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Hi dance tech-ers - You are invited to come join us for Filament, our first biennial festival of new work in performance, visual arts, sound, and media. With over 15 premieres spanning theater, 24-channel sound, contemporary dance, video, and a barn-raising; exchanges with artists, curators, and creative engineers; and a dynamic archive of the artistic process, this three-day festival highlights EMPAC’s focus on creation via commissions and residencies.

EMPAC: Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Troy, NY

-- Helene Lesterlin, Curator
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My screendance work "freedom" made in South Africa has been invited by the Africa in Motion Festival to be screened at the end of October. It will also be screened on the BBC Big Screens to be broadcast on their UK-wide screens.

Individualisation is a condition of freedom -- "the condition of seeing the world as it really is." Ivor Chipkin (2007). "freedom", half interview half dance video, explores five female South Africans dancers grappling with the notions of freedom, authenticity and democracy.

Format: DVD PAL, 16:9
Length: 15'00"
Date: 2008

Jeannette Ginslov
Jeannette Ginslov
Assistant editor
Julian Thomas
Adam Bentel
James Webb
Choreography in collaboration with the dancers
Tercia Alexander
Vishanthi Arumugam
Penni Ho Hin
Zoey Lapinsky
Portia Mashego
Assistant on set Eric Dube
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Between the Seas is a festival of performing arts from the Mediterranean organized for 2011 in NYC, curated by Aktina Stathaki ( and produced by Les Manouches ( The goal of the festival is to highlight contemporary Mediterranean cultural production, connect artists form the US, the Mediterranean and its diaspora and bridge research and performance practice on topics of Mediterranean identity and culture. We are currently seeking:

- Submissions from playwights and performance companies for an evening of staged readings of plays relating to the Med on October 18th. Read the full call for submissions here:

-Contributors for the Between the Seas blog that will offer bi-weekly news on events, performances, articles, cultural policies and intitiatives from the Mediterranean region and Mediterranean diaspora.

For questions and submissions please contact:
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2 Workshops _ Expanded Body
Call for subscription
4 Scholarships*

As part of their stay in residence at 3-Legged Dog art and technology center in NY, Kònic thtr
organizes this training program in R + d + i.
This course will examine the relationship between voice, body movement and audiovisual
languages. It is a transdisciplinary workshop linking installation and performance, searching
the relationship between action, video, sound and real-time digital processes on the stage.
This workshop proposes a process of training in a practical and theoretical activity that
combines the performative action with interactive audiovisual technologies. Contents will
be related with models based on projects and devices made by Kònic Thtr, to understand,
from its analysis, the significance of technologyc languages applied to contemporary creation.
Participants will work in groups and theoretical sessions will alternate with practice sessions
and demonstration, using available tools, and there will also be screenings of the creative
projects discussed by Kònic Thtr.
Workshop #1_ September, Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th , 1:00 – 5:00pm
Workshop #2_ September, Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th , 1:00 – 5:00pm
Where: 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center. 80 Greenwich St. NY 10006
Organizer: 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center
Price for 1 workshop: $ 125 + taxes
Producers: Kònic Thtr / Associació Kòniclab - 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center
+ Info:


Workshop at Harvestworks. September 2010

Alain Baumann has been using Max/MSP as his main tool to develop the creative works of
Kònic thtr, and working with dancers to interact both with sound and image in real time
on stage. As an important part of their activity, Kònic thtr is actively contributing to the
dissemination of their knowledge, both by teaching in different colleges in Catalonia and
Spain and by giving workshops in many countries of Europe and Central and South America,
workshops in which the emphasis is the development of creative languages based on
interactive technologies.
FTM is a set of Max externals developed at the IRCAM that eases the handling of complex
data structures in the max/MSP environment. This course, taught by KonicLab's Alain
Baumann (Barcelona), will specially focus on the MnM package included in the library, and
have hands-on experiments with included abstraction MnMfollower, which allow us to do
real time gesture following when used in combination with sensors, camera analysis, or a

When: September, Saturday the 11th, 12:00 – 6:00pm
Where: Harvestworks. 596 Broadway Suite 602, NY 10012
(between Houston and Prince Streets in SoHo)
Organizer: Harvestworks
Price: $ 100 + taxes
Producers: Kònic Thtr / Associació Kòniclab - Harvestworks

Artist-in-residence program at 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center
a {d’Aigua} show_5 presentations. September - October 2010

In 2009, the center of performing arts and digital technologies 3 legged Dog invited Kònic
thtr to develop a residency at its center in New York. Kònic Thtr will take the opportunity to
develop a new phase of the show a {d'Aigua}, an existing project with a modular structure,
and elaborate a new format for the piece at 3LD,, an interactive dance installation involving
audience participation opens up to visual arts audiences and new circuits. This time the show
will stage dancer and performer Masu Fajardo.
Kònic Thtr/Koniclab hope to strengthen their research in non-linear and interactive
performing and choreographic narratives.

a {d'Aigua} is a project originally developed in the context of several labs made by Kònic Thtr.
As part of this process, we highlight the encounters with the Catalan choreographer Maria
Muñoz, from Mal_Pelo dance company, with the aim of developing a cross-experience work
that includes dance, performance, music, computer graphics and interactivity.

