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The Film Society of Lincoln Center
and Dance Films Association, Inc.
will present the 39th internationally touring

Dance on Camera Festival
and Symposium "Dance and..."
January 28-February 1, 2011

Deadline for submissions: October 18, 2010
See entry form

Sponsored by DFA since 1971, co-sponsored by The Film Society of Lincoln Center since 1996, Movement Research since 2008, TenduTv since 2010, Dance On Camera Festival celebrates the immediacy, energy, and mystery of dance as combined with the intimacy of film. Susan Braun began this festival in 1971 to connect dance film producers with users and distributors, to spur dancers to collaborate with filmmakers. DFA's Festival has been a revenue source for the dance filmmakers through their touring program since 2000.

To complete your entry form, you pay $0 if you are a DFA member in good standing or $30 per title if you are not a DFA member.

Please send your entry fee and dvd (Pal or NTSC format) to:
Dance Films Association, 48 West 21st Street, #907, NY, NY 10010 USA

If you are paying by, please direct your fee to DFA's account: Please add a $3 service fee to your payment.

Advertise in the Festival Program! Details on sizes available soon.
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Festival Tec-Art-Eco 01

Festival Tec-Art-Eco 01


COMO / GALLARATE / LUGANO – 30 sept / 8 oct 2010 -

Art, technological innovation, communica­tion and environmental sustainability are the focus of Tec-Art-Eco art and technology for the environment, promoted by Ariella Vidach – AiEP Association (MILAN) and Avventure in Eli­cottero Prodotti (LUGANO) with the support of the P.O. di Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia – Svizzera / FESR – Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale.

A cultural project that travels within the Insubrica region (Lugano-Como-Gallarate) focused on the role of new technologies as a means for creating a pioneering model of cultu­ral eco-sustainable event that stands the test of time.

A three-year programme (2009-2011) of interdisciplinary festivals, productive labs, workshops and discussions with interna­tional guests. After the 2009 event in Lugano
and Gallarate, Como is hosting the first 2010 festival with the
participation of Alva Noto – Car­sten Nicolai, Eduardo Kac, Leo Hickman,
Daito Manabe and many artists and thinkers on the international scene

see more about Festival here

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WORLD GRID LAB is an open studio/workshop/installation conceived specially to transform a festival hub, gallery space or the theater lobby in an interactive lab for experiments on the use of Web 2.0 technology such as: social networking, video podcasting and live video broadcasting for on-line content production and distribution. It deploys a flexible connected space adaptable for the needs of festivals venues facilitating direct participation of members of the local community as content producers. It makes the production and distribution of art news and media a participatory and collaborative exchange between the the festival, the artists and the community creating of an open forum for local and global interaction.

It is conceived as an intervention of the festival or event site creating a "spectacle of information and knowledge" and its production with a collaborative approach.

Pipeline Production:

Select artist/event
Research, Research, Research
Reasonable scope
Plan and Improvise

always take the place, your way to it...
Close ups
Camera movement
who are you?
Where are we?
What are you doing here?
process, process, process?
Connection os the piece with line of work
allow the person to finish the sentences
No more than 10 minutes

About the performances activities:
clips no longer than 30 seconds
Change angles if possible.


We will use FLIPSHARE

LEAD/end from festival and dance-tech@

1.Wach all your clips
2.-Trim all your clips (save with new names in sequence in a new folder)
3.-when ready make MOVIE
4.-Review MOVIE
5.-Write in a notepad doc the name and the description the copy and past for all the videos that you are uoloading. Use the following format:

dance-tech@ (name of the festival): Interview with name of the artist.
Produced by Marlon Barrios Solano/ for (name of the festival)
(URL of the festival)

WGL Production Team:
(your names)
WorldGridLab project
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0

TAGS: interview (last name of artist) (genre) (locations) dance-tech festival

6.-Upload to:
-dance-techTV BLIPTV (make it available for Itunes)
-Download. flv
-Upload .flv in: dance-tech and festival accounts in YouTube.
-Embed the dance-techTv from Youtube in your regular dance-tech video commons.
Assign them to the playlist of the featival and of the dance-tech@ interviews
-Share the video page in your account of Facebook and Tweeter
-upload the .flv to dance-techTV in LIVESTREAM

-Be sure that you have done all these steps for all the videos.


