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From Andrea Božić, Marijke Hoogenboom, Nicole Beutler

We are happy to announce WE LIVE HERE: An Academy 2013,

a temporary community that offers space for encounters: to work and think together.

It will take place from 8 to 13 July in Frascati WG, Amsterdam.

The core activity consists of two parallel working sessions: Post-Hoc Dramaturgy by BADco and Scores as Compositional Strategy with DD Dorvillier and others. We would like to invite you to the public programme, which will include several artist encounters, lectures and presentations.

Under the title HOW DO YOU WORK? there will be three mornings of public encounters with BADco. (July 9), DD Dorvillier (July 10) and Jefta van Dinther (July 12), who will share with us their fascinations, strategies and methodologies.

On Tuesday evening July 9 we’ll be hosting Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Bojana Cvejić, who will present their book A Choreographer’s Score.

On Friday evening July 12 we’ll host the panel discussion/presentation ENCOUNTERS curated by Bertha Bermúdez (ICKamsterdam) in which we will explore a variety of perspectives on the processes and use of documentation in visual arts, music and performance.

For an overview of the whole programme please find the attached schedule and programme.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to one or more of these public events.

Yours sincerely,

Andrea Božić, Marijke Hoogenboom, Nicole Beutler

more information here

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Hello dance-techers,
Here is the page with the most popular content of this week and also please read the last week message.
As you can see in the navigation menu, we have added some features to the regular social media functionality.

Here is  the new feature of the week:

Your LIVE video channel...

Yes, all members can now use the network for LIVE video broadcast in your own LIVE video channel automatically embedded in your account.

Broadcast your rehearsals, performances, lectures and your experiments on
We have established  a partnership with USTREAM.TV that allows you to create a  free or professional  broadcasting video channel  that will be embedded  in the network and have its own URL.
Your own LIVE video channel on your profile page!
In this way each member of becomes a potential broadcasting producer.
More than 4000 potential providers of live content!

You  can use  the network to share  with friends and directly re-post in Facebook and Twitter...
Just in few clicks!
be part of the LIVE video revolution  for the arts!
Let's innovate together...


To create your own USTREAM.TV channel:

1.-Log in to the network, go to the tab "My LIVE video channel" in the main menu and follow prompts.

2.-You may use a USTREAM.TV channel that you have already created or create a new one.


If you want your channel to show in your profile page: go to the "settings" in your profile page There you can select to show the channel in your page and place it anywhere in the page.


It will show at the lower part of your profile page by default.

You always will be able to see your channel or direct your viewers to the URL of "My LIVE video channel" page and also to the channel in your profile page if you have defined so in the settings.

See channel on Marlon Barrios Solano page:

See channel on "My LIVE video channel page

Let us know when you create your channels  to announce it...

Happy LIVE video streaming.


Disclaimer: does endorse the content or opinions expressed within the USTREAM channels created by its members. Members must follow the USTREAM terms and conditions. As in any section the network, each member is responsible of the copyright clearance of the published or broadcasted material. does not get any moneys from adverting layered on the USTREAM free channels nor from USTREAM.TV

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WALA! what about Live Art?


A project by La Porta ( in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency from London (



WALA! What about Live Art? is a cycle of activities intended to inform and approach to the audience and professionals of Barcelona the work of the Live Art Development Agency. An international benchmark known for its capacity to generate innovative and efficient projects for the professional development of contemporary Live Arts.


La Porta has invited the people in charge of this agency, based in London, to expose and share with us their strategies and working methodologies. We will also practice some of the diverse tools they have developed in the last years and approach the creative universes of some artists they usually collaborate with. 




From 7th to 11th of December 2011 at La Porta__casa and Caixa Forum / Free entrance





After closing WALA!’s cycle and in connection with its contents we propose an extra afternoon meeting for the public introduction of a new documentation project that will gather together the last three editions of Nits Salvatges (wild nights) and the new website of La Porta, as well as an open talk for shearing the new lines of work that our new space is opening.


The people in charge of Continta me tienes, an interesting publishing project, will also present A veces me pregunto por qué sigo bailando, (Sometimes I wonder why I keep on dancing) a book edited by Oscar Cornago.


December Tuesday 13th 8pm at La Porta__casa / Free entrance

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Misnomer Dance Live Webcast

This Friday, we'll be streaming Misnomer Dance's new work, Time Lapse, live from the Joyce Soho. We hope you'll join us for a great night, a lively chat, and fantastic art.


