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 Berlin, April 10th 2024

Hello to all members of the family and enthusiasts of the digital dance realm,

As we look back on the remarkable journey that has undertaken since its inception in October 2007, it's thrilling to consider the path that lies ahead. Born from a vision to blend the realms of dance, technology, and digital culture, has grown into a vibrant community of artists, technologists, and scholars who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in art and technology.

A Vision Expanded has always been more than a platform; it's a living, breathing ecosystem that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and exploration. Our mission has led us to foster an environment where new ideas can flourish, where the intersection of movement and technology sparks creative fires.

Our Supportive Partners

As we embark on this next chapter, we're excited to announce the support of key partners who share our commitment to innovation and education in the realms of dance and technology. Lake Studios Berlin ( continues to be a steadfast supporter, providing a space where artists and technologists can converge and create.

Radiona (, with its dedication to open community and innovation, aligns with our vision of a collaborative future.

Furthermore, we're establishing special educational partnerships with leading organizations in the AI space: Hugging Face ( and ( These collaborations are set to enrich our community's understanding and application of AI in dance and performance, marking a significant leap forward in our collective exploration of digital technology.

Looking Forward

This next phase for is not just about growth; it's about deepening our engagement with the digital world and its potential to transform dance and artistic expression. We are standing at the threshold of a new era, ready to explore the possibilities of movement, embodiment, cognition and digital technology with a special focus on AI's role in redefining these domains.

An Invitation to Explore | Helps us  with new directions...

This journey would not be possible without you, our community. Your curiosity, passion, and creativity have been the driving force behind's evolution. As we move forward, I invite you to join us in this exciting new phase. Let's continue to challenge the boundaries of dance and technology, together. Let me know in the comments how do you feel about these new and how can we reacticate the community and these exciying filed of inquiry.

Warm regards,

Marlon Barrios Solano Curator | and 


Play with this generative desgn and AI app here:

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Here is the premiere of our wearable tech / contemporary dance piece at the HASTAC conference last week. 

Our clumsy bows aside, we got some good feedback, and I am interested in continuing this line of research where new media technologies can be employed to enrich the affectivity of performative art. 

Would love to get your thoughts on it.

Enjoy. Click!

Watch it at night. If you don't I'll know. :)



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Wooster Group Fellowship

The Wooster Group offers a one-year, paid, full-time Fellowship to a talented individual who will work with the company in one or more of the following areas: production management, technical direction, stage management, costume maintenance and construction, lighting/electrics, sound, video, and administration.

The individual who receives a Wooster Group Fellowship will work alongside company members in a collaborative environment during development, rehearsals, and performances of new and repertory productions. Technical and production Fellows may have opportunities to work with The Wooster Group on tour or work with visiting artists at The Performing Garage.

The Fellowship recipient will receive a $24,000 grant award. At the end of the one-year period, the recipient will have gained practical understanding in the areas of the Fellowship’s focus and will be well positioned for opportunities in his or her chosen field.

How To Apply

There are two ways to receive a Wooster Group Fellowship. First, the Wooster Group internship program (see below) can act as a stepping-stone to the Fellowship program. Or, individuals can apply on a rolling basis directly to the Fellowship program by sending a letter of interest and resume to:

Cynthia Hedstrom, Producer
PO Box 654, Canal Street Station
New York, NY 10013



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Trailblazing Conceptual Walks Organization Announces Third Season
Two years ago, Elastic City was just an innovative idea. Poet and performance artist Todd Shalom, then 33, returned to New York from living abroad and wanted to continue to have the feeling of travel while back in his hometown. Drawing upon the community of artists and thinkers he inhabits in New York and around the world, he started Elastic City to present conceptual walks that make audiences active participants in a poetic exchange with the places we live in and visit. The organization, now entering its third season, has already surpassed Shalom’s dream. Over 30 artists thus far have led walks, not only in New York, but also in Detroit, Buenos Aires, London, Reykjavik and Sao Paulo. Upcoming walks are planned for San Francisco, Berlin and Paris.

The new season, which runs April to October 2012, features walks from American and international artists, both emerging and established. These include: Adam Weinert; Andrés Andréani (Argentina); Andrew Mount; Ben Weber; Eileen Myles; Felipe Meres (Brazil); J. Morrison; Jon Cotner; Josely Carvalho (Brazil); LoVid (Tali Hinkis & Kyle Lapidus); Lynn Marie Kirby & Alexis Petty; Maria Chavez; Matthew Radune; Meredith Ramirez Talusan; Michelle Boulé; Miguel Gutierrez; Nancy Nowacek; Neil Goldberg; Niegel Smith; Office of Recuperative Strategies (Christian Hawkey & Rachel Levitsky); Pratt Institute students; Robert Mauksch; Sarah Owens; Todd Shalom; Tomaz Hipólito (Portugal); Xavier Acarin (Spain).