dance-tech@ Body/ Mind Festival: Interview with (name or artist/group)
Produced by Marlon Barrios Solano/ for Body/ Mind Festival 2010

WGL Production Team:
Alicja Suchcicka
Matylda Żemajtis
Łukasz Sokołowski
Ewa Pieczyńska
Natalia Wilk
Judyta Warzecha

WorldGridLab project
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0

TAGS: interview linehan dance warsaw dance-tech festival body mind
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Lectures, consulting and labs

on-line producer/curator/researcher/workshop leader

dance and new media/networked media production/collaborative technologies



I offer consulting, lectures and facilitation of workshop as participatory platforms for knowledge sharing and change with an embodied improvisational approach.

I like to share my experience on:

  • On-online/off-line collaborative technologies/methods
  • Social media and hyper-media for artists and cultural managers
  • Movement arts and new media (dance and technology).
  • Networked/collaborative creativity and interactive tools for knowledge production, generation  and distribution
  • Open Space technologies and interactive learning for collaboration and innovation
  • Performance, communication and sustainability
  • Post-pc technologies for collaboration and creation
  • Collaborative spaces and networks for/in the performing arts

I facilitate the materialization of social dynamics that augment dialogue and increase the possibilities of  collaboration for social innovation.




Labs and workshops*:

With a hybrid background on dance, cognitive science, new media and organizational development, I combine improvisational arts, collaborative methodologies, on-line  collaborative technologies, eco-systemic approaches and mindfulness training to facilitate the necessary environment and collaborative architectures to augment participation, engagement and innovation.

I focus on embodiment, collaborative creativity and the potential of the new internet for the development of alternative and self-organizing  strategies for knowledge production  and learning.

I use interactive learning strategies, games and open space technologies as relational interventions questioning traditional approach for knowledge sharing between bodies, countries, disciplines and organizations.

I have lectured and facilitated workshops in more than 20 countries within professional events (conferences, symposiums, festivals) and educational institutions.

* All workshops are adaptable in their formats and may be modified based on needs and local conditions. 

Open Space Technology is the main format  for all workshops.

Mobile lab equipment is provided.


meta_creation lab

Inter-actors, attractors and the aesthetics of complexity

An embodied collaborative workshop interfacing movement art practices, digital arts, computational networks and social systems oriented to movement and interdisciplinary artists (music, new media, theater, etc)


This workshop is a collaborative lab to creatively explore the contemporary performing approaches of real-time composition considering them practices of an aesthetics of self organization and of complex systems.

An embodied/distributed cognition approach is used to generate physical activities and games (scores), guided discussions/conversations about relevant artists works and concepts exploring the aesthetic of embodied complex systems  their emergent properties for spaces activated by human and computational actions.

meta-creation are  real-time composition games/scores, that explore the dynamic couplings of mind, body and information/data flows as a hybrid meta-design that allows for emergent and self-organized "dramaturgies"  and/or performance experience.

This workshop is an open space for experimentation and inquiry about  bottom-up architectures as compositional prototyping strategies and processes.

The participants explore interactivity plus generativity:  use of rule systems, computational and hybrid (human/machine) algorithms as "scores" conceiving the performance space as a cognitive system.

More about meta_creation lab

mobile_lab is provided


meta_media lab
social media production and internet presence in art festivals and events
Open Studio/Installation/Workshop


meta_media lab sustainable collaborative format to produce and distribute networked digital content in the arts. It is geared to collaborate with artistic venues and festivals on leveraging the viral power of social media platforms and the new Internet (Web 2.0) augmenting presence, developing audiences and facilitating the generation and distribution of knowledge. These strategies benefit from an engaged international community of more than 5000 members including individual artists and organizations.

mobile_lab is provided

More about meta_media lab


MOTION in the Cloud

social media dynamics for art administrators and stubborn artists



The new internet is social, locative, multimedia rich and open.  It offers many possibilities to  artists and art managers (organizations) to augment their presence, produce and distribute knowledge and develop collaborative artistic experiments. The participants are introduced to the basic principles of the new internet and its fundamental technological characteristics and platforms. Strategies are developed and  prototyped.

mobile_lab is provided


Do It Your Self with Others

Embodied /Distributed Creativity Lab

Open Space  for creative collaboration


A collaborative space is facilitated with open format methodologies combining  improvisational embodied activities, games and exchange.

