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DANCERS! is an interactive video data base of professional dancers of any style or technique improvising within a precise context : 2 minutes, defined space, exact lighting, chosen music.Designed by Bud Blumenthal, the DANCERS! project aims to put the dancer in the center to demonstrate his/her art without having to adapt to the vision of a choreographer.DANCERS! can be viewed online for free at where one can navigate through the dances in an easy and entertaining way that also provides links to the artists and commentaries. You want a high quality version of a particular dance for your television or mobile phone? By purchasing online for less than a euro, you can download the HQ file to your computer. - AND you will be supporting these artists financially.The DANCERS! installation will be presented for the first time in the Biennale of Charleroi/Danses in November 2009. In a public place in the city of Charleroi, Belgium, spectators can interact with the database via a control panel in front of a giant screen where the dances are life size!more info at
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Bedford Interactive have recently launched some new products on their website and have announced a software toolkit for anyone who uses video of dance in the studio, classroom or other environments. The forthcoming application is called FORMotion and will be adaptable to many different uses including archiving of dance video and all kinds of motion studies, through it's dual screen display system. The great leap forward is the ability to use any of the tools they have developed on any footage the user wishes to use. This could be used to compare footage of the same dance from different camera angles or different dances or anything you want really!The company are currently looking for dance teachers and choreographers who are willing to let them use their video in development work, in exchange for free pre-release copies of the software, with their video already loaded into it.If you would like a better idea of what this software does, you can send off for a free demo of a program called Voctools (a prototype version of FORMotion).Just go to you have any questions please feel free to ask!PS: We have also recently set up a Facebook group and a Blog...Go to BlogGo to Facebook
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call for entries - video dance 2009

The call for entries is now open for the 2009 VideoDansa projects competition. This competition, organised by NU2's with the collaboration of TELEVISIÓN OF CATALUNYA and the Generalitat de Catalunya's Department of Culture and Media, is only open to artists working in Catalunya. This year, three projects will be selected and be granted between 6.000 and 12.000 euros each towards production.Terms and conditions (in Catalan) at their Website or directly the PDFDeadline for submitting projects: May 30th.+ info:
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Adding a Flickr Slideshows to your Dance Website

I think it's easy to overlook the value of online dance photography as the focus is often on creating and sharing dance videos.So I wrote a post this morning, "Flickr Slideshows for Dance Websites and Blog."If you have ideas about using dance photography online for both marketing and creative purpose, please share your thoughts. Thanks!Best,Doug FoxGreat Dance
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videodance festival milan italy (solo)

