshop with Peter Jasko and Milan Herich from the Brüssels based Les Slovaks dance collective, artists chat, and the lecture/screening of my "100 Years of Dance on Camera."

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12249529071?profile=originalEN DEDANS

Gabrielle Lamb, USA, 2011; 10m

A one-of-a-kind film collage that draws on dancers’ dream journals, choreography, structured improv and spoken text.

When I set out on my collaboration with the BalletX dancers, I had in mind to make a film based on the idea of dancers' dreams. I found, almost but not quite to my surprise, that most dancers have pretty much the same two or three dreams about dance that I myself have.  Rather than discouraging me, however, this awakened my curiosity about the people I was working with.  I wanted to get deeper into their minds and use these dreams as a starting point for learning about their unique experiences.  Alongside our choreographic explorations and structured improvs, I talked to them about their earliest memories of dance----what they love and hate about it, and how they have changed over the years.  These dancers were incredibly generous, both in the studio and in conversation;  and I wanted the finished work to weave together their multicolored threads in a way that celebrates these lives lived in dance.  

When I create a new work, I rarely have a clear vision in my mind of the finished product.  I do have themes or images, however; and using these as a basis I start my process by journaling and collecting materials.  Once a point of departure suggests itself I begin to assemble the materials in a collage; and each new element I add suggests the next possibility.  For this project I created a structure for myself by beginning with the soundtrack, using the dancers' voices and the music to establish a spine of meaning.  Once the soundtrack was complete, I added the layers of images and animation.  Working in this manner, I inevitably encounter surprises, both positive and negative.  Each project poses unique challenges that I cannot predict ahead of time.  On the other hand, I rarely feel disappointed in the actualization of my vision, since it never quite exists in the first place.

Gabrielle Lamb

Dancer, choreographer, self-taught filmmaker Gabrielle Lamb will introduce her short EN DEDANS to be shown along with BALANCHINE IN PARIS in DOCF 2012 Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 4pm at the Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center Plaza, New York. 

For more information on Gabrielle Lamb, please visit her website

For more information on the Philadelphia based dance company BalletX, see

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Congratulations to Student Dance Filmmakers

The Departments of Modern Dance and Film & Media Arts are pleased to announce the jury selections for the Student Dance for the Camera Program for the 8th International Dance for the Camera Festival and Workshop with Katrina McPherson.

We would like to thank students from around the globe for their submissions and congratulate the selected filmmakers. This is the first year a Jury's Choice Cash Award has been offered.

The $200 award goes to the Workshop "Cámaras danzantes (Dancing Cameras)" taught by Silvina Szperling at Escuela Internacional Cine y TV in Cuba, in collaboration with Festival DVDanza Habana, directed by Roxana de los Ríos, during March-April 2011. With over 80 submissions from around the world the collection of student dance films made during a workshop in Havana, Cuba with Silvina Szperling from Argentina, are particularly compelling. It is to the sponsors of this workshop that we award our cash prize, as a way of supporting their efforts. By the simplest of means, these student filmmakers immediately transport us to their worlds, and a great spirit of humanity is evident in every film.

JURIED STUDENT PROGRAM – Thursday, September 15, Marriott Center for Dance
University of Utah

Tristana Castilla (Spain)
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Volatile Three
Kayleigh Atkinson
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
James Gould and Kristen Lucas
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US
The Breath We Left
Tara Rynders
Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, US
Anna Potapova
Okatankino, Russia
Lost Horizon
Tanja London
University of Utah, US
Parallax Error
Anne C. Moore
California Institute of the Arts, US
Eugenia Silveira
Universidad de Republica, Uruguay
Lights Flicker in the Subterranea
David Bird and Hunter McCurry
Oberlin College, US
Vivir es Vivir
Luis Ernesto Donas
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Carry on Anyways
Remy Fernandez-O’Brien and Nicole Parma
Brown University, US
The Wait of Gravity
Renata Sheppard
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
Hamish Anderson
Bournemouth University, UK
Stranger Dances
Sabrina Cavins
University of Colorado at Boulder, US
Blood in the Northwest: The Burden of Skin
Mollie Wolf
University of Colorado at Boulder, US
Jerman Catalan (Chile)
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Honorable Mentions (Lobby Screening)

Entre Nous
Blair Brown
Loyola Marymount University, US
Gray #2 Boundary
Jenilyn Brown
California State University, Long Beach, US
Submissions from Escuela Internacional Cine y TV – Cuba
Instructor, Silvina Szperling -Argentina
Jerman Catalan - Chile
Tristana Castilla - Spain
Luvyen Mederos - Cuba
Luis Ernesto Doñas - Cuba
Lo Siento
Jerman Catalan
Felipe López – Colombia