In the performative project a {d'Aigua}, a dancer, a performer and musician interact on
stage with sound and image using the iXKa, a small wireless sensor device integrated on the
body and designed to capture the movement and the dancers on stage in real time. These
devices are used in conjunction with a piece of software called MNM and developed by
Frédéric Bevilacqua from the Real-Time Music Interaction Team at IRCAM, Paris (France). The
combination of sensors and software allows us to record the gestures of the dancer and then
recognize it in real time. Whole phrases of movement are recognized and reproduced, and the
dancer can play sounds that are being recorded simultaneously with its movement.

This stage piece was first presented in openlab format, at Officine Sintetiche (Torino, Italy),
and was premiered in Barcelona at the Mercat de les Flors during the IDN Festival 2009, with
the participation of the dancer and choreographer María Muñoz.

Later, the piece continues to evolve through encounters with different dancers and
choreographers. It was presented at the Electron Festival (Switzerland), with dancer and
performer Masu Fajardo, and also at 'Certesa Simulada. New frontiers of science, art and
thought’, program organized by Ars Santa Mònica from Barcelona in September 2009.
In 2010, this show has been performed in the Theater of Madrid, for the event Cartographies
of Dance, in Theatre Moulay Rachid at the Festival International d'Art Vidéo of Casablanca
(Morocco) and at Thsekh_Proekt Fabrika in Moscow (Russia). There’s also a tour plan in the fall
2010 with presentations of the show int he III Seminário Transcultural sobre Teatro e Dança in
Salvador de Bahía (Brasil) and in the International Videodance Festival Cuerpo Digital in La Paz

When: september 9th – october 7th 2010
a {d’Aigua} show : september 30th, and october 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th, 2010
Where: 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center. 80 Greenwich St. NY 10006
Producers: Kònic Thtr / Associació Kòniclab - 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center
+ Info:

Ad'Aigua Process_Spanish from konic thtr on Vimeo.

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Seminario teórico práctico cuatrimestral:


Filosofía-danza y sus mutuos contaminantes

“ Un pensamiento que fuese hasta el final de lo que puede la vida, un pensamiento que llevase la vida hasta el final de lo que puede. En lugar de un conocimiento que se opone a
la vida, establecer un pensamiento que afirmaría
la vida. La vida sería la fuerza activa del pensamiento, pero el
pensamiento el poder afirmativo de la vida (….) Pensar significaría: descubrir, inventar nuevas posibilidades de

GILLES DELEUZE – Nietzsche y la filosofía (1962)

Esta propuesta nace como parte del proyecto de investigación “El cuerpo del Performer”, que lleva adelante la compañía independiente de video danza teatro Vacía de Espacio y que cuenta con el financiamiento del FNA.

Se plantea un recorrido teórico y físico en la obra de Gilles Deleuze buscando articular conceptos como cuerpo, arte, performance, acontecimiento, que emergen con claridad de la
lectura rigurosa y en clave rizomática de su obra. Se abordarán textos teóricos así como
lecturas que Deleuze hiciera de otros filósofos (Spinoza, Nietzsche, Bergson)
buscando la construcción de interrelaciones tanto teóricas como prácticas que
nos permitan pensar desde las fisuras que abre el pensamiento deleuziano en la
filosofía occidental.

Asímismo, aspiramos a poner en discusión y cuestionamiento conceptos que hacen a nuestra experiencia artística, política y ética en el mundo contemporáneo. Por esto mismo, se
abrirá el espacio a la investigación, improvisación y composición física
concreta construyendo planos posibles de esta obra filosófica, no solo desde
una perspectiva reflexiva sino también afectiva. El cuerpo como un concepto de
intensidades variables y el concepto como un cuerpo afectivo en devenir

Reunión informativa inaugural: Jueves 2 de Septiembre 19 30 hs en Casa Puán SOLO CON INSCRIPCIÓN PREVIA. Vacantes limitadas


Doce clases desde el 9 de Septiembre al 26 de Noviembre de 2010.