We're also accepting submissions for video works to show during intermission and before the show. If you have work you'd like to screen, get in touch. Leave a comment or shoot me an email! We're featured on the homepage so it'll surely be a great event. 


It starts at 7:30 PM EST / 12:30 am GMT.



Related press :

The New Yorker

Technology in the Arts Blog

Livestream homepage


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As the first day ended it beginns: very relaxed and informal. People are easy and always open to talk with. Everybody is interested in the work of the others. It does not matter if you're an artist, nerd, 12249511482?profile=originalprogrammer, visitor or studend. Everybody chats with everyone. This way is the key to get connections, be inspired, think in new ways and get to know what's behind. The artists are reachable instead of being just on stage to talk, show their work and go. This kind of special atmosphere is what this festival makes it remarkably.

Day two - the festival starts with a keynote by Christian Jaquemin from Paris.

It's all about projection, argumented reality/image processing. 12249511901?profile=original
Christian talks about the virtual world and the real world and its perception and the use in an artistic way. How does a subject in the real world perceives the virtual world? There're issues on the point of view from where one looks at the projection, because it might look different from various angles. Especially in 3D projection. One way to deal with it, is to project on 3D objects, like an organ or the inside of a church. The calibration is the main key to make it work or not. But if one works with a mobile object, like a boat, the calibration might become a problem of being precise. Christians main interest lies in working with the "physical" shadow. People often try to not have any physical shadow, cut it out and so on. But he wants to use it on purpose in order to project into this shadow.

He will give his workshop on Friday 12249512896?profile=original

Christian Jaquemin //
Research projects //



After a small coffee break we all start with the workshops.


Swarm Cubes (Part 1)
DKIA: Nora Dibowski and Simon Laburda
With a new gimmick, a LED cube, DKIA give another "sewing" workshop. Many little wires get soldered together and in between are LEDs and on the bottom some electronic. Goal is to have two of these to12249513875?profile=original let them communicate with each other through a mobile phone for instance. They would make some sounds and light up their LEDs. Nerd toys. But beautiful.

The Hitch Hikers Guide To Circuit Bending and Junkbot
Philip Fischer, Michal Wlodkowski, Erkin Bayirli  12249514652?profile=original
Also here again like last yea. Many kids toys will be brought out of their normal context. Soldering here and there, putting some electronical stuff inside or use what's there and change it, you'll have a very colorful toy which makes sounds it usually doesn't do.

Ableton Live
Jacob Korn
A beginner how to make true Techno music workshop. I'm always sad I can't make it. Just to have my own techno computer (because I taught my own workshop).


A Gaga-based Dance Class
Johanna Roggan
Giving a movement class for choreographers and total beginners is always (good) fun. For me at least. But what they all have in common is the need to sink into what I'm talking about and really take the time to establish the pictures I'm giving in by my voice. The constant checking what is the given image and how does it feel inside me is an ongoing process. Especially when bringing it into movement. It needs an informal, safe atmosphere in order to open a little and let things happen without control. Basically it's about finding a movement which fits to the image somebody (me in that case) gives in. This way of interpretation is very personal and physical on a even anatomic level. So there is no right or wrong. There is just I feel it or not.



tasty lunch break and we gon on with:


Swarm Cubes (Part 2)
DKIA: Nora Dibowski and Simon Laburda  

The Hitch Hikers Guide To Circuit Bending and Junkbot
Philip Fischer, Michal Wlodkowski, Erkin Bayirli    12249515452?profile=original


glMixer – A New Tool for Live Video Mixing 12249516063?profile=original
Bruno Herbelin   


VVVV – An introduction into the Multipurpose Toolkit
Marko Ritter, Valérie Francois Vogt 12249516299?profile=original

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12249489472?profile=originalDance-techTVLIVE transmission channel of the forums to be held with leading academics in Chile. The talks cover topics such as: Dance and Philosophy, Dance and Public Policy, dance and education.

Wednesdays 26, Thursdays 27 and Fridays 28 at 18:00 hrs of Chile (GMT -4)

> This is the transmission link


This event will be in spanish only.


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Dance-techTVLIVE serves the community with a collaborative online video channel.

It is managed by the same community of users.

If interested join to the dance-techTVlive co-producers group

This channel is ONLY for LIVE broadcasts and has Playlist with captured past transmissions.