SOLO IN ACTION WINTERThe Solo dance in the video formatCALL FOR PROPOSALSSOLO IN ACTION is a committed approach to dancing that allows dancers to stretch their imagination by pushing movement and dance beyond all limits and expectations. The movement itself is what characterizes the dancer involved in his/her research, expanding the idea of a performance that is not necessarily fenced in by a fixed choreography or by a closed or blocked choreographed project, but which incorporates improvisation as an option.Unlike its summer edition, based on live performances, the winter festival focusses on Solo dance through video language, inolving both performer and video maker. The videos will be included in a collective exhibition which will run for two weeks in February 2009 at Studio28 in Milan.Requirements:• estimated video lenght: maximum fifteen minutes.• Format: DVD or MiniDV• There are not restrictions on :• themes• shooting tecniques• number of people involved in the project provided that the performer solo nature is clearly defined and remarked in the video.• The call is also open to already made videos with no time restrictions.Video material must be sent NLT by December 5th, 2008, to: Perypezye Urbane, via Moretto da Brescia 27, 20133 Milan (Italy):1. Video (DVD or Minidv)2. short written description of the project3. short written presentation of the author*Sale of the selected videos, either the entire performance or a single frame, will be considered as an option.
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Move out loud is an internet platform where contemporary choreographers and dancers can upload a video of a solo dance, maximum3 minutes long, starting with the last movement of the solo that the previous artist has uploaded. The result is a chain ofmovement, a world choreography that crosses frontiers, languages, cultures, religions and socio-economic differences.An endless choreographic sentence that in a fraction of a second takes u to another body, another space, another temperature, another world.Join the chain and Move Out Loud.Filipe Viegas & Brahim Sourny
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||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||XingpresentsNetmage 09international live-media festival - 9th edition22>24 January 2009Bologna - Italy|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||The ninth edition of the Netmage festival (Bologna, 22-24 January 2009) will present, in the historical castle of Palazzo Re Enzo, an unpredictable scenario of contemporary audiovisual research featuring live media, live cinema, concerts, performances, sound and visual installations.Netmage festival, focusing on multi-media design, electronic arts and cutting-edge style, works as a meeting point for video-makers, multi-media and visual artists, musicians and performers from Europe, South and North America and Asia. In its ongoing investigation, Netmage presents some of the latest trends in live media. Together with research on essential aspects of perception and the intersection of visual and acoustic phenomena, the festival introduces a very wide range of approaches.Featuring: Pete Swanson/John Wiese/Liz Harris (USA), Pierre Bastien (F), ATAK NIGHT: Keiichiro Shibuya (JP), Evala (JP), Growing (USA), Keiji Haino (JP), Invernomuto (I), Sunburned Hand of the Man (USA), Emeralds (USA), Németh/Lotte Schreiber (A), Andrea Dojmi/Flushing Device (I), Mudboy (USA), Black Dice (USA), The Skaters/Roland Lethem (USA/B), Pascal Battus/Kamel Maad (F), Mattin/" " [sic] Goldie (Basque Country/UK), Thomas Ankersmit/Valerio Tricoli (NL/I), Virgilio Villoresi/Dominique Vaccaro/Angstarbeiter (I), Camilla Candida Donzella (I), Bock & Vincenzi (UK).Introducing Netmage 09: "A bizarre ballad. At times ethereal, dispersive and alarmed, at others self-assured and ready to slow down only in front of the rustling of the unexpected, marching toward the invisible village where the imagination is spiced and smoked. Always think of Netmage as a liquid exhibition. In a delicate equilibrium between post-cinematographic horizons and science-fiction worlds, obsessive explorations of the rhythms of the urban landscape, mesmerism and re-enactments of myths of European avantgarde cinematography, unpredictable contours are drawn by a sonic cloud of weird-impro-psycho-noise. A cloud where artistic imagination and changing vaporous visuals are reflected: collagist and regressive, heraldic and quaint, vernacular and hybrid, or in the end cybernetic e concretist. Netmage 09 triggers artistic collaborations and possible collapses of style of contiguous worlds between the north American, Japanese, European and in particular Italian scenes, as well as a general pushing of limits. This edition also testifies to another mutation in progress: a return to the physicality of gesture and figure moved by real 'operators': human or automatic performers, with visual power and rituals that explore the relationship between the language of movement and the enigma of the image. Lower medieval imageries and crime scenes -extravagant yet crucial- through which it is unavoidable to testify to the renunciation of every central vision."Netmage festival was conceived and created by Xing, a cultural network operating in Italy and abroad, with the purpose of planning, supporting and promoting products and events characterized by an interdisciplinary approach toward the issues of contemporary culture.Artistic direction: Daniele Gasparinetti, Andrea Lissoni. Performing Arts: Silvia Fanti. International Live-Media Floor: Lino Greco, Riccardo Benassi.Netmage 09 is supported by: Regione Emilia-Romagna, POGAS Politiche Giovanili e Attività Sportive, Comune di Bologna, British Council London, Ambasciata del Regno dei Paesi Bassi Roma. In collaboration with: Transmediale Club Berlino, No Fun festival New York. In occasion of: ArteFiera. Media partners: Mousse, Edizioni Zero, Blow Up, Mouvement, Alias, Il Manifesto, Città del Capo-Radio Metropolitana, Mel Bookstore.Netmage 09venue: Palazzo Re Enzo - Piazza Nettuno Bologna - Italyheadquarters: Xing - Via Ca' Selvatica 4/d Bologna - Italyinfo: tel ++39.051.331099 info@netmage.itpress:|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||PROGRAMThursday 22 JanMesmerizing Show (Performing Arts)8 pmBock & Vincenzi (UK) The Infinite Pleasures of the Great UnknownMegascope9 pm + 11 pmVirgilio Villoresi/Dominique Vaccaro/Angstarbeiter (I) EclissiMangrovia10.30 pmCamilla Candida Donzella (I)Pete Swanson/John Wiese/Liz Harris (USA)Emeralds (USA)Keiji Haino (JP)Friday 23 JanMesmerizing Show (Performing Arts)8 pmBock & Vincenzi (UK) The Infinite Pleasures of the Great UnknownMegascope9 pm + 11 pmVirgilio Villoresi/Dominique Vaccaro/Angstarbeiter (I) EclissiLive Media Floor10.30 pmPierre Bastien (F) Kinetic SyncopatorsThe Skaters (USA) play Le Vampire de la Cinémathèque by Roland Lethem (B)Growing (USA)ATAK NIGHT: Keiichiro Shibuya (JP), Evala (JP)Mangrovia12 pmVillage ObliviaInvernomuto (I) with Sunburned Hand of the Man (USA)Saturday 24 JanMesmerizing Show (Performing Arts)9 pmBock & Vincenzi (UK) The Infinite Pleasures of the Great UnknownMegascope9 pm + 11 pmVirgilio Villoresi/Dominique Vaccaro/Angstarbeiter (I) EclissiLive Media Floor10 pmNémeth (A) plays I.E., Domino by Lotte Schreiber (A)Andrea Dojmi/Flushing Device (I) The Distance to the SunMudboy (USA)Black Dice (USA)Mangrovia12 pmCamilla Candida Donzella (I)Pascal Battus/Kamel Maad (F) EyearMattin/" " [sic] Goldie (Basque Country/UK) Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien KontraThomas Ankersmit/Valerio Tricoli (NL/I)AAVV jam session (Mangrovia/Live Media Floor all guests plug-in)||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
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Watch 50 Dance and Movement Animations