Primeros y terceros jueves Lectura de textos y reflexión Jueves de 19 30 a 21 hs. (1 hora y media)

Segundos y cuartos jueves: Lectura de textos + Impro física y composición Jueves de 19 30 a 22hs. (2 horas y media)

Total: 8 horas mensuales

Arancel : $150 mensuales



Deleuze en la secuencia filosófica occidental. Continuidades y rupturas. El filósofo artista como fuga de la razón cartesiana. Discurso lógico y discurso paradójico. Escritura
in-tensa más allá del estilo. Pensar sin falo y agenciamiento múltiple en la
escritura. El uno y lo múltiple. Continuidad y variación. Deleuze-Spinoza,
Deleuze-Nietzsche: amistades electivas. Composición y plano de inmanencia.
Diferencia entre ética y moral.
Paralelismo como ruptura del dualismo cartesiano. Afecto, Afección, encuentro. Líneas de fuga y líneas de territorialización.
Spinoza, Deleuze, nosotros. Deleuze-Nietzsche. Concepto de voluntad de poder.
Fuerza activa y fuerza reactiva. ¿Moral del resentimiento o ética de las afecciones? Una filosofía de la fuerza y el valor. La
afirmación como salida dialéctica y de lo
negativo. Hegel: el gran adversario. Lo trágico. Eterno retorno como
vuelta de lo diferente. Jovialidad Nietzscheana Vs alegría burguesa. Pensamiento
afectado y cuerpo eufórico. La danza como horizonte del pensar. Recapitulación.


Lic. Franco Castignani, Prof. Carolina De Luca.


Franco Castignani es Licenciado en Ciencias Políticas (UCA) y actualmente cursa la carrera de filosofía en la UBA. Ha realizado seminarios
particulares de Filosofía con Danial Breuer, Nora Trosman, Leandro Pinkler,
Edgardo Albizu, Dina V. Picotti C., Esteban Ierardo, Ricardo Ibarlucía, Lucas
Soares. Estudió actuación Lorena Hourquebie, Cristian Drut y Leandro Airaldo,
Adrian Canale y Lorenzo Quinteros. Expresion Corporal con Chantal Pirra.
Danza Contemporánea, danza teatro y
composición con: Alina Folini, Carolina De Luca, Virginia Vargas y Mabel Dai
Chi Chan. Contact Improvisación con Vanina Goldstein.

Como Asistente de Dirección participó en “Bajo el Agua”, obra compuesta para el ciclo Proyecto 3 con Dirección de Chantal Pirra(2008) , y en “Lida y Misius”, estrenada en 2009 en el Teatro Payró bajo
dirección de Leandro Airaldo. Actualmente concurre al Taller de Historia de
la Poesía y Proceso de Escritura de Javier Galarza.

Carolina De Luca es directora de danza y actriz. Dirige “Vacía de Espacio” compañía independiente de video danza teatro. Su primera obra No se te ocurra quererme contó con el
apoyo del FNA y del INT. Fue invitada a participar del al XII Encuentro Internacional de Danza en paisajes urbanos: “Habana
Vieja ciudad en Movimiento”, La Habana Cuba (Abril 2007) y al “ European Womens
Theatre Festival” en Finlandia (Junio 2007).

Participó, becada por la compañía teatral Atalaya TNT y el Odin Teatret de la XIII ISTA (International School of Teatre Anthropology) 2005 en Sevilla. Esta participación fue Auspiciada por Asuntos Culturales de la
Cancillería Argentina.

Su formación incluye danza, teatro, dramaturgia, artes plásticas y video. Actualmente estudia composición Instantánea con Fabiana
Capriotti y composición con Andrea Servera. Cursó materias de Historia y
Antropología en la UBA.
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Check out Hot Stepz Magazine - Summer Issue 2010

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Hot StepzMagazine brings together the arts of dance, fashion and music in one
magazine and also brings together the generations. Bringing you news,
interviews and information on today’s up and coming artists and those
already established also information on the pioneers and trend setters
of dance, fashion and music.

More info at

Learn about the technology of STEP UP 3D !

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Kesha Concerts

If Lady Gaga is Chipotle, arguably the trendiest gourmet fast-food burrito on Earth, then there is no doubt that Kesha is a frozen gas-station burrito. The kind that you buy drunk though, you have gas on your hands and ends up burning your mouth also, you taste petrol funk for two days. Back to Kesha, although, who Monday night played a sold-out show at House of Blues in front of a sea of what could only explain as sweaty, hearty teens, wailing, howling and acting fake drunk. The rocking pop star Kesha has learned to impress men by etching homemade tattoos on their skin with sewing needles. The "TiK ToK" hit maker admits she shows off her creative skills to potential partners by offering to decorate them with her modified body art, which she creates with the ink of a pen.