Watch live streaming video from dancetechttvlive at




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LIVE on dance-techTV Today:

"le voyageur de nulle part" from Reza Daneshvar/Iran 18h CET Saturday 29th of May


"where were you on January 8th?" from Amir Reza Koohestani/Iran 20h30 CET Saturday 29th Of May


World Premiere
Amy Seiwert / im'ij-re with Frieder Weiss (U.S.A. & Germany): White Noise

Watch interviews and performance experpts from EXTRA 10, Annecy,

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We will broadcast LIVE on dance-techTV : today the following shows from EXTRA 10 Festival, Annecy, France.

-Steven Cohen in "Chandelier" 18h30 CET 28th May 2010

-Giles Jobin Company Le Chainon Manquant 20h30 CET 28th May 2010

-Christian Vogel 22h30 aprox. from the festival lobby/ 28th May 2010

More Tomorrow!


Produced by EXTRA 10 festival and Work Grid Lab/

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Hello dance-techers,
we will be broadcasting live from the EXTRA 10 Festival in Annecy, France:

-Tonite Thursday May 27th 2010 22h30 CET "Esto es asi y a mi no me jodais..." from Spanish director Rodrigo Garcia. Theater/physical theater in French.
Interview with Rodrigo Garcia (In spanish)

-Tomorrow Friday May 28th 2010 18h30 CET "Chandelier" by South African Artist Steven Cohen.
Sample and interview with Steven Cohen

Watch dance-techTV

Stay tuned...

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En exclusivité le spectacle "Esto es asi y no me jodaïs" (c’est comme ça et me faites pas chier)
du détonnant Rodrigo Garcia, sera accessible en direct grâce au world grid lab dans le cadre du festival-extra 10 de Bonlieu scène nationale.

Rodrigo García nous propose une représentation où les interprètes travaillent une présence brutale, absorbés par leurs tâches ...

Première diffusion en direct sur internet d'une pièce de Rodrigo García, depuis Bonlieu Scène Nationale, Annecy.
L’opportunité de vivre en instantané, avec des personnes du monde entier, l'expérience du constat de notre inertie face à l’horreur de la société de consommation.

Accessible via :
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CIMATICS\09 \FESTIVAL - call for artists

Cimatics - Brussels International Festival for Live Audiovisual Art & VJing - invites all artists, creatives and producers to send their submissions for the next Cimatics festival.Cimatics festival takes place from 20th - 29th November 2009 at various locations in the centre of Brussels.Festival theme: New CitiesCimatics is an audiovisual festival that is closely connected to contemporary digital and urban practice. Cimatics 2009 aims at encouraging all projects that focus on the relation of both cultures. This theme is not a statement but utters the question of how to approach digital and urban culture not as 2 separate layers, but as a single given. Send us your ideas, lectures, performances or videos for 'New Cities' by using the form below. Note that also non-audiovisual work is highly appreciated.Pre-selectionAccepted media: DVD, Blue-Ray, HD DVD, Mini-DV, CD (please don't send any original/master work, only copy of good quality or first gen, also don't send data DVD with movies on: DVD's should play on a consumer DVD player & CD-ROM's should play on a Mac/PC)Mailing costs will be borne by the entrant. Hard copies will NOT be returned.LanguageWorks submitted must be in French, Dutch or English or have subtitles in either of these languages. Works in other languages must be accompanied by a text list in English.Deadline: 31/07/09Contact:CIMATICS 09c/o Cimatics vzwOnderwijsstraat 51B-1070 BrusselsBelgiumPhone: +32 [0] 2 520 07 82Fax: M: +32 [0] 475 497 110E-mailinfo@cimaticsfestival.comURL:
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Launching dance-techLIVE

We are launching dance-techLIVE This online channel will allow worldwide 24/7 linear broadcasting of selected programs, LIVE streaming and Video On-demand. All programming will be curated and selected from our community. This new development will complement dancetechTV, the collaborative open channel for all our members and the new section D/Plex wich aggregates all content related with dance on camera, screen dance or dance on film. If you would like your content to be included within our test run or have any ideas, feedback or suggestions email GO TO dance-techLIVE
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for full schedule clickwww.mediatisedsites.net - channel live between 2-00 – 5-30pm BST and 8-00-9-00pm BSTTune in to the following URLs for live feed of virtual performances:Laura Cooper performs Exercise Rose(es) from 1-2pm BST from the British Council in Bangkok
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