Yesterday, I finished a categorized directory to more than 50 posts on Great Dance that include videos of many different types of dance and movement animations such as 2D and 3D, stop-motion, visual effects, interactive performances and installations, computer games, machinima, live action and CG, motion graphics, visualizations, pre-cinema and many other types.I'm going to continue expanding this dance animation directory. So please email me suggestions and recommendations.
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Projection in Performance [LONDON]

In Britain, the education for tecnicians in theatre dance is surely one of the most advanced. But, video is too new a medium to treat it in education excetnsively. Criticising this fact, the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in partnership with Complicite and the London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange are hosting a day of discussion, demonstration and networking to discuss the future of projection and how Higher Education should address the increasing demands for video and projection in theatre.Our key-note speaker is Simon McBurney - artistic director of Complicite.Other speakers include: Chris Britton; founder of Forkbeard FantasySophie Clements; visual artist working with sound and musicWilliam Dudley; theatre designerThomas Gray; video and animation designer, The Gray CircleLloyd Newson; director of DV8 physical theatreScott Palmer; programme manager, performance design, University of LeedsHansjorg Schmidt; programme director, lighting design,Rose Bruford CollegeDick Straker & Finn Ross; video and projection designers,MesmerLunch and refreshments will be providedWhere? Barbican Theatre on the set of "Shun-kin", Complicite's latest productionWhen? Friday 20th February : 9.30am - 5.00pmCost? Tickets cost £20 which includes lunch and coffees.Tickets are not available on the day. Booking To book a place please complete the booking form (or if you wish to book multiple places click here). All booking forms must be returned by 10 February 2009. Accommodation Please click here for a list of local hotels. click here for more information
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Call For Entries Athens Video Art Festival