There is no doubt that The rocking pop star Kesha is one of the hottest stars on the planet, made sure the party was not stop the second she walked into Vegas hottest adult pool Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay. Sponsored by Grey Goose, the first stop for the singer/songwriter was the red carpet where the rocking Kesha, wearing a black bathing suit, jean shorts, a red feather hair accessory, Ray Ban sunglasses, Chanel heels, and a colorful paint-on tattoo on both arms, posed for photos and conducted interviews. Dozens of fans lined the carpet as they waited to catch a glance and get a photo of the “Your Love Is My Drug” singer.

The great artist Kesha is no unfamiliar person to pushing the boundaries of what's suitable .But even she definitely wouldn't ride a motorbike in these high heels. The pop star posed astride a bike in six inch platforms and super-short hot pants for her new video Take It Off. With her push-up bra and lack of leather jacket, she looked less than ready for a bike ride. The 23-year-old later went crawling during the dust for the music video. Currently the legendary icon Kesha is popular for her crazy outfits and has been nicknamed Baby Gaga. Her 'Tik Tok' and Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' have confirmed to be super famous songs. Funny thing is they are nearly the same song. Listen to a mashup of the two songs and see the weird similarities. These songs are fun, poor quality music that most teens and young adults can crank up and dance to. No need to in fact understand the lyrics. It's a formula, right.

Not much is off-limits to the rocking Kesha, one of the hottest breakthroughs pop stars of the past year whose debut album, Animal, debuted at number one and has sold nearly one million copies in the U.S. alone. The 23-year-old legendary icon has sung about all from throwing up in Paris Hilton's closet, to getting hit on by old men, to getting her heartbroken and being rejected by a guy. Fans are always excited to see their best rocking star Kesha on stage so buy cheap Kesha tickets online to enjoy her shows live.

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Photo: David Sandison

Part I: residency, 13 July – 30 August 2010
Part II: new work, June 2011

Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG

For Part I of his choreographic project at Tate Modern, Michael Clark and his company have been resident in the Turbine Hall for seven weeks, making the development and rehearsal of his work publicly visible for the first time.

The Company's presence has transformed the monumental space into an arena for experimentation and practice, foregrounding the processes – both artistic and practical – behind making and performing Clark's work.

As well as devising movement for his company's trained dancers, Clark has responded to the uniquely performative nature of the Turbine Hall's public space by inviting 75 non-dancers to join weekly workshops with the company. The group of untrained dancers have learned a piece of dance, specially developed by Clark, which will be performed en-masse in the space over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Clark has presented work within gallery spaces on many occasions, but this residency enables him to respond directly to the iconic architecture and specific character of Tate: as a communal space and as a museum. This series of experiments is, in part, preparation for a new, large-scale performance commission due to be premiered as Part II of the project in June 2011.

Working with collaborators, Clark will use choreography, film, light and sound to create a site-specific dance event.

Michael Clark Company at Tate Modern continues Tate Live's commitment to presenting pioneering interdisciplinary work that is rooted in dialogue with contemporary art. Working with collaborators, Clark will use choreography, film, light and sound to create a site-specific dance event.

Artist Charles Atlas, one of the premier interpreters of dance, theatre and performance on video, and lighting director for all of Clark's work, will curate a film programme of his and Clark's collaborative films, presented alongside the dance event over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Also featured is the first UK screening of Torse, Atlas's 1977 two-screen collaboration with Merce Cunningham.

Clark recently presented the work come, been, gone at the Venice Biennial (2009), The Edinburgh Festival (2009) and The Barbican (2009 and 2010) to great critical acclaim.

Michael Clark Company is an Associate Artist of the Barbican and supported by Arts Council England.

Tate Modern Live is curated by Catherine Wood and Kathy Noble.

Free public showings in the Turbine Hall
Friday 27 and Saturday 28 August 21.30
Sunday 29 and Monday 30 August 17.30

For further info see

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This is how you keep the movement moving:

Embark on a Movement Adventure! Here you create work through other dance artists' work! CLICK HERE

Ask your friends at Facebook or followers on Twitter to provide you with movements and ideas to your next work. See example HERE

Bring your Iphone out in the street, play the radio, and dance! VIDEO-EXAMPLE of Mobile Disco

Share your dance blog to DANCEBLOGGERS! Here you share your dance blog with hundred others!

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CREATE with Movement of the People Dance Company

Here's your chance to take part in the creative process of Movement of the People Dance Company. Please join us in our online global survey!

We are looking to compile information for an upcoming piece of choreography. The two question survey is for women of all ages from all corners of the globe, and takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. Answers will be kept completely confidential. This piece is intended to be both an exploration of womanhood and a therapeutic process for all of those involved.

For more information and to participate in the survey please visit the following link to our website:

If you are unable to access the link above please go to our website: and click on the tab titled "CREATE with the PEOPLE."

Please also feel free to forward this information to other women who might be interested in participating. Thank you in advance for your participation in our creative endeavors.