Some highlights include internationally acclaimed dance artist Miguel Gutierrez’s unique “Sensewalks,” which plan to awaken, explore and illuminate the senses through movement-based techniques. He will lead participants through such locales as the High Line, the New York Public Library, the Staten Island Ferry and Prospect Park. “Stories the City Tells Itself” is a walk through the lens of video artist Neil Goldberg that will capture everyday passenger behavior in NYC subways. Using their brand new reality-warping GPS-based smartphone app, iParade, LoVid will trace the path of Alexander Hamilton’s oft-moved house in Hamilton Heights (Harlem).

What follows is a listing of walks offered from April through June.


“Moss Me” by Tomaz Hipólito

In "Moss Me," Tomaz Hipólito presents participants with a recipe for a green intervention amidst Manhattan's dense urban landscape. Drawing on Tomaz' background in architecture and his current practice in visual art, the group will identify and evaluate abandoned objects to paint, then use a homemade mixture of moss and yogurt to coat the objects. Individually and in groups, participants will paint these objects, re-engaging the street's detritus.

This walk holds eight people and is presented in partnership with Residency Unlimited and Le Petit Versailles (a program of Allied Productions, Inc). “Moss Me” will be held in English, but Tomaz also speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 6:30pm
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 6:30pm    
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 6:30pm

Walk Starting Point
346 East Houston St. in Manhattan. "Moss Me" meets outside Le Petit Versailles public garden.

90 minutes



“Stories the City Tells Itself” by Neil Goldberg

On this walk, video artist Neil Goldberg invites participants to experience the observational processes behind his work in real time. The group will traverse a section of the subway with attention directed to details of the underground environment and nuances of passenger behavior that might otherwise go unnoticed. Goldberg will share his poetic approaches to seeing, refined over 20 years of creating art in New York. This walk holds 15 people and will end inside the Museum of the City of New York's exhibition of Goldberg's work.

This walk is presented in partnership with The Museum of the City of New York. There will be no walk-ups for this walk; prepayment is required.

Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 3:00pm
Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 3:00pm

Walk Starting Point
The meeting location will be in the Lower East Side and disclosed upon registration.

2 hours

$25 for non-members; $20 for Museum members, seniors and students


Sensewalks by Miguel Gutierrez

Each walk holds 16 people. All abilities welcome.

Sensewalk #1: “EVERYTHING IS NEW”

For the first of the four Sensewalks, participants will gather in Prospect Park to investigate the five basic senses—hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching—teasing their particular properties apart through anatomical and experiential exercises and then watching how they interact, compete, rise and fall to construct a magical and wondrous reality. Miguel will then lead these new bodies on a trip through the Prospect Park Greenmarket. Be ready to roll in the grass.

Saturday, May 19, 2012 at 12:00pm

Walk Starting Point
Please meet at the big arch (Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch) at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn.

100 minutes


Sensewalk #2: “MOVE ME BABY”

Get ready to speed up, slow down, get on your feet and then fall off balance. In the second Sensewalk, Miguel Gutierrez will lead participants in playing with the different components of the movement senses so that every place becomes a potential context for physical adventure. The group will be moved across the water via the Staten Island Ferry where they’ll take their sea legs for a spin.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 6:30pm

Walk Starting Point
Broadway and Beaver Street in Manhattan, in front of the HSBC bank. Please wear something comfortable that won’t constrain your high kicks!

90 minutes


Sensewalk #3: “SPACE IS THE PLACE”

In the third Sensewalk, we'll go in to go out—way out. Participants will enter the hallowed halls of the New York Public Library to travel into the senses of space and time. Using the simplest of actions – walking, standing, sitting, lying down – the group will find out how our bodies register the poetics of the environment and observe how a seemingly stable environment becomes an arena for change and possibility.

Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 1:00pm

Walk Starting Point
Meet at the bottom of the front steps of the New York Public Library (the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building) on Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street in Manhattan.

90 minutes



In the fourth and final Sensewalk, participants will take flight on to the High Line to explore an exciting and interconnected array of senses that relate to play, composition, and performance. Using the context of one of the most popular destinations in NYC as a playground, studio and stage, participants will find out how to unleash the art and performance makers inside us, as the group traipses along the slippery lines between participant and observer. Have no fear!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 6:30pm

Walk Starting Point
Northwest corner of Gansevoort St. and Washington St. in Manhattan

90 minutes



“Unchanged When Exhumed” by LoVid

Building upon their work that renews appreciation of the physical environment through a digital lens, LoVid, along with guest performers and their newly developed smartphone application, iParade 2, will lead "Unchanged When Exhumed." Participants will travel the route of Hamilton Grange’s historical move around Harlem. Using locative video that transforms one's surroundings into a virtual set, participants may graze with a hungry tree, safari in jungles between residential homes and the street, and climb hills to uncover an emerald treasure. This walk holds 15 people.

Directed, written, filmed, and produced by LoVid

App development by Sean Montgomery

Soundtrack by Maria Chavez

Theme song by Dan Friel

With appearances by: Juan Pazmino, Pauline Decarmo, Yoni Weiss, Silvia Angulo, Gregory Sheppard, Irene Moon, and Vera Beato Smith

"Unchanged When Exhumed" is made possible with support from DiAP NY City College, Experimental TV Center Finishing Funds, NYSCA,, Franklin Furnace Fund, and Elastic City.

Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 7:00pm
Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 4:00pm
Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 6:00pm

Walk Starting Point
1619 Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, outside of Cafe One. Participants should arrive to the walk with a fully charged smartphone (iPhone or Android) and be prepared to download a free App. Headphones are optional.

1 hour



“Necessity” by Todd Shalom & Niegel Smith

This walk is what you need it to be. We're all in this together.

"Necessity" holds 6 people.

This walk will be held in English but the artists also speak Spanish.

Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 4:00pm

Walk Starting Point
29 Union Square West in Manhattan, in front of "Coffee Shop"

Unknown. (Since the duration is unknown, please plan accordingly.)



“Superfun/d Speed Date” by Ben Weber

Hi. My name is Ben. I'm a Capricorn and my spirit animal is a moose.

They say this is the year when everything changes. The sun will flare, the poles will crumble, and the heart of the galaxy will align with the center of the Earth. As humans, we're the shepherds of this cosmic transition. Personally, I'd like to convene with the Mayan ancients as much as the next guy, but it's tough forging meaningful connections in the sweaty New York City summertime.

Let me take you to a tangle of art & industry in LIC, where we'll prepare for this new cycle using techniques from applied theater. We'll peek into a poisoned creek and sculpt our bodies into the baggage we wish to leave behind as we enter the World of the 5th Sun from world of the 7 train.

This walk holds 8 people.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 7:00pm
Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 7:00pm
Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 7:00pm

Walk Starting Point
46th Ave and Vernon Blvd. in Long Island City, Queens in front of LIC Bar.

2 hours


About Elastic City

Todd Shalom, a New York native, devised Elastic City while traveling in Peru and founded the organization in 2010. Having worked in a variety of artistic genres (poetry, sound and performance), he decided to expand upon his existing repertoire of sensory-based walks and commission other artists to lead walks in their own disciplines. Elastic City walks explore various planes of human sensory and aesthetic experience, such as dance, architecture, poetry, sound art, the paranormal and ritualistic performance.

Elastic City is now in its third season of presenting conceptual and poetic walks by artists throughout and outside of New York. With this season, over 50 artists will have led walks.

Elastic City has partnered with numerous organizations to co-present its walks, including Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Flea, Le Petit Versailles, Museum of the City of New York, NY Art Book Fair, Open House NY, Pratt Institute, Residency Unlimited, Wave Hill and Urban Design Week.

In 2012, Elastic City will launch its educational program, beginning with a series of “ways.” Whereas a walk offers the opportunity to participate in a narrative series of poetic moments, "ways" are experiential workshops that explicitly engage participants in *how* to generate these moments through exercises, tools and techniques offered by Elastic City artists. In a "way," participants gather in an intimate group to prompt exchange, tone the gut and sharpen poetic decision-making. Elastic City ways typically do not involve walking and are offered outdoors unless otherwise noted.

Each walk & way lasts approximately 75-120 minutes and costs $20 on average.

Payment for walks & ways can be made on-site or via the Elastic City website at:

Elastic City is a non-profit organization awaiting 501c3 status and is currently fiscally sponsored by Flux Factory.

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Goethe Institut New York

Goethe-Institut New York presents Objects in Performance

3D Alignment Forms. Animation of dancer’s traceforms in One Flat Thing, reproduced mapped to 3D space. 
Synchronous Objects Project, The Ohio State University and The Forsythe Company . 

Objects in Performance
As the object has become a central issue in both theory and the arts, the Goethe-Institut  New York dedicates a weekend to intensive theoretical exchange and spatial experience to the object in performance. An installation, a symposium and a performance are the starting point of long-term engagement  with the object and related matters in the fields of theory and the arts alike.

Synchronous Objects: Degrees of Unison
Installation by Norah Zuniga Shaw
February 2–26, 2012
Wed–Sun 2–7pm

February 2, from 6–8 pm

Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building
5 East 3rd Street (at Bowery)
New York, NY 10003

Synchronous Objects: Degrees of Unison is a multipart sound and video installation focusing on “One Flat Thing, reproduced,” an ensemble dance by William Forsythe.

Focusing on the choreographic visualization online project Synchronous Objects created by Norah Zuniga Shaw, Maria Palazzi and William Forsythe, the installation brings viewers into an encounter with the deep structures of a dance and the generative ideas contained within. A series of visual objects—animations, computer graphics, interactive tools—enact a parallel performance of Forsythe’s choreographic ideas. The work was first launched online in 2009 and is still available in this form. In the installation, Norah Zuniga Shaw stays close to the conceptual foundations of the online original while extending them into the architectural and experiential possibilities of the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building. In addition to interacting with the site and viewing HD animations from the project, visitors can spend time within a circle of synchronized visualizations unfolding from dance to data to objects over the 15-minute time span of the piece. William Forsythe’s voice calls out timing to the dancers and the sounds of the dancers’ actions move in multi-channel choreography around the space. Finally, a paper proliferation of creative processes can be found to read, leave behind, sort, or carry home.