Jury members included Marta Renzi, Choreographer and Dance Filmmaker from New York, Robert Schaller, Filmmaker and Director of the Handmade Film Institute from Boulder, Colorado, Michael Trent, Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer of Toronto’s Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation, Wyn Pottratz, Graduate Student in the Department of Modern Dance pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Screendance, and Danielle Short, Graduate Student in the Department of Film & Media Arts, also pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Screendance. (For jury bios go to: For more information on the entire Festival and Workshops, please go to

Ellen Bromberg
Associate Professor, Department of Modern Dance
Director, The International Dance for the Camera Festival
Director, Graduate Certificate in Screendance
University of Utah
330 S. 1500 East, Rm. 106
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Personal Office – 801/587-9807
Dance Office – 801/581-7327
Fax - 801/581-5442

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Award Winning Scottish Dance Filmmaker and Author, Katrina McPherson, who will be in residence at the University ofUtah's International Dance for the Camera Festival in September. 12249506092?profile=originalShe will conduct two workshops, a weekend workshop plus screenings of her award-winning work, September 15-17th, followed by a week long intensive, September 19-24th. It is possible to register for either one or both workshops. For more information go to:

or contact Ellen Bromberg,











Photo Credit:Gao Yan and Song Wenjia/Beijing Dance Academy

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Remembering Enrique Morente

I am so upset that the great flamenco artist Enrique Morente Cotelo just died, Monday, December 13, only 12 days shy of his birthday.


What a gift he had. He could make your guts burn with only a few notes. And he experimented with so many forms, always excelling.


Why do so many of the great & talented always seem to die young? Is it because someone upstairs says - "OK. You've done all you possibly can to remind the rest of them that the mysterious forces of nature are always there, available to be tapped."


Born on Christmas Day 1942 in Granada, Spain, Enrique Morente began his career in Spain in the mid-1960s, and performed at the Spanish Pavilion of the 1964 World’s Fair in New York and again in NY in recent years at BAM and Lincoln Center. Mr. Morente’s survivors include his wife, Aurora Carbonell, a dancer; and three children, one of whom, Estrella Morente, who is my favorite performer in Carlos Saura's latest film FLAMENCO FLAMENCO that Dance on Camera Festival will show on January 29, 2011.


“I like doing what comes from inside,” Enrique Morente told The Boston Globe in 2003. “If that means I’m innovating, it’s pure coincidence.”

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Celebrating its 12th year, the NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL is open for submissions from innovative filmmakers and artists from around the world, who specialize in the exploration of body, dance, and movement through the medium of film and video. All movement-based genres are accepted, such as videodance, animation and documentary.

Selected films will be showcased in a special program focused on dance and will also be eligible for Jury, Audience, and Festival Awards. Please take advantage of this grand opportunity to screen your work in front of thousands of film fans and industry professionals!

The Festival will be running from April 28 to May 5, 2011 and screened in Newport Beach, CA.

For more information on our festival and the submissions process, please visit our official website:

or submit now using this link:

Early Deadline - October 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Special - November 19, 2010

Standard Deadline - December 17, 2010

Final Deadline - January 24, 2011



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The “Dance Camera Istanbul” 3rd International Dance Film Festival will be held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010 winter, focusing on video dance, dance on camera, dance photography and dance film screenings. Dance for camera is a fusion art form combining choreography and filmmaking. “Dance Camera Istanbul” annually showcases international dance films, camera re-works and experimental movement-based films by contemporary video artists and choreographers from student to professional level. There is no restriction on the subject.

The festival supports films which investigate the ongoing search for movement and spaces, both in and out of bodies.

The aim of the festival is to build a community for both dancers and filmmakers to come together, to present and promote both local and cutting edge international works, to share ideas, and to provide a collaborative experience for dancers and filmmakers as they work together to produce the final product.

“Dance Camera Istanbul” also focuses on increasing attention and awareness of the collaborations between dance, film, visual arts and music as well as the different mediums and forms of dance. The goals of “Dance Camera Istanbul” are to offer a proper venue in which to screen and share the works, to encourage and educate student dance filmmakers, to spread the knowledge of dance for camera, and to deepen the understanding of Turkish and international dance film practices through panels, practical workshops, discussions and screenings.

We are seeking enthusiastic individuals and groups who are strongly focused (or want to focus) on dance for camera work, video or multimedia installation collaborations. Examples include video dance, dance documentary, adaptation of a stage work or site specific creation, any kind of artistic and experimental work with kinesthetic energy and rhythmic design, and choreographic works that are created specifically for the lens of the camera and include a well- planned editing process. We invite you to be part of the “Dance Camera Istanbul Festival” family. Accepted works will be screened in various venues in Istanbul, throughout Turkey and at the sister event Cinematic Lounge Series. In attendance will be Turkish and international dancers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, artists and students, as well as both national and international audiences. During the festival, we will organize discussions between the artists, filmmakers and audience after the screenings.