*Survey available in Portuguese and Spanish
**Survey will be available in French, shortly...

~Movement of the People Dance Company

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Dear Friends,

We would like to shortly inform you about the situation in Hungary. The independent theatre and dance companies and venues still didn't receive their yearly state support from the Cultural Ministry (for 2010). The reason is that the government ordered to lock a certain percentage of this support alluding to the general bad financial situation of the country. This means that the organizations working in the field will only receive 66% of the awarded amount. Many organizations have already debts and many are obliged to fire their workers and to give up their projects.

I enclosed a statement of support that we plan to forward to the cultural officials. If you feel like that please sign it and send it back. (You can send it back signed in e-mail or by fax: +3613581005).
Also please forward it to those organizations whom you know were working with Hungarian artists in the past.

As a member of L1 danceLab and L1 Associacion we are also in a difficult situation as our support for 2010 will be about half of the last year's one. However we do our best to survive and to continue our collaboration. There will be a change in the theatre law in this fall. We have to see how will that change the circumstances.

Waiting for your help and reply and wishing you a nice summer time!

Marta Ladjanszki

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Graduate Certificate in Screendance

The University of Utah College of Fine Arts is pleased to announce the creation of an interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate Program in Screendance.

As both a practice and an area of theoretical discourse, Screendance is burgeoning worldwide as evidenced by the proliferation of Screendance festivals, symposia, conferences and publications. Also known as dance for camera, cine dance, and video dance, this hybrid form, which in the past has been found at the margins of practice in the fields of dance and film, is now taking a central place as an independent art form. Through the advocacy of practitioners and scholars worldwide, the field of Screendance is articulating its richly intertwined art-historical roots as a means to understand present dance, film, digital media and art practices and how they intersect in a complex discourse of ideas about the body on screen. The certificate has been designed to meet the growing demand of dancers, choreographers, filmmakers and artists who are seeking a more in-depth experience in exploring the relationship between the moving body and the frame.

The Graduate Certificate in Screendance at the University of Utah is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Department of Modern Dance and the Department of Film & Media Arts. This program provides professional level production courses with state-of-the-art equipment, movement and theory classes and the option for Certification in Final Cut Pro. The Screendance Certificate requires a two-semester on-site commitment.

For more information go to:

or contact
Program Director Ellen Bromberg

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marlon barrios solano
Lectures, workshops and consulting
Vlogger/social media specialist/on-line producer
dance and new media/networked media production/collaborative technologies

Marlon Barrios Solano is the creator and producer of, dance-techTV, DANCE TECH@, a series of online interviews and several projects of participatory journalism in the arts. He shares his experience with these platforms and sustainable models of production,
exchange and distribution of knowledge within communities of artists of movement, digital media and organizations. His interventions are always bodily grounded and systemically approached based on his hybrid background of dance, new media/real-time technologies and cognitive science.

He researches the many changes and necessary strategies implied by the new horizontal Internet architectures that facilitate participation, collaboration and its potential for the development of audiences and collaborative creativity.

He understands on-line participatory platforms as spaces for action, for the materialization of open social dynamics that augment dialogue and increase the possibilities of social innovation.

He approaches digital social networks as an alternative repository of cognitive/social capital and the locus of relational interventions questioning limits between bodies, countries, disciplines and organizations.

Marlon has researched, lectured and lead workshops in many international professional events and for educational institutions in the following topics:

Performance of movement and new media

Digital social networks

Networked Media Production and sustainability

New Internet dynamics

Internet technologies and audience development

Vlogging, Podcasting and production for the new Internet

Social media, knowledge production and innovation

New media and collaborative creativity

Interactive technologies for movement artists

Cognitive systems, dance and interactivity

Networked Methodologies and technologies

Digital Networks and Artists Communities

Participatory Arts Journalism

Performance of Improvisation, technologies of real-time composition and embodied


Marlon Barrios Solano has been social media advisor of the South American Network of Dance (Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina), RUMOS Danca Itau Cultural (Brazil), Panorama de Danca (Brazil), Gilles Jobin Company (Switzerland), Bonlieu Scène Nationale (France), Dance New Amsterdam (USA), Dance Companies Association from Catalunya (Spain)
among others.

Lectures, workshops and consulting can be done in English and Spanish

Download pdf with more information

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Geneva Sessions made in Yokohama

This year, Geneva Sessions 10 made in Yokohama (Japan) will take place from September 11th till 15th, 2010 at Zou-No-Hana Terrace – Yokohama.