Synchronous Objects: Degrees of Unison (2010)
A video installation by Norah Zuniga Shaw based on original material from
Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced (2009)
By William Forsythe, Norah Zuniga Shaw, Maria Palazzi

Objects in Performance
Symposium curated by André Lepecki, Performance Studies, NYU
February 3–4, 2012
NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Performance Studies
721 Broadway, 6th floor
New York, NY 10003

The recent phenomenon of object-invested experimental dance and performance echoes the resurgence of the object in recent philosophy, critical theory, literary and cultural studies; as well as in the renewed interest in the concept of the object in the visual arts. This resurgence of the object also has implications for studies on subjectivity. If, as Deleuze once said, “the status of the object is changed, so is the subject’s,” it is crucial to investigate the contemporary nature of this phenomenon. The Objects in Performance Symposium will gather a group of renowned American, German, and international scholars and artists, from a variety of fields and perspectives, to present their most recent research on the matter. The environment will be such as to stimulate exchange and conversation between disciplines, and between artists and scholars.

With Barbara Browning, Franz Anton Cramer, Eleonora Fabião, George Ferrandi, Jenn Joy, Heather Kravas, Thomas Lehmen, André Lepecki, Eva Meyer-Keller, Sarah Michelson, Ann Pellegrini, Allen S. Weiss, Norah Zuniga Shaw.

Death is Certain
Performance by Eva Meyer-Keller
February 5, 2012, 2 performances at 6:00 pm and 07:30 pm
MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38
38 Ludlow Street (btw. Grand & Hester)                  
New York, NY 10002

Cherries have tender skin, meat and a kind of bone inside them. Their juice is red like blood. When you treat them like humans sometimes treat other humans, then they become human themselves or at least animated objects, which invite you to identify yourself with them. In the performance Death is Certain, Eva Meyer-Keller has installed sweet cherries as her protagonists.

The viewer is reminded of deaths from films, but also the reality of executions, how they really happen: associations from individual and collective experience in face of the sweet death at the kitchen table.

The Goethe-Institut New York is a branch of the Federal Republic of Germany’s global cultural institute, established to promote the study of German language and culture abroad, encourage international cultural exchange, and provide information on Germany’s culture, society, and politics.

Goethe-Institut New York presents Objects in Performance
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The Sternberg Project

the sternberg project from zena bibler on Vimeo.

The Sternberg Project is a brand new site-specific dance film by Zena Bibler/Little Dances Everywhere that is an interactive, crowd-sourced, multi-media time capsule of the park made up of video submissions filmed by the community at the park this summer.

Dancers: Katie Schetlick, Ashley Hannan, Faye Min Lim, Ariel Lembeck, Jacob Liberman, Rishauna Zumberg, Malinda Crump, Ashley Murray

Sound Design: Chris Tabron

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The University of North Texas (UNT) seeks an accomplished visual artist with exceptional technological expertise and experience in interdisciplinary and collaborative research to join the newly formed Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA). Research areas may include but are not limited to: robotics/physical computing, wearables, interactive programming and/or performance systems, HCI design and hardware/software development for the control of digital arts media. The applicant is expected to serve in an active collaborative role in iARTA and to foster and contribute to visionary interdisciplinary research between the arts, engineering and the sciences. This is an Open-Rank position; rank and compensation will be commensurate with experience.

Candidates must have a terminal degree in the arts and/or closely related technological field, and an active and distinguished record of creative work and/or research appropriate to rank.A minimum of six years of college or university research/teaching experience is preferred for senior position applicants, though professional practice may be considered in lieu of academic experience.

Preference will also be given to individuals with teaching and research profiles engaging in interdisciplinary and collaborative projects involving the arts and technology. In addition preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate the ability to set up a laboratory for student and/or community engagement in the development of new media interfaces, tools, and systems.


Review of Applications Begins: 01-16-2011


For complete details, visit:

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Peridance Capezio Center's Certificate Program

Have you heard about Peridance Capezio Center’s newCertificate Program? It is a two-year training program designed for serious dance students 17-28 years old, looking to invest 2 years into an intensive quality training program. Students have daily interaction with top dance instructors and choreographers. The program is currently auditioning for the Spring Semester beginning January 31st.

For more information visit the website:

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Tonight 6-8:30pm Dance on Camera at Big Screen Project

See Dance on Camera shorts tonight at The Big Screen Project (BSP) and meet over 45 artists coming to celebrate the screening of their work. BSP “A Real Space Where People, Media, and Culture Connect” is an innovative venue for video, film, live and interactive content that sets a new standard for the urban, cinematic experience. Its 30 x 16.5 ft. HD format LED screen is on a wall outside in a  public plaza adjacent to the Eventi, a new 54-story multi-use building on Sixth Avenue between 29th and 30th Street in New York City. BSP is viewable from 29th and 30th streets (close to 6th Avenue), the atrium, FoodParc, and Bar Basque, a striking restaurant designed by BLADE RUNNER’s Syd Mead. Headsets upon request. Visit : The Big Screen Project Schedule.