Dance Film Workshops and Lectures/Panels

The workshops will be directed by acclaimed national and international dance and video artists, filmmakers and choreographers who will introduce different approaches to camera, dance and movement as well as providing information about video dance history, archives and links for further research. The workshops will take place at several dance studios and stages as well as access to indoor and outdoor spaces for filming. During the festival month, there will be national and international lectures serious on the dance camera work and the related fields. If you are interested in honoring us with your presence and lecture, please contact with us in regards to your possible topic. It would be our pleasure to start and organize a growing artistic environment and relationship.

Partners and Sponsors

“Dance Camera Istanbul” collaborates with several cultural institutions for visual artists, choreographers, performers and with many other highly appreciated contributors. Our sponsors and partners will be announced in the near future.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and sponsorship opportunities.

We are looking forward to welcome you all...

Thank you!

Dance Camera Istanbul Festival Director

Onur Topal – Sümer

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Early Deadline: December 16, 2009Final Deadline: January 15, 2010Celebrating our 9th annual dance film festival, Dance Camera West welcomes dance media in any dance style or genre. Categories include: screendance, movement based film, short films, features, documentary, installations, and interactive dance media.Dance Camera West’s June 2010 festival will feature an international selection of dance media and special screening events throughout the month at prominent Los Angeles venues such as Walt Disney Concert Hall’s REDCAT Theatre, Hammer Museum, American Cinematheque, Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, and several new venues to be announced.We look forward to seeing your new work!Entry forms and guidelines available at: direct questions to:
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TenduTV announces the launch of the digital Dance on Camera Festival on Hulu, at The digital Dance on Camera Festival is an extension of the Dance Films Association's Dance on Camera Festival (DOCF), which it has produced annually for the last 38 years, the last 14 of which have been co-presented with the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

"This new venture presents an exciting opportunity for dance film artists to expand their audience. The bulk of today's viewers consume their media digitally. Our partnership with TenduTV widens our distribution while offering an excellent, new venue for our participating artists," said Deirdre Towers, artistic director of Dance Films Association.

"We're excited to take this first step forward towards meeting the needs of the dance field. Finally, dance audiences can begin to get the access they eagerly desire. The Dance Films Association is a great partner and we're looking forward to doing all we can to help them fulfill their mission," said Marc Kirschner, General Manager of TenduTV.

TenduTV will be adding new films on a regular basis, providing viewers with a diverse range of dance on screen. While the initial films primarily represent contemporary works from prior editions of the festival, the Dance Films Association and TenduTV will also curate focused collections of dance films. Planned themes include "Past Masters," "Africa" and "Animation."

The first six films are available now, and feature dancers from some of thedance world's most renowned companies, including Tanztheater Wuppertal, Frankfurt Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera Ballet and Armitage Gone! Dance.

These films are:

Arcus, a jury prize nominee, DOCF 2004
directed by Alla Kovgan and Jeff Silva

Arising,from DOCF 2009
directed and choreographed by Ben Dolphin

FoliesD'Espagne, a jury prize nominee, DOCF 2008
directed by PhilipBusier
choreographed by Austin McCormick

Madrugada,from DOCF 2005
directed by William Morrison
choreographed byDeborah Greenfield

Vanishing Point, DOCF 2009
directedby Patrick Lovejoy

Wiped, Jury Winner, DOCF 2002
directedand choreographed by Hans Beenhakker

TenduTV also announced the addition of Cory Greenberg to its advisory board. Ms. Greenberg is Director of Operations & Special Projects for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, as well as Ailey's in-house counsel. She received her undergraduate degree cum laude in Art History from Duke University and her law degree from New York University School of Law, where she was an Arthur Garfield Hays Civil Liberties Fellow and a recipient of the Vanderbilt Medal for Public Service.

About TenduTV

Founded in 2008, TenduTV seeks to deliver dance to audiences through the highest quality digital distribution network available to the art form today. Through TenduTV's platform partners, dance artists and organizations will be able to transport their vision beyond the physical theater and engage audiences through computers and 200 million digital devices including internet-enabled televisions, portable video players and mobile devices. By empowering artists to connect with audiences on a global scale, TenduTV believes that the dance field can be as strong financially as it is creatively.

About Dance Films Association, Inc.

Dance Films Association, Inc. (DFA) is dedicated to furthering the art of dance film. Connecting artists and organizations, fostering new works for new audiences, and sharing essential resources,
DFA seeks to be a catalyst for innovation in and preservation of dance on camera. DFA was founded by Susan Braun in 1956, and included Ted Shawn, the founder of Jacob's Pillow, as its charter member, as well as modern dance pioneer Jose Limon and ballerina Alicia Markova as members of its first Board of Directors. A tireless advocate, Ms. Braun devoted her life to finding, showcasing, preserving dance films and videos until her death in 1995. Today, DFA seeks to carry on her spirit of creativity and collaboration in a time of extraordinary transformation.