On the theme "Body Motion / Camera Motion", the workshop will be led by Gilles Jobin, with the participation of Cristian Vogel (composer), Susana Panadès Diaz &Isabelle Rigat (dancers of the Cie).

info in japanese:

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Rebecca Parris was born on December 28, 1951 in Newton, Massachusetts into a family of educators and musicians. Her early career is marked by studies with world-class vocal coach, Blair MacClosky, and attendance at Boston Conservatory. At first she toured with top 40’s bands, then became immersed in the American jazz genre of singing, developing herdistinctive version of improvisation, scat, exemplary phrasing, and masterful story telling.

Parris has performed worldwide with great jazz legends, including Dizzy Gillespie, Buddy Rich, Wynton arsalis, Gary Burton, Count
Basie, Woody Herman, Terry Gibbs, David “Fathead” Newman, Norman Simmons. Harold Jones, Andy Simpkins, Gerry Wiggins, Bill Cunliffe, Red Mitchell, Buster Cooper, Nat Pierce, and many others. Rebecca has performed
at the legendary
Monterey Jazz Festival in '90 & '95, North Sea Jazz Festival, >Oslo Jazz Festival and the International
Floating Jazz Festival, continuing to exemplify American jazz singing across the globe.

Rebecca's latest release is You Don't Know Me on the Saying It With Jazz label. Rebecca performs some
well-chosen standards with her long-time trio: Brad Hatfield, piano; Peter
Kontrimas, bass; and Matt Gordy, drums. Rebecca's previous releases include her
all-ballads CD,
My Foolish Heart
, The Secret of Christmas"Arial Narrow"; A Beautiful Friendship, with the Kenny Hadley Big Band, Double Rainbow with Eddie Higgins and Michael Monaghan, A Passionate Fling, Love Comes and Goes, and Live at Chan's. (go to:

Additional to performing, Rebecca is a noteworthy vocal teacher, widely in demand, from students near and far, that don’t mind traveling to benefit from her instruction. She is also a community activist who has led benefit concerts for numerous charities and causes, is an ardent supporter of “Save School Music,” and a recent advocate of the “Massachusetts Dance Festival.”

Rebecca Parris will be opening for two weekends of dance festivals during the first statewide MDF events, beginning on Saturday August 21st @ 8:00 pm, at the Boston Ballet top floor performance venue, and the following Saturday, August 28th, and the Fine Arts Center in Amherst. Sheyes""> will perform a few of her favorite jazz songs, then turn the
stage over to 11 professional dance companies for the evening.

Having just attended another spectacular performance by Rebecca last night, I can vouch that our regional icon and “First Lady of Jazz” from Massachusetts, is fully engaging in her playful, serious, sensuous way, that pulls you into an astounding musical experience.

Ticket prices for August 21st and 28th are $25.00 at the door, $20.00 in advance. Go to:
to order in advance.

And enjoy the show!

Article by Lisa Leake

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Welcome to!

Welcome to!

My name is Marlon Barrios Solano and I am the creator and producer of this site.
As you might know, is an online destination for creative interdisciplinary explorers of the performance of movement.

It is focused on innovation and experimentation with a strong emphasis on the sharing of information, knowledge and wisdom between movement and new media artists and organizations.

This site was launched in October 2007 and it has become one of the most important international on-line social platforms dedicated to innovation on dance and new media.

This project is an exploration of the potential of the new internet on the development of sustainable models for information and knowledge production and distribution with a collaborative approach.

I directly support the maintenance and development of this project with the collaboration of individuals and organizations from many countries.

There are many ways of getting involved!

Take some time visiting the following links and exploring the site potential:

+ What is
+ How to use
+ Three kinds of Membership
+ Tangible benefits for members
+ Services: advertise, Broadcast LIVE, sponsor programs...
+ Share videos of your work and process
+ Explore, join and create groups
+ Explore, participate and create and a discussion
+ Watch dance-techTV
+ Watch more than 150 interviews
+Purchase cool books and more at the bookstore
+Purchase T-Shirt

Are you a Festival or an event producer?
Check out the sustainable media production partnership projects:

Mobile Social Media Lab for Art Festivals and Events

NODES@: Embedded Vloggers

Questions contact:
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Mass Dance Festival - Volunteer!
Massachusetts Dance Festival

Call for Volunteers 2010:

* The Mass Dance Festival organizing committee is looking for
volunteers to help with Setup, Registration, Workshop, Ushers, Box
Office, Strike, Tech and more. Volunteers are needed to help out for
1-3 hour shifts on
o Both Saturdays 9:00am to 11:00pm
o Both Sundays 10:00am to 7:30pm
* To sign up and get involved click on

Schedule 2010:

* Boston — August 21 - 22
Boston Ballet School, 19 Clarendon Street, Boston
* Amherst — August 28 - 29
UMass Amherst, MA, Totman Building and The Fine Arts Center

Massachusetts Dance Festival believes that dance, as a major component of arts and culture, is essential to meaningful lives and healthy communities. Dance and arts education contribute to quality
life in the 21st Century by providing rich education for youth and
promoting cultural understanding and tolerance, within diverse

MDF seeks to revitalize dance and arts-related professions by developing partnerships with businesses, corporations, institutions and
communities. Our goal is to successfully establish dance
artistically, financially and operationally, throughout the state, and
thereby contribute to the economic vitality of our communities.