This approach is the frame for any kind of collaborative gathering and creative laboratory in the cultural industries or organizations.




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dance-tech@ Interviews

                                      Go to interviews aggregated in

Go to interviews aggregated in

Subscribe to RSS form dance-tech@

dance-tech@ is a series of video interviews with a very dynamic documentary format focused on interdisciplinary explorations on the performance of motion and innovation.

With more than 200 video podcasts, they are considered the "knowledge backbone" of the network and have been produced by Marlon Barrios Solano and collaborators since October 2007 covering events and artistic works in more than 15 countries.

In February 2011 is formally established an international network of correspondents as an experiment on the use of  the new internet for a distributed collaborative sustainable system of media production.

The interviews are produced with internet native approaches and portable technologies becoming a model of sustainable collaborative journalism.


Partners can directly support the dance-tech@ Interviews

The dance-tech@ interviews are published in several on-line platforms such as:

BlipTV: to make it available for media portable media players
dance-techTV in You Tube: for the masses and search bots.
dance-techTV: as a part of the regular programs and play-list available on dance-techTV

Do a random search in the dance-tech@ interviews




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Flash News, 9-18: Bon Voyage, Jilly
By The Dance Insider
Copyright 2010 The Dance Insider & Paul Ben-Itzak

HARTFORD, CT -- Jill Johnston, a giant in American Letters who ushered in a new age in dance before going on to help usher in a new age in journalism, and a columnist and chroniclist for the Dance Insider since 2005, died Saturday at Hartford Hospital at the age of 81, her spouse and companion of 30 years, Ingrid Nyeboe, announced, after suffering a stroke September 9, nine days after undergoing minimally invasive open heart surgery to treat atrial fibrillation.

"As Jill was a pioneer not just in dance criticism but in 20th century journalism and literature, dance analogies might be too limiting," said Dance Insider publisher Paul Ben-Itzak. "That said, as a dance critic she was our Merce Cunningham. Just as dance lost the last of its pioneering giants when Cunningham passed away last year, dance criticism has now lost the last of its giants."

Read whole article

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Call for entries: VIDA 13.0

At a time when the notion of life is once again located in an uncertain domain, a wide range of artistic initiatives come together to illustrate and investigate this phenomenon; they examine the impact on the collective conscience and the way it is manifested in cultural, technological and social thought.

Over the last decade, in the same formal space, VIDA has been bringing together inter-disciplinary projects that respond to this situation. By means of formal strategies that defy the boundaries between existing practices, these projects offer new ways of reflecting on what we understand by life and artificial life.

Fundación Telefónica announces the VIDA 13.0 Art & Artificial Life International Competition, which for the last twelve years has awarded prizes for artistic projects using technological mediums offering innovative approaches to research into artificial life.

The projects may be based on systems which emulate, imitate or speculate on the notion of life through current research and technology. These systems may involve attributes of agency and autonomy which display specific behaviour, are dynamic, react to their surroundings and evolve, and which question the frontiers between what is alive and what is not, between synthetic and organic life.

As in previous years there are two categories to the competition:


In this category VIDA 13.0 will award prizes to artistic ALife projects developed after 2008. The sum of 40,000 Euros will be shared between the projects selected by the jury: First Prize: 18,000 Euros, Second Prize: 14,000 Euros, and Third Prize: 8,000 Euros. In addition seven honourable mentions will be awarded.


In this category VIDA 13.0 helps to fund artistic ALife projects that have not yet been produced. This is aimed at citizens or residents of countries comprising Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The sum of 40,000 Euros will be shared between the selected projects.

The winning projects will be subsequently exhibited at the VIDA Gallery, and may be presented in exhibitions related to art and new technologies organised by Fundación Telefónica or in which it takes part.


Period for submission of projects: from 19th July to 7th November 2010.

more info.

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Congratulations to Troika Ranch for your new PBS documentary LOOPDIVER: The Journey of a Dance.

The half-hour documentary follows the creative efforts of company members over a two year period as they struggle with the extreme physical and emotional demands of creating an experimental new work.


dance-techTV exclusive:

Watch excerpts of In Plane, a 1994 solo performed by Dawn Stoppiello wearing the MIDIdancer (a wireless interface designed and engineerd by Mark Coniglio) controlling the sound and video with the bending of the joints: knees, elbows and wrists.