Dance Films Association’s 39th annual, internationally touring festival is co-produced by The Film Society of Lincoln Center, which provides its Walter Reade Theatre in Lincoln Center Plaza between January 28 and February 1st for 10 repeating programs, 4 shows daily, along with receptions, panels, talks, and an photography exhibit by James Starkman celebrating parkour. To buy tickets visit:

Exhibit & Symposium in Walter Reade Theatre, Frieda & Roy Furman Gallery - FREE
For program details visit: Exhibit & Symposium Schedule.

11am, Friday January 28
Practice mash-up: dance/film/art (or how to work with rigor and risk)

noon, Friday, January 28
Distribution models for dance films

noon, Saturday, January 29
Screening opportunities for dance films

noon, Sunday, January 30
Felix presentation by Gabriela Estrada.

1-6pm, daily, until February 1 at Baryshnikov Arts Center at 37 Arts experience the master illusionist Billy Cowie's 3-D video installation. MEN IN THE WALL, a four-screen stereoscopic screen dance. 3D glasses allow the viewer to enter this multi-cultural world of four men, whose shared framed lives reveal a public quartet of private differences. Also shown are GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE and TANGO DE SOLEDAD. Award-winning Scottish video artist/composer Billy Cowie creates a delightfully amusing montage that beguiles as it inspires.

DFA’s annual Dance On Camera Festival celebrates the immediacy, energy, and mystery of dance as combined with the intimacy of film. Considered the “mother” of dance film festivals, DFA’s Festival presents a broad range of independent dance films, whether they be documentaries, shorts, narratives, or  animation. The year round touring program has been a revenue source for dance filmmakers since 2000.

Discounts for DFA member and Dance Affiliates Dance New Amsterdam, Movement Research, and Dance Theatre Workshop. Become a member of DFA now

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Special discount for members in all tickets!
Show your profile page on dance-tech printed on in your smartphone (with a valid a ID) and you will get a special discount in all tickets.

Blooging about the festival?


2011 Trailer/Dance on Camera Festival from Dance on Camera on Vimeo.

Jan 23, 6pm Bravo!FACT at The Big Screen Project.
Read Robert Johnson's Star Ledger preview of Dance on Camera Festival
See Dance on Camera Jan 23, SundayArts, noon on WNET, Channel 13
Read about Iris Hahn's documentary on Doris Humphrey

DFA & The Film Society of Lincoln Center present the 39th annual, internationally touring Dance on Camera Festival Jan 28-Feb 1, 2011 at Walter Reade Theatre. Buy tickets now
FLAMENCO FLAMENCO, directed by Carlos Saura, will have its US Premiere on Jan. 29 as part of Dance on Camera Festival 2011

Become a DFA Member now and receive discounts at Walter Reade screenings:

Single tickets: $7 Members of DFA ($12 General Public, $9 Students, $8 Seniors)
Dance On Camera Three-Program Pass:
$18 DFA Members ($27 General Public, $21 Students & Seniors)

WANTED: Volunteers for Festival. Contact Director


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Zagrebi! Festival, September 10-11, 2010

MAIDA WITHERS DANCE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY performs the multimedia work, Fare Well - The End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise! with Maida Withers, dancer/choreographer; Steve Hilmy, Electronic Music Composer/Musician; Ayo Okunseinde, New Media Artist at the ZAGREBI! FESTIVAL - ZAGREB, CROATIA September 10, 2010.

Fare Well brings insight and vibrant critique to the contemporary issue of end time. Fare Well is as extreme in its moods and absurdities as we might think of “extreme weather.” We watch hypnotized, immobilized, arrogant, innocent, and powerful as the fires rage, volcanoes and oil erupt, the Arctic melts, the earth becomes parched, and the seas rise.

Kneza Mislava 10/1
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +38512455833Fax: +38514855548

Festival Description

ZAGREBI! Ekofestival is a platform where all interested parties of the social, economic and political life in Croatia have the chance to show their projects and achivements in the enviromental protection and sustainable development sphere. Every year the Festival hosts different media authors who question the social engagement of art and eco matureness of our society with their work. The Festival attempts to promote the dialogue and co-operation between the individual and his society, with one goal – to make a healthier soacial and natural enviroment for the future generations. (

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New Software for Choreographers

DANCE DESIGNER is a powerful new software program for Choreographers. The intent was tocreate software that would save choreographers time and help with all steps ofthe creative process, including supporting choreographers in documenting theirIntellectual Property. This new technology offers a completechoreography package that assists with the creation, pre-visualization,documentation, communication and rehearsal process for all styles of dance. Ithas the ability to save and organize elaborate, multi-layeredproductions in a single digital file and allowschoreographers to share creative information easily with their dancers andproduction teams.