Through annual, statewide education workshops and performance platforms, MDF will employ dance performers, students, teachers, technicians,
production workers, marketing professionals, and cultural facilities
employees. Each event will attract residents, college students and
tourists, contributing to access, education and diversity of the arts,
while stimulating employment.

MDF can help to establish Massachusetts as an important destination for arts, culture and tourism.

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Por Mercedes Borges Bartutis desde Madrid

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Balletin Dance
La Revista Argentina de Danza


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Una de las propuestas más atractivas y puntuales que muestran, hoy por hoy, las artes escénicas en España es el mov-s, una cita para el intercambio internacional de la danza y las artes del movimiento.

Organizado por el Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona, este encuentro itinerante, tuvo lugar del 10 al 13 de junio de este año en el Museo Reina Sofía, de Madrid, anteriormente había sido en Barcelona (2007) y en Galicia(2008).

El mov-s de Madrid fue organizado conjuntamente con el Museo Reina Sofía y logró reunir a más de quinientos profesionales de la danza. En esta oportunidad, el tema central fue el espectador.

Se analizaron “aquellos aspectos que hacen de las personas espectadores activos capacitados para reconocer y dar valor a la creación contemporánea”.

Para sus hacedores, “el mov-s busca construir puentes de unión entre los artistas y las organizaciones de la danza y las artes del movimiento con el fin de establecer vías naturales de encuentro y colaboración”. Esta iniciativa del Mercat de les Flors apuesta, además, por indagar en las maneras de aumentar la cantidad de público para la danza, y crear “otro tipo de relación con el espectador se sustenta también en otro tipo de artes escénicas”.

La jornada inaugural estuvo presidida por Manuel Borja-Villel, director del Museo Reina Sofía, Bertram Müller Solano, presidente de la European Dance Houses Network, y Francesc Casadesús, director del Mercat de les Flors.

Durante sus jornadas de trabajo, el encuentro trató temas puntuales como El espectador sujeto activo, Las prácticas de colaboración, Redes y comunidad,entre otros, expuestos en sesiones plenarias y luego discutidas, de forma más cercana, en mesas de trabajo que se realizaron de forma simultánea. Los participantes pudieron seleccionar libremente su propio itinerario, según sus intereses temáticos.

Entre tantas posibilidades, BALLETIN DANCE asistió a la presentación del proyecto Redes Sociales donde se explicaron los objetivos del portal a cargo de su director Hans Tino, defendido por la uruguaya Natacha Melo, y Red Social de Danza Integrada presentada por Xavier Duacastilla y Jordi Cortés. es un portal público para promocionar la danza, pertenece al Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM), un Organismo Autónomo dependiente del Ministerio de Cultura de España que tiene entre sus funciones el fomento y difusión de actividades musicales, líricas, coreográficas, teatrales y circenses. Este portal fue creado con el objetivo de ser un instrumento para dar a conocer los trabajos de los artistas españoles, y para que los profesionales y el público se puedan encontrar, se puedan comunicar.

Por su parte, en la red se integran profesionales y organizaciones latinoamericanas de danza. Fue creada por la Red Sudamericana de Danza en asociación con y Associação Cultural Panorama. Su máxima es hacer juntos, y entre sus objetivos se menciona proporcionar la autogestión, los nuevos tipos de licencias en la cultura digital, tecnologías de sindicación, y el RSS, un intercambio de contenido puro.

La Red Social de Danza Integrada ( es una iniciativa de creación reciente. Representada por el grupo Canduco, tuvo una animada y simpática defensa de Xavier Duacastilla y Jordi Cortes, quienes relataron cómo organizaron su red con esfuerzos propios, para preservar las posibilidades de aquellas personas con desventaja física, que “encuentran en la danza el instrumento necesario para desarrollar sus habilidades expresivas y creativas, compartiéndolas con personas en su misma situación”.

Otra de las mesas que se destacó, fundamentalmente por su actualidad, fue Redes Sociales Virtuales presentada por el investigador y profesor venezolano radicado en Nueva York, Marlon Barrios, quien se dedica a la producción experimental on-line. “Su experiencia mezcla danza, ciencias cognitivas y tecnologías interactivas, e investiga la intersección de la acción del movimiento con las nuevas tecnologías de la información y el uso de plataformas on-line para la colaboración creativa, la circulación del conocimiento y la innovación social en las comunidades y los contextos translocales”.