Watch live streaming video from dancetechtv at

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in Rho - Milan
4th - 10th december 2010 7 days, 5 hrs/day

for info and registration:
Associazione Il Cortile Via G. Garibaldi 30, 20017 Rho (MI)
Tel. +39 02 9300205 mobile + 39 347 8805330

For english speaking people: Laura Banfi tel. +39 3498436046 or Laura Giudici tel +39 3382003356 (english & french)

011-012 (november, april, november)
6 week intensive workshop series with Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson
at Earthdance, Plainfield, Massachussetts, USA
this is still in the planning stage, full info will be available at by november 010.

Tuning Scores: Composition and the Sense of Imagination
The Tuning Score, a performance research format, asks what do we see
when we're looking at dance. The research focusses on the physical base
of the imagination. Composition, communication, and performance are the
subjects. By altering the way we use our senses while moving and
watching movement, we identify how the movement patterns of our senses
influence how and why we move, and shape our interaction with our inner
and outer environments.
Focussing on vision, touch, and hearing, the scores provoke
spontaneous compositions that make evident our opinions about space,
time, and action, and provide tools and a framework for communication
and collaboration amongst us.
The tools of the score cross disciplinary lines and give insight
into and practice of performance and dance-making processes. Performing
artists of all disciplines welcome.

Lisa Nelson is a dance-maker, improvisational performer, videographer,
and collaborative artist who has been exploring the role of the senses
in the performance and observation of movement since the early '70s.
Stemming from her work with video and dance in the '70s, she developed
an approach to spontaneous composition and performance she calls Tuning
Scores. She performs, teaches and creates dances in diverse spaces on
many continents, and maintains long-term collaborations with other
artists, including Steve Paxton, Daniel Lepkoff, Scott Smith,
videoartist Cathy Weis, and Image Lab--a Tuning Score performance
ensemble. She lives in Vermont in the US.


Watch Interview:
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MoveStream 02 Bending Cinema with annotations!

In the next month I will be uploading interviews with dance video makers that challenge the traditional modes of creating and viewing cinema. I have framed the interviews around the notion of "bending cinema", an idea that came out of MoveStream 01.
The first is with Icelandic artist Ingi Jensson and German choreographer Heike Salzer. Ingi and Heike who collborate under the company name SALTS produced - Bekkur/Baenk 1,2,3… This was simultaneously shown in cafes in Copenhagen & Reykjavik during April 2010.
The second interview will be with Simon and Katrina McPherson, who produced the mountaineering dance video installation work "Crux". This was shot in the Scottish Highlands and was commissioned by the Hannah McClure Centre, Dundee, Scotland. It was recently shown at Bluecoat Art Centre Liverpool UK 2010 for moves 10 Festival.
The third will be with Lene Boel and her installation work "Life Force" currently being presented in the foyer at DanseHallerne in Copenhagen Denmark.
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Finally here is a link to an article on "The Photography of Dance" based on my experiences since first attending a workshop at the Lois Greenfield Studio ...and covering all sorts of aspects from working in theatres, studios and on location.

It leans towards the technical but does include quite a bit of relevance to choreographers and dancers too.

It will more than likely change with time .....the text is too long for a magazine article and too short for a book for the mo a website it is to help stimulate some feedback

I shall be keeping a track of comments as they come in and will do an update at a suitable time any further input will be most gratefully recieved
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Celebrating its 12th year, the NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL is open for submissions from innovative filmmakers and artists from around the world, who specialize in the exploration of body, dance, and movement through the medium of film and video. All movement-based genres are accepted, such as videodance, animation and documentary.

Selected films will be showcased in a special program focused on dance and will also be eligible for Jury, Audience, and Festival Awards. Please take advantage of this grand opportunity to screen your work in front of thousands of film fans and industry professionals!

The Festival will be running from April 28 to May 5, 2011 and screened in Newport Beach, CA.

For more information on our festival and the submissions process, please visit our official website:

or submit now using this link:

Early Deadline - October 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Special - November 19, 2010

Standard Deadline - December 17, 2010

Final Deadline - January 24, 2011



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Fri 10 Sept | 8pm | The Bluecoat | Liverpool

moves is proud to host the world première of this performative, free re-interpretation of Armenian cinema master Sergei Paradjanov’s work Sayat Nova.