Please contact me for more information or go to http://www.ChoreoPro.comand sign up for a Free Trial. I can also arrange a special online demo foryou. We are in the process of spreading the word about this unique newtechnology. I hope you will share this information with yourfriends and colleagues.

Thank you,

Carri Burbank

Choreo Technology, LLC

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Photo: David Sandison

Part I: residency, 13 July – 30 August 2010
Part II: new work, June 2011

Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG

For Part I of his choreographic project at Tate Modern, Michael Clark and his company have been resident in the Turbine Hall for seven weeks, making the development and rehearsal of his work publicly visible for the first time.

The Company's presence has transformed the monumental space into an arena for experimentation and practice, foregrounding the processes – both artistic and practical – behind making and performing Clark's work.

As well as devising movement for his company's trained dancers, Clark has responded to the uniquely performative nature of the Turbine Hall's public space by inviting 75 non-dancers to join weekly workshops with the company. The group of untrained dancers have learned a piece of dance, specially developed by Clark, which will be performed en-masse in the space over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Clark has presented work within gallery spaces on many occasions, but this residency enables him to respond directly to the iconic architecture and specific character of Tate: as a communal space and as a museum. This series of experiments is, in part, preparation for a new, large-scale performance commission due to be premiered as Part II of the project in June 2011.

Working with collaborators, Clark will use choreography, film, light and sound to create a site-specific dance event.

Michael Clark Company at Tate Modern continues Tate Live's commitment to presenting pioneering interdisciplinary work that is rooted in dialogue with contemporary art. Working with collaborators, Clark will use choreography, film, light and sound to create a site-specific dance event.

Artist Charles Atlas, one of the premier interpreters of dance, theatre and performance on video, and lighting director for all of Clark's work, will curate a film programme of his and Clark's collaborative films, presented alongside the dance event over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Also featured is the first UK screening of Torse, Atlas's 1977 two-screen collaboration with Merce Cunningham.

Clark recently presented the work come, been, gone at the Venice Biennial (2009), The Edinburgh Festival (2009) and The Barbican (2009 and 2010) to great critical acclaim.

Michael Clark Company is an Associate Artist of the Barbican and supported by Arts Council England.

Tate Modern Live is curated by Catherine Wood and Kathy Noble.

Free public showings in the Turbine Hall
Friday 27 and Saturday 28 August 21.30
Sunday 29 and Monday 30 August 17.30