Marlon Barrios es el creador de una red social on-line, que incluye un canal de video colaborativo (dancetechTV) y una serie de entrevistas que exploran la innovación y la mezcla de disciplinas en el movimiento. Es una plataforma y a su vez es una comunidad. Sus proyectos buscan desarrollar audiencias, aumentar el estado de relación para las redes y la colaboración, responde a lo que Barrios ha denominado “un proceso viral de información”. Entre sus objetivos más ambiciosos está la participación y creación de festivales pensados para la danza online, y performance on-line en vivo.

Otra de las propuestas más atractivas de las jornadas madrileñas fue Itinerarios de la Colección: Teatralidad, estrenado por el Museo Reina Sofía para el mov-s y presentado por José Antonio Sánchez y Zara Prieto. Esta propuesta recorre su colección demostrando el diálogo permanente que han mantenido las artes visuales con el teatro desde principios del siglo XX. Según los curadores de este itinerario “el teatro y la danza se aproximaron a las artes visuales en busca de su definición como artes autónomas, reivindicando su independencia de la literatura y la música. Sin embargo, en la segunda mitad del siglo, la relación se invirtió: el modelo de obra de arte total fue sustituido por la idea de obra abierta y las artes visuales practicaron la teatralidad entendida como recuperación del cuerpo, de sus experiencias y de sus huellas, tanto por parte de los artistas como por parte de los espectadores”.

El itinerario Teatralidad es una feliz idea que aporta el Reina Sofía a las investigaciones sobre artes escénicas en España. Este museo madrileño está implicado, además, en el Master en Practica Escénica y Cultura Visual( , que se imparte en la Universidad de Alcalá, en colaboración con el Mercat de les Flors, Matadero Madrid, y la Casa Encendida. Sus alumnos tuvieron su espacio en estas jornadas del mov-s, donde presentaron algunos resultados de las experiencias del laboratorio de creación.

Otro tema a destacar dentro de las sesiones del encuentro español fue el testimonio de los artistas que acudieron a Madrid para compartir sus experiencias. En este punto es preciso resaltar la presencia de la brasileña Lia Rodrigues, considerada una de las creadoras más vanguardistas de su país, quien con gran compromiso político, desarrolló un trabajo impresionante en la Favela da Maré de Río de Janeiro. Aunque tuvo una estancia en Europa, la creadora regresó a Brasil donde fundó su compañía en 1990.

Actualmente trabaja en diversas búsquedas para explorar los límites del cuerpo, la lucha entre lo individual y lo colectivo, y la complejidad de las emociones humanas.
El complemento del mov-s estuvo en la muestra artística que acompañó cada día las sesiones teóricas, en un circuito de teatros que incluyó el Círculo de Bellas Artes, Teatro Fernán Gómez, Matadero Madrid, Teatro Circo
Price y algunos espacios de representación flexibles del propio Museo

Reina Sofía, entre otras salas. Una comisión artística seleccionó un número importante de espectáculos provenientes de todo el territorio español, y que por su propuesta estaban vinculadas al contenido teórico y al espíritu de este encuentro.

Entre las presentaciones sobresalió El Llac de les Mosques (El lago de las moscas) de Sol Picó, un espectáculo que obtuvo el Premio Max de las Artes Escénicas 2010, en España, como mejor coreografía después de haber sido nominado en esa misma categoría, como mejor espectáculo de danza y también como mejor bailarina. El Llac de les Mosques es una puesta en escena intensa, llena de energía y con momentos clímax enriquecidos por los excelentes músicos que acompañan durante toda la pieza a Sol Picó.

El plato fuerte al que todos quisieron asistir fue El Final de Este Estado de Cosas, un impresionante espectáculo de Israel Galván, programado en Teatros del Canal, y que esta reportera ya había visto una semana antes en el Théâtre de la Ville de París, cortesía de la buena amiga Beate Perrey. Aquí Galván hace alusión a la vida y a la muerte, en una descomunal manipulación de los recursos tradicionales del flamenco, pero conservando sus raíces, y teniendo bien claro de dónde viene y lo que quiere lograr con su proyecto. Lo acompaña en el escenario, un extraordinario grupo de músicos virtuosos que engrandecen su propuesta.
Finalmente, el mov-s dejó un espíritu de optimismo en todos los que llegaron hasta Madrid. En las palabras de clausura, Francesc Casadesús, su máximo inspirador, agradeció la colaboración del Museo Reina Sofía y de todas las instituciones culturales implicadas, y anunció que la próxima edición tendrá lugar en Cádiz.
Esta cita, itinerante y dinámica, es una muestra del nivel artístico y la implicación social que ha alcanzado la danza y las artes del movimiento, a nivel internacional. __


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