Paris based VJ artist Goran Vejvoda will enchant
us with an unusual performative & poetic sui generis re-interpretation of Sergei Paradjanov's surrealist classic Sayat Nova.

Goran Vejvoda (BACKGROUND) and a selected set of local contemporary
dancers will present the mind-blowing audiovisual performance of SAYAT
a unique fusion of interdisciplinary visual art,
multi-media and dance techniques. This immersive performance, a poetic
re-interpretation premieres at the Bluecoat on Friday 10th, 8pm.

move(s)ers who caught moves10‘s classic screening of Sayat Nova in
Liverpool back in April can by now imagine the intensity and touching
frenzy of this beautifully improvised revival.


"Inhabiting a world of symmetrical spirits.
Books filled with water, thoughts filled with timeless illusions.
Dreams become a distorted reality, and what you see is just a bit closer from a fading vision that you thought you saw.
Symbols that you can't read the meaning of, meanings that are not distinguishable.
You think it's religion or something else, while you are thinking you
are overwhelmed by all the illogical messages that are coming this way.
You are just in Sayat Nova - revisited, let loose and maybe the
timelessness will fulfill and lead you to somewhere - called -
Nowhere." Goran Vejvoda.

Get your tickets now!
More info at
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Zagrebi! Festival, September 10-11, 2010

MAIDA WITHERS DANCE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY performs the multimedia work, Fare Well - The End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise! with Maida Withers, dancer/choreographer; Steve Hilmy, Electronic Music Composer/Musician; Ayo Okunseinde, New Media Artist at the ZAGREBI! FESTIVAL - ZAGREB, CROATIA September 10, 2010.

Fare Well brings insight and vibrant critique to the contemporary issue of end time. Fare Well is as extreme in its moods and absurdities as we might think of “extreme weather.” We watch hypnotized, immobilized, arrogant, innocent, and powerful as the fires rage, volcanoes and oil erupt, the Arctic melts, the earth becomes parched, and the seas rise.

Kneza Mislava 10/1
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +38512455833Fax: +38514855548

Festival Description

ZAGREBI! Ekofestival is a platform where all interested parties of the social, economic and political life in Croatia have the chance to show their projects and achivements in the enviromental protection and sustainable development sphere. Every year the Festival hosts different media authors who question the social engagement of art and eco matureness of our society with their work. The Festival attempts to promote the dialogue and co-operation between the individual and his society, with one goal – to make a healthier soacial and natural enviroment for the future generations. (

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First steps with MAX MSP!

So, I finally purchased the 9 month version of MAX thanks to the offer from Dance Tech. Thank you!

The reason I decided to throw my self into this program is a very practical one. I am finishing my new creation, EDIT, which will be premiered in Madrid (La Casa Encendida) the 13 and 14 of october.

For this piece I'm using some technology in a very specific way. EDIT talks about seeing reality with the eyes of a camera, or more accurately, with the possibilities of video material. So what I do in the piece, really, is edit immediate reality as we do with video. So I do actions which are cut in time creating a fragmented narrative. The second part of the piece is a video installation in which the audience can walk around and look at some videos. These videos are reconstructions of the fragmented actions that were recorded during the performance. And here's where MAX gets crucial.

I have five cameras capturing five specific areas of the stage. What I need to do is making every camera capture its content when I'm in its point of view. So first thing I have to learn: activate objects from MIDI. Then, every camera should create a separate video with all the pieces assembled. And here is where I am now: exploring the jit.qt.record object.

First, I've been reading the very useful tutorials. Some of the basic MAX tutorials first and some more from the Jitter section later. I think is just great how logic everything is. And, as a computer nerd dancer that I am, I love discovering the mechanisms of new programs.

Main problems I have: my lack of mathematical knowledge. I wish I had been more attentive in my school days, but I always found better things to do...

Touring in Brazil is a great excuse to learn MAX... :) So when I don't have to rehearse or perform, when I'm not drinking Caipirinhas or walking around HUGE Sao Paulo, I open the MAX tutorials and... voila. Here I am in the hotel room.

Blur and happily exhausted!

Greeting to all,

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