Call For EntriesIt's time for the artists of digital culture to become involved again and participate to Athens Video Art Festival, the innovative artistic affair that has been endorsed enthusiastically by artists and public.Athens Video Art Festival is the largest international festival of digital arts and new media in Greece, having gained the support of more than 3 300 artists worldwide till present. It represents video art in Greece officially and at the same time supports works from the full spectrum of digital creativity. During its course, it has gained the wide support of artists, media and public.Athens Video Art Festival celebrates the completion of five successful years and aims higher than ever. Building on its four previous impressive materializations, it is preparing its most ambitious edition yet, which will take place at "Technopolis", of the City Of Athens.To this grand celebration of digital culture, you are invited to participate, in the following categories: video art, animation, digital image, web art and installation art.The call for entries is open to foreign and Greek artists alike.Postmark deadline: 15st February 2009.Entry forms and extensive information can be found at the official website of Athens Video Art Festival can contact Athens Video Art Festival at Video Art Festival is organized by the urban non profitable company Multitrab Productions.
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Kinetic Cinema is Back! Monday Sept 8th

I'm very pleased to announce the start of a new season of Kinetic Cinema, with the first screening happening at 8pm on Monday Sept 8th at Chez Bushwick. As you might of heard, our original presenting partner, Collective:Unconscious unexpected lost their space in Tribeca this July when their basement was flooded and they were forced out by their landlord. It is a sad and all too familiar story of endangered affordable art spaces in Manhattan. Luckily Chez Bushwick has stepped in and saved the day for this program, and their director, Jonah Bokaer has curated a fabulous selection of films drawing from Chez Bushwick's constituency of dancers and choreographers.

"Momentum" by Samuel Topiary"PRIME MOVER: Dance on Camera From Chez Bushwick" is a program of works created to represent the diversity of artists working in movement-based media. Filmmakers and choreographers featured on the program will be Charles Atlas, DD Dorvillier, Jillian Peña, Dean Moss, Samuael Topiary, and Ann Liv Young.Pentacle Movement Media presents:Kinetic Cinemain collaboration with Chez BushwickMonday September 8th, 8:00pm (and the first Monday of every month)$5 Admission (buy tix at the door)Chez Bushwick304 Boerum St., Buzzer #11Brooklyn, NY 11206.Phone: 718.418.4405URL: L to Morgan AveAdmission: $5

In addition, we also wish to recognize and support Jillian Peña, a choreographer and filmmaker on this program who was hit by a car three weeks ago and sustained very serious injuries and hospitalization. The driver was unlicensed, and Jillian, like many artists in our community does not have health insurance. Her dear friend and colleague, Miguel Gutierrez has set up a paypal account to receive financial donations to alleviate the financial hardship that Jillian and her family are experiencing at this time. In addition, there will be opportunities to make donations for her at the screening. Please consider making a donation on her behalf. ANY amount, any number of times that you can give it, will be invaluable for her and for her family.To donate online, go to and sign up for an account (takes literally about 2-3 minutes) and then go to the "Send Money" tab and make the donation to:donations4jillian@gmail.comKinetic Cinema explores the intersection of dance and the moving image both on screen and stage. Each month curator Anna Brady Nuse invites a special guest from the dance community to share the films and videos that have inspired or moved them. These could be films that feature dance, are kinetic-based, or have been influential on their work in some way. The guest curators come from a range of backgrounds as performers, choreographers, critics, and filmmakers. Past programs have included fresh new shorts from the Dance On Camera Festival, a survey of the history of mediatized movement curated by Brian McCormick, dance films from the popular to the avant-garde curated by Malinda Allen, feminist video art curated by Jonah Bokaer, explorations in experimentalism with Levi Gonzalez, and a tour of inspiringly bad dance films curated by Kriota Willberg. Next month on October 6th, dance writer and critic Elizabeth Zimmer will curate.This screening of Kinetic Cinema also marks the first event of Movement Media, a new project I am directing at Pentacle that provides screenings, consulting services, and online interactive programs for dancers about dance and media. More information will be available soon online at In addition to producing Kinetic Cinema, my blog, Movement Media will soon become the home of Move the Frame. Stay tuned for more announcements!
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MOVE OUT LOUD en Castellano

“MOVE OUT LOUD” es un proyecto que tiene por finalidad promover la comunicación global a través de la danza y del movimiento. Una coreografía mundial que traspasa fronteras, lenguas, culturas, religiones y diferencias económicas.Funciona utilizando Internet como la herramienta que permite compartir información de una forma rápida y global.
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berlin tanz im august