For more information, visit and


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Collaborators for a ScreenDance Project

15 Variations based on Bach’s Golberg’s will be performed with a live string quartet under the direction of Jeremiah Bornfield at Galapagos on August 24th. The video will be projected during the performance. Due to the tight time constraint, time flexibility to meet and rehearse is crucial.I am looking for a dancer with a classical modern dance background. The video will be shot in one continuous master shot with choreographed camera dolly movements. The dancer will also perform the dance backwards as an in camera effect that will be manipulated in post-production. There will be plenty of room for artistic interpretation and collaboration is encouraged.Music Arrangement: order: Aria, Variation 1, Variation 2, Canon at Unison, Variation 4, Variation 5, Canon at the Second, Variation 7, Variation 8, Canon at the Third, Fughetta, Variation 11, Canon at the Fourth, Variation 13, Variation 14, Canon at the Fifth, Aria again) total: 15 minutes 29 secondsInspiration Video:Walking on AirAnother video the collaborators really liked:Tentative Schedule:Initial Meeting: August 13th - August 15th (~2 hours, flexible with the date and time)Rehearsal: August 17th - August 20th (~4 hours, flexible with the date and time)Film Production: August 21st or August 22nd (~6 hours, location has yet to be secured)If your interested or have any questions, please call Robert Moon at 610-888-3498 or email at
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4 award-winning filmmakers share their viewpointsgenerously subsidized by Dance New AmsterdamJanuary 6-9, 2009 2-4pm@ Dance New AmsterdamSave 10%! Pre-register for the workshop at DNA280 Broadway, 2nd Floor (Chambers St)212-625-8369Take advantage of this unique opportunity for professional developmentStudy each day with a different artist
Jan 6-Ben Dolphin (director of ARISING) Jan 7-Alla Kovgan (co-director of NORA)Jan 8-Daniel Belton (director of MATCHBOX and AFTER DURER)Jan 9-Douglas Rosenberg (co-director of OF THE HEART)
Workshop co-ordinated by Ellen BrombergThis four-day workshop features the perspectives of four well-known dance filmmakers with very diverse backgrounds. Each day of the workshop will begin with a screening of one of the filmmaker’s short works, which will act as a springboard for discussion, and upon which experiential exercises will be constructed for the students. The workshop seeks to provide four differing perspectives on seeing and crafting the moving body through the lens of the camera.FeesCIC Students: $16 cl/$48 wksp (-10% = $43)DNA members: $25 cl/$100 wksp (-10% = $90)DFA members: $30 cl/$120 wksp (-10% = $108)Non DNA & DFA members: $35 cl/$140 wksp (-10% =$126)Pre-register for the workshop save 10%

Work sample of Alla Kovgan

SOMA SONGS (7' version) Daniel Belton and Good Company

Venous Flow: State of Grace by Douglas Rosenberg

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There is a lot of great dance film stuff going on this week!Screening:First, you won't want to miss Kinetic Cinema tonight (5/5) curated by downtown dance fav Levi Gonzalez. Levi has brought out a bunch of friends to share cutting edge dance videos and talk about experimentalism in dance and film. Come see new videodances by Melanie Maar, Sarah White, Theo Angell, Yasuko Yokoshi, Hedia Maron, ChameckiLerner, and much more!Be one of the first 10 to arrive and get a free Corona for Cinco de Mayo!Kinetic CinemaMonday May 5th, 7:30pm (and the first Monday of every month)$5 Admission (buy tix at the door)@ Collective:Unconscious279 Church Street (just south of White Street)New York, NY 10013Trains: 1 to Franklin; A, C, E to Canal night is Dance Film Lab at DTW, moderated by the wonderful Zach Morris of Third Rail Projects. This salon brings dance filmmakers together to present raw footage, drafts, works-in-progress and newly finished films to their peers for constructive feedback, to share information, and address technical, practical and artistic challenges. The lab is free and open to the public, though reservations are necessary.Meeting Details:Dance Film LabTuesday, May 6, 8-10pmat Dance Theater Workshop (DTW)219 West 19th Street(between 7th and 8th Aves)Phone: (212) 691-6500Blogathon:Last but not least, yesterday marked the beginning of the week-long Dance Movie Blogathon! Marilyn Ferdinand over at Ferdy on Films has organized this fabulous web event in which dozens of dance and film bloggers (including yours truly) will be blogging about dance on the silver screen. Check out her blog during the week for links to all the latest posts.
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