For further info see

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This week at the NYEAF: New Project Demos ZACHARY LEIBERMAN / LESLEY FLANIGAN / BRENDAN FERNANDES FRIDAY OCTOBER 2, 2009, 7PM FREE HARVESTWORKS DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS CENTER 596 Broadway #602 New York City (at Houston St) Subway: F/V Broadway/Lafayette, 6 Bleecker, W/R Prince As part of the New York Electronic Art Festival 2009, a month-long series of concerts, workshops, and exhibitions centered on the cutting-edge work being done at the intersection of art and technology, Harvestworks will present the first in a series of New Project Demos on Friday October 2nd with presentations by new media artists Zachary Leiberman, Lesley Flanigan and Brendan Fernandes. Zachary Lieberman will present recent and on-going works developed in the last year, including an eye tracker for a paralyzed graffiti writer who has ALS, a performance on the facade of a building, tools for new forms of magic, a 3d drawing tool, and the openframeworks toolkit, a framework for creative coding in c++. In addition, there will be presentation of an upcoming work the artist is developing in collaboration with Taeyoon Choi. Lesley Flanigan will share her work with custom-built Speaker Feedback Instruments, addressing the physicality of sound, amplification as a source of sound in and of itself, and the relationships between noise, speakers, and voice. Brendan Fernandes investigates the concept of authenticity, as an ideological construct that both dominant and subordinatecultures use to their own ends. It is a word that shapes cultural experience, and thus also shapes concepts and formation of identity. He uses the Safari-as-authentic-African-experience to provide an evocative metaphor for the inscription of culture onto his own sense of identities. In his lecture at Harvestworks he will discuss his practice and the new work that he created in his residency. -- Artist Talk CHRISTINE SUGRUE / JULIA HEYWARD / CELESTE BOURSIER-MOUGENOT SATURDAY OCTOBER 3, 2009 2PM FREE World Financial Center Courtyard Gallery 220 Vesey Street, NYC Subway: R/W City Hall, E World Trade Center, 1,2 or 3 Chambers St. In conjuction with the New York Electronic Art Festival Exhibition, Rate of Change - time and space in electronic art, Harvestworks in partnership with arts>World Financial Center present a talk with exhibition artists Christine Sugrue, Julia Heyward and Céleste Boursier-Mougenot. Rate of Change exhibits the wide range of electronic art and it’s transition from the 20th to the 21st Century. It presents the works of eight artists working in immersive video and audio installation, audience and environmentally responsive sculpture and experimental narrative. It is anchored by the newly restored digital media work “Hand-drawn Spaces” (1998), a virtual dance installation by Merce Cunningham, Paul Kaiser, and Shelley Eshkar that presents 3D hand-drawn figures performing intricate choreography in a virtual space. Additional exhibition artists include Céleste Boursier-Mougenot who recently received the 2009 Golden David Award, Hisao Ihara, Julia Heyward, Eunjung Hwang, Jessica Ann Peavy, Christine Sugrue and the CCRT Collaboration. Rate of Change - time and space in electronic art September 29 – October 24 Open Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, Noon - 4PM, FREE World Financial Center Courtyard Gallery, 220 Vesey Street, NYC Produced by Harvestworks and presented by arts>World Financial Center which is sponsored by American Express, Battery Park City Authority, Brookfield Properties, and Merrill Lynch. ABOUT NYEAF: The New York Electronic Art Festival was created to provide a responsive public context for the appreciation of cutting-edge electronic artwork through concerts, panels, workshops, and exhibitions of the highest quality across the arts and technology spectrum. Attendees will get an overview of how technology is being used in various artistic disciplines, and have the opportunity to take part in a discussion about how these technologies will continue to shape contemporary art practice. This year’s festival will be a showcase of exciting interdisciplinary work and serve as a catalyst for discussions and collaborations between artists, technology, and the public. The NYEAF will plug into a national and international network of electronic art festivals, bringing significant contemporary art and music to the city. NYEAF is produced by Harvestworks, an international digital media arts center with 30 years of experience helping artists to get ”inside the electronics” and to develop a hands-on, experimental and explorative approach to making art with technology. Produced by Harvestworks in partnership with arts>World Financial Center, Roulette and New York University with funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts as part of American Masterpieces: Three Centuries of Artistic Genius, the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, mediaThefoundation, Etant donnés: The French-American Fund for Contemporary Art, the Québec Government Office in New York, Electronic Music Foundation, the Experimental TV Center Presentation Funds and the Institute for Electronic Art and the Paula Cooper Gallery. Corporate sponsorship is provided by Tekserve: the Apple Specialists, Newmark Knight Frank, Original Sin and Cycling74. ABOUT HARVESTWORKS: Founded in 1977, Harvestworks offers an environment where artists can make work inspired and achieved by electronic media. Harvestworks helps the community at large to understand, assimilate, and make creative use of new and evolving technologies. Harvestworks creates a context for the appreciation of new work, advances both the art community and the public's agenda for the use of technology in art; and brings together innovative practitioners from all branches of the arts by fostering collaborations across electronic media. For more info: -- Harvestworks is a non-profit arts center in Lower Manhattan. Private funding for our programs has been provided by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Jerome Foundation, New York Community Trust, the Carnegie Corporation, the Aaron Copland Fund, the Greenwall Foundation, the Edwards Foundation Arts Fund, the Trust for Mutual Understanding, Materials for the Arts, the Experimental TV Center and mediaThe foundation Inc. Public Support is provided by New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts and the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs. Thanks to our Friends Circle, Cycling74, Digidesign, Inc. and NHT Pro.
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Dance New Amsterdam offers Vertiginous Movement, a multimedia workshop with post-theater , a multimedia company based new york/berlin/ tokyo and performing at the Japan Society. This workshop launched the DNA New Media Lab series... and DNA is offering a discount to members! About the workshop from DNA Website: In this workshop, post theater intends to share some of its methods to work with video cameras, video projectors and simple computing in order to create multi-media performances. The presented approaches are not just technical, but conceptual. All backgrounds in dance / movement arts are welcome, and all kinds of creators can join this interdisciplinary workshop – choreographers, dancers, film-makers - everybody who is interested in creating new types of multi-media performances. post theater’s artistic co-director Max Schumacher ( and post theater’s media artist Yoann Trellu ( will combine short lectures with video-examples with hands-on exercises leading to a short creation. More information click here Ivan Talijancic interviews Max Schumacher via Skype Contact: Ivan Talijancic, Development Specialist / Interim Manager of New Media Initiatives;
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Workshop Dance and New Media in Oslo/Norway