Acabamos de volver de Berlin, donde hemos visto un monton de cosas bien impresionantes. El estupendo festival de danza Tanz im August no nos dejaba mucho tiempo para respirar actuaciones fuera de este mundillo..... menos mal!primero nuestros amigos de membros, que imponaban el publico de sophiensaele, (una sala muy guapa) con su danza politica y sus movimientos tan precisos.Luego, "accumulated layout" Hiroaki Umeda nos dejaba flipando. Del momento un pequeño video del performance:Dock11, un centro de crecion escenico con énfasis en danza es un sitio muy bonito y potente. Tienen salas de ensayo, hacen workshops de alta nivel y tienen sala de actuacion con propuestas muy inbteresantes.Vimos una recopilación curiosa de propuestas diversas que interprataban el "baile" de un adolecente americano, cuyo video cursaba extensivamente en el mundo you tube... la realisacion de la pieza era estupenda. con tecnica minima (un videoproyector, unas altavoces y un dvd player hacian todo desde iluminación hasta sonido). iniciado por la no-compania de teatro post-theater, se puede ver - y si estas en berl lo recomendamos- esta performance Napoleon D. todos los lunes el septiembre. aka la info.
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Exhibition at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

let's see whether we manage to go to San Francisco before February 2009 and see this stunning expo, which actually is one of our main topics in our work. The expo presents an in-depth overview of participation-based art in the last 60 years; it can be seen as an exploration of what is an “art of participation”. The exposition's Curator, Rudolf Frieling states:
"We know what it means to participate in politics or school, and sometimes know what it means to participate in a work of art if we get clear instructions. However there are some projects where it is unclear what exactly is asked of you, or you can only find out by actually doing something. The work requires your input and your act of contribution."
Works range from performance based art and happenings to web based projects. A very interesting "exhibit" seems to me Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures. The artists provides various objects, that are exposed and look like 20. century sculptures. BUT.... these objects come with instructions, that invite the visitor to perform the sculpture! Apparently not the easiest exercises, the "dead" objects come to live by the spectators following Wurm's instructions. Each sculpture is individual and ephermal. What a beautiful concept... [paper on one minute sculptures] We'd be curious to see this exploration of approaches and situations in which the public has taken a collaborative role in the art-making process. It is divided into an online exposition, and the physical on-site exhibition.. The online exhibition consists of artworks that were specifically designed for the world wide web. They range from public discussion forums to online games and sharing tools, some of them using web 2.0 technologies. You can participate in creating a performance that will be showed on 7 February 2009 at SFMOMA, by voting for ten components, including location, time, props, themes, and subtitle. A favorite work is Mejor Vida Corp., an "online shop", that "creates, promotes and distributes world wide products and services for free", including counterfeit barcodes, ID cards, and subway tickets. A very humourous critique of global corporations! Works by artists like Joseph Beuys, John Cage, Lygia Clark, Hans Haacke, Dan Graham, and Nam June Paik, Francis Alÿs, Maria Eichhorn, Jochen Gerz, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Lynn Hershman Leeson, and Erwin Wurm can be enjoyed and seen. The exposition is completed by lectures, performances (i.e. The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends Is the Highest Form of Art), Film + Video Screenings, and a special exhibition, The 1000 Journals Project "This is an experiment and you are part of it.", which had been created and maintained by Someguy, a San Francisco–based graphic designer who chooses to remain anonymous, the 1000 Journals project is designed to stimulate collaboration and understanding among perfect strangers. The project began when blank, 220-page books from San Francisco were distributed around the world—sent through the mail or delivered by hand to discrete locations. A stamped set of instructions inside each journal invites participants to make their mark in it by drawing, pasting, cutting, ripping, folding, burning, or writing on its pages. When finished, participants pass the journals on. A website tracks the books and their contributors, and displays scans of the pages.8. November 2008 - 8. February 2009The Art of Participation: 1950 to NowSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art151 Third Street San Francisco, CA 94103

© Clara Altenburg Erwin Wurm, One Minute Sculptures (detail), 1997, Photo: Kuzuyuki Matsumoto, Courtesy SF MoMA, © 2008 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VBK, Vienna participation_web_mid_07_ participation_web_thumb_04_

................................................................... Ewin Wurm One Minute Sculpture

for more one-minute-sculpture videos have a look at sfmoma's blog

P.D.ART MACHINES/ MACHINE ART.For me the most interactive and participative exposition I have ever visited, though the concept was based on this thought: In general we presume that artists make art, but what happens when machines produce art? The exposition invited the public to play with the exposed machines, which were artworks in themselves, created by artists and provided the visitor with a big variation of (mostly mechanic) tools to create pieces of work (not sure whether it is art).
origianlly posted at darlingsisters' blog and text © by Karla

image credits
(1) bucket woman | Erwin Wurm, One Minute Sculptures (detail), 1997, Photo: Kuzuyuki Matsumoto, Courtesy SF MoMA, © 2008 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VBK, Vienna.
(2) apple man © Clara Altenburg.
(3) Tom Marioni, FREE BEER (The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends Is the Highest Form of Art), 1970-79; refrigerator, framed print, shelf, beer bottles, and lightbulb, installation view at SFMOMA; collection SFMOMA; photo: Ben Blackwell; © 2008 Tom Marioni
(4) Lygia Clark, Diálogo: Óculos (Dialogue: Goggles), 1968; modified diving goggles, metal, and mirror; Clark Family Collection, Rio de Janeiro; photo: Eduardo Clark, courtesy "The World of Lygia Clark" Cultural Association; © 2008 "The World of Lygia Clark" Cultural Association.
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Dear friends and colleagues,Our second round of DANCE MOViES Commissions are underway!Below is our official announcement email, if you'd like to post the info anywhere or forward it to people...The full press release, which includes the short list, is attached as well. Our website is going to be updated in the next week so don't visit it for more info yet!Best wishes,Hélène LesterlinCurator, EMPAC----THE EXPERIMENTAL MEDIA AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTER ANNOUNCES WINNERS OF 2008 DANCE MOViES COMMISSIONS!EMPAC – the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - announces the four recipients of the 2008 EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission. Chosen from a short list of 28 projects by an international panel of dance-film practitioners, curators and producers, the projects range in format, style and emotional tone: from single-channel video installation to 16mm film, from the spectacular to the surreal.The projects will receive awards ranging from $7,000 to $40,000 and will be premiered in the fall of 2009 at EMPAC.EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission 2008 Recipients(in alphabetical order of titles)"Body/traces" by digital media artist Sophie Kahn and choreographer Lisa Parra (US)A single-channel video installation reanimating 3D laser scans of the body in motion, resulting in a ghostly imperfect trace of the dancer's movement at human-scale."Eyes Nose Mouth" choreographed and conceived by Noémie Lafrance, directed by Patrick Daughters (USA)A dance film in which one take follows a single figure, streaming through fast-changing and surreal environments, ceaselessly swept forward in the flux of urban time."Looking Forward - Man and Woman" directed by Roberta Marques, choreographed and performed by Michael Schumacher and Liat Waysbort (Brazil/Holland)The third film in a trilogy experimenting with the reversing of movement and time in video and dance, creating mind-binding illusions in partnering while on a Sunday walk on the beach."Sunscreen Serenade" directed and choreographed by Kriota Willberg, sound by Carmen Borgia, illustration/animation by R. Sikoryak (US)A global warming-themed Depression-era musical spectacle populated by scantily costumed hand puppets.The selection panel comprised Leonel Brum (Brazil), Lynette Kessler(USA), Christina Molander (Sweden), Laura Taler (Canada), Hélène Lesterlin, dance curator at EMPAC, and Johannes Goebel, the director of EMPAC.The DANCE MOViES Commission is a program launched by EMPAC to support the creation of new works in which dance meets the technologies of the moving image. As the first major commissioning program for dance film established in the US in 2007, it is already having a significant national and international impact. The four film projects commissioned in last year’s round will premier at EMPAC’s upcoming opening celebration in October 2008.The Commission is supported by EMPAC’s Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and the Performing Arts. It is open to artists based in North and South America who are making video, film and installation work.For more information, including the work selected for the short list , please visit
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