Workshop Dance and New Media‘Performance on the Edges: Physical / Digitial Media Environments’ke∂ja: dance encounters, involving a number of invited artists and art students from performing and media/design disciplines. The workshop aims at developing and experiencing contemporary methods of collaboration on composition and choreography with multi-media methods of mise-en-scène.The workshop will demonstrate composition-processes and design/directing for digital performance combining various techniques and concepts of visual, scored or improvisational interactive performance, the use of camera and digital projections, movement, sound, and design with real-time processing synthesis. The participants explore “physical camera” techniques and the use of projection and lighting in performance using live and prerecorded manipulated images and interactive programming.Birringer will share his experience and knowledge of working in different cultural andcollaborative professional settings as well as research contexts. The workshop includes examples and references to international stage works, choreographic systems, installations and site-specific performances.Johannes Birringer is a choreographer and media artist. As artistic director of the Houstonbased Alien Nation Co. (, he has created numerous dance-theatre works, video installations and digital projects in collaboration with artists in Europe, the Americas, and China. His most recent production, the digital oratorio “Corpo, Carne e Espírito”, premiered in Brasil in 2008. He is founder of Interaktionslabor Göttelborn in Germany ( and director of DAP-Lab at Brunel University, West London, where he is a Professor of Performance Technologies in the School of Arts. His new book, “Performance, Technology and Science”, was released by PAJ Publications in 2008.Dates: 5 - 9 OctoberPlace: Atelier Nord and ScenehusetHosted by: Danseinformasjonen in collaboration with Atelier NordTime: 14 - 22, included dinner breakSkill Requirements: Performance experience and intermediary/advanced skills in performing with audio visual technologies and/or programming.This workshop is offered specifically for those already are working with technology, but wishing to improve their skills and get new perspectives. Submit CV or portfolio to office@ateliernord.noDeadline: 1st September.The lab is free, and a warm meal is included every day.It is recommended that each participant bring rehearsal clothes and their own laptop and other electronic tools (camera, recorder, music instruments, etc) if available
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My two films The Ulitmate Video Dance EVER and Nordic Visuals will be screening at the First Annual UMove Online Videodance Festival with an opening launch party and screening at the Tank in New York City on October 4th.
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Kids, New Media and Dance

I wrote a post this morning about a wonderful hip hop dance festival I saw last night at PS 165 in Flushing, Queens.The program was organized and directed by dance teacher Kathleen Isaac. It was a blast to see the energy and creativity of the children, mostly 3rd - 5th graders.I'm especially interested to hear about dancers and dance teachers who work with kids and also incorporate new media and technology into their projects - Thanks!Here's my post: "Hip Hop Dance Festival at PS 165 in Flushing, Queens."Also read Sabine Klaus' post on dance-tech: "Children & Dance."Best,Doug FoxGreat Dance
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Zis Landmass Zat Loov

Baywood, CABaywood, CAMontaña de Oro, CA (Spooner's Cove)Bishop's Peak, San Luis Obispo, CAMorro Bay (Morro Rock), CASan Luis Obispo, CA1.4.2009Wow, I can’t believe I have not written. Life really does fly by. I have been the laziest son well… daughter of a bitch. (That sounds bad... sorry mom.) I mean I’ve been doing a lot… a lot of hanging out. A lot of exercising and be in my optimum dancer body, sans studio and indoor rehearsals... A lot of buying things that I don’t need, then going through my storage unit and keeping everything. I am trying to get rid of some nick-knacks and sentimentalities, but it’s not working. I look at the things I own and think… “Someday, when I have a house, I will put this in it somewhere and use it.” I don’t want to bring anything back to NY because my roommate will just throw it away. I can’t trust him around objects. But I can’t keep all of my things in a vault.Everything has been in storage for almost four years. That’s a long time to be separated from a life that was not quite right--without a thorough visitation. Graduate school was such a dream. Things were set-up and people just did a lot of thinking and made art and worked on papers. It was really hard, I don’t want to make it sound simple or easy… I honestly thought it would lead me to something, like a job. I’m still trying to understand what I gained from my experience there, besides debt. I know. I remember now. One of my crucial decisions in going to school there was because it was close to my grandparents.......I keep asking myself what’s wrong with me? The past 8 months on the road those questions surface… what’s wrong with me? For many years it is easy to blame others for personal or professional misfires, but when one spends so much time alone that question is both surprising and inevitable amidst the bliss of such a trip. The travel. The life. The past 8 months have been the best of my life, which states much. I have traveled in Nepal and hiked in the Himalayas. I have spent three-months living in London and a month in Vienna at a fantastic dance festival. And many other events which could lead to a full anthology of Berkeley, Olympia, Seattle, Portland, Columbus, San Luis Obispo and now New York/Brooklyn/Dominicahassidica.The past months brought me something that I have been missing my whole life, a true connection with this landmass. I was able to see such amazing natural beauty, ponder the people of this land, spend time with Isadora, go wherever I wanted when I wanted, and figure my artistic body and expand my choreographic voice. The independence was exhilarating. In NY I am depressed roughly fifty-probably-sixty percent of the time, while traveling, toward the end, when I was used to seeing new things all the time and could anticipate my encounters, then my depression entered the van. That’s when I stopped blaming anyone else but myself. The depression changed into a puzzle. What did I do? How could I change it? Could I change anything? Do I care? I like the way I am, why would I want to change? I am still pondering these things and wondering if the energy I put into thinking about other people is a personal barrier. Or is it just the way I look? I’ve wondered that too. I’m not pretty, I’m not ugly; although, I know can be beautiful in the right light. My body is not great. Perhaps I’m just so averagewowmid-sentence I fell asleep for 45 minutes. Not very interested in non-existent issues. Many other things to think about, or just sleep. Sleeping is an entirely acceptable place to go when pondering one’s own looks.Onward and outwardMorro Bay (Morro Rock), CAAvila Beach, CASan Luis Obispo, CA... Sunrise... with Isadora
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